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The folks at ParkPennies with the help of you, our fellow collectors, keeps a "crowd sourced" news page for the Disneyland Resort USA and all other Disneyland Resorts around the world on our home page, www.ParkPennies.com. We have also separated news for The Tokyo Disneyland Resort, The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, The Disneyland Resort, Paris and for The Shanghai Disneyland Resort separately for collectors primarily interested in pressed coin news for those individual locations. The main news page, covering all Disneyland Resorts is the page to bookmark for most people. However, if you use an on-line language translator, the specialized pages will hopefully be of help. MOST of our articles, stories, posts, and coin comparisons are linked from our Archived News & Articles page. (When looking for history or information about a particular person, coin, or event, you may also use the Google KEYWORD and IMAGE search at the top of this page.) Happy collecting, Boomer.
Archived News & Articles:
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