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The 2001 Disneyland Disneyana Convention
Elongated Coins, Six Different Elongated Coins!
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Disneyana Elongated Coins

The 2001 Disneyland Disneyana Convention Elongated Coins

The 2001 Disneyana Special Event or Convention held at the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, offered two Disneyana penny press machines for attendees. Members of the general public, if nibble, could also ferret their way through the main Disneyland Hotel conference room foyer and to the machines just short of the event main entrance. (Because these Disneyana pressed pennies and Disneyana elongated quarters were available to both the general public, without paying admission, they are listed in the DR Disneyland Hotels and Downtown Disney Elongated Coin Guide as well as the CM Cast Member and Special Event Elongated Coin Guide.)

The event offered one three-play penny press machine and next to it a three play quarter press machine. Both machines offered three slightly different coins each. I'm told that all three dies in both machines were "the same" so as to cut down on guest lines. (If you are lost, wondering why multiple identical dies in the same machine would serve coins faster, we are with you.) Whatever the reason, there are three elongated cents and three elongated quarters that look very much alike and were often short rolls. Sadly, many guests pressed only one coin from each machine thinking they had them all. Hmmm... maybe that's how the duplicate dies cut down on guest lines? crazy

This page, the accompanying CM Disneyland Cast Member and Special Event Guide, and the DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney Guide, are here to help you attribute these nearly identical Disneyana elongated coins. Now you'll know which ones you need to complete your collection and can blame this guide for driving you crazy looking for all of them! smile

The different variations seem to be equally available at the time of this report. If you'd like a closer look at these six coins, please view this extreme close up of the six Disneyana elongated coins. For more information about these coins, we recommend the CM Cast Member and Special Event elongated coin guide and DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney Guide.

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