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Disneyland USA pressed penny books, and a bit of yarn telling by Boomer. :-)
Disneyland USA
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Book Guide

Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny books, calendars, key fobs, and charm holders.
Tokyo Disneyland Resort
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Hong Kong
Book Guide

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Magical Coin pressed penny books and holders.
Hong Kong Disneyland
Pressed Penny Books,
Calendars, and Holders
Pressed Penny Book and Holders background....

As advanced collectors will note, Disney pressed penny books were first offered at The Original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California in 2005. That very first onstage pressed penny book featured an exclusive pressed penny in the cover and, well, many advanced collectors just had to have one! They were gone in two weeks, never to return. Not long after that, Tokyo Disneyland offered a few penny books featuring simulated pressed pennies in their covers to complement their very popular "Pressed Penny Medals". Although pressed penny books with new artwork and changing designs have continued to be issued at these three Disney Resorts, penny books featuring the coveted limited edition coins in their covers, have not.

At first, ParkPennies Guides kept a listing of pressed penny books because of the exclusive elongated coins in their covers. The coins are listed in our guides, so why not show the books that brought them? After all, gotta buy the book to get the penny...

The interest shown by pressed penny collectors in Disneyland Pressed Penny Books wasn't long overlooked. Tokyo Disneyland added several different cell phone "charms" to hold pressed pennies, calendars featuring pressed penny medals, and many more books. Many of the Tokyo Disneyland penny books started to feature wonderful artwork... Hong Kong Disneyland followed the lead with both penny collecting books and some "charms" and even added key chain fobs made to hold pressed "Magical Coins". The Original Disneyland Resort has, over the years, continued to improve the artwork and design of their penny book line. Collectors hoped that the rumored Disney Hollywood Soda Fountain pressed penny book with an exclusive coin in the cover would be offered for sale. But, after a year or two wait for the penny books, the Soda Fountain closed. It has now been several years since the last Disney themed pressed penny books featuring a coin or even a simulated coin in the cover has been issued.

Because many people collect pressed penny books today, especially the early ones featuring Disney themed pressed pennies or pressed medals in their covers, ParkPennies offers this guide. We hope you'll find our guides helpful and enjoy viewing the images we've collected over the years. The links above will get you started, the guides will offer a bit more history and links to even more pages that might be of interest... I hope they'll inspire you to start or complete a collection. Maybe they'll spark a conversation with a fellow collector about the "good old days" when Disneyland pressed penny books had pressed pennies in their covers.

Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at

Sidebar: Penny Collector™ penny books with pressed pennies in their covers are more available than ever and can be purchased at many many theme parks, tourist spots, and via the online store. Sadly, they are just not currently available at any of the Disney Resorts. :-(


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