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Penny in a Bottle
A fun collection

Walt Disney World Blue WDW Logo penny in a bottle.Disneyland black print Walt Disney Productions penny in a bottle.
WDW logo and black print Disneyland WDP
Penny in a Bottle souvenirs

Welcome Mickey Penny in a BottleWalt Disney World Castle in a Bottle! Disneyland gold castle Mickey Penny in a BottleDisneyland Penny in a Bottle
Disney Pennies in Bottles Mickey Welcoming,
WDW & DLR Castle inside bottles and "Disneyland"

Blue Mickey Penny in a BottleMickey Penny in a BottleGold Mickey Penny in a BottleRed Mickey Penny in a Bottle
Mickey's Face penny bottles in colors and sizes

WDW Penny in a BottleParkPennies Dime in a BottleParkPennies Penny in a BottleKnott's Berry Farm Penny in a Bottle
Walt Disney World penny in a bottle,
ParkPennies! pressed penny in a bottle and a pressed dime! :-)
and a Knott's penny in a bottle just for fun.

25th Anniversary Disneyland Penny in a BottleSmall Penny in a BottleParkPennies Lucky Penny in a BottleRed Tall Mickey Penny in a Bottle
Disneyland's 25th Anniversary penny in a bottle,
Just a plain ol' penny in a bottle,
ParkPennies lucky pressed penny in a bottle, and a
Mickey's Face "Walt Disney Productions"
in black penny in a bottle.

Pennies in a Bottles

Pennies in bottles collection

Fellow Collectors, C & D Neal, have also shared their
Penny In A Bottle Notes

Penny in a bottle! Are you as interested in these fun collectibles as I am? We wrote this quick draft page to see if ParkPennies readers would visit the page. :-) If there is interest in a Disneyland Penny In A Bottle collection, we'll gladly add some more of these little treasures to the collection and spruce up the page a bit... Okay, maybe we'll need to spruce it up a lot. :-)

Because you're visiting this page, it could be that you are a fellow Penny in a Bottle collector? Or maybe this page will inspire you to become one? :-) Boomer has long thought that pennies in bottles are a fun, make you smile collectable. They're like pressed pennies in that way. Matter of fact, if you look closely at the collection above, you may even see a pressed penny or dime inside a bottle or two... even a Disneyland castle in a bottle purchased in the current Cristal d'Orleans as Christmas 1998 gift.

Disneyland pennies in bottles
Disney pennies in bottles image
courtesy of "Pixie"

There are many bottle designs and themes. But, they are still scarce enough that finding a penny in a bottle, especially one you haven't seen before, can be a treat. What should we start the collection with? Hmmmm maybe you'd like to see some bottles with Disney themes? Yes, we can read minds! :-) So, some Mickey Mouse penny bottles are pictured to start. Of course, we had to include some ParkPennies pressed coins in bottles too. :-) But, not all are pennies in bottles. If you look closely, you'll see one of our favorites. It's a Disneyland penny bottle with a small gold colored castle inside! Of the bottles already displayed, some date back thirty years or more, others are recent finds. Needless to say, we are always delighted to see a new design. If you have Disney themed penny in a bottle not already pictured, we'd be very happy to add a picture of it, just let us know. We'll gladly credit you for your contribution to the guide too.

Our apologies. As you can see, even by ParkPennies standards, this page is a rough draft. Matter of fact, you've probably noticed we're also experimenting with how / how not to take pictures. (And you thought it was just English and web sites we couldn't do? LOL! ) Hey, it's all about the information... and the fun. We hope you'll find both at

Happy collecting, Boomer

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