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Creative Commons LicenseMany ParkPennies properties are licensed for you to use and share under a generous hobby friendly Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 Unported License.

"Fair Use" grants "Hobby Friendly" permissions for "Fair Use", free distribution, as well as duplication of ParkPennies owned content, images and files for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes as long as our properties are NOT MODIFIED and APPROPRIATE ATTRIBUTION is made, such as "Courtesy" with link. Also, uses of our properties must not imply that the user is affiliated with or endorsed by Any other use must be by written permission only. (An item that includes our web site address, is self attributing. Example )

Permissions for the use of properties not owned by ParkPennies must be obtained directly from the respective owners such as reference guides etc.. Most reference guides are maintained, authored or inspired by Robert Hoff, Anastasia "Stasi" Hoff, or Lou Smith. If you are in doubt, contact us.

We welcome your efforts to share ParkPennies references via your web site or organization per the ParkPennies Terms of Use. If you wish to share ParkPennies pages that are subject to frequent updates, you may, if you wish, use a hyper link or Hot Link to the ParkPennies file so the file will auto update as we revise it.

IF YOU WISH TO USE OUR PHOTOS: Don't hesitate to ask us for a BETTER QUALITY IMAGE. Because of broadband limits in the early years of this website (Remember dial-up? :-) many images were downgraded to make pages load faster. So, we might have a better example of the image you need or maybe we can get a better image for your use. After all, we're here to share the hobby and happy to help others do the same. Use this link to Contact Boomer.

Boomer says: "Our stuff is free for all to use and share. But, not for "The Bad Guys" to publish or sell as theirs. You may link to our site and use our pages per the terms. Your enjoyment of and sharing of the hobby is why we maintain this crazy, no-ads, no-fees, no-sign-up, no-tracking hobbyist web site. Nothing is more rewarding to us than to see a mention of or link to by a happy visitor.


ParkPennies is a web site by collectors and for collectors, designed to be a great place to share information, including but not limited to posts, reports, stories, complaints, images, news, rumors, scans, coin descriptions and gossip with fellow collectors. ParkPennies is happy to give credit for submissions that are judged appropriate and used by ParkPennies. Accepted items may be made a part of the ParkPennies web site or guides. Therefore submissions made to ParkPennies are submitted with permission for ParkPennies to use them without limitation or cost.

Boomer says: "ParkPennies is a fun non-commercial by collectors for collectors hobbyist web site. It's a great place to share with others as they have with you. (But, sadly we have no budget to pay for information.)"

Disclaimers and Public Notices is an unofficial web site maintained primarily by collectors, Robert Hoff and Anastasia Hoff. The official Disney site is available at Some images provided are ©Disney. The Walt Disney Company, NYSE:DIS, has not endorsed or authorized any part of this free Disneyland Elongated Coin web site or its contents. (Not that we would turn down a check.) ParkPennies is a fun site provided for your enjoyment. What we publish is thought to be correct or at least entertaining, however, no assurances of accuracy, completeness or entertainment value are offered. All information, including but not limited to images, news, gossip, files and history is provided "AS-IS". As an additional condition, users of this site agree that under no circumstances will this web site, its contributors or owners be held liable for direct or consequential losses or any other damages arising from the use of this site or from businesses, auctions, sellers, engravers or others listed or mentioned here as a service for our readers. Without that agreement, this site would not be possible, at least not at these prices. Terms of use are subject to change without notice.

The publishing of this reference guide is public notice of the information contained and an invitation to for anyone to contribute or correct. Because supportable corrections or additions submitted to ParkPennies will become a part of this guide with credit given to the petitioner, no disputes with this reference need exist.

We have taken extra efforts to exclude any "suppositions" or "assumptions". However, commonly, honest, knowledgeable, recollections of events or time frames vary. In those cases, ParkPennies strives to state only the agreed upon, supportable facts or ranges. However, we do not guarantee the correctness of statements, images, or especially our ability to avoid typographical errors etc. If in doubt, please contact us.

ParkPennies Guides are believed to be a complete listing of all known penny press coin dies at the time of the last guide update. If you have a © Disney elongated coin or a "tribute" elongated coin not yet listed in the ParkPennies guides or files, please Contact Us. You will be given credit in the official ParkPennies guides within the description of any newly discovered coin you submit. (Same as other credits you may have noticed in the guides.) Some elongated coins may have a cent, nickel, dime, quarter or other variation from the same die that may not be listed. Some reported prototype coins may not be listed publicly for a period of time per request of the reporting party or because it sometimes takes years to discover / attribute them.

BackStamps NOTE: You may have noticed that because reverse "dies" and coin dies are different in many ways, they are treated differently here at ParkPennies. Guides confirm that unlike coin dies, reverse “dies” often share a single design / artwork "type" pressed onto the reverse of many different elongated coins. When these reverse "dies" are compared to others of the same design "type", often there are slight differences as each is etched or engraved individually. To mix things up even more, it is possible for a set of three nearly identical reverse "dies" engraved on a back shaft and paired with particular coin dies, to be accidentally or intentionally rotated when the penny press mechanism is serviced or repaired. And even more permutations are introduced if a replacement back shaft is installed with facsimiles of the original reverse engravings. Lastly, reverse engravings are also prone to change in appearance over time as they wear, "sink" etc., which can add variations to the same back stamp engravings over time. As you can see, these reverse characteristics could make for a lot of “different” stampbacks of the same design "type". Therefore, our guide attributions give small design variations or changes less weight when observed in reverse "dies" vs. obverse coin dies. A good example would be the many 50th Anniversary stampbacks. There are as many individual reverse "dies" or engravings as there are coins in the 50th set, each with slight variances in placement, depth, and texture. Yet all share the same artwork / design, i.e. without intentional differences in design, and are considered one “generic type” for the purposes of listing in this guide. Detailed information about how coin dies are numbered can be found on our Retired Coin Press Machine Dies and Marquees page.

ParkPennies Mission Statement:

 To share and document the wonderful hobby of collecting Disneyland elongated coins. :-)


My apologies to Miss Sandra E. Beebe, my high school English teacher. She tried, she helped a lot, she was right. As you can see, I’m sorry.


Boomer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Shoes and shirts are required, unless, in our opinion, you look really good without them.

"Boomer" is a name or "nom de plume" used by "The Folks at", Robert Hoff, Anastasia Hoff, Charlotte Hoff... and an army of fellow collectors that contribute reports, corrections and additions to the ParkPennies guides and news posts. (And may want to hide :-) Terms of Use Your California Privacy Rights Contact assures you we are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, NYSE:DIS, (Not that we would turn down a check.) All seals, graphics or trademarks that appear on this site are the property of their respective owners. e.g. Disneyland Resort, Disneyland, Disney, Disney California Adventure, are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. Disney has not endorsed or authorized any part of this free pressed penny and elongated coin reference site or its contents.

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