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Robert "Bob" Hoff,
Boomer at ParkPennies

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Robert "Bob" Hoff

Robert A. Hoff, AKA "Boomer" at ParkPennies.com.
Retired Multi-Licensed Fee Only Certified Financial Planner,
Registered Investment Advisor, Real Estate Broker...
Still pinching pennies! :-)

Robert "Bob" Hoff and The Folks at ParkPennies.com first started collecting Disney pressed coins in the 1980s and sharing this wonderful hobby via the internet in the 1990s. As many pressed coin collectors know, hunting, trading, and sharing Disney themed coins makes for a wonderful, fun family hobby. We hope you'll find the ParkPennies Guides and Machine Locations helpful in building your elongated coin collections. We also hope that you too will want to share the hobby (and ParkPennies.com :-) with your friends and family.  

Like most longtime pressed penny collectors, the ParkPennies staff looks forward to meeting fellow collectors and making new friends... it's one of the best things about the hobby! So, if you spot us at Disneyland, do say "Hi". (Please don't mention how much older Bob (Boomer) really looks in person. :-) Often he will have a gift souvenir DW0028 ParkPennies pressed coin or key chain for your collection. :-)

Happy collecting, the Folks at ParkPennies.

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Contact: Robert "Bob" Hoff AKA "Boomer"

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