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Disneyland checklist penny mapOur Penny Press Machine Locations List
in PDF, Excel, & Web Page

PDF Disneyland pressed penny machine locations
PDF Version of
ParkPennies Coin Press Locations

The list of all Disneyland Resort Penny Press Locations! Includes nearby independently owned "Disney Themed" machines too. In PDF format, it's a condensed single page listing of the latest data, updated often. May be viewed / downloaded via most any device with internet access and printed on a single page by most any printer. Free and worth twice as much! :-) No images, sorting, just the facts in "Old School" formats... Download the Excel version to customize, convert, notate. Enjoy.

The ParkPennies Disney Coin Press Machine Locations Page in:
Easy to print PDF.  Easy to view Web page.  Easy to customize EXCEL.
All Free. Please don't forget to bookmark, link, or tell a friend? :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

Where are the old Disneyland penny press machines, marquees, coin dies?  RELATED:   Where are the old, retired, missing penny press machines?

Disneyland checklist penny mapAll Our Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guides
in Excel, PDF, & Web Page

Excel File Pressed Penny Guide All of The Disneyland Resort
EXCEL Version of
ParkPennies Pressed Coin Guides

The ParkPennies guides in an abridged "Just The Facts" BRIEF, no images modifiable format.   You, on your own device, (Windows or IOS may require app), can convert and modify to add notes, identify coins owned, coins not owned yet, coin inventory, costs, dates of acquisition, "wants list", coins held for trade "trade list"... Includes all Disneyland Resort elongated coins from 1987 on... Updated occasionally.

ParkPennies Guides in:
Easy to print PDF.  Easy to view Web page.  Easy to customize EXCEL
Please don't forget to bookmark, link, or tell a friend? :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

Old Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guides
in Legacy, Deprecated, Excel and Word Doc Formats

Word .doc format  ParkPennies Guides
Deprecated Word Docs

All Disneyland Resort elongated coin guides from 1987 on... Now deprecated. These files are getting old, really old they are large files and can't be modified or converted as easily as the above Excel file. We haven't updated them in a long time or phased them out because some collectors still link to them. But, the Excel files listed above can now be reliably opened in newer Microsoft Word software and converted to your choice of formats including this one (.doc, .docx), PDF, TEXT... If there is another format you'd like, just let us know.

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WDW - Walt Disney World Coin Press Machine
Checklists and Files

Disneyland checklist penny map Please visit the ParkPennies WDW Penny Press Machine Locations page for Walt Disney World links and files.

Happy Collecting!
Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies

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