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This popular Disneyland Resort Area Coin Press & Medallion Machine Location Page also includes nearby independently owned "Disney Themed" machines. A condensed single page listing of the latest by Collectors for Collectors data including machine location and the souvenir designs offered at each location for both pressed coins and medallions, updated often. May be viewed / downloaded via most any device with internet access. Both pressed coins and medallions can each be printed on a single page by most any printer. Free and worth twice the price! :-) No images, sorting, just the facts in "Old School" formats...

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The Pressed Coins at Disneyland Android Phone App Is available from Bad Llama Group at the Google Play Store for free and requires only a single permission for map location. Using the author's own images and data as well as some of ParkPennies' per our terms of use, the app offers maximum pressed coin information including images of pressed coins, machines, marquees... The cool map feature pinpoints machine locations in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. One of the very useful collection features helps keep track of the onstage coins you already have as well as the coins you want to press.
This PRESSED COINS 4 DLR app for IOS / Apple devices was co-developed by Christopher Johnson, TEC#4951 who is also the creator and administrator of the Disney Coin Pressers FaceBook Group. Christopher commented that the cost for this app is currently $1.99, however it is updated almost on a weekly basis.


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Official Disney Apps: The "Disneyland® App" also includes penny press machine locations. However, as of early 2018, Disney apps only provide "recent" machine map locations, not coin descriptions. Android and Apple apps are available and free at Google Play and The Apple App Store.

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