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The Cost of Disneyland Resort Pressed Coins
Updated January 2024
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Cost of Disneyland Resort Pressed Coins
Post Machine Conversion 2020+

  • Disneyland Pressed Coin Cost Increases Post 2021: The new post 2021 vending-style machines increased in price from 50 cents to $1.00 each, they supply the penny to be pressed and accept only $1 and $5 dollar bills for payment, no change. Optionally, payment by credit card (no gifts cards) of $3.00 for a full set of three coins from three-play machines or a discounted payment of $5.00 for a full set of eight coins from eight-play machines can be made. When using these new, converted vending-style machines, you may no longer "press your own penny". The coin to be pressed which is often a zinc cent, is furnished from a hopper inside the machine and included in the price.

    The Disneyland Resort was closed from March 14, 2020 to April 30, 2021 due to "COVID-19 restrictions". Shortly after the Disneyland Resort reopened the conversion of the existing, traditional coin press machines was noticed throughout the resort. At the time of this 2024 update, there are only two classic coin press machines left onstage. They are quarter presses that had not been converted, have not increased in price and still offer the opportunity to press your own coin. For our most current DLR coin press machine status, location and costs, please reference The Disneyland Resort Area Pressed Coin Machine Locations (PDF) page.

Costs of Disneyland Resort Pressed Coins
From 1987 to 2020

  • Cost of Disneyland Resort pressed coins from 1987-2020: Most all Disneyland Resort pressed pennies cost only 50 cents each plus the penny to be squished from 1987 to 2021. Soon after the COVID-19 closure in mid-2021, Disneyland Resort pressed penny machines were changed to vending machines with credit card acceptors that charge $1.00 per coin. As of July 2021, other machines have remained unchanged or are no longer onstage. The last onstage pressed nickel machines cost 75 cents plus the nickel to be smushed; the last onstage pressed dime machine cost 75 cents plus the dime to be smashed; smashed quarter machines are still available and usually cost 75 cents or $1.00 plus the quarter that is flattened before your eyes. Although many locations are raising the price of pressed pennies to $1.00, pressed coins are still possibly one of the best souvenir bargains to be found at Disneyland and many other tourist locations...

  • Which coins should I use in the Disney penny presses? The very first pressed penny machines at Disneyland from 1987 to 2021, accepted just three common United States coins per "play" or for payment to press a penny. The coins needed are one US cent coin also called a "penny" coin to be pressed by the machine and two 25 cent coins also called "quarters" to pay for pressing. You can usually exchange one US $1.00 "Dollar" for 100 cents / pennies or 4 quarters at most retail stores or shops. That makes the total cost for one pressed penny, one penny (to be pressed) and two quarters (for payment) or slightly more than one half of one US dollar, 51 cents. Pressed pennies are very inexpensive souvenirs!

    Note: There are two common types of "Pennies" also known as US cents. If the penny / cent coin is dated before 1982, it is most likely solid copper. Newer coins are most all copper plated zinc. Either type will work. However many collectors prefer to use solid copper pennies / cents which have dates before late 1982. For more information and tips about selecting the type of coins to be pressed please see Best Coins To Use In A Coin Press, or here for Tips on How to Flatten Pressed Coins.. here for Pressed Coin Jewelry, History and Pressed Penny Facts and Fiction" and lastly this page for our latest cost and location of Disneyland pressed penny, nickel, dime and quarter press machines.

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