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Disneyland Tokens
Cast Member Applause tokens,
Pirate Doubloon Tokens, and Medal Typer Tokens

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Disneyland Tokens have been a fun collectible (both intentionally and unintentionally :-) for many Disneyland fans and guests. While Disneyland typer medal tokens and Pirate stamper doubloons were thoughtfully being custom inscribed with a special phrase, date, or memory by park guests, often as a yearly tradition... Other errant arcade tokens were mysteriously finding their way into our pocket change! But, tokens have not only been collected by guests. Over the years, Disneyland Cast Members have been awarded Applause Tokens for use in special Cast Member vending machines or... to be kept as fun "tokens" of their years at the park.

Yes, lots of tokens were gathered over the years... The neat, fun, durable, inexpensive, souvenir keepsakes were sometimes mementos, other times paid for fun arcade games, vending machine treats... Then, in 2013, Disneyland Park became the first Disney Resort in the United States to place a "token [penny] press machine" onstage. These redesigned pressers accepted three tokens, two for payment and one to be pressed! Needless to say, token press machines introduced many pressed penny collectors to tokens. And, Disneyana collectors wanted to know more about Disneyland tokens... like we needed an excuse to start a Disneyland token collection or guide?! :-)

So, with the most welcome help of fellow collectors, we've added The Arcade Token Guide, The Pirates of the Caribbean Doubloon or Piece of Eight Stampers Guide, and the Disneyland Main Street USA Typer Tokens Guide. And a Guide to Disneyland Wooden Nickels too. With your help, we hope to add more tokens and related history to these guides.

Don't be shy! Contact Boomer with any submissions, token history, or images missing from the guides. All submissions added to the guides will include a credit to the contributor and become a part of this crowd-sourced knowledge base.

Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com.









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