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Robert Hoff, Anastasia Hoff & Charlotte Hoff
Greetings from The Folks at ParkPennies

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This page shares a bit more about Robert Hoff, Anastasia Hoff, & Charlotte Hoff, the folks at ParkPennies. It probably won’t dispel any assumptions visitors may have made about our insanity. However, it will share something more about us other than our passion of collecting Disneyland elongated coins.

Robert Hoff, Anastasia Hoff, Charlotte Hoff
Robert Hoff, Anastasia Hoff, and Charlotte Hoff near Mokoliā€™i Island

Hello from the ParkPennies "Staff". As an introduction, in the picture above, from left to right: Bob AKA Boomer (First visit to Disneyland 1956), Stasi the inspiration and motivation for collecting Disneyland pressed coins from the very start (First visit to Disneyland age 3), and Char who with Boomer pressed their first coin in the 1970's (First visit to Disneyland, "No comment" :-). Like many fellow pressed penny collectors, family time is fun. Especially when we are... collecting pressed pennies! Disneyland is close to home so you might spot us there. Please say "Hi". We'll often have a coin for you. (Hey, you just spotted us here! So, if you send a self addressed stamped envelope, we'll happily mail you a Sorta Free* pressed penny! :-)
Happy Collecting, Boomer and the Folks at ParkPennies.

For Bob aka "Boomer", writing for is the collision of his two weakest subjects, English and web site programming. (Not that we need mention that to anyone who has viewed a few of the pages here.) But the web site is a link to fellow collectors and he loves to hear from you, share the hobby, preserve the history and promote the hobby at ParkPennies. He very much enjoys the time he spends keeping the web site up to date. Not to mention it makes his day when he sees FaceBook Likes or Blog Post Links to ParkPennies from fellow collectors sharing the hobby! :-)

When not working on, his favorite pastime is of course, collecting Disney elongated coins. But, in his previous life, Bob has held broker’s licenses in securities and real estate for decades as a multi-licensed fee-only Certified Financial Planner (Pinching pennies for clients you might say. :-) And he has been interested in fun cars even longer. Don’t even think about talking about that Hemi GTX he owned way back in the ’60’s!* If he gets started on that subject, you might try to switch the subject to the DN0001 elongated coin in an attempt to save yourself. (If not, get ready to listen for years or at least for what will seem like years! Pressed Penny Sad Smiley)

*That’s the 1960’s kids, not the 1860’s! He is younger than he looks.

hertz-shelby-gth.jpg - 30502 Bytes

All three members of the ParkPennies staff not only love collecting pressed coins, we also enjoy the incredible roads on the Hawaiian Islands and of course the California Coast. Here is a favorite picture of ours taken during the all too short visit to Maui in 2006. You might recognize the view as looking in the direction of Lahaina on the way down Haleakala at about a 9,500 foot altitude. If you're wondering why there are no hands on the steering wheel... Well, at these speeds, it takes both hands to hold the camera steady! Just kidding. :-)

For fellow Mustang fans, this picture was taken of / from / when the first Hertz Shelby GT Mustang was driven on Maui. (July of 2006) The road was like carpet and the car was perfection! The ride was nearly as thrilling as the thought of finding a DN0014 prototype elongated coin for a $1.00 on eBay!

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