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Boomer, as you may know, is a composite of the "Advanced Collectors"
here at ParkPennies. Of Course, Boomer doesn’t spend all of his time at Disneyland looking for new machines!

(He writes articles and reports for www.parkpennies.com too! )

Boomer hard at work
Picture courtesy of Anastasia 2004

There is a cool web cam adjacent to this balcony (Boomer’s favorite view). Check it out here: http://www.seehawaiilive.com/sw-cam-surf.cfm

Voice: "Boomer, don’t you think those folks look happy on the beach?"
Boomer: "Wait until they read about the NEW DISNEYLAND PENNY PRESS!"

Wonder if he even noticed the pool?!
Picture courtesy of Anastasia 2004

Voice: "Boomer the pool looks real inviting!"
Boomer: "Yeah, I know, but that’s the same pool that was here last year. I’m writing about a NEW ERROR COIN!"

Looks like Boomer has turned into an "Advanced Collector". sad penny face

ParkPennies.com with your help and Boomer’s, strives to offer the most current and complete Disneyland penny press information. Enjoy reports, news and  gossip that are nowhere else on the ‘net by clicking in the News link at the top of most pages. And...please do submit your Disney penny pressing pictures and stories to ParkPennies.

We hope to see you at the park pressing one of the world’s best souvenirs!
Happy collecting!  The ParkPennies.com Contributors.

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