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As of May 25, 2018 and hopefully only temporarily...

The European Union's 220 page long General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to add protections for people within the European Economic Area (EEA). As Boomer understands it, these new GDPR regulations extend the scope of the EU's data protection regulations to "all foreign companies" processing data of EU residents. Apparently, even when they are visiting our humble web site in the United States of America. Makes feel important. LOL. Given ParkPennies is a "Mom and Pop" hobbyist web site, free, no ads, and nothing for sale, compliance with these new and complicated laws, should be easy. However, it is currently beyond our legal and technical ability. One look around this web site and you'll agree we don't know what we are doing already... even without adding GDPR regulations! :-)

How does this effect you? If we understand the law correctly, we are also required to provide the people inside the EEA and subject to GDPR the same experience on our web site as the vast majority of our visitors outside of the European Economic Area who are not subject to GDPR. So, until these new laws are sorted out and made so simple and easy that even Boomer knows how to comply with them, ParkPennies or any web site we support, can not accept "personally identifiable information", PII, from anyone. Boomer is thinking... If we don't have PII, we hopefully won't violate a pile of requirements we don't even understand now. Unfortunately, your web site experience may suffer a little more for now (if that's possible :-). because ParkPennies can not accept emails etc. However, please feel free to directly email fellow collector volunteers, Boomer, Louis, Ray, and others listed on the contact page. They can help with any Disney pressed coin collecting questions, requests, reports. (Sorry for the rant. :-)

As always, for other privacy, terms of use information, and other non-drug sleep aids :-) please refer to our California Privacy Rights Disclosure and The Terms of Service. (We should have calorie counts for our drop down menu items soon. Just kidding, for now. :-)

Thank you for your visits, support and for sharing with your friends.

Happy Collecting,
Boomer (Bob)

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