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You've Found the Park Pennies
Sorta Free Pressed Penny Page!*

*Just send a self addressed stamped envelope.. and receive a priceless, FREE pressed penny!
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Your choice.... DW0028 pressed penny, bright uncirculated, shinny cent. For a clean, fresh look.
Shiny Pressed Penny

Shiny pre-1982 solid copper elongated cent
for Fellow Pressed Penny Collectors

Pressed Penny Collection Guide Number DW0028 DW0028 toned pressed penny or elongated coin. For a mature, refined appearance.
Toned Pressed Penny

Toned pre-1982 solid copper elongated cent
for Fellow Pressed Penny Collectors

Pressed Penny Collection Guide Number DW0028

Thank you for your interest in our Sorta Free Pressed Penny* Offer!
*Just send a self addressed stamped envelope.. and receive a priceless free pressed penny! FREE Pressed Penny Smiley

We'll gladly send you a free pressed penny / free elongated coin for your collection! You may choose one pressed on a "shiny" penny, or if you prefer, just ask for one pressed on a "toned" cent. (Each is shown above.) All free pressed pennies are pressed solid copper, pre 1982 cents. They are, as you can see, examples of unbridled free elongated coin beauty! Okay, maybe we are a little bit biased. penny smile
See a YouTube video about this coin set at

Any address in the world is fine. But do be sure to affix the correct postage so the envelope will get back to you from California, USA.) Just send a SASE (An envelope addressed to you, with first class postage on it.) to:

Boomer's Free Pressed Penny Offer
Post Office Box 17812
Anaheim, CA 92817

  NEW! Check out the FaceBook page. It's also free and non-commercial. smile penny


Please only one (1) free DW0028 coin offer per address.
All requests must include a SASE / self addressed, correctly stamped, envelope addressed to you. We will use that most welcome, neatly addressed, stamped envelope to mail your incredibly beautiful pressed penny to you, quickly. (And within our nonexistent budget. sad pressed penny)
All current and past free pressed penny offers for this DW0028 pressed penny count toward the minuscule limit of only one (1). However, if you already have this DW0028, keep checking. We occasionally offer a different, free elongated coin for a very short, limited time, now and then. OH BOY!
This offer is good for as long as it lasts. We hope it will be here for a long long time, but no guarantees.

Yes, please tell a friend! We would be honored if you want to share a link to this free pressed penny offer on your blog, web site... smile!

Fine Print...

Delays may result from circumstances that are all too common. Such as:
Boomer forgetting to pick up the mail.
A big chunk of mail arriving all at once. (Because Boomer forgot to pick up the mail.)
Boomer spending too much time at the park pressing pennies. (Is that possible?)
Boomer spending too much time on the web site. (Normal)
Boomer being lazier than usual. (Not possible!)
So, please be patient. We will happily, excitedly, gladly send a penny to you!
Usually your penny will be in the mail back to you a day or two after we receive your SASE.
So, if you do not receive your free elongated coin within two weeks, please let us know.
Disclaimers: Small objects may be a chocking hazard. Collecting Pressed Pennies may be habit forming.
Actual cash value one smashed cent. Common side-effects include euphoria and fainting.
Our free pressed pennies and free elongated coins are thought to be worth the price,
but no assurances are given.

Happy collecting!
The Folks at Pressed Penny Picture
The Pressed Penny Guide No. DW0028
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( Pressed Penny Guide No. DW0028 Horizontal pressed penny image) PARKPENNIES.COM, FOR COLLECTORS OF, DISNEYLAND ® , ELONGATED COINS, Dot border in a style similar to the DL0001 and DN0001, Initials ABC are between bottom center dots for Anastasia, Bob, and Charlotte. First pressed 11/07 by Could be one of my top favorites. smile This coin is often offered for free to pressed penny collectors.

Please use this link for an Overview of all Disneyland Pressed Penny Collections and this link to our Insider Pressed Penny News page.
Editor's note: We are often reminded that the preferred numismatic term is "Free Elongated Coins". However, as the rebellious, risk taking, devil may care contributors that we are, temptation often gets the better of us. As a result, you may see the more casual, fun terms like: free elongated pennies, free flattened pennies, free crushed pennies, free squashed pennies, free rolled pennies, free mashed pennies, free smashed pennies, free stamped pennies, free squished pennies, free smushed pennies, free stretched pennies, free memory pennies, free keepsake pennies, or free souvenir pennies (whew!) to describe these fun penny souvenirs and help you find them here at!
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