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The Complete Disneyland Medallion Collection
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The Complete Disneyland Resort Medallion Collection. ALL IMAGES - All Disneyland Medallion Images ON ONE PAGE, with Guide Numbers and Links!
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All DLR Medallions
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For a complete, current listing of all onstage medallions please refer to:

Our current pressed coin and medallion machine locations list PDF

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Disney 100 Years of Wonder
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Souvenir Medallions
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*Retired Disneyland Resort Medallions, once taken offstage are listed as "Retired". However, some medallions have sporadically returned. Also as of February 2024 some "retired" / surplus Disney 100 Years of Wonder medallions have been offered for sale at half price to Cast Members via a medallion machine located backstage at the Harbor Point / Parkside entrance.
Visit: The most current pressed coin and medallion machine locations in the Disneyland Resort Area PDF for ALL medallion machine locations.
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