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Disneyland Medallions

©2022 ParkPennies

Disneyland Resort Medallions were first reported to in early March of 2022. Given the popularity of these medallion vending machines at the Disney Resorts and ParkPennies visitor requests, we have added this guide.

Medallion Vending Machine Bright Brass Medallion Reverse "Pirates of the Caribbean" with skull and cross bones.
Medallion Set Reverse
Close up image of Disneyland's first souvenir medlallion vending machine's showcase.
Medallion Vending Machine Showcase
The First Disneyland Resort Medlallion Machine, large image 3-9-2022.
First Disneyland Resort
Medallion Machine Machine #1,
Medallion Reverse Image &
Showcase of Medallions Set #1-4

Disneyland Resort Medallion Machine #1 Buttons for Medallions 1-4
Disneyland Medallion Vending Machine #1 Selection Buttons

Walt Disney World Medallion Vending Machine Buttons
Walt Disney World Medallion Vending Machine Selection Buttons

Disneyland Resort Medallion Vending Machine #1 offered this set of four medallions which share the same design as Walt Disney World medallions reported earlier. Pictures were taken at the DLR on 3/8/2022. Machine location is at the Pieces of Eight Gift Shop in New Orleans Square, Disneyland Park. Please reference this PDF for the most current pressed coin and medallion machine locations in the Disneyland Resort Area.

Obverse Designs of the
First Four Disneyland Resort Medallions

Reverse Designs of the
First Four Disneyland Resort Medallions

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