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How Many Pressed Coins are at Disneyland?
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  • How Many Pressed Coins Are There At Disneyland? The Disneyland Resort, as of this writing, has about 155 different pressed coins offered by 51 pressed coin machines (including "Seasonal" coins). Disneyland Park has 78 pressed coins made by 26 different pressed coin machines, Disney California Adventure has 51 pressed coins, vended by 17 unique coin pressers, and Downtown Disney has 26 different pressed coins offered by 8 smashers, including 2 hand crank machines offering 4 coins each for your collection. In all, The Disneyland Resort area has 51 Disney pressed coin penny machines to serve the 155 pressed coins. "Penny press" machines are located throughout the resort. Disneyland Park has 26 coin press machines, Disney California Adventure has 17 penny press coin machines, and Downtown Disney has 8 coin pressing machines. Each coin press vends three or four different pressed pennies, smashed nickels, smushed dimes, or flattened quarters. The number of machines varies by season and machine locations are occasionally added or removed with changes in the resort. Click this link for the best listing of all coin press machines in the Disneyland resort area in PDF format. Some machines are seasonal, others are added or taken offstage from time to time. Please see the Disneyland Pressed Coin Machine Locations page for the exact current number and location of all the pressed coins in the Disneyland Resort and for cost "How Much Do Pressed Pennies Cost" page.

  • How Many Different Pressed Coins Has Disneyland Issued Since They Opened? DLR has offered more than 1,000 different onstage pressed coins since the first Disney pressed penny was offered at Disneyland in 1987. Disneyland has also issued hundreds of official Cast Member and Special Event pressed coins. All these Disneyland pressed coins and more are listed at ParkPennies.com and maybe also of interest, The Disneyland Retired Pressed Coin Machine History page. When planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort don't forget to check The ParkPennies Penny Press Machine Location Checklist for coin press machines that are at The Disneyland Resort today and we hope the Pressed Penny Collection Guides will be of help as you collect and organize Disney elongated coins for many years to come.

    Happy Collecting from Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com
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