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2004, Part 1 of 4

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5/6/04 Lou Smith has just help date our Tokyo Disneyland ® Resort Guide. Just click on it in the lower left corner.
5/23/04 Not much gossip lately. I hope there will be something to report later this week. Remember if you hear something, inquiring minds need to know. Pressed Penny Smiley E-Mail Us
5/28/04 We have opened this new and improved location. Lots of new things planned with our increased storage space.
5/29/04 Added a couple of articles under "What’s New". One offers pictures of NeverLand coins and the other updated Marquee pictures and background.
5/31/04 Two web site fans recently reported they were told by park employees that there are plans for 50 (fifty) new pressed pennies for the 50th Anniversary! This is only a rumor at this point. Heard something? Care to share? Pressed Penny Smiley E-Mail Us
6/3/04 More additions to the Guides & Pictures section. Look for basic listing first, followed by links to scans later. Only on email so far about an upcoming coin in mid June. With a confirmation, I’ll confirm and post a "rumor" Pressed Penny Smiley E-Mail Us
6/3/04 Autopia 2004 arrived on 5/22/04, picture above. The Catalog number DL0232 is now official.
6/7/04 Yes, more "Web Guide & Scans" sections are on the way! First you will see printable descriptions based on Lou’s Guide (most are done) then links to scans for each coin will be added. When completed, you will have seven different sections: DL Disneyland ® Park is already done. I hope to add coin scans to DW, DN, CM, DR, CA and TDL. So check back often to see the progress on this NEW & Improved web site
6/11/04 Lots of mail! A common subject is that the classic high quality Disneyland pressed penny engravings are rarely seen on the new Disneyland coins of today. (The engravings with the high relief, intricate detail and dot borders of the past.) One upset writer, a longtime Disneyland visitor, after making a special trip to the park to roll some of the recent train themed elongated nickels, mentioned that he was [disappointed] in the "outlined image" featuring a train from WDW rather than a high relief "3-D" Disneyland train he had expected. Another web site fan recently asked if Disneyland had "lost the person that made such nice pennies". Ouch! (In the high voice of a mouse.) Pressed Penny Smiley
I too see, read and hear about the engraving issue. Maybe it really is the elephant in the middle of the room that I’ve ignored; I hope there is a better email address for those complaints. Pressed Penny Smiley What I would like to do is write a short POSITIVE article on the subject if enough of you E-Mail Us
asking for one. (With the hope of encouraging more "classic quality" pressed pennies in the park and praising the best of the recent issues,)
This web site is for collectors and by collectors! So let me know what you’d like to see and read about. Pressed Penny Smiley
6/15/04 No new coins to report yet. However, rest assured, readers are searching the park regularly. And yes, Stasi and I are known to visit the park now and then too Pressed Penny Smiley
Your name could be here in a color of your choice Pressed Penny Smiley ! If you are the Disneyland Sleuth that can find the next new Disneyland pressed penny first.... E-Mail Us
with news of your find.
6/15/04 Two new ec’s reported at Tokyo Disneyland as of 6/14/04. Both coins commemorate The Buzz Lightyear Big Mission.
6/15/04 Lou Smith has added the new TDL coin numbers. To view the expanded catalog that now includes Tokyo Disneyland Hotels, Disney Sea, and "Book cover" issues click here: TDL Tokyo Disneyland ® Resort
6/15/04 A soon to be historic set of Disneyland error coins were just listed for sale on eBay. Read about them and see scans click: NEW ERROR coins listed
6/16/04 This week’s feature is eBay auctioneer is anaheimcolony (click on the link to see only his Disneyland pressed penny auctions). I’ve known this avid collector and reader for sometime and often refer collectors to his auctions. If you are looking for recently retired or currently on-stage coins, you might want to bookmark his auctions. If you’d like to see all of this auctions click here: anaheimcolony Check often as he is constantly listing many types of elongated coins etc. Special coins currently for auction include the hard to find DW0021 cent click here and dime click here .
-I do not accept any payment for "Features". However, they must first be of substantial benefit and or interest to readers and second be earned from longtime fair and friendly business practices. If you have an item or service that you’d like us to consider, just E-Mail Us
6/18/04 Yours truly and an unnamed coconspirator, took a quick walk through the key parts of Disneyland this morning. Beautiful weather, Disneyland and looking for new penny presses with a fellow collector! Does life get better? Our search yielded only a missing Toy Story penny press at the Main Street Penny Arcade. But our disappointment was tempered by a couple of "E Ticket" rides and a park that looks better with each visit! They are doing some nice refurbishments; maybe a new penny machine is in the plans?
6/21/04 Mr. Jack Steiner has been honored with a Disneyland elongated coin of his own. Read all about the Jack Steiner penny HERE.
6/22/04 Lisa Shoup, a very generous friend, avid collector and reader, was very kind to improve our database file. Her work has made possible a newly expanded, updated and downloadable "Dlweb.xls" Excel file. It’s based on Lou Smith’s book and a must for Disneyland ® Resort elongated coin collectors. Check back early next week to download the updated file. Derivative HTML guides (DL, CA, CM, DR, TDL, DW, DN) are being updated as we speak.
6/25/04 The dlweb.xls ALL DESCRIPTIONS (right click and "save as" to download) has just been extensively updated and expanded. It’s a very popular file here at and is based on Lou Smith’s Guide. We hope you will find it helpful. If you suspect or find any errors or omissions please E-Mail Us
6/25/04 A quick walk through the park reviled no new machines, however, the Donald penny press is now missing in addition to the Snow White press. Have a great weekend and do E-Mail Us
if you spot a new machine. Pressed Penny Smiley
6/29/04 A quick look through the park early this morning, no new machines to report.
6/30/04 The entire staff (that’s me) would like to thank the readers that emailed the broken link reports. Evil Boomer must have clicked on the wrong spot and sent a few images into cyber space. Pressed Penny Smiley All is well now.. ?
6/30/04 Good news, I just met with Ewell Gunther, the well-respected longtime Philatelic Numismatic Combination designer. He has new PNC issues coming up based on the recently released Disney Stamps! hopes to have scans posted here in mid July when they are available. Would you like to see our archive article that mentions some of his past works? Just click here: PNC’s a cross-collectible
The set that started this year with just two dwarfs and Snow White at the World of Disney ® at Down Town Disney Anaheim. Has now been completed with the new Sleepy, Sneezy and Dopey that joined them today and the New Doc and Happy that appeared at The Main Street Penny Arcade 7/1/04,
Also Tiki Hut, Matterhorn and Dumbo have made their appearances today!
All coins are "pennies" and all are currently located at the Main Street Penny Arcade, Disneyland ® . Pictures to follow.
7/2/04 toypauper is our featured auctioneer this week. We hear rumors that a special coin or two may be listed Sunday. Click toypauper to take a look.
-I do not accept any payment for "Features". However, they must first be of substantial benefit and or interest to readers and second be earned from longtime fair and friendly business practices. If you have an item or service that you’d like us to consider, just E-Mail Us
7/16/04 Great day! I landed at LAX at 6:00 this morning and was at the park by 9:00. Met by chance with a few other collectors and then returned tonight to meet two new collecting friends and visitors at the Penny Arcade. Greetings to all. I hope to see you at the park often.
Now that I’m back from vacation I have several Disneyland penny press update items that I’ve been collecting over the past two weeks so there will be a BIG update this weekend. (Yes, I was hard at work for over the past two weeks and I’ll have pictures to prove it!! Pressed Penny Smiley Several new coins, one error coin and lots more. So, please check back in a day or two. Lou Smith is assigning catalog numbers and I hope to include them also.
7/18/04 Ewell Gunter has just issued a new series of Disneyland elongated coin / stamp covers. Click here New PNC’s available for more information.
7/18/04 I have uploaded a small size scan of the newest coins on-stage at Disneyland. Click here These are the new coins that have arrived over the past two weeks or so and I will be adding good scans of these coins to the DL Disneyland ® Park Guide section of this web page as soon as catalog numbers are assigned. All coins are available as of today with exception of the error "Matternhorn" coin and with it the Tiki Room and Dumbo coin in the same machine. (I believe to correct the spelling of the coin.) Now that’s a coin that will make a cool addition to most any Disneyland collection! If I could just find a way to make my errors of special interest to collectors! Pressed Penny Smiley
You may remember that reported the "Matternhorn" machine Friday morning, July 2nd, along with other new machines, within hours of its arrival and two days before it was removed. Unfortunately, the error wasn’t noticed by this reporter until after my last minute update was uploaded minutes before I caught a jet and was off the mainland for two weeks. Talk about bad timing! encourages all collectors to press coins for their collections as soon as possible. As longtime collectors know, sometimes a new coin is available for only a few days. If you cannot get to the park personally, don’t delay in asking a local friend to press them for you or check eBay auctions. ( has a few auctioneers listed at EBay Auctioneers also.)
Click here for a small scan of the latest Disneyland elongated coins. If you haven’t had a chance to get these coins yet, the scan will show that all coins except the Dwarfs are borderless; most have good "3-D" engraving. Better scans will follow when catalog numbers are completed. I just couldn’t wait any longer to post them, and I know there are lots of visitors that couldn’t wait either! J See you at the park.

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