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2004, Part 2 of 4

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7/19/04 New Official Disney ® Resort Locations HTML and Official Disney ® Resort Locations PDF files have been uploaded. Our thanks to visitors that have made this extra effort to support Disneyland elongated coin collectors. (The machines location list will be updated once catalog numbers are finalized.)
7/20/04 On 7/16/04, I posted "Yes, Boomer was hard at work for over the past two weeks and I have pictures to prove it!! Pressed Penny Smiley ". Some fellow collectors couldn’t believe I was away from the park for two weeks. On the other hand, a few couldn’t’ believe that I’d be thinking Disneyland pressed pennies while on vacation. Both sides suggested that they’d believe it if they saw it. So, here are a couple of candid pictures taken by Anastasia at the request of my wife who, even after all these years, just can’t understand why I’m "chasing pennies all the time". Pressed Penny Smiley
Click here. For a little Disneyland ec collecting vacation humor.
7/22/04 The two questions asked most often: "Does Boomer really look like Brad Pit?" and "Are there any new machines at the park today?" Well, I was at the park this morning, and sorry to say, the answer to both questions was no. Check back Friday. Maybe one of the answers will change? Pressed Penny Smiley
7/25/04 Updates to the dlweb.xls ALL DESCRIPTIONS Excel file guide now includes provisional Lou Smith catalog numbers for the latest 17 coins.
7/25/04 Updates to the DL Disneyland ® Park guide include provisional Lou Smith catalog numbers for the latest 17 coins.
7/25/04 No new coins seen or reported at the park today.
7/28/04 Matternhorn replacement die found on-stage today. My thanks to the very excited reader that shared this welcome information with us all just after the park opening this morning! View it DL0250 and compare it with the original DL0236. Larger, side by side picture in new window click HERE. Again, thanks to our great readers, I think has this story first. Would you like to share Disneyland press penny news too? E-Mail Us
7/28/04 More updates to Bob and Stasi’s Machine Locations
7/30/04 Today I believe I pressed one of the nicest elongated coins ever vended at Disneyland. It’s a new on-stage single play nickel machine at the Main Street Penny Arcade. Yes, nickel. As you may know, Disneyland is the only Disney Park with any elongated nickels. To see the new coin’s obverse click here DL0251F and to see one of the unique features of the coin, first Disney coin to have this feature, a printed reverse, click here DL0251B Both sides close up can be seen by clicking HERE.
I must congratulate Disneyland for this very nice coin. Not just a nickel, but also a "mule" (two sided elongated coin) no less. I know it will be a prized addition for many Disneyland pressed penny collections. Don’t delay in securing one for your collection.
Sidebar: As longtime collectors know, Disneyland ® nickels are tops on the collectible list. This new nickel "single play" machine joins the he "Seasonal three play" nickel machine as the second Disneyland ® nickel press. The "three play" machine, has had people searching the park around Christmas time for many years in anticipation of ever changing, usually year dated "Seasonal Set. When the Seasonal Set isn’t on-stage, there is usually a year around set in the same machine. Currently the year around set is a train themed nickel set, which is currently hidden in the Main Street Train Station Terminal. Both nickel machines are well worth the hunt! Be sure not to miss them when you visit Disneyland ® (To see past and current nickel sets, check out " DL Disneyland ® Park" under "The Good Stuff" to the left of this page.)
8/04/04 Scans of all elongated coins ever on-stage at Disney’s California Adventure have been linked to the CA Disney’s California Adventure web reference guide. Enjoy! The Tokyo Disneyland Guide will probably be the next to have scans added. Then, as per popular request, I will start on the Disneyland Resort Area coins that are not inside Disneyland ® or Disney’s California Adventure
8/05/04Scans of all known Tokyo Disneyland Resort elongated coins / souvenirs ever "on-stage" have been scanned and are now linked to the guide listings I hope this long awaited guide will be a welcome addition for all visitors.
As many readers know, Tokyo Disneyland pressed souvenirs (TDL’s) are fun to collect, have great images, most issues are still fairly easy to find. Also interesting to this writer is that they reveal a common interest shared by people of different cultures. When you view the different coins, you will notice that most all of them would be right at home at Disneyland Resort, Anaheim. We started collecting them in 1997, about a year after they were first issued, and never stopped. Click here Tokyo Disneyland Resort or to the left of the screen to visit the pressed souvenirs of The Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disney SeaT. This is still "Beta". The descriptions and some images will be improved. In time, typos will be "reduced" too. Pressed Penny Smiley
8/11/04 Yes, this is the right web page! Pressed Penny Smiley is getting some sprucing up. You may have noticed a newly scan-linked guide now and then and there are more to come. We (Boomer and me ) are rewriting the code for Macs and "non I.E. browsers". After all is for all collectors, so I’m doing what I can.
Nothing to report at the park, but I missed the tour today, so maybe something changed in my absence? I’ll check out the park surely by Friday evening and I’ll post what I find Saturday or sooner. Please do the same by "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot, mailing us if you’ve made a find not yet posted. Happy collecting, Bob.
8/12/04 Updated "Bob and Stasi" Machine Locations (HTML), dlweb.xls (Excel) and disneyland-pressed-coin-machine-guide.htm (HTML) files are now linked.("Right Click" on them to "Save Them to Disk" if you wish.) I believe them to be the best available and they are free thanks to Lou Smith and Pressed Penny Smiley
8/12/04 Nice day at the park. Yes, as should be, all the dwarfs and Snow White are together at the Main Street Arcade, Disneyland. The World of Disney has the Little Mermaid set and I will update the guides and catalogs with provisional descriptions and numbers pending Lou’s agreement. Check for them late today or early Friday.
8/12/04 The Little Mermaid set is now located at the World of Disney, center door, Downtown Disney and replaces the Dwarf set that was moved to the old location of the Mermaid set at the Main Street Penny Arcade, Disneyland. Now, why didn’t I just say they switched the dies? Pressed Penny Smiley
8/12/04 Just in via remote cell phone reporter! Pressed Penny Smiley The Dwarfs machine, previously of Downtown Disney’s World of Disney, is now located with the other two Dwarf machines in the Main Street Penny Arcade, Disneyland ® . You may have wondered why "Disneyland" titled coins were outside the park. Well no longer. Time for Disneyland ® Park collectors to add this set to their collections. Scans and descriptions of these coins and their locations will be added to the appropriate guides and machine location files this week. It is assumed that this was a "machine swap". I’ll post any changes to the World of Disney store. penny machines later this morning. There could be additional Disneyland Resort guide coin additions too.
8/15/04 Yes, yet another guide section has entered the ranks of the "Green Arrow". The DR Disneyland ® Resort Area    Pressed Penny Smiley has coin scans linked to each description. A close up or two will be added before long for coins that are difficult to identify, e.g. Disneyana cents and quarters etc. Descriptions will be enhanced over time as well. Next the Never Land and WannaBe guides will have scans linked. The Prototypes and other extremely scarce coins of the Never Land section will surely be of interest to "Advanced Collectors". These coins have been a subject of many inquiries. Although I have a data base that scans more than 15 years, several of these coins are still a mystery. I’ll share what I can and hope others will email what they can contribute in the way of additional coins and scans.
8/16/04 On 7/18/04, this FYI was posted here "Ewell Gunter has just issued a new series of Disneyland elongated coin / stamp covers. Click here for more information." Ewell has only a few of these remaining. If you miss out on them, it’s not because didn’t give you first chance. Pressed Penny Smiley Now readers have notice of a last chance too. Pressed Penny Smiley . Get them while the gettin’ is good.
8/24/04 Just in via remote cell phone reporter! Pressed Penny Smiley No changes noted in the park this afternoon. Past reports still current. thanks the "Mystery Reporter". Your reports welcome also. Share your reports with people all over the world. It’s email easy. Pressed Penny Smiley
8/23/04 I noticed a misspelled MatterNhorn penny was recently listed for sale on eBay. Read about the coin HERE view the auction in a separate window by clicking HERE.
Also, do check out the newly upgraded "DW Disneyland Wannabe" guide. Lots of new scans! Happy collecting, Bob.
8/26/04 again thanks the Mystery Reporter who has verified there are no changes at the park as of today.. I’m looking forward to visiting the park Friday and will post here if a new machine is found. Happy collecting, Bob.
8/27/04 No new penny presses found. Don’t give up hope. I believe September is the end of Mickey’s 75th celebration. Maybe we will see a new coins in the Mickey Mouse 75th quarter press then? Happy collecting, Bob
9/1/04 Again thanks The Mystery Reporter. He reports today, "No changes at the park". Makes for easy updates here, but, I surely wouldn’t mind posting a few new scans! Have a great weekend!
9/7/04 Ditto. Pressed Penny Smiley
9/10/04 reports no new coins. But, we have enhanced our (your) Pressed Penny Smiley DL, CA, DN, DR and CM guides. Check them out.
9/12/04 To those fellow web site visitors that face the risks of war or life threatening weather our thoughts and prayers are with you.
9/15/04 It’s official! The 75th Mickey Mouse Quarter machine is off-stage. Again our thanks for sharing this news goes to The Mystery Reporter. Makes me think like I’ve been sleepin’ on the job! Pressed Penny Smiley I’ll be at the park a few times next week, maybe I’ll have some news to report? If you have something to share, do E-Mail Us.
9/18/04 A coin that collectors have been waiting for was just listed on eBay! A Jack Steiner! This is the first one I’ve seen for auction. I hope a reader is the wining bidder. Even if you’re not bidding, you may want to get out the popcorn and enjoy watching the last few minutes of this auction. It should be exciting.Pressed Penny Smiley
See the auction in a separate window, just click here.
Read more about this special coin here: Jack Steiner Cast Member coin article
9/22/04 So... two buddies, an elephant with some pennies and a donkey with bag of quarters walk into the Disneyland Penny Arcade and....Ok, that’s enough about politics! Pressed Penny Smiley
When will some real news break?? My email is working, my phone is working, the "Mystery Reporter" is working, The Disneyland Arcade Team is working -web site-, even Boomer is looking high and low for a new Disneyland penny! Still, nothing new to report!
You know, when news does break, will report it. Until then, Happy Collecting.
9/23/04 Boomer’s Friday Park Report will be posted Saturday. maybe late Friday. I’ll try to get future reports out on Fridays or change the name to "Boomer’s Saturday Report" Pressed Penny Smiley
9/24/04 Boomer is just back from the park. He did see the Little Mermaid set is missing at the World of Disney, and the 75th quarter press is still absent at the Main Street Penny Arcade.
9/27/04 Ditto.
9/29/04 A second Jack Steiner pressed penny just went up for AUCTION The seller is a friend of and is sorry to say it’s the last of the small group. I hope a reader will make it a prized part of their collection.
Read about the coin HERE.
9/29/04 Pete reports "Dittos" to fellow ParkPennies readers. as of 11:15 this morning.

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