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Jack Steiner
Is Honored by a
Disneyland ® Elongated Coin
© 6/21/04 ParkPennies Last Update 4/24/22

Jack Steiner Picture

The above quote and picture appeared in The Golden ’Ears
section of The Disneyland Resort Line Newsletter.
Click this link to view Jack’s retirement flier via PDF file.

ret2.jpg pictureThe miniature penny press pictured here displays the coin die used to press the Jack Steiner elongated coins, then gold plated for a extra bling. :-) This wonderful gift was presented to Mr. Steiner at his retirement party.

Plus Elongated Coins & Marquee....
Quote from the now closed Arcade Shop web site from 6/27/2004: "This 1/4 scale penny press was made by Arcade (D. I.) Cast Member and given to Jack at his Retirement party. It features custom brass coin acceptor, marquee, buttons that turn on and off the lights, oak construction and the actual die (24k Gold plated) and finally a compartment in the back to store the special coins made with the die including copper pennies, 10 steel 1943 pennies, 4 silver nickels, and 4 silver dimes."

Quote from the now closed Arcade Shop web site from 6/27/2004: "Side by side.... The mini press features battery powered High power LED lights for lighting up the sign and the 24k gold plated retirement die. The coin acceptor was machined out of solid brass and compliments of our very talented Disney Machine shop 500 team. -web site- (Sorry this site closed 2/’05). The brass plate was made ret3.jpgfrom the actual drop slide from a Disneyland penny press machine and was engraved to match. The sign (Complements of our talented Computer artist in the show team) is to scale and has the coin artwork of Jacks face and Jack Steiner Retirement with the Disneyland logo. The back of the case features a pull out storage bin that was loaded with the actual pressed pennies in special holders to hand out to friends at his party. Jack was also given some special steel pennies that were made for the Arcade shop crew and his family"

Jack Steiner
Now Part of Disneyland Elongated Coin History!

Jack Steiner has taken his place of honor alongside Ron Dominguez and Bill Hogarth as the third Disney Cast Member to have his image engraved on a Disneyland ® elongated coin. (Other than Walt, DL0146, of course. :-)

In my opinion, the Jack Steiner as well as the Ron Dominguez and Bill Hogarth coins show the quality of engraving that has made both Eurolink and Disneyland ® elongated coins famous, thanks to the talents of Mr. Jimmy Vargas, Eurolink's master engraver. Here are scans of the front and back of the commemorative copper penny and holder given to a reader’s friend at Mr. Steiner’s retirement party, CM0018F and CM0018B.

As many advanced Disneyland ® elongated coin collectors know, Mr. Hogarth as well as Mr. Steiner have long been known for their efforts to introduce, support and develop penny presses at Disneyland, the birthplace of the Disney ® penny press. The numbers of penny presses have grown over the years since the first Disneyland ® penny press in 1987. Today many machines greet happy collectors and amaze children at many Disney parks. So far you can find penny presses at Disneyland ® Resort, Walt Disney ® World Resort, Tokyo Disneyland ® Resort, DisneySea ® , Downtown Disney ® in both California and Florida... so far.

I can’t image a more appropriate honor for these very well liked Cast Members than their very own Disneyland pennies! A hundred years and more from now, Disneyana collectors will still remember these men by name with many thanks for the great hobby they have given us.

UPDATE: In 2005, a Cast Member, well known to Disney elongated coin collectors, met at the Disneyland Resort with Robert Hoff, "Boomer of ParkPennies", to show him the framed Jack Steiner elongated coin set pictured below. The framed collection was made from some of the very scarce elongated coins contained inside the miniature penny press presented to Mr. Steiner at his retirement party. The set was later offered via online auction and closed 3/29/05 with a winning bid of $2,125.00. See the framed set here.

The Original Jack Steiner
Pressed Penny Framed Set

jackset.jpg - 36095 Bytes

jacksig.jpg - 5334 Bytes


From the CM Disneyland ® Cast Member Reference Guide..     Pressed Penny Guide No. CM0018 Zoom or Compare in Window #1   2   3

Zoom in on these Disneyland elongated coins and pressed pennies with a click.
(Vertical pressed penny image) JACK STEINER bust, DISNEYLAND ® RESORT © DISNEY dot border "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot. (Obverse)
An estimated 300 copper cents were rolled to order at the park for the Jack Steiner retirement party held on 6/18/04. A very limited number of steel cents, nickels and dimes were also pressed to order. An unknown number of these coins were distributed at the event. Most all coins were presented in decaled 2x2 holders. No machine was available for guests to press additional coins.
See also the story about the Jack Steiner pressed penny and Cast Member Retirement Issues.

We were sorry to hear of Jack's passing. To us he was a credit to the hobby, a friendly likable guy and to the world much more as follows in this publicly posted tribute from Evans-Brown Mortuary:

Jack Otto Steiner
December 23, 1938 ~ March 6, 2020 (age 81)

Jack Steiner was born on December 23, 1938 in Bellflower, Ca. to Otto Steiner and Goldie Lambert. He was raised in Downey, Ca. with his two sisters Bessie Ambroise and Lovie McDowell along with his brother Vic Maillett.

He was a hardworking and dedicated employee. He retired after twenty-four years as the District manager for Western Union. Later he worked for Disneyland in which he held an immense passion and pride as their facilities manager where he once again retired after sixteen years.

Jack was a single father of five children. He was a supportive, nurturing and entertaining father. He relished in playing with his children when they were young. One game his children remember fondly was Jack would pretend to be a tree with his arms serving as branches for his children to climb up. If the branches broke as they were climbing up they would tumble to the ground in laughter. If they were successful in climbing up all the way to his shoulders before the branches broke, Jack would then reward them with turning into a helicopter and his children would then use his thumbs to control the direction they flew. During these years his sister Bessie was a great support creating fun and poignant experiences for him and his children. Every holiday and many weekends were spent at Bessie and her husband Ronnie’s home playing poker till the wee hours of the morning. His children David, Lisa, Deborah, Michelle and Robert would run wild and free with their cousins Steve, Kenny, Larry and Billy while enjoying laughter and loving company.

In 1978 Jack attended a dance in Tustin where he met the love his life, Myrna. Myrna was also a single parent of six young children herself. With their common interest and experiences it led to them joining their families in 1981.

Jack was a fun loving, social and an adventurous man. He very much enjoyed playing pool, golfing, chess, camp hosting at Bass Lake, but he especially loved dancing throughout his years. His true passion however was his family. He was an exceptionally doting husband, father, uncle and grandfather.

Jack was preceded in death by his parents Otto and Goldie, his siblings Bessie, Lovie and Vic and his stepdaughter Ann Marie Bice. He is survived by his wife of 39yrs. Myrna Steiner, his children David Steiner, Lisa Fortin, Deborah Donnelly, Michelle Steiner and Robert Steiner. His stepchildren, Casey White, Julie Mawhorter, Laura Brady, Lance Uhles, Renee Dennis-Bice, his 30 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren.

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