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The Villain’s Event
The Villains and Divas
© 2006 ParkPennies

 The Villains Event Chernabog pressed coin die.   The Divas quarter press machine framed die set. 

The Villains Event Framed Concept quarter press dies and artwork, courtesy of

A: Chernabog picture courtesy of Mr. Dan Bejma

B: Diva's picture courtesy of Anastasia Hoff

C: Original concept piece from

Disneyland Villains Event Attendees Snap Up
Quarter Press Machine Event Dies and Pressed Quarters!

In a break from the usual tradition, Disney offered the Villains Event dies as framed souvenirs, to eager attendees at the event for bargain prices. The Villains Event dies were spruced up a bit and mounted in very nice themed frames, but, otherwise delivered just as they were when in the event machines.

The sale was very different from the public auction of the three canceled Mulan penny press dies. They were not engraved "canceled" or "retired" as were the unframed Mulan dies and sold for about the same price, only $300.00 each! Yep, another time when I was caught snoozin'!

It was reported to ParkPennies that these penny press dies were sold by lottery at the Villain’s Event. After the dies were framed, they were then delivered to the lucky lottery winners. The private resale / purchase of the Divas die was reported at $750.00 in 2001 and the Villain's die was sold privately in 2015 for an undisclosed four figure price.

Both of the event's quarter press machine signs or marquees were auctioned via Disney Auctionears in 2001. The unframed, unchanged marquees ranged in condition from mint with button insert to good condition with a corner chip outside of the printed area. Winning bids for these unframed penny press signs ranged from just over $200.00 for the first marquee in mint condition to just over $300.00 for the second marquee auctioned at a later time.

Our thanks to Dan and Laura Bejma, the well known California Disneyana Collectors for sharing their recollections about the Villain's Event:

From Boomer:

Hi Dan; Dan do you recall if there were many people pressing coins that night [At the Villains Event]? I’ve heard it was raining.

Dan's reply:

"The way I recall it is no one expected, or was told, that there was going to be a coin for this. Hence, no one had that much change on them and most of all, with soooo much going on in the park, and SO many people there, that press became hard for people to visit it.

The Merchandise Preview area was in the circle vision theater. This just after Rocket Rods closed, and before Buzz Lightyear. The entrance was a back door near the walkway to Matterhorn, just after the tables on the left for Tomorrowland Terrace.

If you were standing with subs to your right, the Tomorrowland food area on your left. As you know, there's a few steps up to go buy food there. That's where the coin press was. Strange placement for it really, but there was always a line for it, as it seemed. There was a Cast Member I believe, that did have quarters, but not many. As well, there were a few people (likely your eBay friend), that were "hogging" the machine and causing issues. The most I would think any one person could pop out would be maybe 10 coins? However, you had to get there early because they then "requested" only 2 coins per person because of the hogging of the machine.

I have to say this event was big, and there was a LOT going on. They said it was limited to 500 people, but it just felt like there was more. Disney tried to 'corral' and manage everyone for the tight time schedule they were on, and it didn't work so well. Check-in took a long time, and so did merchandise, but they had to keep people MOVING... So there was very little time beforehand to view merch., then a show we all were pushed to. Then were all off to the Fantasyland Theater for a show.

After the show, there was food in Fantasyland, and we could ride the rides with Villains, but the rain started up, so while we were all kept in Fantasyland, they moved it all to inside Red Rockets Pizza Port for seating, and tables of food just inside the Innoventions building. Literally opened a door, and tables placed along that first inside ring when you walk into Innoventions. It worked tho'. The biggest complaint of the night however was, "there's not enough time!!". It seemed Disney had to scramble for food, tables and what to do with us all.

At the end of the night, which came quickly, there was a big castle show that was 1/2 Hr late at 12:30am, because of all we had to do.

Why am I giving you all this info? Because you have to consider no one had TIME to press quarters. Some didn't even know the press was there, and those that did, hogged it or couldn't get to it. I remember the line went SLOW , and we all had shows to get to! Food! Photos! We had to get our Merchandise.. then the Castle show! It was tight.. very. All n all, the line for the press was never longer than 30 people and even that is slow moving.

Here's my bottom line estimate: I strongly feel there's no way more than 4-500 coins were pressed that night. I'm including multiples for a lucky few. Logistically, it was just impossible for everyone to get to it, and to all the events of the evening, and get merchandise before we all got booted out at 1am. 

Ha.. sorry for the long story here... hope you didn't mind.

This is the REALLY cool part for Laura and I... With merchandise for these events, you have to do an RSP (random selection) on the Limited Ed items. So on our forms we put at the top that yes, we WOULD like to have the opportunity to purchase one of the two coin dies. Fat chance, but we both put it on our forms. As well, my Biz partner at the time LOVED Chernabog and he badly wanted the $1500 Statue (pic below) that was Limited to only 5 of them.

As it turns out.... Laura got lucky twice! We just walked in, got our forms that they had, and with Laura they started reading off everything that came up for her in the RSP: 1st, her name was drawn for the Chernabog statue (#4 of 5) (and we said, "COOL!!") and then the Cast Member casually said, 'oh.. and wait... oh, yes, I see you were chosen for this and you "can" purchase the Chernabog coin plate [die] if you would like.." ha, we just said, "REALLY?? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?"

So I didn't get what I wanted, but Laura's form got the Chernabog statue AND the plate [coin die]? Way cool. The rest is history as you know it. :-)

So you know.. Laughing Place still has a write-up and photos available here:

Again, sorry for the long email here, I hope you read it all and enjoyed reading how your coin press plate was received!

Take care... photos are below:

Dan B

AND OF COURSE THE PRESS PLATE MOCKUP...   (and I still LOVE that "Limited Edition: 1 " )


  Inline image 1     20001026-182312.jpg (28581 bytes)  
Photos courtesy of Dan B.
Disney Divas Logo Quarter Press Limited Edition: 1 $300  The Disney Divas logo pressed quarter will sit alongside the actual die used for the event. Piece will be shipped upon its availability after the event. Guests were able to create pressed quarters with this logo throughout the event.



Our thanks to Dan and Laura Bejma for sharing their remembrances with us.






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