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2004, Part 3 of 4

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9/30/04 Nightmare Before Christmas Dated 2004 set was introduced at the Disneyland Event today. Thanks to tipster Nancy for this report. Scans etc. to follow.

Also noted today are these three new coins at the Downtown Disney World of Disney.


These coins are nicely engraved and the machine is, as you can see, rolling perfectly.

Descriptions are tentatively:
DR0084 P (Vertical image) DISNEYLAND ® RESORT Huey, Dewy and Louie in pyramid group © DISNEY dot border

DR0085 P (Horizontal image) DISNEYLAND ® RESORT Mad Donald © DISNEY dot border

DR0086 P (Vertical image) DISNEYLAND ® RESORT Scrooge standing © DISNEY dot border

10/01/04 The 2004 Nightmare Before Christmas quarter set is now at Pieces of Eight. It now has an added "DISNEYLAND ® Park" on the reverse.
Also, a new three quarter set of Policeman Mickey Mouse , Fireman Mickey, and Nurse Minnie Mouse was placed on-stage today at the Main Street Arcade. More later.....
10/02/04 Here are the scans of the 2004 Disneyland set of Nightmare Before Christmas quarters. Please note the only difference between the Disneyland set and the "Event" / Disneyland Resort set (Pressed in the machine while it was available only to the registered NBC Event attendees.) is that the Disneyland set is "stampbacked" Disneyland.


and... the Event / Disneyland Resort set has a blank back.

10/02/04 Here are the scans of the new "Disneyland Cast" quarter set and a scan of the "stampback" that is featured on each coin.

        dl0260.jpg - 22424 Bytes


10/03/04 Ok, here it is! A Brave Little Tailor WDW quarter on eBay! LINK Don’t see one of these every day!
10/04/04 So, Boomer gets this email from The Mystery Reporter this morning and it says, "They are building an Olympic sized swimming pool in Main Street." Yep, sure, that’s where I’d put one..says Boomer I’ll have to find my swimming suit!" Well, today I was on Main Street and yep, there is most of an Olympic sized pool already built. It covers the area nearly from curb to curb and it’s really long.
So, next time you are at the park,bring your camera and maybe make a bet with a friend about the swimming pool in the middle of Disneyland Main Street.Pressed Penny Smiley
No, there isn’t a commemorative "pool" penny don’t even ask them..again!
Otherwise, no changes noted.
10/07/07 No new machines found since last report.
10/08/04 Ditto.
10/12/04 Ditto.
10/13/04 Yawn. But staying awake Pressed Penny Smiley
10/15/04 Our thanks to Reporter Larry who emailed a head’s up that the NBC and other machines at the Pieces of Eight Shop in the New Orleans Square were out of service as of 10/14/04. (Boomer has forwarded the report. It is possible the machines have already be serviced.)
As we know, machines are made much better today than in the past. But, they do still jam or need some care now and then. So, if you find a machine that isn’t at it’s best, do mention it to the closest cashier or City Hall. The good folks at Disneyland take pride in keeping their machines and guests happy. They check the machines often, but, there have been a few times when I was the first to notice a jam (If you know what I mean. Pressed Penny Smiley )
10/15/04 Breaking pressed penny story reported by Nancy to at 10:20 this morning! Full report with scans late tonight / Saturday morning!
10/15/04 The scans and story will have to wait until morning. This machine, the World of Disney Donald Duck penny press, is hopelessly jammed. I waited a couple of hours with the hope that I’d be able to roll coins for a scan, but, as late as 3:30 PM, the machine was still out of service. Should be up Saturday morning according to Disneyland Guest Relations. Please check back then for the full story.
10/16/04 The machine mentioned by reporter Nancy on Friday is in or on it’s way to Geppetto’s shop. (According to Cast Members.) Working on-stage for maybe an hour or two, it fought the great fight, but needs some TLC. It is hoped that the machine will return by late next week. knows spies, er ah fellow readers are watching for the machine’s return. When it does, scans and story will be posted quickly.
10/16/04 Our thanks to Brian who has shared some good news! The NBC machine is up and running.
10/17/04 Here’s the story on the latest Disneyland Resort penny change. The World of Disney "Donald Duck set", reported Friday by Nancy, is still off-stage for repairs, but is expected back "maybe end of next week" (Week of 10/17/04.). We will report their return as soon as they are spotted.
The coins have not changed other than their " Reverse". Here you can see the original reverse on the left and the new reverse on the right. To see the obverse of these coins click here. Or view the DR Disneyland ® Resort Area Guide.

dr0084_86Lb.jpg - 15221 Bytes    dr0087_89r.jpg - 22197 Bytes
DR0089 reverse scan courtesy of the extensive N. Wooten Collection.
More later.

10/18/04 Ditto.
10/19/04 welcomes Dan and his daughter, Lizzie, as our newest Disneyland Resort Reporters! Although they are new to collecting Disneyland ec’s, they have already confirmed / updated reports of machine changes and operating status for fellow readers. I think I speak for many when I say ParkPennies is very thankful for the generous contributions of fellow collectors like Dan and Lizzie who are listed on these pages, as well as those that remain anony-mouse. These are the kind of contributions that define the phrase "By Collectors for Collectors".
10/19/04 Ditto. Next report Wednesday morning.
10/20/04 This collector hopes The World of Disney Donald machine returns soon. I have not yet had a chance to roll even a single set. However, today’s report is unchanged, the machine is still off-stage. I hope to have better news soon. Disney is good about getting machines up an running, I’m sure they are doing all they can as quickly as possible. If you hear something, please E-Mail Us
10/21/04 Emails, we get emails! Some commenting about yesterday’s update.
I could see different points of view. Some felt the note was too discouraging. They could be amongst the lucky few that have a set of these coins? Pressed Penny Smiley On the other hand, if you found it too optimistic, there is a good chance you are in the majority of collectors still looking for a set. And, if you didn’t finish reading the two line report before you ran to the park, to camp out, you are probably an "Advanced Collector". Pressed Penny Smiley
Who’s right? Well, as of this morning, the jury is still out as is the World of Disney machine. No other changes noted / reported. Happy collecting.
10/23/04 All reports = no changes. ZZzzzzzz
10/25/04 No changes in machines or locations noted. However, Reporter Brian has contacted us about a possible addition to the World of Disney "saga" Pressed Penny Smiley that started a while ago and seems to be one of today’s biggest speculations in these parts.
10/26/04 Lots of rumors, but, no changes to report.
10/27/04 PM The Mystery Reporter with Co-Reporter Aprille just confirmed the World of Disney machine has not yet returned. That is, "Ditto" Pressed Penny Smiley
10/29/04 (Edited) and 10/30/04 The World of Disney Machine Returns!
Friday is one of Boomer’s regular Disneyland days. But, he didn’t even make it inside the park today.... before he found a NEW COIN, the DR0090!
Read about The NEW DR0090 on-stage at the World of Disney and its twin, the now retired DROO87, a coin only on-stage for a couple of hours that made history! HERE
Happy collecting!
10/31/04 "No, really" says Boomer at the Disneyland entrance "This isn’t a costume, it’s what I wear every day!". Sadly it is! Pressed Penny Smiley
A great day at the park! People, weather,...but, no changes or new machines to report.
Do E-Mail Us if you have a change to report.

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