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Page 4
10/15 - 12/31

Pressed Penny News Archive 10/15/ 2004 to 01/01/05
Disneyland Penny Press Discoveries, News and Rumors
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Page 4
10/15 - 12/31

10/15/04 Breaking pressed penny story reported by Nancy to ParkPennies.com at 10:20 this morning! Full report with scans late tonight / Saturday morning!
10/15/04 The scans and story will have to wait until morning. This machine, the World of Disney Donald Duck penny press, is hopelessly jammed. I waited a couple of hours with the hope that I’d be able to roll coins for a scan, but, as late as 3:30 PM, the machine was still out of service. Should be up Saturday morning according to Disneyland Guest Relations. Please check back then for the full story.
10/16/04 The machine mentioned by reporter Nancy on Friday is in or on it’s way to Geppetto’s shop. (According to Cast Members.) Working on-stage for maybe an hour or two, it fought the great fight, but needs some TLC. It is hoped that the machine will return by late next week. ParkPennies.com knows spies, er ah fellow readers are watching for the machine’s return. When it does, scans and story will be posted quickly.
10/16/04 Our thanks to Brian who has shared some good news! The NBC machine is up and running.
10/17/04 Here’s the story on the latest Disneyland Resort penny change. The World of Disney "Donald Duck set", reported Friday by Nancy, is still off-stage for repairs, but is expected back "maybe end of next week" (Week of 10/17/04.). We will report their return as soon as they are spotted.
The coins have not changed other than their "Backstamp". Here you can see the original reverse on the left and the new reverse on the right. To see the obverse of these coins click here. Or view the DR Disneyland ® Resort Area Guide.

dr0084_86Lb.jpg - 15221 Bytes  dr0087_89r.jpg - 22197 Bytes

DR0089 reverse scan courtesy of the extensive N. Wooten Collection.
More later.
10/18/04 Ditto.
10/19/04 ParkPennies.com welcomes Dan and his daughter, Lizzie, as our newest Disneyland Resort Reporters! Although they are new to collecting Disneyland ec’s, they have already confirmed / updated reports of machine changes and operating status for fellow readers. I think I speak for many when I say ParkPennies is very thankful for the generous contributions of fellow collectors like Dan and Lizzie who are listed on these pages, as well as those that remain anony-mouse. These are the kind of contributions that define the phrase "By Collectors for Collectors".
10/19/04 Ditto. Next report Wednesday morning.
10/20/04 This collector hopes The World of Disney Donald machine returns soon. I have not yet had a chance to roll even a single set. However, today’s report is unchanged, the machine is still off-stage. I hope to have better news soon. Disney is good about getting machines up an running, I’m sure they are doing all they can as quickly as possible. If you hear something, please E-Mail Us
10/21/04 Emails, we get emails! Some commenting about yesterday’s update.
I could see different points of view. Some felt the note was too discouraging. They could be amongst the lucky few that have a set of these coins? Pressed Penny Smiley On the other hand, if you found it too optimistic, there is a good chance you are in the majority of collectors still looking for a set. And, if you didn’t finish reading the two line report before you ran to the park, to camp out, you are probably an "Advanced Collector". Pressed Penny Smiley
Who’s right? Well, as of this morning, the jury is still out as is the World of Disney machine. No other changes noted / reported. Happy collecting.
10/23/04 All reports = no changes. ZZzzzzzz
10/25/04 No changes in machines or locations noted. However, Reporter Brian has contacted us about a possible addition to the World of Disney "saga" Pressed Penny Smiley that started a while ago and seems to be one of today’s biggest speculations in these parts.
10/26/04 Lots of rumors, but, no changes to report.
10/27/04 PM The Mystery Reporter with Co-Reporter Aprille just confirmed the World of Disney machine has not yet returned. That is, "Ditto" Pressed Penny Smiley
10/29/04 (Edited) and 10/30/04 The World of Disney Machine Returns!
Friday is one of Boomer’s regular Disneyland days. But, he didn’t even make it inside the park today.... before he found a NEW COIN, the DR0090!
10/30/04 Read about the HOT DR0087. The #1 coin collectors are talking about today. The coin only on-stage for only a couple of hours that made history! Also featured, its twin, the brand new DR0090 both from the World Of Disney Donald Duck series coins. HERE
Happy collecting!
10/31/04 "No, really" says Boomer at the Disneyland entrance "This isn’t a costume, it’s what I wear every day!". Sadly it is! Pressed Penny Smiley
A great day at the park! People, weather,...but, no changes or new machines to report.
Do E-Mail Us if you have a new find to report.
11/3/04 We’re here......Nothing to report recently.
11/3/04 ParkPennies goes Political!
One of our site regulars just is glad that this web site is a place where Republicans, Democrats and Independents can all come together. He has now removed his "Mickey Mouse for President" pin from his vest.
Our thanks for this smile and positive observation from the very well respected collector, Dee, in Louisiana.
Happy collecting!
11/04/04 No new machines or coins to report since the report of 10/29/04. The web site has a few updates, corrections etc. Why not use this break to take a look at the "Visitor Homelands"? So many people, very different people, with very different life styles, backgrounds and religions, yet we all have something in common. Pressed Penny Smiley
11/08/04 Reporter Aprille checked the park Sunday, no seasonal nickels were found. Maybe soon? Let us know if you spot the machine. Lots of readers are waiting for the news. Me too! Pressed Penny Smiley
11/08/04 Lisa Shoup, a good friend of the web site, has just mentioned that eBay ID lopekadisney will be listing some retired Disneyland coins on eBay. View what is listed today in a new window when you click here.
11/09/04 We will be watching the park for the seasonal nickels. It’s that time of year you know. Pressed Penny Smiley The "Wooten Indicator" is pointing to this weekend and Boomer is pacing the floor, both good signs!.
11/11/04 The nickels have arrived! The press is located at the Main Street Penny Arcade. They are very nice, full relief! These coins remind this collector of the very popular Tokyo Disneyland issues featured here at ParkPennies in the TDL Tokyo Disneyland Guide. But, much nicer. These dated elongated nickels feature a "Disneyland Resort" backstamp. Very cool! Take a look at this short feature article and picture! This report thanks to a very kind reader of ParkPennies.  Have a new coin to report? Please E-Mail Us
11/13/04 Several small updates to the web site. The "Unofficial" Penny Press Location pages, the DL files, the DL Reference Guide etc. Also, the TDL Reference Guide has new descriptions, should have new scans added before long. Happy collecting.
11/14/04 We are very happy you visited ParkPennies today. It’s the weekend! Why not take a short break and view the The Disneyland Arcade Shop It’s a web site we think fellow Disneyland pressed penny collectors will enjoy.
11/17/04 ZZZzzz. Still nothing to report.
11/21/04 Good friend and collector Ron K. reported that the Holiday Nickel machine took a stress related break Friday. Word is that it’s up and running again. No mention of replaced dies.
Updates / corrections have been made to the TDL Tokyo Disneyland Guide and more on the way.
No new coins reported at the park. Should be a few after the first of the year. Dated coins will "expire". If the rumors buzzing among collectors are true, LOTS of new coins will arrive for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary in 2005! If you’re the first to spot one, E-Mail Us and be the first to share the news here.
Of interest, over time, an interesting collection of coins is being sold by lopekadisney on eBay. View what is listed today in a new window when you click here 12/09/04 Update - A cm0005 Pirate Rehab quarter was added to the list of coins from this exceptional collection.
11/23/04 ParkPennies thanks Jamie P. who reports that the Roger Rabbit machine is back on-stage at the Toontown Gag Factory. (No changes to the coin were noted.)
11/25/04 Best of the Holiday to all from ParkPennies & Boomer.
12/01/04 ZZzzzzz. Still no news to report. Several small updates have been made to files. More coins added to the TDL guide.
12/01/04 Disneyland ® Resort offers framed pressed penny sets through Disney Auctions. Read about the new collectable here.
12/06/04 Must be the lull before the storm?
12/11/04 A Jack Steiner penny auction recently closed on eBay for about $150.00. This is the first public auction of the coin in its special retirement holder. A bare coin auctioned for ~$127.00 not long ago. You can read about the special Cast Member penny in this Jack Steiner Article. Happy collecting..
12/17/04 Best of the Holiday Season to all!
As much as we all love the hobby of collecting Disney pressed pennies, now is a time to spend with friends and family. Yes, Boomer, the ParkPennies.com "Advanced Collector", will be spending time with the family too...collecting pressed pennies at Disneyland! Pressed Penny Smiley He will report any new machines he spots. If you spot a new machine first, E-Mail Boomer and he’ll post your report here.
Don’t forget to press a set of the special Holiday nickels at the Main Street Arcade before they disappear.
12/20/04 A quick walk through the park recently didn’t reveal any new machines or changes to report. (Our policy for reporting "changes" is now on the FAQ’s page.) There are also several small updates to this web site to keep current.
Have a great Holiday and happy collecting!
12/22/04 More than a few readers send pressed pennies in their Christmas cards and have shared a sadness that Disneyland did not offer any Christmas coins again this year. Don’t despair! Although this year’s Disneyland "seasonal" coins are preferred by some folks, if you are looking for another choice, the real Christmas issues are still offered at Tokyo Disneyland. If you missed them this year, next year should bring yet another set. TDL has a long running tradition of Christmas ec’s. Here are three of the six TDL Christmas issues this year.

tdl0451.jpg - 27680 Bytestdl0449.jpg - 22898 Bytestdl0450.jpg - 26042 Bytes
Boomer just sends Scrooge pennies! Pressed Penny Smiley

dr0089.jpg - 19125 Bytes
(See all TDL issues in the TDL Tokyo Disneyland Guide.)
Happy collecting,
12/26/04 Boomer insisted that we post some news here...today! Pressed Penny Smiley

Not much has changed, nothing much to report... But, many readers will be enjoying a few days off and will probably have time to check in here so, we scurried about on the web and spotted something that might be of interest. It’s this picture from the Disneyland Arcade Shop Web site. No, it’s not the ultimate resting place for Advanced Collectors, it’s a new Nightmare Before Christmas themed penny press! (The coins appear to be unchanged for now.) We’ll post here as soon as we get a report of the machine’s placement in the park. Do let us know if you spot it first.
Boomer spent hours telling anyone who would listen this weekend about the this year’s Disneyland fireworks show and Christmas decorations. They are exceptionally terrific! So, do be sure to visit the park if you have a chance. The Disneyland Team has spent lots of time and $$ to make the park look extra nice and it shows!
12/29/04 Our report of 11/21/04 was confirmed by the Disneyland Arcade Shop and first noticed by Reporter N. Wooten yesterday. They report "Coming soon: Annual Dies for 2005 including Autopia and Acorn Gifts at the Grand Hotel. The machines will be pulled off stage 12-28-4 with a return target date of 1-1-05 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cast 2004 press will also be pulled before Jan. 1st 2005 " This quote is found at the bottom of the Official Disneyland Resort Machine Location files found on this site and the Disneyland Arcade Shop Web site.

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