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1/1/05 I found out about a very cool web site a few days ago. After visiting it, I just had to share! Pressed Penny Smiley Disneyland 50 Years of Souvenirs. The web site brought back some great memories of Disneyland past! If you collect Disney Dollars, other fun souvenirs, want to brush up on fun bits of Disneyland history, or refresh the magic of your memories, be sure to visit Mike’s site.
1/1/05 Best of the New Year! Three 2005’s arrived today here they are:
(All feature the same stampback.)

dl0264.jpg - 1693 Bytesdr0091.jpg - 1385 Bytesdr0092.jpg - 1403 Bytesdr0091_92r.jpg - 1238 Bytes

These coins replace the Disneyland 2004 Autopia Racer Mickey, in addition to Disney’s Grand Californian’s 2004 Chip ’N Dale and California Logo coins.
The new coins in these machines feature Disneyland ® Resort stampbacks. (Details and larger scans are in the appropriate DL Disneyland Park 3 or DR Disneyland Resort Hotels Area Guides with catalog numbers and descriptions.) Unchanged coins are, unchanged. Boomer says "This should placate any apprehensions collectors have voiced over potential reverse based collector exploitation for the time being." Boomer meant to say: Mickey Mouse is still cool Pressed Penny Smiley .
1/3/05 A new feature article about "2005 People and Pennies" was just uploaded To view it, click here.
1/5/05 12 New coin descriptions were added to the TDL Tokyo Disneyland Guide. Coin scans will be available shortly. All are new year’s releases, the first coins (souvenir medallions) for 2005.
1/10/05 To accommodate browsers that do not support MS VML, Boomer has been at work updating the guides. He’s just about done with the first one, the CM Guide. He’s even added coin pictures for each catalog number. You can see a close up by clicking on any of the new coin images and you can compare them by loading a second or third coin in windows two and three. Try out this new beta file in this window by clicking here. Let us know what you’d like added while it’s still raining here in "Sunny" Southern California and Boomer’s at the keyboard. You know he’ll be headed for the park before long, rain or shine!
1/15/05 Advanced Collector and ParkPennies Reporter Lou says "No changes at Goofy’s Kitchen, both machines working. Same for Fantasia Shop. No changes at DL - NBC and Holiday nickel machines still on-stage - everything working fine. All as of Friday afternoon." Boomer is pacing the floor. Could be a new machine soon?
1/20/05 Several "Check Lists" have been added to the ParkPennies files. They are listed under the "Good Stuff", linked at the top of the page also. These lists are in both Excel and MS Word. They should work for most Mac’s and PC’s. They offer an easy way to keep track of coins in your collections as well as the coins you are looking for. All at a glance. The files can be downloaded, printed, customized and updated as you like. Boomer keeps his in a three ring binder for easy reference.
1/26/05 Rumors of upcoming pressed pennies include: Splash Mountain Press with Critter Country Design completing the "Lands" series, Haunted Mansion set and a Muppets set! Thanks to DAS machine locations page for this info. Sorry,Boomer doesn’t know when these machines will be available. However, ParkPennies readers as well as Boomer, will be searching the park regularly. Reports will be posted here. Happy Collecting.
1/26/05 New format TDL guides are up. Now, the scans are really terrible, but Boomer tells me he can, with some effort, upgrade their quality to only "Bad" and will soon. Do E-Mail Us your feedback on what you’d like changed or added. After all, these guides are for you. Pressed Penny Smiley
To view the first section of the new TDL guide in this window, click here.
1/28/05 Reporter Jamie noticed a mention of an upcoming set of (maybe nickels) with the theme of "Main Street Vehicles" and emailed parkpennies. Our thanks to you Jamie! We will keep an eye open for that machine. It’s this collector’s favorite...nickels!
(Note: A mention of this change can also be found in the Official Machine Location Report if your PC reads Excel files and your eyes are as sharp as Jamie’s! Pressed Penny Smiley
1/28/05 If you have some Disneyland pressed penny news you’d like posted please E-Mail Us. If you have a rumor, please remember, Boomer won’t ever post any rumors.... unless they are just too cool... or we just can’t wait any longer Pressed Penny Smiley . In those cases, we’ll also try to be clear that it’s just a rumor or if possible, we’ll do some foot work and try to verify it first.
1/28/05 Two more news items came to! These are just rumors for the time being. However, friends of are trying to verify the first rumor as this is written. As for the other rumor, Boomer and his co-conspirator, both still soaking wet from some "California liquid sunshine" on their first failed attempt, will try yet again, Saturday, to verify the rumor or... prove it’s all wet! Yeah, I know. Pressed Penny Smiley Check back soon for the "news".
1/29/05 ParkPennies is collecting reader "pressed penny preferences" for use in upcoming articles. If you’d like to contribute, please E-Mail Us.
More: Of greatest interest in the collector’s survey is which coin features you like most or would like to see such as: Numbered sets (1 of 7 etc.), dated coins, borders with dots, lines, other details, more line art images, more high relief "3-D" art work, character names or park names on the coins etc. etc. Also, let us know if you prefer nickels, dimes, quarters or cents and if you feel $1.00 for a Disneyland pressed penny or quarter is reasonable or 50 cents is the maximum you’d pay. The survey results will be used to suggest, rank and rate Disneyland pressed penny design, value and desirability from the collector’s point of view.
The survey results will be seen all over the world, probably even Walt Disney World! Pressed Penny Smiley . So, don’t miss this chance to be heard. E-Mail Us
1/30/05 The second rumor has been verified. Three new pennies, a Muppets set, is now at Rizzo’s (Renamed The Studio Store in 2007) in Disney’s California Adventure. They arrived Friday, however, the Gift shop didn’t open that day do to rain. They were first available to guests Saturday the 29th. Story and updated CA Guide to follow.

ca0056.jpg - 4274 Bytesca0057.jpg - 4245 Bytesca0058.jpg - 4269 Bytesca0056_58r.jpg - 3992 Bytes

Descriptions and close up scans listed in the CA Disney’s California. Adv. (DCA) Guide.
2/1/05 A new format updated CA Guide has been uploaded. This guide has pictures, descriptions and catalog numbers of every pressed penny from Disney’s California TM Adventure, DCA. Happy collecting!
2/02/05 Boomer got a call today from a fellow collector that the nickel machine was back. Moments later, he was in the Disneyland parking lot. The park was PERFECT, mid 70’s and short lines. But, who would notice when there are three new nickels waiting at the Main Street Penny Arcade!

dl0265.jpg - 1641 Bytesdl0266.jpg - 1572 Bytesdl0267.jpg - 1572 Bytesdl0265_67r.jpg - 1268 Bytes

These coins have been added to the DL Disneyland Park 3 Guide. Check lists and Excel will be updated soon.
NOTE: Recently ParkPennies reported a new set of three coins at Rizzo’s (Renamed The Studio Store in 2007) in DCA. If you plan to roll a set, be sure to call Guest Services to see if the shop is open. As I understand it, Rizzo’s (Renamed The Studio Store in 2007) is currently open only Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. Hours are 12 noon to 7PM which is subject to change probably.
2/3/05 Several collectors have asked us to fix our link to The Disneyland Arcade Shop web site. This is an issue with their web site and beyond our control. Official Disney machine location sheets are still available at the Disneyland City Hall and California Adventure Guest Services
2/06/05 Based on reports, the Disneyland quarter machine that pressed the DL0258, 259 and 260 is now pressing nickels as a Cast Member machine for the benefit of Red Cross Tsunami relief. A quick glance could mistake these nickels for the original quarters. Boomer didn’t believe it until he saw the scan that these pictures were cut from!

cm0022.jpg - 1917 Bytescm0023.jpg - 1919 Bytescm0024.jpg - 1995 Bytescm002_24r.jpg - 1856 Bytes
Descriptions and close up scans in the CM Cast Member & Event Guide.
Nice perk! Boomer’s wishing he was a Cast Member more than ever today! Pressed Penny Smiley
2/7/05 Yet another set is on-stage! Haunted Mansion Quarters!
dl0268.jpg - 2113 Bytesdl0268r.jpg - 1984 Bytesdl0269.jpg - 2127 Bytesdl0269r.jpg - 1999 Bytesdl0270.jpg - 2178 Bytesdl0270r.jpg - 1955 Bytes

Read the story with pictures, descriptions and scans here.
View close up images and descriptions in the DL Disneyland Park 3 Guide. Watch for hitchhiking ghosts!
2/13/05 ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzZzzzz.
2/13/05 ParkPennies has been collecting reader "pressed penny preferences" since 1/29 for use in upcoming articles. If you’d like to contribute by telling us what you like most and least in Disneyland pressed pennies, (Dated, borders, nickel, penny, quarter etc.) please E-Mail Us. The polling will end on the 15th.
2/14/05 Tokyo Disneyland collectors have a cool Valentine’s Day surprise with the latest additions to the TDL Guides. The just released TDL0517 reported by Advanced Collector, Lou Smith., plus three DisneySea coins, TDS0501, TDS0502, TDS0503. Click "Reference Guides" at the top of this page, then select the appropriate guides to view these coins close up with descriptions.

tdl0517.jpg - 1901 Bytestds0501.jpg - 1703 Bytestds0503.jpg - 1728 Bytestds0502.jpg - 1783 Bytes

Happy collecting!
2/26/05 Over the past week, many searches of the park by fellow ParkPennies visitors have generated reports. None have mentioned a machine or coin not already listed. Boomer is depressed.
3/01/05 Cast Blast Penny a big hit at Disneyland Cast Member Expo!

Cast Membership has it's privileges!

Read all about it in this draft article.
The CM Guide has been updated with a description and full size scan. This is penny # cm0025 (provisionally).
3/01/05 A fellow collector and reader mentioned a new forum to me, Be one of the first to post at this brand new site. The forum topic is my favorite, Disney Pressed Pennies! Pressed Penny Smiley
3/04/05 A 2005 Cast Blast penny was just listed on eBay. Boomer will be watching this auction closely on the big screen with pop corn at hand! Best of luck to all bidders.
3/11/05 It was brought to the attention of ParkPennies that some of our guides had listed current coins as retired. This was the result of a recent editing error and has been corrected. Our apologies for any inconvenience and our thanks to those readers that quickly brought it to our attention.
3/13/05 Sunday starts a new week and I’m looking forward to visiting the park. Last week I didn’t make it to the park even once. Thank goodness for the updates mailed to ParkPennies by readers. They represent many fellow collectors keeping an eye open for new machines. Many of us that weren’t able to visit the parks sure do appreciate it.
By the way, if you can’t visit the park often, you are not alone. Here is a list of last week’s (3/6/05 - 3/12/05) visitor homeland countries.
I’ll bet it’s a long drive to the park for some of us! Pressed Penny Smiley So, if you’re at the park and spot a new machine, do E-Mail Us so we can share the news with folks that can’t visit the park often.
Now why is it that so many of us email ParkPennies to say "I didn’t know anyone else collected these!"?.
3/14/05 (Morning) A quick jog through the park on the way back from the Airport did not uncover any new machines. A better search will be made mid-week. A report sent to ParkPennies this morning by Lou S. stated that the Pioneer Mercantile three play Donald, Pete and Cowboy Mickey Mouse has been moved to the Westward Ho! candy shop. The NBC or Mansion set is still off stage. The ParkPennies penny press locations page has been updated as of today’s date. The current penny press machines location page distributed at Disneyland’s City Hall this morning was dated 12/29/04. ParkPennies hopes that Disneyland will offer their most current penny press locations page on the internet again. We have many requests for it.
3/14/05 (Late Morning) Report of a new machine at the park. Boomer will report back ASAP.
3/14/05 (Afternoon) We had to take a look see for ourselves. After posting this morning’s update, email started flooding in... "Hey Boomer! You said you didn’t spot a machine this morning, but there’s a new dime press at the park!". 20 minutes later, my car with smoking tires and red hot brakes was parked in the Downtown Disney lot. A quick jog (Ok, at my age quick is a relative word.) to the reported site of the machine with my favorite co-conspirator was followed by interrogations of a few very friendly Cast Members. The result: A machine is planned in the very near future, but, not yet installed. Chapter two Tuesday. Pressed Penny Smiley

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