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3/14/05 Some friends of ParkPennies have their eBay auctions listed on the parkpennies auctioneers page. If you’d like to see the current auctions, which often feature hard to find Disney coins, just click here . Auction listing is a free service for Disney pressed coin collectors that are also established eBay auctioneers. We are not currently adding new auctioneers, but you may submit your eBay ID for consideration when space becomes available. Just E-Mail Us.
3/15/05 The good news: The weather is great! The park looks terrific! Sorry no new penny machines as of this morning. Do check back later this week for more updates. Last new coin reported 3/1/05, the Cast Blast 2005 coin.
3/16/05 As of 10:30 this morning, no new machines. A Cast Member mentioned that she was told, at her team meeting, there will be a new machine, but not when. Many ParkPennies readers are at the park. We hope to have another update Thursday morning. Happy collecting!
3/17/05 As of noon today, no new machines were found per fellow collector reports.
3/18/05 No new machines found as of this morning.
3/18/05 The rumored dime machine has arrived at the Gag Factory in Toontown. Also, a three penny machine was placed at The Buzz Lightyear exit. Scans here at Saturday!
3/19/05 The first dime machine ever at any Disney park is at The Gag Factory, Toontown, Disneyland. Read a short article about the dimes here. (Just a draft currently)
Also! Three new Buzz Lightyear themed pressed pennies at The Little Green Men Store Command (Previously The Premier Shop). All Guides and files are updated. You may click on the thumbnail image to see an enlarged image also. Dimes! Cool! The images are:

Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin   Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin
Reverses: Dime set "Disneyland ® Resort"   Buzz set "Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters with graphic".

3/19/05 Easy to sign up at It’s a brand new forum site started by a fellow ParkPennies reader. One of the forum topics is my favorite, Disney Pressed Pennies! Don’t be shy about adding it’s bookmark to your on line forum folder. Pressed Penny Smiley
3/21/05 A valued reporter emailed a new find late last night. A Splash Mountain three penny machine was spotted at the Splash Mountain exit. Penny scans to follow. This machine is way cool. Instead of a penny press inside the case, you see a miniature Splash Mountain! I hope to have a story and picture of this new machine in the next few days.
3/21/05 Scans..... click to open larger scan in a frame. Very nice "Disney quality" three dimensional engraving, stampbacks and borders. (I believe Br'er Rabbit is borderless and has "Disneyland Park" reverse to match the rest of the "Lands Set".)

Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin Disneyland pressed coin

Guides, Check Lists etc. are updated. Story with a picture of the machine to follow.
3/24/05 welcomes visitors from Sri Lanka today. Yes, when you collect Disneyland pressed pennies... It’s a small world after all. Why do I keep hearing that??
If you are visiting ParkPennies from a country not yet listed, do E-Mail Us. Now don’t tell us you are living in another galaxy or something like that. Boomer will be checking your email details to make sure! Pressed Penny Smiley Happy collecting.
3/24/05 The Buzz Lightyear penny press was reported back on-stage this morning. However, some ParkPennies readers have reported that "It’s a new machine and is still getting used to its programming" (New machine adjustments may still be needed.) Boomer will have a report Friday.
3/24/05 We have a picture of the new Splash Mountain machine with a short write up here. It’s a really cool penny press! (Coins are already listed with scans and descriptions in the DL Guide.)

3/24/05 I am sorry to share with you the passing of a fellow collector, Adam G. of San Diego, California.
He was an asset to the hobby. I appreciated his friendly company, interest in collecting elongated coins and enthusiasm at collector meets. Many miss him.

3/26/05 Avid ParkPennies readers that were able to make it to the park or send a friend as soon as new coin issues were mentioned here were well rewarded this week. Yes, four coins issued this week are believed retired already. If you missed out, time to do some wheeling and dealing!
The Buzz Lightyear set of three numbers DL0271, DL0272 and DL0273 have been matched with a new, very cool, easy to read, reverse. The numbers for the coins with these new stampbacks are DL00280, DL0281 and DL0282. Also, the Splash Mountain Mickey Mouse penny, DL0277, is believed to be retired, possibly damaged. (Thursday, a reader told ParkPennies that unpressed coins were falling through the machine late Wednesday night when button "A" was selected.) Boomer’s personal inspection Friday reveled that the Mickey, button "A" was blank and disconnected. This reporter is fairly certain that the die will not return.
All four of these coins were available for a very short time. However, given (Shameless plug follows) first day announcement of their availability, it’s likely that several collectors have pressed these coins; collectors that may have these coins for trade or sale via eBay. (Standard disclaimers follow. Your mileage may vary, this information is free and still overpriced,...etc.)
Click on the small images to enjoy a beautiful close up in a frame. Pressed Penny Smiley

dl0280_282r.jpg - 1374 Bytes            dl0280_282r.jpg - 1374 Bytes            dl0280_282r.jpg - 1374 Bytes
New reverse    Original reverse    Mickey Mouse

Guides, Machine Locations etc. are or will be updated shortly.
3/28/05 Now, how many web sites tell the world about an auction they are bidding on? Well, at least one! This auction is news and ParkPennies tries to be er ah... dedicated, ethical and first to report stuff like this... even when we are amongst the bidders. (See how cleverly we avoided the word "dumb" Pressed Penny Smiley )
Here’s the news: Disneyland’s first retired pressed penny auctions started today. Yes, Disney Auctions just listed three canceled Mulan series pressed pennies for sale. The auction states 188 sets were made. However, only three individual coins (one set) are currently listed as of this posting. Yes, Disneyland has set two more Disney firsts. Canceled dies and auctioned pressed pennies! Both welcome additions for Disneyland pressed penny collectors!
3/29/05 OK.... Dream of the coolest limited edition Disneyland Cast Member elongated cent of the decade. Then... add a steel cent variation... and a nickel variation to make a set of three! Hey we’re dreaming, why not add the signature of the Cast Member featured on the coin and frame them? If you are an "Advanced Collector" of Disneyland pressed pennies, chances are, I have nothing more to write.

This dream set will be up for auction by lopekadisney on eBay soon.
Here is a scan of the framed set and signature. (Click the image for a larger scan in a new window)

Bet you don't see one of these every day... but you could.

No off track betting on closing auction prices!

4/01/05 Just in from reporter Mike Pixley..... Disneyland City Hall is now handing out Machine Location Lists dated 3/18/05. This is a big update from the 12/29/05’s people were getting just recently. Of special importance, Mike spotted a notation at the bottom of the page "Coming soon 50th Anniversary sets one for each year.". Thanks Mike for sharing your find.
4/02/05 The Splash Mountain penny press once again offers "Splash Mickey" on button "A". This is a new penny with small changes from the original die that must have broken / been replaced. ParkPennies will have scans, comparisons... all the good stuff soon. Well as soon as I can get Boomer up off his "Bench Ride". Happy collecting.
4/02/05 The retired Mulan pennies, a set of three auctioned individually, just closed. They brought over $400.00 each. View the auctions: one two three Congratulations to the winner! If you are the winner of these coins or know the owner, please E-Mail Us. We would love to feature a close up scan of your coins.
4/03/05 The Jack Steiner set mentioned here on 3/29/05 as the "Dream Set" is now up for auction. View it here. 4/04/05 This auction set is now over $300.00 4/04/05 PM $400.00..4/05/05 $500.00 4/7/05 $700.00.
4/03/05 The replacement Splash Mountain Mickey Mouse coin has been added to the Guides. Also a detail of the two coins has been linked here.
4/6/05 Of interest to some collectors, a Security Mickey Mouse is up for auction. You may view this auction in a new window here. provides links to eBay auctions only as a courtesy and only to items that we think are way cool. We hope you find them of interest also.
4/12/05 Some machines are being moved or removed from stage. It is assumed this is in preparation for the upcoming 50th Anniversary pressed penny set. Because of the many anticipated penny press changes over the next few weeks, please be advised our penny press location lists may not be accurate past their issue dates. If City Hall does not have accurate lists, finding the new machines may require our best hunting skills. Pressed Penny Smiley
Please do E-Mail Us with changes / updates you spot in the park. If you email an update, do let us know if it’s ok to credit you here by name.
4/12/05 The auction of Jack Steiner’s set of three scarce framed coins just closed. Estimates before the close were from $1,000.00 to as high as $2,000.00 by a well known collector. The actual close was $2,125.00, yet another record sale for a very cool Disneyland souvenir that seems to grow in popularity year after year. View it here.
4/15/05 Of interest is CS Collectibles clear out sale of Disney elongated coins. We have been friends and customers of the owner for several years and are happy mention this source of ec’s to fellow collectors. (As you may know, we do not accept any compensation for such mentions. To get a mention here, the seller has to have something we think will be of interest to our readers and be really cool. Pressed Penny Smiley ) CS Collectibles has some current eBay auctions with more to follow here. But, do check their fixed price sale coins on their web site. I think you’ll see some bargains there if you don’t delay.
4/17/05 Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary is just around the corner and a new web site has an eye on the event. Take a look at here.
4/21/05 Well known elongated coin collector, Nancy Wooten, just reported her find of a new Disneyland pressed penny collector book to ParkPennies. The book colors are nice and theme is cool. This book should be a good seller for casual penny collectors that are looking for handy short term storage and coin display. Sorry, there is no elongated coin in the cover. (Click on the picture to see a close up.)

The real book is larger than this.

4/24/05 Looks like Boomer will be missing his trip to Olvera Street this year. It’s going to be Cinco de Mayo at Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary kick off if plans hold. Maybe he’ll have a burrito at Rancho del Zocalo? There is going to be a lot of penny hunting to work up an appetite!
Matter of fact, more than a few collectors are wondering how many coins will "make the set". The latest penny collector book, mentioned above, holds 52 cents and has six nickel / quarter pockets. Now, 1955 - 2005 would be 51 cents, but still one short.... No penny in the book cover... We hope to have the inside story on why there are 52 penny pockets and six nickel / quarter pockets soon. Do E-Mail Us if you hear something first. Inquiring minds need to know.   Pressed Penny Smiley
4/24/05 TDL Guides will be updated with the most recent, excellent, Tokyo Disneyland coins soon. Even if you don’t collect "TDL’s" Do take a look at them to see the first class engraving that has made Eurolink famous.
4/28/05 If you are reading this, I’d bet one of your major interests is "What’s new and where is it?". surely does its best to address that all important subject. Often with help from fellow visitors and collectors. Matter of fact, Disneyland USA has made a very thoughtful and appreciated effort to have current machine location lists available at City Hall. But, here is how Disneyland Tokyo is currently introducing and supporting "penny collecting" in Japan.
5/2/05 Tokyo Disneyland pressed souvenir news reported from Japan by UTSUMI will debut later today.
5/2/05 UTSUMI Toshihisa’s reports are now available on the new Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny news page. Click here to open the TDL News Page in this frame. Formal links to follow.
5/3/05 MANY readers have asked which of the coins removed to make way for the 50th coins are "retired". It is our opinion that at least some of the many machines (coins) that have been taken "off-stage" will return. We don’t know which ones will or will not return yet. However, our best guess at this time is that some if not most of the coins will return at the end of the 50th Celebration, in approximately 18 months. (Any dated coins will surely be past their expiration dates by then. Pressed Penny Smiley So they are probably gone, but others...?) Until we have better information or until the 50th coins are taken off-stage, will consider coins that were recently removed to make way for the 50th coin series, to be off-stage and not retired. Do E-Mail Us if you have additional information.
5/4/05 Many ParkPennies readers would love to press some 50th cents, but maybe they didn’t win a ticket to the park and they’d rather not pay $150.00 for a ticket on eBay. Well, not to worry. There are six 50th coins in Downtown Disney and three more at DCA waiting for you! And you don’t have to have a special ticket to get them! Matter of fact, you don’t need any ticket to roll the set of three pennies at the Fantasia Disneyland Hotel gift shop or the World of Disney gift shop in Downtown Disney! If you have a ticket to Disney’s California Adventure, there are three more waiting for you at the Greetings Gift Shop. Enjoy!
News, scans of the 50th coins including the 42 coins inside Disneyland Park (Closed to the general public today.) to follow soon. Happy collecting.
5/4/05 Boomer was wearing his dumb hat today. Pressed Penny Smiley
In less than an hour, the ParkPennies inbox was filled with requests asking when scans of the mentioned coins would be available. Here is a link to a very quick scan of the nine coins that may currently be pressed outside of Disneyland Park. Please accept this humble scan as a reply to your email requests. Better scans, catalog listings etc will follow in a few days. If you are wondering, yes, these machines are really rolling perfectly. These coins were just randomly selected from coins we pressed today. Next time you see an Arcade Cast Member, do let them know you appreciate workmanship like this.
A few readers have asked abut the randomly placed dots in the border of these cool coins. Best I can tell at this time, is that a dot marks the year that the penny celebrates. There are 51 open circles that make up the border on each pressed penny. The first circle staring clockwise, would be a dot for the 1955 coin. The 2005 coin should have a dot take the place of the last circle etc. I have not had a chance to verify this on all coins, but it holds true for those that I have been able to check. They are not errors in the coin or scan flaws. (Not that we don’t make an error here now and then. Pressed Penny Smiley )
5/6/05 What a day at the Park! A record 42 new 50th pressed pennies waiting in the park plus six in Downtown Disney and three in Disney’s California Adventure. If you weren’t too shy to ask another collector, you could find all the coins needed to complete the collection before long. I must say, I saw a LOT of people holding those new 50th penny collector books and asking other guests where they could find a certain coin in the park. It was a bit like a scavenger hunt, but at Disneyland! Cool! Pressed Penny Smiley
Given the machines were just placed on-stage and were kept very busy by frantic penny collectors, several machines required repair during the day. However, Disney Management had a crew of Arcade Tech’s out in the park answering repair requests that afternoon.
I hope to have a location list up soon. Your emails and in person requests at the park have been heard and I hope to have "something" up today.. Disneyland should have an updated list at City Hall too, but I didn’t check. I don’t know of anywhere on the internet that Disneyland posts a machine location page. Until then, we’ll do what we can at ParkPennies! Pressed Penny Smiley
5/5/05 We have quickly made up a list of all 50th pressed pennies and their locations sorted by coin date and by location. This should be a life saver when you go to the park. See, print or download it here. In Excel format here.
5/8/05 Currently, several eBay auctions offer recently "retired" Disneyland coins for sale. Some of these coins which were displaced by the 50th series coins are not listed as retired at As a result, we have received several emails asking if in fact, certain coins displaced by the 50th series of pressed pennies are gone for good, "retired".
At this time, ParkPennies has taken the position that coins removed from stage for the special 50th event may return once the event has concluded. Until additional facts are known, coins "displaced" by the 50th series of pressed pennies will be listed as "off-stage". (Obvious exceptions could be coins that were dated for a single year’s use and historically have been removed the following year or single die / play machines that have been upgraded to three play machines.) ParkPennies feels this will provide fellow collectors with the most accurate, least opinionated information.
Do let us know if you have additional information to share. We are working on updating the Disneyland Guide descriptions and scans with the new 50th coins. The update will include the status (off-stage or retired) of the displaced coins. Please check back often for these updates.
Thank you for visiting and Happy Collecting!

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