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5/12/05 Boomer burned the midnight oil and added a special, separate, 50th Anniversary Pressed Penny Guide. It isn’t refined or error free yet, but, we couldn’t wait either! Pressed Penny Smiley Click here to see this early draft in this frame. 50th Guide
5/12/05 A ParkPennies reader has a few hard to find coins up for sale. If you are looking for a Pirate Rehab, Bill Hogarth or Jack Steiner coin, click here to check out the auctions.
5/12/05 Kevin reported to a link to the new official Disney pressed penny web site! Check it out here. Thank you Kevin for sharing this cool link with fellow collectors!
5/13/05 The Tokyo Disneyland Guide has four new entries and the Tokyo DisneySea has nine new entries. Don’t forget to check the TDL News page if you are a TDL collector.
5/14/05 All ParkPennies Disneyland Machine Location files now include the new 50th coins, descriptions and locations! If you’d like to take the list with you to the park or just take a look, click on the "Machine Locations" link in the top frame of this page and then select the page you’d like from the list in widow #1 or a new tab. No, sorry, the Haunted Mansion machine isn’t back yet! But, do email us if / when you see it at the park.
5/20/05 An unconfirmed report that a certain coin press has returned to stage has been received. is awaiting a confirmation. Please check back soon for our findings.
5/20/05 Yes, confirmed, the Haunted Mansion quarter press has returned! Between Pieces of Eight and Le Bat en Rouge Shop. 5/21/05 Addition. These Haunted Mansion coins which have been listed at as "off-stage" on the Machines Location Page and "current" in the DL Guide, appear to be unchanged. confirmation that the dies have not changed is dependent upon inspection of the current coins later today. 5/21/05 The machine marquee has changed slightly, however, the coins remain the same. ParkPennies will update the machine locations page to once again read "C", current, the DL Guide remains the same.
5/26/05 Lots of little updates here and there. One of them, a separate page with all 51 Golden Anniversary coins pictured. (It’s a big file, about 900k+) You asked and here it is! Pressed Penny Smiley . Also, there is now a separate DG Disneyland Golden Anniversary Guide with all and just the 50th pressed penny set. We’ve also updated the other guides with their respective 50th coins. Check lists, Excel files etc. have for the most part been updated recently. Yep, lots of new pages, probably a "few" typos! Hey, Boomer isn’t perfect, but he works cheap! Pressed Penny Smiley So, please do help him out by E-Mailing Us with any typos you spot OR things you’d like added! Happy to add what you’d like to see. (Some restrictions may apply, your mileage may vary.) Happy collecting!
5/28/05 Regular viewers of the guides may have noticed a recent addition to the CM Guide, the CM0004, / CM0004a variations which were just reported by noted Disney collector and researcher, Dee D. Collectors will find the newly reported CM0004 / 4a variations of interest as they were both retired long ago and may be hard to find. Hopefully this news will give readers a head start on locating these coins for their collections, if they do not find them in any on hand "duplicates". Our congratulations to Dee D. for his discovery.
6/03/05 CS Collectibles, owned by a very longtime Disneyland ec collector and friend, has some Disneyland ec’s up for auction on eBay here. Don’t know what will be up for sale this time, but, I have purchased some very cool coins from C and S in the past.
6/03/05 Time flies! You know, we’ve been sharing the hobby here in our new home here at for a year now! It’s time for us to say thank you to our fellow collectors all around the world. Because of your support and increased interest in this great hobby, ParkPennies web traffic (Hits) have grown rapidly to more than 400,000 hits in the month of May. Twenty times what they were just a year ago. Your enthusiasm builds our motivation! Over this next year, we aim to thank you for your support by improving ParkPennies and adding more fun features. Happy collecting!
6/03/05 Three new Tokyo DisneySea ® issues have been added to the guides. They are:

tds0514.jpg - 2014 Bytes   tds0515.jpg - 2052 Bytes   tds0516.jpg - 2121 Bytes
Click on the small images to see them close up in a top frame or view them in the TDS Tokyo DisneySea ® Guide. The "2005 June" Aladdin first on-stage 6/1/05, represents the third coin in a series of coins that are available for just one month each. If you are a TDL collector, do book mark the Tokyo Disneyland NEWS page also.
6/12/05 A few updates here and there...No news.
6/21/05 ZZZzzzzzZZzz! Not much Disneyland penny news to report since the last big story of the 51 50th coins. Should be some news to report before long.
If you’re like me, you might like to surf the Disneyland ec’s on eBay while you’re waiting for some news to break. There are a few cool retired coins offered this week by CS-Collectibles. Do check them out, maybe you’ll find a coin on your wish list? Also as a courtesy to friends of Parkpennies looking for or selling Disneyland ec’s, here are a few other Disneyland elongated coin auctioneers that often have cool Disneyland pressed coins for sale.
7/01/05 Penny collectors often want to know more about Disneyland penny press history. It’s a fun part of the hobby and of interest to many non-collectors as well. Matter of fact, maybe you have found that even people that tend to fall asleep looking at pressed pennies, love to hear the inside stories about them. Pressed Penny Smiley  So, ParkPennies is making an effort to share the stories and histories we have heard or witnessed over the years. Here is a bit of history about the first of the coin operated penny presses, and about two of the scarcest of all Disneyland elongated coins. ParkPennies wishes best of the 4th for all our friends and visitors!
7/01/05 Want to read a bit more about some scarce Disneyland pressed pennies? Here is a past article we spruced up a bit Pressed Penny Smiley ..
7/06/05 ParkPennies would like to thank Mike Pixley who emailed us today. Mike reports that a Cast Member told him there are plans in the works to place a Space Mountain themed press at the very popular attraction. Mike cautions us that this is only a rumor. However, ParkPennies felt that based on the source of this report and lesser supporting rumors, it would probably be well worth the time for collectors to check Space Mountain for a new machine over the up coming weeks.
Now, if you find a machine there, be sure to complement the Disney folks about the swell updated Space Mountain ride, yada yada yada... while you are pressing the really cool new coins! Pressed Penny Smiley Do E-Mail ParkPennies about the find.
7/11/05 Thanks to reporter Lou Smith, ParkPennies readers will have no trouble finding the 50th Anniversary penny machine (Magical Milestone Years 1979,1989 and 1992) hidden inside and to the right of the Bonanza Outfitters’ west-end door nearest the Golden Horseshoe. (It was recently moved from the Pioneer Mercantile Shop also known as The Pocahontas Shop).
If you see someone at the old machine location nervously pacing back and forth while holding a 50th penny passport with only 49 coins in it, Pressed Penny Smiley please do share the updated ParkPennies 50th Machine Location List with them. It’s a great way to help a fellow pressed penny collector.
7/11/05 Will there be a new 50th coin? So far nothing to post. If you have news to share, we are "all ears" E-Mail ParkPennies
7/11/05 New July coin at TDL! Why not take a look at the latest tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Disneyland News here. Where you can see the "Coins of the Month" set. A program that is now in both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.
7/11/05 ParkPennies received an email today to let us know that Laura has found a new machine at The Disneyland Penny Arcade. It’s a quarter machine with three images of Stitch. The reverse has "Disney’s" above a surfboard inscribed with "Lilo and Stitch", below the surfboard "Disneyland Resort" is engraved. These coins have been added to the forth section of the DL Guide. (Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger image in the frames above.)
dl0326.jpg - 2014 Bytes   dl0327.jpg - 2052 Bytes   dl0328.jpg - 2121 Bytes   dl0326_328r.jpg - 2121 Bytes

7/19/05 Lately, there has been mention of the "Disneyland Tower of Terror" pressed penny set. It seems not long ago, the CA0055, Bellman Goofy, was rumored to have been replaced and retired. It originally was a coin that had suffered from an irregular field or background. Given the current die / coin has a near normal field, it was a natural conclusion to assume the die had been replaced. However, a close comparison revealed that the original die was polished to improve the die surface / coin field. (Notice the vertical "stripes" on this scan of an early CA0055.) So, no need to worry if you missed the "first coin" or you need the new coin, they have the same catalog number and examples of both are easy to find... one is still in the park! Pressed Penny Smiley
On the subject and possibly of interest to ParkPennies readers is the Tower of Terror error set. As you know, the Disney’s California Adventure™ Tower of Terror pressed penny set is often called "The Disneyland Tower of Terror Set". This can be confusing. Because there are really two sets of pressed pennies. There is "The Disney’s California Adventure™ Tower of Terror pressed penny set" that was first on-stage in the DCA Hollywood Towers Hotel Gift Shop and there is another set, a very rare error set, that really is "The Disneyland Tower of Terror pressed penny set". Are you interested in reading about the small differences between these two sets, small differences that make one set worth almost one thousand times more than the other? Then just click here. to open the "Disneyland Hollywood Tower Hotel Rarities" article in this frame.
7/29/05 13 new coins were added to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Guides.

New Tokyo Disneyland coins
tdl0521.jpg - 1721 Bytestdl0522.jpg - 1615 Bytestdl0523.jpg - 1688 Bytestdl0524.jpg - 1608 Bytestdl0525.jpg - 1686 Bytestdl0526.jpg - 1727 Bytes
New Tokyo DisneySea coins
tds0517.jpg - 1761 Bytestds0518.jpg - 1750 Bytestds0519.jpg - 1689 Bytestds0520.jpg - 1702 Bytestds0521.jpg - 1631 Bytestds0522.jpg - 1636 Bytestds0523.jpg - 1708 Bytes

The TDL and TDS Guides have much larger and better images of the new coins. Links to these guides can be found on the "Site Index" above, or on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page.
8/2/05 We would like to give a special thanks to the collectors that have posted links or mentions of on their favorite Disney chat boards and web sites. Every time we see one, it makes our day! Thank you and happy collecting!
8/06/05 Scans of four more Tokyo Disneyland coins will be on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page as soon as we get Boomer off his "laurels". Pressed Penny Smiley
If you have emailed us asking "Why no Disneyland USA news lately?". It’s because there just hasn’t been much news breaking at the USA park lately. Tokyo has had most of the new issues the past few weeks. But, hang in there! As soon as we have some USA news to share, you know it will be here. Happy collecting.
8/08/05 Scans of the four latest Tokyo Disneyland coins are up at the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page
8/13/05 A few Tokyo Disneyland Guides have been updated with the newest coins. We are listening, but, no Disneyland news to report.
Have a great weekend!
8/14/05 The Tokyo "Coin of the Month" set is very nicely done. Take a look at them here: TDR Coins of the Month Pictures.. Maybe there will be a Disneyland or WDW "Coin of the Month" if collectors can get a hold of Mickey’s ear? Pressed Penny Smiley
8/16/05 There is promise of some interesting auctions. A framed Bill Hogarth very limited collector set has also been mentioned. (View the article about Mr. Hogarth from the October 8th, 2004 Disneyland Resort Line here and his CM0006 retirement coin here.) We’ll post more information as it develops. I really hope some news hits soon. Boomer has way too much time on his hands. You know that means trouble! Pressed Penny Smiley
8/25/05 Boomer is frantically working on an update for the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Guides. It will include a detailed comparison of a newly discovered vintage Tokyo Disneyland coin and a very similar, long known coin. Do check back tomorrow to view this new entry that has been hiding in plain sight for the past nine years!.
You may have noticed, it’s been very quiet at our home base, Disneyland USA, lately. No new machines or even rumors to report! However, rest assured, we haven’t lost our focus; we just haven’t had any news to post.
8/26/05 The tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Guides have been updated. New discovery, reported by ParkPennies staff, the TDLVT01 Type II.
8/28/05 Thelma C. just reported another new Vintage Tokyo Disneyland find! Also, an "Undisclosed Collector" has offered yet another! Yes, that’s three new TDL finds over just one week! Nearly as many retired coin discoveries as the total number found over preceding nine years! Yes, they are related finds. Pressed Penny Smiley Updates to follow.....
8/31/05 A walk through the park today didn’t reveal any new machines or major changes in location. No missing machines were noted. The 50th machine at the Main Street Opera exit has been adjusted so the rolls aren’t "as short" as before, but they are still not full length when a copper cent is pressed.
As many ParkPennies readers have mentioned, when even one of the seventeen machines is out of order, trying to roll a complete set of 51 coins in a single day is a problem. However, in this reporter’s opinion, given the extreme amount of use these machines have "enjoyed", they have been maintained well over all. If you find a machine that is not working properly, please politely inform the closest cashier or ask City Hall to call and request a repair. (We are told by City Hall this is the preferred procedure.)
9/1/05 Noted Disney elongated coin collector, Thelma Cofrancesco, has reported a new vintage TDL find, the TDLVT03 Type II. We’ve updated the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Guides with scans and a detail comparison of this new discovery with the known TDLVT03 Type I. This is the second coin in what appears will be a set of three! It seems these coins, because they were so close in appearance to the "known" 1996 coins, were overlooked for nearly nine years!
Unless by chance you find that you have these Type I and Type II coins already, they may be hard coins to locate. Especially after all these years. However, Type I coins, are available now.... especially if you have a Type II coin to offer. Hopefully, as collectors evaluate their holdings, some coins may be found and offered via auction or trade. Do Contact Us if you’d like to post a trade or link to an auction of a TDLVT01, TDLVT02 or TDLVT03 Type I or Type II coin. We know collectors will be looking for them, we are! Pressed Penny Smiley Happy Collecting, ParkPennies.
9/3/05 The third shoe drops! First the TDLVT01 Type II then the TDLVT03 Type II and now the TDLVT02 Type II have been reported. The tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Guides are updated with detail 600dpi scan comparisons of Type I / Type II coins, definitions and descriptions! Happy collecting from
9/03/05 Boomer has been searching the Disneyland Park for even the meagerest bit of pressed penny news. Matter of fact, some Cast Members find it a bit creepy to see him aimlessly wandering the Penny Arcade over and over. (Guess you have to be an advanced collector to understand him. Pressed Penny Smiley ) But, still nothing to report! If you find a new pressed penny or some gossip, don’t be shy, E-Mail Us
9/13/05 Several small updates and adds to The Guides. A few Type II Tokyo Disneyland Coins were reported, all are listed with close up detail comparisons. Also, a few new issues have been added to the Hotels section. Lots more coins on the way. Still nothing to report from Disneyland Anaheim!
9/18/05 Another "Type II" for TDL collectors! This is one most expected, it’s the third in the Buzz Lightyear set, the TDL0511 T2. The other two Type II coins have already been reported. You can see all of the TDL Type II coins here: Type II Tokyo Disneyland Coins.

New Tokyo Disneyland coins

tdl0528.jpg - 1606 Bytes   tdl0529.jpg - 1589 Bytes   tdl0530.jpg - 1634 Bytes   tdl0531.jpg - 1635 Bytes   tdl0532.jpg - 1586 Bytes  
New Tokyo DisneySea coins

tds0526.jpg - 1630 Bytes   tds0527.jpg - 1662 Bytes  
Click on the small picture to open a larger picture in a top frame.

9/20/05 Yes, of course there are more new coins!!! And yes, of course they are at Tokyo Disneyland! Don’t know what to tell you if you are a USA Collector. Shoulda coulda heard about the traditional Disneyland Anaheim seasonal set of nickels, maybe the "Nightmare Before Christmas" AKA "Haunted Mansion" set of quarters. Heaven knows many of you have been asking about them. But....nnNNNnoooo! It’s TDL AGAIN!
OK, it is that time of year, maybe we’ll see a new issue at Disneyland... too? readers and staff are pacing the park with our ears on! Someone will hear or see something sooner or later! Hope it’s sooner!
Until then, there are lots of cool TDL medals! If you’d like to see the September TDL and TDS "Coin of the Month", we’ve added scans on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page. Soon these coins will be added to the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes Guides along with FIVE more!
Happy collecting.
10/01/05 David L. Reported the Rizzo’s Prop Shop (Renamed The Studio Store in 2007) machine in DCA was moved. It is now adjacent to the 50th penny press at the south entrance to California Greetings. Machine location pages are updated.

barks2.jpg - 9402 Bytes
(Just click the picture above to view the auction in a new window.)

10/04/05 Pictured above is the newly issued Carl Barks elongated coin. Uncle Scrooge! And just in time for Christmas! Pressed Penny Smiley For a better picture and more information, check out a current auction of this coin by a well known collector. Note: This auction closed on 10/10/05 for $26.25. If you were not the winner of the auction and would like to add this coin to your collection, keep an eye open. Although there were only 250 cents pressed for this event, they were recently released so there should be others offered for sale or trade.
10/11/05 Contributors to ParkPennies are constantly emailing reports that no new machines have been seen at Disneyland Resort. We receive them daily but only post machine changes. So far, there are no changes to report.
10/19/05 More TDL medals, more variations! Read about them on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page here
10/23/05 A few hundred Tokyo Disneyland Reference Guide scans were upgraded for your viewing pleasure. Pressed Penny Smiley As TDL collectors will note, generally, early coins were smaller both in physical size and image area compared to later issues. Most all images are now standardized at 200 x 400 / 400 x 200 pixels and 200DPI. Additionally, several hard to find coin scans are much sharper, e.g. the three extremely scarce Ambassador prototype coins are now shown by first generation direct scans.
10/23/05 Still no reports of the rumored 2005 Disneyland Haunted Mansion set. ParkPennies readers and staff have searched as recently as 10/22/05. This author plans a search early this week. It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it! Pressed Penny Smiley.
We’ll post results here as soon as we have them. If you spot a new coin in the park that hasn’t been reported, please write us
10/25/05 It’s here! The 2005 Nightmare Before Christmas Machine! Our thanks to a tip from reporter Nicole who spotted the coffin styled press in transit plus the separate reports from other ParkPennies readers like John, David and Anastasia who found the machine at times locked behind closed doors and later open and working.
See the pictures and read the descriptions, guide numbers and locations in the DL Disneyland Park Guide. Or click these links DL0329, DL0330 and DL0331 to open just the images in the frames above. Is it just me or do these look like they were computer engraved?
Oh! Don’t forget to check out the cool stampback that is on each coin.
Be advised that we have received reports that on Monday the machine was either "skipping" or jammed (Scary jam picture courtesy of A. J.) Could be it’s haunted?? Who ya gunna call? Do let us know if the machine is working well today.
Now... will there be a seasonal nickel set for 2005? Boomer is getting really anxious! Pressed Penny Smiley
10/27/05 The new Nightmare Before Christmas set was reportedly working fine Wednesday. It appears the skipping coin has been modified via a larger grip. This is not a die change only a small die modification. So a new guide number will not be added. As usual, the coin from the modified die will take on the guide number of the original die with suffix "A" added to identify it.
Of course , "Advanced Collectors" will want both coins in their collections, but, in our humble opinion, either coin can represent the DL0329 die in a "complete collection".
To compare the original and variation coins in frames above, click these links: DL0329 and DL0329A. Wanna see a ridiculously close up close-up of the two coins side by side? Just click here. It is one of those ParkPennies detail views that is zoomed so close that even Boomer can see the small differences between the two coins without his specks!
10/28/05 The Nightmare Before Christmas quarter set has changed. "THE" was added to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on the reverse of the coins. The obverse of the coin is unchanged. Pictures, numbers and all will be here Saturday.
Avid ParkPennies readers had time to press the original coins while they were still available at the park. (If you didn’t have other things like school or work etc. cut into your serious hobby time that is. Pressed Penny Smiley ) If something did keep you from the park and you missed the early NBC set, our suggestion is to check eBay or any other place that might still have the early versions of this coin available. They are no longer available at the park.
Don’t forget that the new NBC coins are waiting for you at the alcove next to the Pieces of Eight shop in New Orleans Square! The stampbacks are even better than before! Happy collecting
10/29/05 We’ve updated the Guide. It now includes all the 2005 NBC coins, descriptions and guide numbers including those issued just yesterday. (When you click the Guide link, the Disneyland Guide, 2004 to current section, will open in this window at the first coin in this set of seven 2005 NBC coins.) Or if you’d just like to just see how the stampbacks have changed, click First Reverse to open the picture in widow #1 or a new tab above. Click Current Reverse to open the picture in window #2 or a new tab. Hey! a side by side comparison! Cool! Pressed Penny Smiley
11/01/05 Halloween news. Nancy and Wendy W. reported to ParkPennies that The Nightmare Before Christmas quarter machine is off-stage due to a cracked Jack Skellington die.
We are sorry to report that Jack’s die is dead. We believe this crack related death could have been avoided... if only Jack had not given into the pressure.
As you know, even under the best of circumstances,"life" is hard for a ghost coin press inside a coffin. Jack, as his friends called him, had an usually hard life pressing coins. He endured two different stampbacks and one gripper modification over his all too short life of only seven days. However, he was always of good spirits. He delighted many Disneyland guests. I think I speak for many of us when I say, we will miss his haunting presence.
We believe that Jack is survived by his friends, Behemoth and Oogie Boogie, the last two remaining coins in the set. (The current ParkPennies status of the Oogie Boogie and Behemoth dies is "off stage". Their status will eventually change to current or retired. )
11/05/05 The Nightmare Before Christmas machine is still somewhere in the catacombs. No sign of a seasonal nickel set.
11/09/05 Our thanks to visitors that have mentioned ParkPennies via on line blogs, chats and web sites! Whenever we see one, it makes our day! .
11/11/05 A new set of Nightmare Before Christmas quarters are on-stage! Scans and guide updates to follow. The new quarters are in the same location, between the Pieces of Eight and Bat en Rouge shops in New Orleans Square. Reverses are unchanged, however, the engraving is much better.
The Disneyland Christmas Tree is up and there are LOTS of decorations throughout the park. LOTS of people too! But, no seasonal nickels to be found. We hope they will arrive soon. Happy collecting!
11/11/05 The latest NBC quarters, have been added to the DL Guide. The coins are very much like the original set, yet, very different. In this author’s opinion1, the early set DL0332 DL0333 and DL0334 appears to be "machine" engraved. Compare them with the cool new set DL0335 DL0336 and DL0337 that has the look of detailed, sharp, real hand engraving. If you missed the first, now very hard to get set, I think you’ll be really happy with the high quality set that is currently on-stage. As always, best press a set as soon as you can.
As longtime readers may know, this author, as well as the two other primary ParkPennies partners, collect pressed pennies as well as hand crank and coin operated penny presses. We understand the hard choices owners must make between die cost and quality. We also appreciate the fact that some people will see no difference between these coins and of those that do see a difference, preferences may differ. Our view is admittedly skewed toward that of the "advanced collector". We are glad to see that Disneyland has opted for the current dies after trying the other dies earlier this month. In my opinion, Disneyland Park and Disneyland guests deserve no less.
1 As you will notice in a side by side comparison, the early NBC set offers very fine parallel lines on the devices, typical of a c computer n numerical c controlled machine tool. The later set features the artistic, non mechanical "engraver’s brush marks" with a respect for small detail. This style is representative of Eurolink’s well respected, longtime expert engraver, Jimmy Vargas. (For those new to pressed penny collecting, Mr. Vargas is mentioned in these newspaper articles: Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune as well as others.)
Some visitor emails received 11/11/05 on the subject:
"Like comparing the classic 1937 Snow White with Nemo." (I wasn’t sure if this was pro or con, but still a good point.)
"I’m a collector and check ParkPennies nearly every day. Computer made "art" isn’t as collectible... I’d bet in ten years pressed coins will only be a memory at DL...[at least] they are a collectible I didn’t miss!"
"Today we have choices. You can buy an inexpensive digital picture or an artist’s painting, each has advantages."
"They both look nice. Jack is my favorite."
"Pennies are still at Disneyland. Look at the Tokyo Disneyland coins, all slugs! ...glad I can still collect real coins... They replaced the old coins... Disneyland must like the new ones better too."
Above are a few samples from the first emails received. We hope they are of as much interest to other collectors as they are to us. Have a great day and Happy Collecting!
11/11/05 Hopefully an unrelated observation: The newly added Nightmare Before Christmas quarter press coin acceptor is very scary on its own. The mechanism is designed to accept up to eight quarters compared to the former acceptor’s four! Thankfully, it is still set for only four quarters. Pressed Penny Smiley
11/14/05 Given the pace at which Tokyo Disneyland has been issuing new medals, it may not really be news, but another dozen or so coins have been added to the Tokyo Disneyland Guides today. Looks like they will probably break 100 new issues this year without even counting replacement coin variations and planchet changes! Check the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page here for more information and pictures.
11/16/05 Take a first look at the Hong Kong Disneyland "Magical Coins"! We have uploaded the first stage of the upcoming ParkPennies hongksm.gif - 1207 Bytes Magical Coins Guide. Descriptions and guide numbers will follow soon. We have also started a hongksm.gif - 1207 Bytes News Page as well.
Happy collecting!
11/17/05 Thanks to John W’s email this week, we have been watching the park extra closely. His predictions were correct. Today, we were happy to see the 2005 Seasonal Nickel Set was on-stage at the Main Street Penny Arcade! All coins are dated, have stampbacks and are nicely engraved. Scans etc. to follow later today or early Friday.
11/17/05 The Disneyland Guides, with pictures of the new seasonal nickels as well as the FREE easy to print ParkPennies Machine Location page, have been updated. (Web masters are welcome to "hot link" the ParkPennies Machine Location pages to their web sites per the ParkPennies Terms of Use.) Happy collecting! Pressed Penny Smiley
11/24/05 The crew here at ParkPennies wishes all our friends and visitors a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
12/05/05 Here they are, by popular request, The New "Clickable" Thumbnail images of all 50th pressed pennies here.
While you are here, do try out the buttons at the top of this page, if you haven’t already. Lots of collectible coin groups, detail comparisons, guides and articles. Matter of fact, we have a very bare bones Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coin Guide up with the first 30 images! (Stanley, in Hong Kong reports that there may be a few new coins at HKDL for Christmas too!)
Best of the Season to all and Happy Collecting!
12/08/05 The Hong Kong Disneyland Guide is up to date with pictures, guide numbers and descriptions.
12/08/05 A recent auction closed for a set of Disney Cruise Line pressed coins. The winning bid, $461.00. View the auction and pictures on eBay here.
12/12/05 A HKDL thumbnail index is now on line. To see other Hong Kong Disneyland updates be sure to view The HKDL News Page
No Disneyland USA news to report currently. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley   Boomer is pacing the floor. Maybe he’s thinking about making a break for it and heading off to the park?
12/20/05 No new machines to report as of 12/19/05.
12/26/05 First an acknowledgement to "David, Class of 2002" one heck of a great Cast Member over at the Buzz Lightyear Attraction Saturday afternoon. It’s Cast Members like him that make the park the great place it is. hopes readers will also thank Cast Members that they see go above and beyond even the high standards we have grown to expect at Disneyland.
There were no new machines at the park, however, the near perfect weather, the wonderful decorations, recent park restorations and great Cast Members made for a really a nice setting.... to pressing pennies! Pressed Penny Smiley
12/26/05 As many advanced collectors know, "in the olden days", some penny presses would press odd coins. Some of them were and are very sought after collectibles. (A few are mentioned here.) However, if you have not visited the park for a while, be extra careful. Today’s machines are very easy to jam. (Not a pretty sight if you are trying to press all 51 Magical Milestones coins on one day. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
If you spot a machine that is jammed, please report it to the nearest cashier or the City Hall. The sooner the Arcade folks know that help is needed, the sooner they can schedule a service call.
12/27/05 Four new coins added to the Tokyo Disneyland Guide. See them on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
12/30/05 We wish all fellow collectors the very best for 2006!
Over the past year the popularity of Disneyland pressed pennies has again grown as have the number of visitors here at ParkPennies. We thank you for visiting and for mentioning ParkPennies via web page links and blog postings. When we see a mention of on the ’net, it makes our day!
Thank you all for a wonderful year. Pressed Penny Smiley
12/30/05 Traditionally, the new year brings new coins. A quick search of the guides reveals only one 2005 dated coin still on stage. (Not counting the Seasonal Nickel Set or Magical Milestones Penny.) It’s the 2005 Chip ’N Dale penny at the Grand Californian Hotel. Will it be replaced with a currently dated coin as in the past few years? Will there be a Magical Milestones 2006 coin?
Boomer will be searching the park this weekend with the hope of finding the first "2006" penny. If you find a new coin before Boomer, please submit your report here and we’ll give you credit for your find. (It will also help keep Boomer on his toes!Pressed Penny Smiley)

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