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1/01/06 ! Does time fly or what?
For you, today, we have added PDF formatted Penny Press Location Lists. They are designed to print on most printers with a single click and on a single page! Now you can take a current, one page machine location list with you to the park.
One list offers All Penny Machine Locations at the Disneyland Resort, the other just The 50th Magical Milestones Penny Machine Locations. Both are yours to enjoy, with our complements. As with our HTML location lists, fellow web masters are welcome to link to them as long as the pages are not modified. (Even "Hot Linking" for auto updates.)
Happy collecting in 2006!
1/01/06 ParkPennies thanks our fellow collector in Japan, Kuniaki Hiraki who reported fifteen, yes 15, new elongated souvenirs at Tokyo Disneyland! Twelve are 2006 series, plus three more! Scans and guide updates to follow.
Kuniaki Hiraki’s excellent TDR Medals web site is listed in the ParkPennies link page.
1/02/06 No Disneyland USA 2006 coins reported yet.
1/06/06 Reports received at ParkPennies daily all confirm "No new coins found" at Disneyland Park Resort, Anaheim.
We will post as soon as we know of a new coin. Even if it is years from now! Pressed Penny Smiley
1/10/06 John W. submitted a comprehensive report of the park machines. Of special interest, the Grand Californian penny press is still off-stage. Collectors have anticipated a 2006 dated coin to replace the 2005 dated Chip ’N Dale coin as has been the tradition over recent years. If / when the machine returns, we will report the findings here.
1/12/06 Just today introduced a new way for auctioneers of ParkPennies listed coins to promote their auctions and a way for us to introduce to new collectors. View the first of these featured auctions in a new page by clicking the right hand button in the top frame or here. For more information about how to get your auctions featured via this partnership, click here.
ParkPennies still does not offer anything for sale, nor do we have any paid advertising, subscriptions or pop-up ads. We do try to focus on news, reference guides and more than you ever wanted to know about Disneyland elongated coins!?
1/12/06 As part of the ParkPennies expanded witness protection program..... smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes You may now send reports to ParkPennies via an anonymous comments window.
1/14/06 Lou S. Reported the return of the Main Street Vehicles nickel press coins late last night. Many collectors have shown a concern that stampbacks may change when coins are removed and then replaced. Lou Reports that there is no change. If you have an update or report to share with ParkPennies readers, click here.

With this change, the seasonal nickels are now off-stage and will be entered as "retired" in the guides later today. No new coins reported.
The list of linked Disneyland pressed coin eBay auctions is growing. For more information about how to get your auctions featured via this partnership, click here. Happy collecting,
1/16/06 ParkPennies is switching servers and operating systems today. It’s going to be bumpy! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes Should be running well Tuesday.
1/17/06 ParkPennies has completed an upgrade that will make new features possible in the near future. For a few hours yesterday, some images or files were unavailable, however, we were able to keep the web site up during the transition... sort of Pressed Penny Smiley.
1/17/06 Kuniaki HIraki Just emailed a report from Japan. More, yes, more new coins at Tokyo Disneyland. That’s twenty plus new coins over the past three weeks or so! The details will be posted soon.
1/18/06 Click the "Auction Button" in the top frame of this page to view coins listed via the ParkPennies Partnership. (I just noticed a Security Mickey Mouse CM0017, a set of Cast Member Tsunami nickels and a nice group of Tokyo Disneyland Coins.)
1/20/06 Thanks to all that have recently sent us reports for Disneyland USA, Disneyland Tokyo and Disneyland Hong Kong. Disneyland USA nothing new reported, Tokyo Disneyland is changing machines faster than we can keep up, and no new coins reported at Hong Kong Disneyland (Since Christmas 2005). Have a great weekend.
1/22/06 Lots of new listings on the eBay Auctions List, including a DL0225 nickel. (Here is a link to a detailed comparison of the very hard to find DL0225 set.) If you’d like to have your Disneyland pressed coin auctions linked to the ParkPennies Auction List (Top right menu button) it’s free and here’s how to do it.
1/23/06 We appreciate the reports sent to today about "Chip". Because of the nature of the reports, liability issues and well, some degree of plain old fashioned disbelief, we are investigating the story before publishing. We hope to have replies to our inquires soon. We *may* have a story later today.
1/23/06 We believe this morning’s reports to ParkPennies proved true and even conservative. We now have a scan of the coin, which in our opinion, may not be appropriate for viewing by children. A few readers have voiced opinions that the coin die should be replaced for image or quality reasons let alone it’s "impression". We are told that the press was available only for a short time before the error or flaw was brought to the attention of the Park and the press was shut down. We are currently evaluating ways that we can offer scans of this coin for our visitors without offending anyone. If you have any concerns about this coin, please keep in mind we are not associated with Disney in any way. (Not that we’d turn down a check.) This site is run by collectors and for collectors.
1/24/06 ParkPennies appreciates your visits to the web site. We look for ways to reward you. Not easy. The rewards have to be free and even at that, they are over our budget! Here something that you may like.... As we stated yesterday, the machine was shut down after only an hour or two. Bet you read about the new DR0099 and said, "Dang! By the time I hear about an error coin at Disneyland it’s gone!" Well, we just got word here at ParkPennies that the machine is up and running. This time you lucked out! Love it or hate it, the machine is back! If you hurry to the Acorn Gift Shop you can press all the "Disneyland Chippendale’s" you want at 51 cents per! Now aren’t you glad you checked the news at Pressed Penny Smiley
1/26/06 The DR0099 Chip ’N Dale coin has not been mentioned by any other web site or media source that we know of so far. Yet sales of this controversial coin have been very brisk as the word spreads among collectors. Many visitors asked, but, we just don’t know how long the machine will be available. Based on usage reports to ParkPennies, we think that if the machine remains on-stage, there is a good chance it may wear out before too long. Pressed Penny Smiley
1/26/06 A Chip ’N Dale error coin page has been added with visitor requested pictures of the coin and draft article. The DR Disneyland Resort Guide has been updated to include the new coin and description. Most future posts on this subject will be moved to that page. Happy collecting.
1/27/06 ParkPennies reader Mark brought to our attention that we had listed the Haunted Mansion quarter set with new stampbacks in our guides but, we didn’t mention them here. Thank you Mark for letting us know. Here is a link to the updated DL Disneyland Guide 301-Current Coins and the Nightmare Before Christmas Sets which features pictures and descriptions of the new coins. (I bet you see them on eBay really soon now. Pressed Penny Smiley )
1/31/06 Four more coins were added to the Tokyo Disneyland Guides. Pictures of the latest four are on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
2/06/06 Thanks to all that have shared ParkPennies with your friends. Today, our special thanks goes to David Michael, "DarkBeer", for his mentions of and links to ParkPennies! (You may know him for his theme park reports and photography. Here is a link to his personal theme park web site)
2/06/06 It’s getting a bit smoky! Our posts may be suspended for a day or two. But, no worries thanks to the hundreds of fire fighters and police that have arrived to protect The Command Center and Hideout here near Anaheim Hills in Santiago Canyon, CA. (Well, ok, maybe the police and fire fighters are here to protect other stuff too. Pressed Penny Smiley )
2/06/06 Do check out the Auction button listings at the top of the main page. I spotted some of the "A" variation nickels listed. Don’t see those very often!
2/13/06 Tokyo Disneyland Collectors will want to take a look at the eBay Auctions List. Some cool TDL’s were listed recently. If you’d like to have your eBay auctions of Disneyland (Tokyo, Hong Kong or USA) pressed coins added to the ParkPennies Auction List (Top right menu button), it’s free and easy. Here’s how to do it.
2/15/06 Three more "Coin of the Month" issues have been added to the Coin of the Month page. The Tokyo Disneyland Guides will be updated with these three new coins, plus the latest Tokyo Disneyland Sea issue soon.
2/19/06 A framed set of DalmatiOn elongated cents advertised as "autographed by Jack Steiner" was recently put up for auction. Click here to read our article about Mr. Steiner.
2/23/05 Penny wise, it’s been slow at the parks lately. If you are like me, it’s a good time to surf eBay looking for older coins and other cool stuff. Glad you asked! Pressed Penny Smiley Just recently, Prillzilla added several Disneyland penny auctions via the ParkPennies Partnership. To see them and other Disney elongated coin auctions, just click on the Auction Button above or see them here. One of the coins offered is a cool DL0277!
Another neat item up for auction is a signed, framed set of Dalmations, the misspelled coins from Disneyland, signed by Jack Steiner, the man in charge of the Arcades at the time the error was caught. Click the Auction Button above or click here to view the auction. (The seller is new to eBay and has a "0" feedback. However, I know them personally. I would and may bid on their auction with confidence.)
Check back soon. We never know when a new penny press or other news will be posted. Happy collecting!
2/26/06 Nope! Sorry, no news to post yet....
3/01/06 The set of framed Dalmation coins sold for $314.99. An example of the serious amount of demand and appreciation that has been enjoyed by some Disneyland elongated coins. This auction not only included a set of framed Dalmation coins, but also was autographed by Jack Steiner. A really cool Disneyland elongated coin item in the eyes of many advanced collectors. Our congratulations to the auction winner.
3/01/06 Kuniaki Hiraki of Tokyo Japan reports:
New medals were released on 01.March 2006 at TDR .
TDL Penny Arcade monthly medal Eeyore.
TDL Starcade monthly medal Jessie.
TDS Galleria monthly medal Cleo.
A link to Kuniaki Hiraki’s home page can be found on the ParkPennies link page. Her home page will be updated with the new coins soon. will be scanning, numbering and writing descriptions for our TDR guides later this next week.
Happy collecting!
3/6/06 The latest three Tokyo Disneyland medals have been added to the Coins of the Month page (3), The Tokyo Disneyland Guide (2) and The Tokyo DisneySea Guide (1). Happy collecting,
3/15/06 Copies of the Disneyland Resort Line - Penny Press Edition (2002) just went up for auction by a well known eBayer. I’m betting someone reading this page would love to have the copy? Click here to see the auction with pictures or "buy it now" for $5.00.
No news from the parks yet. Happy collecting
3/18/06 Today Kuniaki Hiraki reported from Japan that two Tokyo Disneyland coins retired and two coins returned to the park. Post and pictures are on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
3/28/06 Could be the lull before the storm? Rumor is that the 50th penny press machines will be gone by year end, maybe sooner. As of today, all the original machines are still working, available and waiting for you. Pressed Penny Smiley
4/1/06 We would like to thank Kuniaki Hiraki for today’s report to ParkPennies from Tokyo Japan. There are three new Coin of the Month’s at TDR!
TDL Penny Arcade Monthly Medal (April) was released Lilo.
TDL Starcade Monthly Medal (April) was released Flik.
TDS Galleria Disney Monthly Medal (April) was released Ursula.
Kuniaki Hiraki’s excellent Tokyo Disneyland medals web site is listed on the links page.
4/03/06 Usha T. reported that the Muppets penny press has been moved back to its original location near Rizzo’s Prop Shop (Now known as "The Studio Store") in Disney’s California Adventure. (It was located at Greetings from California during the construction of the new Monster’s attraction.) Also that the Splash Mountain machine is still off-stage. Machine location pages will be updated soon. Thank you Usha!
04/04/06 Some new collectors have commented that collecting the large number of elongated coins that have been issued at the Disneyland Resort over the past 19 years makes for a lofty goal. (The longer you have been collecting, probably the more you’ll agree with that observation. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
Well, a great way start collecting Disneyland coins is to pick a set or type of coin that you especially like rather than trying to collect everything, at least at first. Pressed Penny Smiley  Below is an example of a "type" of coin, nickels, and a "set", Disneyland on-stage coins. It’s a collection that could be a good choice for many collectors. The set is easily defined, contains less than fifty coins to date, you need not worry if nickels are "zinc" or "copper" and most of them are easy to find. There is also a little bit of Disney history in each one. As you may know, real pressed nickels are available only at Disneyland USA and at least so far, only inside the main gate. So, they are true Disneyland collectibles and in our humble opinion, make a very cool set! Please take a look at this fun collection below and see what you think of them. They are one of my favorites and I hope you’ll like them as much as I do. If you want to see a larger image of a coin, just click on the thumbnail.

The Disneyland Park On-Stage Nickel Collection
(All Other Nickels Listed Below)
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins

View all Disneyland nickels including prototypes and tributes here.
View all Disneyland elongated coin collections and "sets" here.
4/07/06 The ParkPennies report card* has arrived covering our first two years which closed 4/1/06. "Hits", the often used indicators of web site traffic, have grown to more than 400,000 per month this year! Wow!
Our thanks to you. Your frequent visits, mentions of to news groups, blogs and web sites are sharing the hobby with lots of new collectors! We look forward to returning your support by posting even more news, guides and articles in 2006. Given the number of visitors that stop by nowadays, I better work on my spelling a little more too. Pressed Penny Smiley
*(Requires Adobe PDF Reader.)
4/08/06  A new Tokyo Disneyland update awaits you along with a windy ParkPennies editorial on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page. Did we get this posted a day early?! Pressed Penny Smiley
4/13/06 zzzzZZZZzzZZzzzz...... No new coins to report lately. However, we expect a few new Tokyo Disneyland coins to be placed on-stage this weekend. Check back often. We hope to have descriptions and locations soon. Have a great weekend!
4/14/06 Pictures of the April Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Coins of the Month have been posted on the tokyosm.gif - 2237 Bytes News page along with a link to a page with all Tokyo Disneyland Resort Coins of the Month to date. Have a great weekend!
4/14/06 At long last! A new coin report will be posted here Saturday morning for Disneyland!
4/14/06 OK OK! I hear ya! So stop the emails already! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes
We were able to confirm the report and get scans of the coins for you tonight. It’s the Splash Mountain machine. It’s back and has the same dies, but, new stampbacks. The machine was placed on stage sometime late yesterday. I have updated the DL Guide section 300 - to current. The new coin guide numbers are: DL0344, DL0345 and DL0346. Longtime collectors will probably want to press these coins without delay as they know this machine gets a lot of use and is sometimes out for repair.
4/15/06 The penny press location pages have been updated with the recent changes. If you’d like to see what is currently on-stage, where to find the machines when visiting the park or have a web site and would like to offer a link or "hot link" to these popular, often updated pages, please do so with our compliments. The Penny Press Machine Location pages can be accessed via the navigation buttons above as well as the non-java site index. Happy collecting.
4/17/06 We usually do not mention if a machine is out of order, however, I know some of you will be making a special trip to Disneyland just to press the new Splash Mountain coins. Three of us here at ParkPennies visited the park today. Great weather, BIG crowds, fun day. But, the Splash machine was definitely out of order. I seriously doubt that it will be up an running today, not sure about Tuesday. Please contact us if you have an update to share with fellow readers here on the news page.
4/18/06 Updated 4/19/06 ParkPennies visitor and Disney elongated collector, Terry, kindly shared his observations of the Splash Mountain penny press. He reports that the machine was out of order when visited on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I can add that Tuesday it was not working before noon and Mike reports the machine was out of order at 5PM Tuesday. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
Like they used to say, "Gotta get while the gettin’ is good." Hopefully the machine will be up and running soon. (On the bright side, Aprille was able to press some coins Sunday and Paul pressed some Tuesday late night.)
4/23/06 Some really hard to find Tokyo Disneyland ec’s were just listed on eBay. If you are a TDL collector, you’ll want to take a close look at them. To see these auctions, just click here or the auction button at the top of the main page. Click here to find out about adding your auctions to this list for free.
4/25/05 More and more reports to ParkPennies state that the Splash Mountain penny press is working well. It’s in a VERY busy location and I don’t need to mention that the park has had major crowds lately. Lots of stress for the machines... and I’d bet for the folks that keep them up and running. However, recently Lou, Phillip, Bob, Chuck, Sandy and Mike have reported to ParkPennies that they pressed sets of these cool new coins. Matter of fact, yours truly met with a fellow collector at the park Sunday and pressed a couple of sets. The same day, I found the machine at the Main Street Opera was out of adjustment. I reported it to a Cast Member at the Hat Shop. I was delighted to find that machine had already been repaired by the time I returned about an hour later.
If you have been waiting for the Spring Break crowds to pass before you visit the park, the wait may be over. Later this week, the 2Fer offer will end and school for most is back in session. The crowds may ease. Could be a good time to press some pennies! (Not that there is ever a bad time. Pressed Penny Smiley )
4/26/06 Just recently we received a couple of inquiries about The Pieces of Eight "stamper". You know, the cool machine that was in the Pieces of Eight shop in Disneyland for many many years. For a dollar or two, you could type a few words on a heavy metal replica of a piece of eight. Neat! Sadly, the machine has been off-stage for a long time now. Before that, it was on and off-stage from time to time. Last we heard was from a Cast Member while he was working on a penny press about six months ago. He believed that the machine is going to be back on-stage sooner or later. We’ll post when we hear it’s back. Hope it’s soon!
Would anyone like to see scans of these Piece of Eight coins? Let us know...
5/01/06 If you haven’t checked the TDL News page for updates lately, do check them out. Lots of new coins!
5/03/06 Avid collector Mike P. reports that the two Pieces of Eight Shop Magical Milestones penny presses have moved to the courtyard between the Bat en Rouge and what used to be the Pieces of Eight Shop (The Pieces of Eight Shop is now closed with a new shop opened nearby called Treasures.) Additionally, he verifies that the Splash Mountain machine is not in service. If you have tried to roll a set of these coins without luck, please be advised Disneyland is currently working on the machine per Disneyland Guest Services.
Do you have a coin report to share with fellow collectors? It’s easy to contact us. Usually, the first or most complete reports of a new coin are mentioned on the news page, however, all reports are very much appreciated.
5/07/06 A set of copper DalmatiOn error coins from a well known collection were just listed on eBay. Click here to view the auction. If you’d like to read a bit about them, the Dalmation error coins are mentioned in our Matternhorn error coin article here.
5/19/06 Sporadic reports of collectors pressing the latest Splash Mountain set have been received. No new coins reported. Have a great weekend and if you are going to the park, do take along one of the ParkPennies Penny Press Machine Location checklists.
5/21/06 Nothing to report at Disneyland lately, but lots going on at Tokyo Disneyland! One fun collectible set that was first introduced just a year or two ago at Tokyo Disneyland and later at Tokyo DisneySea is the "Coin of the Month" set. (Thumbnail images below, full-size images here.) They have been wildly popular in Japan and many people have started collecting them here in the United States too. What’s neat about them is they are dated, issued each month, are available for only one month, are very easy to identify and are still affordable. Collectors sometimes have them for trade or sale and resent issues are often only a few dollars each on eBay. Here’s a thumbnail of them all to date. Click on the tiny impossible to identify spots to see a beautiful full-sized image appear in a top frame. smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes (If you find these images so beautiful that you can’t resist making them part of your web site, you may, per the ParkPennies Terms of Use. Pressed Penny Smiley)

The Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month. A Fun Collection.
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0505.jpg - 24254 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0510.jpg - 24999 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0516.jpg - 24485 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0520.jpg - 28767 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0524.jpg - 23785 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0525.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0526.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0527.jpg - 26007 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0527.jpg - 26007 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0533.jpg - 26007 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0525.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0522.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0529.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0557.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0531.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0601.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0602.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0601.jpg - 27224 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0619.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0620.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0602.jpg - 24152 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0621.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0622.jpg - 26409 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0604.jpg - 24152 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0623.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0624.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0605.jpg - 26409 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0630.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0631.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0609.jpg - 26409 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0632.jpg - 24438 Bytes Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0633.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0610.jpg - 26409 Bytes Open the
Tokyo Disneyland
END as of

5/24/06 No news to report today, but, looks like a great weekend ahead! Enjoy!
6/01/06 Three new Tokyo Disneyland coins were issued today. Update on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
6/02/06 Our thanks to the fellow collectors that contacted us to report that the Haunted Mansion quarter machine has been moved back to it’s original location in the Bat en Rouge Shop. Here is a link to an article about this unusual quarter press machine.
We have also updated The machine and coin location checklists. They are popular pages for collectors that want to know the location of every machine or just a single coin. We maintain them here so you can take them with you to the park. Happy collecting!
6/03/06 Your very welcome visits pushed ParkPennies traffic, as measured by "hits", past 500,000 in a single month! Yes, you set this new record in May of ’06.
Your visits mean a lot to us! And when you share this humble, commercial free reference with your friends... priceless! Pressed Penny Smiley
We are looking forward to working on more updates, more pages, more guides and news. The entire staff, management, marketing, support folks and programmers here (Yes, both of us! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes ) hope you will keep visiting and keep telling your friends about Happy collecting!
6/04/06 There is talk about doing away with the good ’ol "penny"... again! Yes, it’s been getting harder and harder to find copper pre-1982 cents for sometime now. But, taking the cent out of circulation could surely put a squeeze on our penny presses! On the other hand, the nickel, dime and quarter presses are seen more and often nowadays. So, probably no need to panic over the loss of coin presses, at least not yet. Can you imaging telling the grand kids this? "When I was your age, we pressed pennies... they were small copper coins. You could get FIVE of them for a nickel!". Reply: "Grandpa, what’s a nickel?" Pressed Penny Smiley
Here is a link to a related news article.
6/12/06 zzzZZZZZzzz! But, there is a cool coin up for auction. A Union Bank of California steel penny. Don’t see them very often. But you can see one now if you click this link. Pressed Penny Smiley
6/13/06 For the Walt Disney World collectors, here is an auction for a pound of WDW elongated coins. The seller’s Disney pressed coin auctions are usually linked, but, this one got past us. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
Although’s focus is on Disneyland Parks around the world, we do have some links and files for Walt Disney World elongated coin collectors here.
6/18/06 Well, no new machines or coins to report. But Boomer had to go to the park on Saturday anyhow. Why? Well, he says "Ya know people don’t go to Disneyland just to press coins! Some go to the park just to people watch and sometimes that’s why I go... so they can see me." smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes
I think that tells you how slow it is penny press wise. But, there are about a hundred ParkPennies visitor auction linked here. Maybe you can snag a deal on a retired coin you’re looking for while waiting for some new coins at the park? Happy Father’s Day and Happy Collecting!
(If you’d like to link your eBay auctions of Disneyland pressed coins, check out this link.)
6/20/06 Avid collector JD and other visitors have asked when the recently released Tokyo Disneyland coins would be added to the ParkPennies guides and the Coins of the Month page. They are now complete and can be viewed via links and pictures on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page. Pressed Penny Smiley
Happy collecting!
6/25/06 Big news! Disneyland Resort Paris machines have been added to our guides! This guide is not yet verified as complete, but, so far we have ten coins listed. If you are near DLRP or will be visiting the park soon, please contact us.
6/25/06 Sorry, no new "pirate" elongated coins have been reported for the movie premier. Also the long missing "piece of eight" coin typer / stamper was not found. Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
6/26/06 No new coins at the parks recently, however several nice coins have been linked to the courtesy auction page by fellow ParkPennies visitors. Maybe you’ll spot a nice addition for your collection there? Yes, Advanced collectors can always find a new coin somewhere! Pressed Penny Smiley
(Here you can link your auctions of Disneyland elongated coins to the auctions page.)
6/29/06 A coin that may be of interest to advanced collectors was just listed on eBay. It’s a very nice roll steel cent 35th anniversary Disneyland elongated coin, guide number DL0018. This hard to find coin is extra uncommon pressed on a 1943 cent. If you’d like to see this cool coin or bid on it just click here. This auction is also linked to the visitor’s auctions page accessible via the button at the top of the main reference page.
6/30/06 Splash Mountain machine reports to ParkPennies have all been positive lately. Looks like a good time to press a set for your collection if you haven’t already. Have a great 4th!
7/01/06 More new coins at Tokyo Disneyland... again! Read about them on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
7/22/06 The Editors, programmers, legal advisors and staff reporters have both returned to our duties here via a red eye flight in to LAX early this morning. And boy, our eyes really are red! Pressed Penny Smiley.
There were no urgent Disney pressed coin updates to make over the past three weeks. However, we’ll post news of a few new Tokyo Disneyland coins on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page and maybe a bit of gossip later this weekend...
7/28/06 HELP! I’ve fallen behind and I can’t catch up! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes Four more coins from Tokyo Disneyland have been reported and three more are on the way for the first of the month! What’s that? Twenty-some coins in a month! Help! Seriously, no need to worry. We have brief descriptions of the coins on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page and as soon as this pile of new coins arrives here at the ParkPennies catacombs, we’ll update the Tokyo Disneyland Guides. Happy collecting!
8/01/06 MORE new coins at Tokyo Disneyland! We are not sure this even qualifies as news any more! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes However, you may read about these new TDL’s on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page. Now, new coins at Disneyland Anaheim... that would be news! And we anticipate a LOT of news before the end of the year. Stay tuned! Pressed Penny Smiley
8/02/06 Avid collector, JD has just opened his elongated coin web site. Do stop by and check it out. If you’d like us to mention your elongated coin web site, please contact us.
8/07/06 No news to report. However, anxiety, excitement and rumors have been building about possible 50th coin replacements. If rumors are true, start saving your quarters and cents!
Are you at work and feeling a little down because it’s Monday? Pressed Penny Sad Smiley Don’t forget, Mondays often bring cool new coin auctions by fellow ParkPennies visitors. You view them all by just clicking the Auction Button at the top of this page. Pressed Penny Smiley
Happy collecting, From Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.
8/09/06 The DL0006, small Bear Country, a seldom seen coin, was just put up for auction by a longtime collector now living in New Mexico. Given this coin has sold on occasion for more than a couple of hundred dollars, the 99 cent opening bid might be the start of an exciting auction! Pressed Penny Smiley You can view the auction here.
8/11/06 Recently, an unusual number of emails have inquired about "Grading EC’s". Our comments have been moved to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Pressed Penny Smiley
8/14/06 Lots of Tokyo Disneyland guide updates. Links to the updated guides are on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page
8/14/06 One of the very hard to find copper Bill Hogarth, CM0006 Cast Member coin was just listed on eBay. Read the article about Mr. Hogarth and The Coin here.
8/15/06 Good Morning! Pressed Penny Smiley Lots going on! The 50th Anniversary penny collecting books have been reported in short supply now and then over the past few weeks. However, last night, avid collectors Terry and Mike W. contacted ParkPennies to say that the books are completely out of stock at Disneyland. Although the books may return, rumors are more and more common that the 50th machines will be gone for good before the end of the year. It is also rumored that many of the original coin dies that were displaced by the 50th coin dies may not return! If so, this could be the lull before the storm. (No, we don’t know yet which coins will return. We do know that most all of the single die machines were replaced. So, it’s unlikely we will see any of the single die coins again. Dated coin that have expired, ditto. We’ll have have to wait and see as far as the other coins go. Do contact us if you have more to add.)
Meantime, Tokyo Disneyland has issued a bunch of new coins over the past month or so. You may see them via the links on the Tokyo Disneyland News page. Also, a couple of Christmas, yes, Christmas in August coins are rumored at Hong Kong Disneyland! (We hope to feature them in a HKDL update with scans for you before long if the rumor proves true.) Not to be left out, the Disneyland Resort Paris guide will hopefully have some more coins added this next week too!
While you’re visiting today, don’t forget there are lots of Disney elongated coin auctions linked via the Auction button at the top of this page. Currently there are about 80 neat coins offered by fellow visitors. The auctions include a very cool copper CM0006 Bill Hogarth and a copper DL0006 small Bear Country!
8/16/06 The small Bear Country DL0006 just sold on eBay for only $84.34, about one third of the last price we have on file! Our congratulations to the auction winner! You know, sometimes it can pay to get up early Wednesday morning and of course... to check the linked auctions. Pressed Penny Smiley
If you’d like your eBay auctions of Disney elongated coins added to the ParkPennies auction links for free, here are the details. Happy collecting.
8/16/06 Just when we thought we were caught up! Pressed Penny Sad Smiley
Three more new coins were reported at Tokyo Disneyland! If you collect these coins, be sure to visit and bookmark the Tokyo Disneyland News page.
8/19/06 The Checklists, our free machine and coin location guides, have become popular destination pages here. If you are going to Disneyland and you’d like to take along one of our "Penny Hunter Maps" you are welcome to download or print them from this page or the button at the top of this page. All Disneyland Resort area coin press machines and the coins offered by each machine are listed. You also have the option to print a specialized Magical Milestones checklist. (Guides are updated often and are usually current between updates.)
Some of these checklists may also be viewed and printed from other web sites that have linked or "hot linked" to these guides with our compliments. (Per Terms of Use)
8/24/06 Hong Kong has several new coins! See the new marquees on the Hong Kong Disneyland News Page. Guides will be updated shortly.
8/26/06 Late last night, a collector from way back, known by many advanced collectors, returned with some neat coin auctions. Of interest to many would be a DN0024 up for auction! You may read a article that mentions the coin here or the guide description here.
This extremely scarce coin is part of the many auctions you may view by clicking the Visitor Auctions button at the top of this page. (Information on how to add your auctions to this popular page is also located there.)
8/27/06 Lou S. just reported that the Autopia penny press, currently a Magical Milestones machine, was moved from the Winners Circle construction area to a place near the Starcade.
8/27/06 More new coins at Tokyo Disneyland! Details on the TDL news page.
9/01/06 More Tokyo Disneyland coins! Does this still qualify as "news"? If you are a TDL collector, you bet! Read more on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
9/10/06 Another Tokyo Disneyland coin! Does this still qualify as "news"? If you are a TDL collector, you bet! Read more on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
9/11/06 Our thanks to several visitors that reported a new penny collector book at the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim. We didn’t mention it as it does not feature an elongated coin in the cover. However, being so many readers collect these books and ask about them, we hope to add all Disneyland penny collector books to our guides in the near future. Happy collecting.
9/12/06 So, Boomer, it’s Tuesday already! What new coins are at Tokyo Disneyland today? Well, funny you should ask. Pressed Penny Smiley
Another four Tokyo Disneyland coins were reported today! Does this still qualify as "news"? If you are a TDL collector, you bet!? Read more on the Tokyo Disneyland News Page.
9/15/06 The Hong Kong Disneyland Guide has been updated. 17 new coins, scans and descriptions have been added. These are the first new coins for 2006 and therefore have guide numbers starting with 06. This week’s new hotel issues will be added to the guides soon. If you are an avid HKDL coin collector, be sure to check the HKDL News page often. Have a great weekend!
9/18/06 Three more new HKDL coins reported. Info here.
9/23/06 An email from avid collector John late last might convinced us to send a "heads up" to fellow collectors. As you may know, rumors have been circulating as we have waited for "official" word when the 50th Magical Milestone elongated coins will be taken off stage. As of today, there is only about a week left before the "formal" end of the 50th Celebration. But, still no official word.
So... unofficially, we think, anyone that doesn’t already have every Magical Milestones coin they want, should get them soon... unofficially. Pressed Penny Smiley
Check back often. Looks like a lot of news is on the way!
9/30/06 No major penny press changes to report. If you are making a last minute dash for a set of 50th’s, the Autopia machine is currently located outside of the Starcade near the Space Mountain exit.
If you have a change to report, do contact us.

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