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It’s a great way for visitors (Hits, recent hits, visitors and a later 2022 overview was the last to show the retired "Alexa" data.) to find your auctions and a great way for new collectors to find Seems way too easy?! That’s the best part! Pressed Penny Smiley

eBay's newest rules may now exclude most all links outside of eBay. So effective 1/1/2020 to be linked please include one of these two phrases in your item description: "This Disneyland elongated coin is described in detail at ParkPennies" or "ParkPennies Guides". The logos below all include a search phrase.

And your auctions will be linked from our "Visitor Auctions Page" in this LIST.

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Simply copy and paste the following code to your auction page.

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This Disneyland elongated coin is
described in detail at
ParkPennies Reference Site


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To add this Awesome :-) link to your webpage, blog... with our thanks!

Disneyland Pressed Penny Collection Reference Guides ParkPennies Pressed Pennies
This Disneyland elongated coin is
described in detail at ParkPennies•com


Thank you very much for your links to ParkPennies! Word of mouth is the main way fellow collectors have found and shared ParkPennies, y(our) homemade non-commercial ad-free hobbyist reference site.
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~ There is no costs or fees! At least not any ParkPennies fees, eBay is another situation. :-)
~ We make no endorsement of any auction or auctioneer.
~ EBay primarily permits reference or descriptive links. Feel free to link to any ParkPennies guide or reference page of your choice. For more information please consult   eBay policy.
~ reserves the right to exclude or delay any auction or auctioneer at our option for any reason or no good reason at all. Examples: Really new auctioneers, auctioneers that have generated complaints to or auctions by people that are just too rich, too thin, or too good looking!
~ Offer only good when it starts and only good as long as it lasts or until it changes.
Automatic Listing: Auctions of Disney elongated coins by established eBay auctioneers with positive feedback from sales of Disney elongated coins, should be added to the list right away. New eBayer’s that are also unknown to us and offer high value coins and with little eBay feedback or auctioneers with negative feedback or auctioneers that generate complaints that we deem to be valid, may be excluded or delayed or suspended until they have established their eBay ID’s. (Unless of course, we didn’t notice or if they emailed us interesting and creative reasons why they should be listed right away.) If you think you might fall into this group or if your auctions don’t auto-link to the button, please contact us for support.

NOTE: Per our terms of use, everyone, even if acting as an eBay seller :-), is of course welcome to link to copyrighted content and properties... with a few restrictions. copyrighted content may not be sold or modified, use must include a © credit, and it must be clear that is an independent, nonaffiliated reference site. (No one should confuse our images as the actual coins for sale or as the seller.)

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