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Tips and Tricks to use so you can sell for more
Or to avoid so you can buy for less Pressed Penny Smiley

Most Tips and Tricks are courtesy of fellow ParkPennies visitors... Send us yours?

1.   We often hear from bidders a picture is worth a thousand words! Pressed Penny Smiley Bidders often mention that they like to see a large, clear scan of the coin you are offering in the auction item description. Because so many coins are so much alike, including an eBay searchable ParkPennies guide number and a highly detailed picture is a great help. (I just had to make this #1.)

2.   Do describe / grade the coin as completely as you can. When and where was it pressed? There are lots of "Buzz Lightyear pressed pennies" if possible, identify your coin by guide number. Use key words e.g. elongated, pressed, Disney, Disneyland, coin in the title if possible so the auction is easy for collectors to find. If it is a cent, please include whether it is a copper or zinc cent. Sometimes it is hard for a bidder to tell and it can make a big difference in what they might bid.

3.   A common time for higher value Disney elongated coin auctions to close is Sunday evening. If your auction closes then, many people will be awake, at home and not at school or work sleeping! Pressed Penny Sleepy Smiley Not to mention, the more Disney elongated coin auctions that are closing on the same evening, the more Disney elongated coin bidders are likely to be on-line. (Holidays, vacation times etc. are often not good times for auctions. Unless you are a buyer. Pressed Penny Smiley )

4.   Consider linking your auctions to ParkPennies.com. It’s free and can quickly introduce your auctions to the collectors that visit ParkPennies.com. Here's how add your auctions to the ParkPennies.com auctions page. Hey! This should have been number one! Pressed Penny Smiley

5.   List coins regularly. Avid bidders will start to look forward to your next offerings. Sometimes they will even bookmark your auctions. I do!

6.   Consider having your auction run for at least seven days. It gives people that check auctions only once a week a chance to find it and bid. It also gives people advance notice of when the auction will close so they can plan ahead and won’t miss the chance to place a closing bid to out bid me at the last second! Maybe this one should have been last? Pressed Penny Sad Smiley

7.   A solid reserve or opening bid price is often a good idea, especially for higher value coins. The higher the value coin, the fewer buyers. Auctions don’t last all that long. Maybe only one buyer will see your auction or bid. Could be he rightly thinks the coin is worth $300.00, but with a low opening bid and no reserve, his bid is going to be l-o-w. (High value coins, even when priced right, may need more than a week before the right collector sees the auction and meets your reserve or opening bid.)

8.   Everyone knows this one, so I listed it last. However, it is of course the most important. Sellers that treat their buyers well will benefit from word of mouth, which is very strong in the elongated coin hobby.

Additionally, here is the official eBay Selling Tips page.

Do you have other auctioning tips you’d like to share with fellow collectors? Please let us know.

Oh, before I forget, the folks at ParkPennies are always looking for "advanced" Disney elongated coins, collections, dealer stock and penny press related items to feature on the news page or add to our collections. So if you have something special or unique to offer, don’t be shy, contact us. We’d like to know about it.

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