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Cast Blast Expo 2005
"The Happiest Event On Earth"!

© 2005

cm0025l.gif As Cast Members will attest, there was no penny press machine at the event. However, a voucher booklet (Pictured below) was given to each Disneyland Cast Member that attended the March 1, 2005 Cast Blast Expo. Inside this booklet was a coupon, the key, to securing one of the custom pressed Cast Blast 2005 treasures. (All coins were pre-pressed on new zinc cents, no nickel or dime variations are known.) Sadly, this key was way out of the reach of many Advanced Collectors. However, let’s keep in mind, Cast Members have made possible all of the Disneyland pressed pennies collectors around the world love. So, isn’t it only fair for our friends at the park to have a coin specially issued to them?

(Boomer is saying that over and over to himself, but it ain’t helpin’ even a little bit! Pressed Penny Smiley ) Seriously, this is an excellent trading opportunity for us all.

Happy Collecting,


voucherbook.jpg - 46076 Bytes

One Very Nice Keepsake!

Cast Blast launched today, March 1, 2005 and unveiled the first of the long awaited Disneyland 50th Anniversary Magical Milestones pressed pennies. This exclusive Cast Member issue introduced the Disneyland 50th logo to elongated coin collectors and peaked their interest in the upcoming 50th Anniversary pressed penny series. The Cast Blast 2005 is a Cast Member coin that is destined to become a prized addition to most any Disneyland elongated coin collection.

Although this coin was available and issued only for a single day, distributed only to Cast Members and issued only one per event participant1, there is some good news for non Cast Member collectors. Seven thousand, five hundred of the special coins were pressed. That’s way more than previous Cast Member coins and it could, in time, offer a chance for many non Cast Member collectors to obtain one. So, don’t give up hope! Pressed Penny Smiley

1Note: Several sources have reported that coins not distributed at the event, were offered to Cast Members at the Team Center from 3/16/05 to 3/21/05.


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From the CM Cast Member and Special Event Reference Guide...

Zoom in on these Disneyland elongated coins and pressed pennies with a click. Retired Pressed Penny Guide No. CM0025 (Vertical image) CAST BLAST, Disneyland 50th Logo, HAPPIEST EVENT ON EARTH 2005, © DISNEY. Dot border, "e" for Eurolink Design Corporation replaces the dot nearest the center of the gripper slot.
Coins were only available at the Cast Blast Expo on 3/1/05. Only one coin was issued per each Cast Member’s coupon. A total of 7,500 coins were made to order by Eurolink all believed to be on uncirculated zinc cents. There was no penny press machine at the event.
Addition 3/16/05: Some of the remaining coins were distributed after the event at the Disney Team Center. Zoom or Compare in Window # 1 2 3
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