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1990s Pressed Penny Collecting Finds The Internet!
The USENET BBS Bulletin Board System

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With the hope of preserving some early internet posts, we've uploaded the early posts linked here. As time passes, some become prophetic others humorous, many of interest historically. We have only been able to save some of the mid-1990s USENET elongated coin discussion archives. If you have or can locate others, we would greatly appreciate your help in sharing them. Just send Boomer a note and we'll find a way to add them here.

Disneyland pressed penny history and collecting has been a passion of ours for many years. Today collectors can visit and email But, the hobby of collecting Disney elongated coins started even before the internet was popular. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, fellow collectors met at penny press machines, and Disneyana Shows and joined organizations like TEC to trade elongated coins and news. Then in the mid 1990s, the internet made it possible for elongated coin collectors to organize in a new way. Letters and phone calls gave way to emails. Information could be gathered, traded, and from that collaboration, Disneyland elongated coin guides started to take shape via spreadsheet files. In the late 1990s that early spreadsheet file, with the hope it could be easily shared and updated, became our first "web site". It was a five megabyte site hosted by ATT for "free" as part of our dial-up service. Two or three web sites and 15+ years later, here we are. :-)

Over time, early posts from some of the many early contributors started to disappear. Luckily, we had copies of some early posts from USENET and thought it prudent to upload them here so that they might give credit to the efforts of early members of "The [Email] List" and maybe bring back a bit of nostalgia. They mention the meetings or "meets" that were organized via "The List" and held at Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, PoFolks... Early "Elongated Coin Catalogs" were mailed (TXT)as many collectors didn't have internet access.

The USENET Elongate Coin Collectors' messages make for large files. So we have linked them one by one via the drop down box on each page:

Introduction to the nostalgic Elongated Coin USENET BBS Forums
Disney Pressed Penny History June 1997
Disney Pressed Penny History July 1997
Disney Pressed Penny History July 1997a
Disney Pressed Penny History July 1997b
Disney Pressed Penny History July 1997c
Disney Pressed Penny History Sept 1997
Disney Pressed Penny History Sept 1997a
Disney Pressed Penny History Oct 1997
Disney Pressed Penny History Oct 1997a
Disney Pressed Penny History Dec 1997
Disney Pressed Penny History Dec 1997a
Disney Pressed Penny History Jan 1998
Disney Pressed Penny History Feb 1998
Early Guide Related Letter to Disneyland Cast Member 1998
Early email Disney Pressed Penny Guide
Chris Aahz: The Internet Grows for Collectors 1997

The posts may also be searched via the search box at the top of the Disney Pressed Penny Home Page.
Please let us know if you have files to contribute.

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