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Coin Press Machine News & Tips

Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coins are a wonderful Disney souvenir collection. Because collectors in the USA may be facing a greater challenge given their distance from the park and probable language differences we have added "tips" to our news page. Information shared is based on the most welcome help from fellow collectors and is offered here on this news page as well as the ParkPennies Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides. We hope these tips and information shared here is of help to you in collecting and in enjoying these fun Disney collectibles. -For unfiltered news covering all the Disneyland Resort penny press machine news from around the word and more gossip :-) the ParkPennies "Pressed Pennies" The Elongated Coins of Disneyland home page is a good read.   Please contact us whenever you have a question, news to share, or a comment about HKDL Pressed Pennies. Happy Collecting, Boomer
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TIPS Unique to The Shanghai Disneyland Resort:

We often receive very welcome reports from ParkPennies visitors for fellow ParkPennies readers planning to visit SDR. Of course, most pressed coin collectors in the USA expect SDR will have some language and currencydifferences compared to the Disney Resorts in the USA. But, you can never be too prepared and there are some things mentioned here that surprised us... First, do keep in mind that Shanghai Disneyland machines use planchets, copper "slugs", not coins are are used in most all USA pressed coin machines. You don't need to bring coins to press. But, the machine are more costly at 100 yuan / CNY ~$1.50 each (with discounts for multiple purchases from a single machine). A single machine can, at the time of this writing, vend as many as 12 different designs. It will take a lot of CNY! So, be sure to plan ahead for payment options as mentioned below, currency types needed for the pressed coin machines may not be readily available at the resort.

Our thanks to Ralph X. for sharing his excellent Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coin machine tips. Ralph writes:
"Notes for SDL (Shanghai Disney): As an Chinese, I have some recommends here:

Please exchange some 10 RMB (CNY) PAPER MONEY before you enter the park. (paper only! no coins! no apple pay! no Ali pay!) Please do that in the banks. Because of these 4 designs machines only accept 10. The 8 designs machine can accept 10, 20 & 50. But no charge. 12 designs machine accept 100. Yes, you can exchange in the store. But usually, they haven't enough 10 RMB brand new paper money for you.
These 8 designs machine accept 'full collect' by only 70 RMB. Which means you can save 10. And 12 Chinese Zodiac machine allow you pay 100 RMB for 12 designs full collect, that means you save 20 RMB. So, at least, and totally, fully collect all the designs, you need 1 of 100, 5 of 50, 5 of 20, and 24 of 10 paper money!
Please prepare a little more 10 RMB. Because of the 8 & 12 machines press the designs not very well by 'full collect' (especially the 12-Chinese Zodiac). And these machines different with U.S.A. that you can choose nice & clean pennies. Those machines will provide the base tokens by themselves. So, you may met some ugly pennies. (my friend met 2 pieces with rust.) Do not use too old money, or broken money, or foreign money! I beg you! New money much more better. Otherwise the machines will damaged easily. As my experience, seems these machines' money check system didn't program very well. And these machines repaired very slowly. I wait at the Star Wars store half day, and no one try to repair. The employees told me, someone insert foreign money, so, it didn't work, cannot insert any money now. So, I failed collect all of them in 1 day. I'll try Star Wars again in the future.
The hotels outside of the park, so, if you missed these 2 machines, you can by metro subway line #11 and get them again. Took the maps at front door, the machines' location already show on it."

ParkPennies added: Several fellow collectors have reported since the SDR Resort first opened that occasionally the new style automated coin press machines were out of order and / or coins were rolling short, missing part of the design image... If you have an issue with a machine while at the resort, please report it to a Cast Member. They may be able to help.

Ralph added on 9/19/2017: "IMPORTANT!!! BECAUSE OF the Shanghai Disney accept WeChat payment. So, Chinese now using online pay now! That means, The Disney will get less paper money than last year from Chinese tourists. That will be much more harder to exchange paper money for Overseas tourists! DON’T FORGET change enough 50, 20, & 10 CNY before enter the park! (That is a bank: ICBC in the town, try it!)"

If you if have SDR pressed coin news, tips or observations to share with fellow collectors as Ralph has, please email Boomer.

Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin News
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Greetings! Because of (y)our interest as well as the increasing interest by the Shanghai Disney Resort in pressed coins, we feel a SDR news page is in order. So we have added this ONLY Shanghai Disneyland News Page to the existing ParkPennies Disneyland USA+ - TDR Tokyo - HKDL Hong Kong and DLRP Paris news pages. Combined news, for all resorts including SDR will be, as always, on the ParkPennies, Disneyland USA, Home Page.

7/01/2021 Our thanks to Alex L., the longtime Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland pressed coin collector as well as ParkPennies contributor, for his most welcome help today. Recently, we (okay it was me, Boomer) added guide numbers for the identification of pressed coins issued since the grand opening of The Shanghai Disneyland Resort. All coins were given prefixes of "SDR". However, Alex alerted us to the fact that some of the coins were actually issued within the gates of Shanghai Disneyland (SDL) not outside the gates on Shanghai Disneyland Resort (SDR) property. The affected guide numbers have been corrected. My apologies. Happy collecting, Boomer

7/06/2021 Our thanks again to Alex L., the longtime Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland pressed coin collector for his update today. Alex reports that Shanghai Disneyland's World of Disney Store has changed four coins in each of two eight coin machines. The new coins are themed for Shanghai Disneyland's 5th Anniversary. We hope to have marquee pictures / scans added to the ParkPennies Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide soon. Happy collecting, Boomer.

New Shanghai Disneyland Resort Magic Medallions for January 2020!1/08/20 Jimmy in Hong Kong reports four new coins at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort! Happy collecting! Boomer.

12/15/19 Our thanks to Ralph X. and Jimmy in Hong Kong for reporting several new Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed souvenir vending machines ("Penny" Presses). Looks like this has been a busy month for SDR collectors! Please see the SDR Shanghai Disneyland Resort Pressed Souvenirs News Page for details. Happy collecting, Boomer

New 12-Play Souvenir Vending Machine at SDR reported  December of 201912/15/19 Our thanks to Jimmy in Hong Kong who just reported a new 12-play pressed souvenir vending machine (Penny Press) at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Looks like this has been a busy month for SDR presses! View the new SDR machine marquee images in the SDR Guide. Jimmy also shared a picture. (Small image shown, click for larger image.) Happy collecting, Boomer

12/09/19 Our thanks to Ralph X., who again shared a most welcome update for the pressed souvenir vending machines at the SDR. Ralph reports that two machines were updated at the World of Disney, Disneytown, Shanghai Disney Resort. (Four new coins in each of the two eight-play machines, eight coins in total.) Plus these two World of Disney machines plus one machine at Intergalactic Imports, Tomorrowland, Shanghai Disneyland now vend GOLD colored "pennies" instead of the copper ones. Ralph also has shared images of the new SDR machine marquees.

11/19/2019 We haven't forgotten the SDR. We just haven't heard much news lately. The machines are, as longtime collectors know, automated and supply planchets / slugs from internal hoppers to be pressed. Collector interest has been low. However, the designs are very nice. It would be wonderful to see traditional coin presses in Shanghai. Sadly, in many amusement park locations it isn't possible to have coin presses that really press coins and in other locations, profit or simplicity seem to have become more important than nostalgia, show or guest experience. You may have noticed that of the many Disneyland Resort locations, most all are or have gone fully or in part to planchets / slugs in place of pressing your own penny, nickel, dime, or quarter except for the Original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim which coincidentally was also the home of the very first Disney pressed coins.

New Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coins November 8, 2018.11/07/2018 Our thanks to Jimmy in Hong Kong for reporting a new set of three Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coins. These pressed planchets are "vended" from a machine that has eight different designs. If you are a collector of these coins, please also see (y)our Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin News page. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Coin Press Marquee. Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coins. Reported 8-12-20188/12/18 Our thanks to Jimmy in Hong Kong for reporting the latest new coins at The Shanghai Disneyland Resort! And sharing a marquee picture too! As you can see in his marquee image, three retiring 1st Anniversary pressed coins were replaced by three new coin designs. (Note: Because the ring dies used in these machines hold four dies each, we think the "carry-over" castle may be a fourth new coin. It may be a variation of the castle that was offered with the 1st Anniversary set as well as the castle that preceded the 1st Anniversary set.) Collecting coins from the SDR? Here is a link to ParkPennies pages dedicated to Shanghai Disneyland Guides and Shanghai Disneyland Resort News. Happy collecting, Boomer.

5/13/18 Our thanks to Fellow Collector Ralph X. in China who just sent a great Shanghai Disneyland pressed coin machine update! Ralph writes: " Hello! It’s me again! The Ralph X. in Shanghai local. Today I visited SDR again. And give you a report. IN THE PARK. Most machines are still alive. I’m very happy that a lot of kids are playing it. So that means, the machine will die soon! Ahahahahaha! BUT the Star war zone is closed, I don’t know what’s really going on. Canceled or just closed for a while. So, I didn’t check this area. Yep, the new Toy Story zone have one 4 coin machine. Die cast machine. AL’s toy store. (Just one big store at there.) Same as photo: Toy Story Pressed Coin Marquee.
Then! Confirm this photo of The Mickey and Friends Coin Press Marquee.
It’s a die cast machine also. But this one is really strange. It’s a “hidden” machine. It didn’t located on the park map. (The paper map already update with the toy story zone, that zone should be open later than this machine was found.) Don’t like the others, no lights. You will think does it still work?. It’s at the exit of the Avenue M Arcade. Everyone should see it after check out and exit. BUT! If you don’t want to buy anything, you will find a remark near it: EXIT ONLY, DO NOT ENTER FROM HERE. DON’T confuse, just get in and use that machine. NO ONE WILL STOP YOU. Confirm 3 pennies are new. But the castle same as before SDL 1604.
Next, retired ones:
The 1 year Anniversary pennies are all retired. You cannot find any more.
Then, the 8 coin pennies located at World of Disney retired (in last year, 3 pennies retired and changed to 1 year anniversary pennies, but now, all retired).
Instead of them, is this machine, picture of New Eight Pressed Coin Machine Marquee:
So, now, all the problems resolved. : )
The book. Now have a new red book. 4 sheets like old blue one. The blue one seems still on sale. My wife told me saw it. But I didn’t. So, don’t retire it now."
Thank you again Ralph for sharing this excellent Shanghai Disneyland Resort update! Happy collecting, Boomer.

4/1/2018 No, it's not an April Fools joke! :-) Boomer really did add all the new Shanghai Disneyland coin press machine marquees to the bottom of the Shanghai Disneyland Opening Day Pressed Coins Guide! We hope the marquee images will help share images of the latest Shanghai Disney pressed coins. Marquees / new coin machines are added as they are shared with us. Some, if not most of these new machine designs, replace older designs that were in the same park locations. There are some really nicely themed, engraved, and designed coins in this collection. Enjoy! Happy collecting, Boomer.

New Shanghai Disneyland Resort pressed coins new for February 2018.2/2018 Eight new coins reported: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Sully & Mike, Baby Winnie & Tigger, Baby Minnie with Tea Pot, Baby Mickey & Pluto. We have added this image to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide page.

Shanghai Disneyland Pressed Coin Collection New coins for December 201712/2017 Four new coins reported at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort: Mickey , Goofy & Friends , Mulan, Carry-Over Castle. We have added this image to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide page.

Shanghai Disneyland First Anniversary Pressed Coin Set2017:
Both the Shanghai Disneyland Downtown World of Disney Store and the Disneyland Hotel have changed the A, B, C, and D selections offered on their eight play penny presses. The new selections feature seven new 1st Anniversary themed coins and one carry over castle image. We have added this image to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort Pressed Coin Guide page.











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