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The Disneyland Resort Paris or "Euro Disney" elongated coins have, so far, made for a very limited collection. Collecting them, can be a rewarding challenge... As of 2014, the only pressed coins listed in the ParkPennies DLRP Pressed Coin Guide are from the now retired Disney's Sequoia Lodge Hotel penny press machines, which pressed US cents, and from the Rain Forest Cafe coin press machines, which press euro coins or planchets. Although it's the smallest Disney elongated coin collection, it represents the first elongated coins offered at this Disney resort, if not the only. As such, this "pressed penny" souvenir collection is of great interest to many Disney pressed penny collectors. We hope you will find the information shared here by fellow elongated coin collectors of interest. -For unfiltered news covering all the Disneyland Resort penny press machine news from around the word and more gossip :-) the ParkPennies "Pressed Pennies" The Elongated Coins of Disneyland home page is a good read.  Please contact us whenever you have a question, news, or a comment about DLRP Pressed Pennies.       
Happy Collecting, Boomer
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Disneyland Paris Pressed Coin News
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05/17/2023 ZZZzzzzZzz No new coins reported in over 5 years. However, medallions are plentiful. Happy collecting, Boomer.

04/12/18 Our thanks to fellow collectors, C & D Neal who have very generously shared an update to their Disneyland Resort Paris Medallion Notes.

02/26/18 Our thanks to C. Neal for sharing his Disneyland Resort Paris Medallion Notes. His notes were compiled while visiting the Disneyland Resort Paris as well as from his years of collecting and share some additional, unpublished medallion variations.

2/13/18 Our thanks to Dee D. who just shared a PDF listing of DLRP Medallions from Dee adds that "Although this does not tell the whole story, what with many different reverses, this pic has all the "medailles" issued to date." I think both this PDF and the web site will be a great help to DLRP Medallion Collectors. Happy collecting, Boomer.

6/27/2017 Greg K. just sent a most welcome message to Greg writes: "Just got back from Disneyland Paris (6/26/17). The info you had on the "medallions" helped a lot. Just an update ... 8 of the coins / medallions are now at the Stroller Rental. The other 2 are at the Santa Fe Hotel and Star Trader (the shop outside Star Tours). There are a few machines in the "Arcades" along side Main Street, but not all of them (so the Stroller Rental is easier). There are no medallions at Disney Studios." Our thanks to Greg for this update. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Disneyland Resort Paris Medallion Machine Photo10/04/2016 The well known elongated coin collector, Sandy M., kindly shared her findings while at the Disneyland Resort Paris. Sandy reports that the two known Rain Forest Cafe coin press machines are still on site and no other coin press machines could be found at the resort. However, collectable medallions have become very popular at Mickey's Paris home. Sandy offers some great tips for collecting these souvenirs as she writes from Paris: "Okay, here's what I found out. Each machine contains one medallion. Drop in two Euros (one 2E coin or two 1E coins) and the medallion drops out. Your traveling companions will like this development as it's much faster than elongating coins. The machines are in six locations. And I think there are 10 designs total, two of which I didn't get. The designs overlap machines and since they are all minted by Monnaie de Paris, you can probably be assured that there are no slight differences in designs between machines.

Disney Village, 5 machines (see photo), on the right hand side of the street as you approach the plaza between the parks.
1) Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, "STAR TOURS, Disneyland PARIS"
2) Mickey as Sorcerer's Apprentice, "2016, Disneyland PARIS"
4) Mickey and Eiffel Tower, "Disneyland PARIS"
5) Mickey and Castle, "Disneyland PARIS"

Disneyland Park, Disneyland Railroad underpass (where you pick up park maps). There are two machines at each end of the underpass (two at the City Hall end on the left, two by the stroller rental end on the right).
1) Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, "STAR TOURS, Disneyland PARIS"
2) Mickey and Castle, "Disneyland PARIS"
3) Mickey and Eiffel Tower, "Disneyland PARIS"
4) Pirate Skull and Crossed Swords, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Disneyland PARIS"

Disneyland Park, Discovery Arcade (runs behind the Boardwalk Candy shops on the right side of Main Street)
1) sadly, I didn't write it down or take a picture but it was a repeat of another machine
2) sadly, I didn't write it down or take a picture but it was a repeat of another machine

Disneyland Park, Liberty Arcade (runs behind the Emporium shops on the left side of Main Street)
1) Pirate Skull and Crossed Swords, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, Disneyland PARIS"
2) Buzz Lightyear, "DISCOVERYLAND, Disneyland RESORT PARIS"

Disney Studios,Studio Hall, outside Hollywood and Vine gift shop

Santa Fe Hotel, outside the gift shop
1) Lightning McQueen, "LIGHTYEAR, Disney/PIXAR Cars 2, Disneyland PARIS"

Now, here's the thing. Every cast member you ask will tell you, "Go to stroller rental, all the medallions are there!" And you will go to stroller rental and walk all over the place and find no machines at all. You will think, they must have been talking about the machines in the railroad underpass. Then you will come across a cast member who will tell you to go to Frontierland and Fantasyland for the "cowboy" and "princess" medallions. And you will go, and there will be no machines at all in either of those places. And then you will ask yet another cast member, what is up with you guys sending me to all these places that do not have machines? And he will walk you back to stroller rental and say something in French to the cashier, who will go into a back room and return with one of each of the medallions. "The machines," he'll say, "they break down. So, we sell all of the medallions also from shops. Which ones would you like?" And you will weep softly. But stroller rental will be sold out of one or more of the ones you're missing. So you will buy what you can there and then you walk back to Frontierland and ask the cashier there if they have any medallions in the back room. You will buy what you can there. Then you will walk over to Fantasyland and discover that it is closing early because of the light show. You will go back to the hotel and find an eBay listing from last year that includes an Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (probably the "cowboy") and a Minnie on Lancelot's Carousel (probably the "princess'), and you'll realize you're still missing two.


Our thanks to Sandy for searching the park for pressed coins and for sharing the fun medallion collectables at the Disneyland Paris Parks. There may not be a good location map for pressed coins or medallions at DLRP. But, thanks to Sandy, we have them here. :-) Related: Disneyland Paris Souvenir Medallion Collection Happy collecting, Boomer.

06/10/2016 DLRP Update: Our thanks to Paige B. who just sent a most welcome message to They wrote: "6-9 June 2016 : just back from Disneyland Paris. Rainforest Cafe is the ONLY place still offering Euro 5 cent coins, 2 machines and only one works. We didn't ask, but there were none on display at the Sequoia Lodge Hotel where we stayed..." If you spot any new machines at the Disneyland Resort Paris, please contact us to share the news. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

At last an update! :-) Fellow Disney elongated coin collector, Raven Silvers, kindly shared their most welcome Disneyland Resort Paris findings. They wrote: "Hi Boomer! Just got back from Disneyland Paris in mid-May 2015, and I'm sad to report that there are no more pressed penny machines in either DLP or Walt Disney Studios. I asked multiple cast members in both parks, and they just don't have them anymore ): I didn't get a chance to check out the hotels, but I doubt there are any left. They've been replaced with souvenir medallion machines, which cost 2 Euros each and feature Disney characters. The only pressed penny machine I found in Disney Paris, was in the Rainforest Cafe at the Disney Village. The designs were generic Rainforest Cafe. I was really disappointed. Hopefully they'll bring them back someday! ): ~ Raven"
We were very happy to receive a first hand report like Raven's. But, sad to hear that there are still no penny presses to be found inside the park. Thankfully, at least the good folks at the Rain Forest Cafe have a machine. If you'd like to share your DLRP finds, just email Boomer. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

5/20/2013 We have not forgotten Disneyland Paris. But, sadly, there have been no new elongated coins reported since our last listing. If you are visiting the Paris Disneyland Resort, do stop by the Rain Forest Cafe, they have penny press machines per our Disneyland Paris Elongated Coin Guides. Past posts state that the Rain Forest Cafe coin press machines now accept both Euro coins and location supplied planchets which may be acquired from the cashier. Do email Boomer if you spot a new machine at Disneyland Paris.

01/25/12 Our thanks to Marla B. for emailing to share pictures of her recent pressed penny search at Disneyland Paris. Marla found no new pressed penny machines. However, the Rain Forest Cafe machines are still available and now offer souvenir collectors the option of pressing RFC furnished planchets as well as five Euro coins!

Current Rain Forest Cafe Elongated Souvenirs

RFC pressed coins top row planchets, bottom row pressed on Euro coins
Pressed coins from the Rain Forest Cafe,
Disneyland Paris Resort.
Top row: Souvenirs pressed on RFC furnished planchets. Bottom row: Souvenirs pressed on Euro coins.

Image courtesy of Marla B.
RFC Disneyland Paris pressed coins and pins
Pressed coins and pins from
The Disneyland Resort Paris.

Image courtesy of Marla B.

03/15/11 Still no news to report... ZZZzzzzZZzzz sleepy penny

09/23/10 No changes or additions of elongated coins at the Disneyland Paris Resort reported. Only the on property Rainforest Cafe is known to offer elongated coins.

07/20/09 Chuck and Dolores N., the well known Disney elongated coin collectors, visited the Disneyland Resort Paris again this month. They reported that there are still no elongated coins in the park. However, the elongated coins at the Rainforest Cafe are still available and unchanged since their last visit in July of 2007.

09/23/08 Still no new coins to report. The Rain Forest Cafe is the only location offering pressed coins (Euro coins) in the DLRP. If / when we have an update we will post it here. Given the lack of coins and news, there just isn't much to post. Do check out the Rain Forest Cafe elongated coin collection from the DLRP. It's a must have for RFC pressed penny collectors.

06/17/08 With Monday's mail, we once again caught up with visitor free pressed coin requests and look forward to more. If your SASE was mailed to us over the past week, it's back on the way to you with a "priceless" elongated coin. happy pressed penny If you have friends that might like a DW0028 coin for their collections, please do share a link to the free elongated coin offer with them.

05/05/08 We haven't forgotten Disneyland Paris! But, there just has been no news to report. We believe the Rainforest Cafe machines are still unchanged and the only coin presses on property. If you have news to report, please contact Boomer.

07/29/07 Good news to report! Chuck N., the well known Disneyland elongated coin collector, just returned from DLRP. He spent several days searching the Disneyland Resort, Paris, adjacent Disney Village and hotels looking for elongated coins. His report confirms that the Sequoia Lodge Hotel machines, which pressed United States cents are gone. However, the two four-play Rain Forest Cafe hand crank machines are still on site. Chuck also agreed to shared the pictures below with readers. Based on the pictures and report, we have corrected the DLRP elongated coin guide numbers to reflect the machine "crank" coin order.

Disneyland Resort Paris (RFC) Penny Press Machines
Elongated coin machine, Disneyland Resort Paris Chuck pressing coins at Disneyland Resort Paris Rainforest Cafe RFC elongated coin machine, DLRP

Well known Disney elongated coin collector, Chuck N., at the Rainforest Cafe. Our thanks for the report and pictures!

02/22/07 We are still listening. No news from Paris. Do contact us if you have anything to add.

12/29/06 We’ve heard nothing new from DLRP. If you have a coin that hasn’t been listed in the DLRP guide or other news to share we’re all ears!

8/20/06 If you've been waiting for news about Disneyland Paris elongated coins... we just added four more Rainforest Cafe issues! The Disneyland Resort Paris elongated coin guide is now updated with these great coins. Our thanks to Victor for sharing them with fellow elongated coin collectors.

Pressed Penny Smiley
8/15/06 Because of the help from a very nice person, we hope to have a few more coins for the DLRP guide soon. Check back for this welcome update soon.

6/26/06 Avid collector Dee D. reports that there may be eight coins at the Rainforest Cafe!

6/15/06 We have just added a Disneyland Resort Paris elongated coin guide and thumbnail image page. So far we have listed ten coins, six pressed pennies (US Cents) and four pressed Euro coins. However, this guide is not yet definitive.
ParkPennies hopes to complete the DLRP elongated coin guide soon, but, Boomer’s 1982 Volvo is way too tired to make it all the way from Anaheim to Paris and back. (Not to mention poor Boomer himself! smilycrzy.gif - 725 Bytes) If you are going to visit DLRP, your help would be most welcome. We can be contacted here and would love to hear from you.
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