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The DN0005-DL0006 Disneyland
Country Bear Pressed Penny Elongated Coins
© 2007 ParkPennies

DN0005 vs. DL0006 Country Bear Disney Pressed Penny elongated coin comparison

The DN0005 and DL0006 Disneyland Elongated Coins

Don't the arrows look a bit like an archer with a bad aim was after that poor bear? Well, from what we have seen, it's a bear many collectors are aiming for. The DL0006 is hard to find in a nice full roll copper. The DN0005 is just plain hard to find. If you have either one, you have a very nice addition to your collection. But, these coins can be difficult to attribute even when holding the actual coins side by side. We hope that these enlarged pictures will help.

Although the gripper or start bar is an easy feature to use for comparison, there may be DL0006 coins with sharp, unmodified grips like the DN0005. The extreme high relief of the DN0005 "D" is probably a safer marker.

To view guide entries with more information about these coins, please see: DL Disneyland Park Pressed Penny Guide Section 1 and DN Disneyland Neverland Elongated Coins Guide . (Excepts below)
Zoom in on these Disneyland elongated coins and pressed pennies with a click. Pressed Penny Guide No. DN0005
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(Horizontal pressed penny image) DISNEYLAND ® with heavy "D" BEAR COUNTRY, small bear holding double outlined guitar, © DISNEY, dot border, clean sharp grip slot. See also DL0002, DL0006 and our comparison page. Many small differences make this a hard coin to spot. Key is the double outlined guitar which is mostly solid on the DL0006. Due to the very few examples of DN0005 and the lack of on stage documentation it is thought that this coin was never on-stage.
Picture of Disneyland Pressed penny or pennies, elongated coinsPressed Penny Guide No. DL0006
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(Horizontal pressed penny image) DISNEYLAND ® BEAR COUNTRY, Big Al playing guitar, outlined bear, small image, © DISNEY. See also DL0002, DN0005 and our comparison page. Estimated on-stage October 1989.
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