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The DL0397-DL0403 Disneyland ® Pressed Penny
Reverse Detail Image

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The Sword in the Stone Pressed Penny Sets

The Sword in the Stone set of pressed penny images are on two sets of coins. The original set (DL0396-398) was first on-stage January 19, 2007 and off-stage not long after on February 7th, 2007. The penny press machine dies returned with updated stampbacks on February 9, 2007 making a different set of coins (DL0402-404). Merlin the Magician coins, the DL0396 and DL0402, are the easiest stampbacks of the set to identify. The original, DL0396 stampback, reads "Merlyn" with an open second "R" of "RESORT". The updated, DL0402 stampback, reads "Merlin" and has a filled-in or closed center in the second "R" of "RESORT".

The DL0396 reverse change necessitated replacement of the DL0397 and DL0398 stampbacks at the same time. However, the changes made to the other two reverse images are much harder to spot. The easiest way for my old eyes to tell them apart is the small difference in the second "R" of RESORT. The early stampbacks, DL0396, DL0397 and DL0398, have an open "R" compared to the filled-in or closed "R" seen in the updated stampbacks, DL0402, DL0403 and DL0404.

We hope that the detail images of the DL0396 / DL0402, DL0397 / DL0403 and DL0398 / DL0404 will help you in identifying the coins you have or need.

To view guide entries with more information about these coins, please see: DL Disneyland Park Pressed Penny Guide Section 8 and DL Disneyland Park Pressed Penny Guide Section 9

You know, "Merlyn" cleared my spell check and I would have let it go. But, Disney is particular about such things. Pressed Penny Smiley

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