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How to Describe and Identify Disneyland Pressed Coins

Which Disney Pressed Coin Do I have? Identifying Disney pressed coins or "attributing Disney themed elongated coins" as advanced collectors may say, can be challenging. After all, there are thousands of them and many share similar designs. However, most of the work has already been done for you by fellow collectors. The ParkPennies Disney pressed coin guides you'll find here were compiled for publication by collectors and for collectors starting back the 1990s. Today, just as then, the guides make Disney pressed coins easily identifiable for labeling, cataloging, purchase, sale or trade. Yes, there is a unique, public, Disney pressed coin guide number assigned to each of the 1000s of Disneyland Resort USA, as well as many overseas Disneyland Resort coins.

Here is how to identify a Disney pressed coin in your collection or a coin you wish to add to your collection, by guide number. Carefully chose key words, a partial image description, guide number etc. and enter it in the Google search box above. Select "images". Potential matches for your coin will be listed, one should be exact. If you don't see an exact match, keep looking... it's there! Probably. :-) Once you have the guide number of the coin you seek, you have the link to an internet reference guide image, description and brief history for sharing and searching. To complete your description, be sure to add the coin type, a cent (copper or zinc), nickel, dime or quarter and condition... done!

Courtesy Coin Identifications: Most coins that are submitted to us for a courtesy identification are unsurprisingly among the most difficult of all Disney elongated coins to attribute. Often they require comparison with known examples under strong magnification for a positive match, which is often difficult to arrange. However without it, we still can give our opinion of what a coin "appears to be" based the images provided to us. Of course an "Appears to be" isn't a positive identification nor can it later be stated as such. But, if all you need is just a courtesy coin evaluation via email to help you with your own attribution of a coin, no problem. All we need are two 1200dpi or higher scans of the subject coin; one oriented horizontally and one oriented vertically. (Some multi-function printers can do that.) If a suitable scanner is not available, a few close-up / macro camera images may work. Email them to us and we'll reply with an image link and guide number for a coin we feel you should carefully compare, under magnification if necessary, to the coin you have at hand. Chances are you'll have found a match. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Fellow collectors can now look up the coin you have or want via guide number here on the 'net or their condensed Excel version of the online Disneyland pressed coins guide.

Happy collecting, The Folks at

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