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Pressed Penny Jewelry


Pressed Penny Jewelry, Fun!

It's great to see more pressed penny jewelry on the 'net nowadays. Years ago, we might see a single pressed coin on a necklace or a special pressed coin on a key chain as a fun souvenir now and then. Maybe we'd see a pressed coin given as a Disneyland Cast Member award or gift once in a great while. But, today, a Google search will reveal a wide range of interesting "pressed penny jewelry", from fun to fancy. On this page some special "pressed penny" bracelets that I thought would be of interest to fellow Disney pressed coin collectors. One is made with copper pressed pennies on a copper bracelet and the other with silver planchets that were pressed at Disneyland Park on a silver Mickey bracelet. In my humble opinion, they great examples of the art, were definitely designed by fellow "Advanced Collectors", and look great. I hope these bracelets will be motivation for you to design a bracelet of your own with a theme special to you or to someone special to you. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Sterling silver pressed penny bracelet, life journey.
Memories Silver Pressed Penny Bracelet

The formal silver bracelet above is a chronological journey or collection of Disneyland memories presented as a gift to one very special Disney Pressed Coin Fan. The Mickey bracelet starts the storyline with a "Let the Memories Begin" Mickey Mouse pressed penny and follows with pressed souvenirs representing some of the wearer's earliest memories of Disneyland with their family. Each memory memorialized on a pressed souvenir inviting the wearer to make more memories! (View the reverse images or stampbacks of the pressed coins.)

Sterling silver pressed penny bracelet, The Lands of Disneyland.
Lands Set Silver Pressed Penny Bracelet

This fun "Lands Set" charm bracelet is also made of silver "pressed coins". The theme is fun places at the Disneyland Resort, often called the "Lands Set" because each of the nine pressed coins represents one of the nine classic Disneyland lands. The Mickey bracelet is meant to call the wearer back to visit again soon. Copper pressed pennies can be plated in gold, silver, nickel... Be sure to use solid copper pre 1982 cents.

Copper pressed penny bracelet fun jewelry.
Image courtesy of

This whimsical copper bracelet above is a generous collection of fun pressed penny souvenirs from many adventures, locations, and attractions including... Disney. :-) They are secured to an excellent matching copper and brass bracelet. I think this is an great example of a way to display and share a collection of treasured pressed coins you might have from travels, holidays... and is a reminder to maybe add one more now and then? See this bracelet and other great jewelry and craft ideas at

Disney Sterling Silver Spoon Rings!

"Opening Day" Souvenirs with a New Life
Disneyland Castle Spoon Rings Demitasse and Five O'Clock Sizes Standard and Spiral Styles
Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle rings
demitasse and larger five o'clock shown
with standard and spiral styles.

Disneyland Castle Spoon Rings Demitasse and Five O'Clock Sizes Standard and Spiral Styles (Shank side view)

Nostalgic Disney silver spoon rings. Maybe you've seen one of these bits of Disney history on someone's hand? From the opening days of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, sterling silver souvenir spoons are finding a new life. Read about them in
Our Disney Souvenir Spoon Rings Guide

Disney Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons and Rings
Disneyland Souvenir Spoons
Our Guide & Images

Check back soon for more fun pressed coin jewelry! Happy Collecting, Boomer.

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