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DN-R Neverland Prototype
Pressed Penny Reverses or Reverses (Very Scarce)

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Early Prototype Reverse On An Early DL0251 Steel Cent!

DN-R-DL0251sc Prototype Reverse or BacksatmpThis pressed penny prototype backstamp or reverse guide features examples of Disneyland Neverland "stampbacks", "reverses" or "mules". These are "prototype" reverses that were never offered to the public. Most examples are early experimental art and design. To the side of this article is a DL0251 Main Street USA elongated coin, the world's first Disney elongated coin to offer a reverse. However, the example shown is not at all like the reverse that was ultimately offered to Disneyland elongated coin collectors. And it was pressed on a steel cent, instead of the nickel coin that was ultimately the denomination offered publicly. Possibly, before its release, the machine was scheduled as a penny press? All conjecture, but, fun to wonder what place the prototype elongated coins and prototype stampbacks have in the history and development of the first pressed pennies and stampbacks at any Disney park.

DISNEYLAND no ® DL0251 Neverland REVERSE (inverted) in a "dot matrix" style of print; repeated four times. Steel cent variation of DL0251 shown. Image courtesy of the N. Wooten Collection. In keeping with the Disney tradition of providing a better quality souvenir, in 2004, Disneyland introduced the DL0251 back stamped nickel. With this introduction, Disneyland became the first Disney Park to ever offer two sided elongated coins, also known as "Mules". This coin appears to be evidence of early experiments with varied "back dies", "back shafts" or "stampback" engravings with its DL0251DNR reverse. Given the obverse design was onstage and that the reverse had never been onstage, it qualified for listing here as a prototype reverse. DISNEYLAND No ® DL0251 Neverland REVERSE Zoom or Compare in window # 1   2   3     Yes, better image needed.

Zoom in on these Disneyland prototype elongated coins and pressed pennies with a click.DL0251sc Steel Cent Main Street USA Pressed Penny with never onstage reverse DL0251 Vertical prototype elongated coin image. [Obverse] DISNEYLAND ® , Nifty Nineties Mickey Mouse and Minnie, full length, standing behind logo, MAIN STREET U.S.A., © DISNEY. Image is cent-size. Steel cent (sc) variation shown copper examples are known. Image courtesy of the N. Wooten Collection In keeping with the Disney tradition of providing a better quality souvenir, in 2004, Disneyland was the first Disney park to introduce stampbacks. The DL0251 was the first on-stage die to be matched to a reverse. This particular DL0251 appears to be evidence of early "back die" experiments with its unusual DL0251DNR Disneyland Neverland reverse. Larger prototype elongated coin image in frame or window # 1   2   3

60th Anniversary Prototype Reverse

Prototype Disneyland Resort  60th Anniversary  ReverseThe Disneyland 60th Anniversary pressed coins were a big hit. The Disneyland website promoted them heavily and many publicity shots were shared. Of interest, early images showed the reverse to the left, with the bottom of the "D" above the dotted border. Onstage Disneyland Resort 60th Anniversary  ReverseLater images and the actual coins featured the bottom of the "D" in the dot border. Both coins shown here are pressed quarters. Given the obverse design was onstage and that the reverse had never been onstage, it qualified for listing here as a prototype reverse. My apologies for the small images. We are hopeful that larger images will be found. Here is a larger image comparison of the Disneyland 60th onstage and early / prototype reverses. If you have an image to share, please contact us.

The Critter Country Prototype Reverse

Scarce Prototype No ® Critter Country Disney Resort  Reverse.The Critter Country reverse pictured here is otherwise much like the DL0553-555 / DL0562-564 reverse pictured at the right sans the no "Disneyland ® RESORT" bottom line engraving. Reported to ParkPennies in 2021, years after its probable creation in late 2013 and Onstage DL0553-555 and DL0562-564 Critter Country  Reverses.only known as a DL0553-555 reverse to date. Reportedly the coin had been acquired as part of a box lot of unorganized pressed coins and related items offered for sale from a garage in Southern California. When I first saw this unusual reverse it reminded me of the scarce DL0468-470 Pirates of the Caribbean pressed coin stampback. Given the obverse design was onstage and that the reverse had never been onstage, it qualified for listing here as a prototype stampback.

The Prototype / Error DS0008 Reverse

Electro Mechanical 2005 pressed nickelDN-R-DS0008r Electro Mechanical Mickey 2005 Never Issued Reverse. DS0008DNr Horizontal pressed nickel backstamp or reverse. MERRY CHRISTMAS in script, KEN, GEORGE, EVERETT, KATHIE, GLENN, ROB, BOYD, DAVID, JEFF, RODELIO, LAURA, DANNY, STEPH, ROGER in animation block typeface, FROM ALL OF US.
Note: This elongated coin die combination, obverse / reverse, is listed as a prototype vs. test roll / Neverland reverse because the coin would have been issued as engraved if not for the needed last minute addition of names. We do not feel this reverse was experimental, a test, or a "progressive pressing". View updated DS0008DNr reverse including Mike and Rod.
NOTE: Please do not view this guide as complete. Prototype coins are few and far between, often not discovered by collectors until long after their creation. If you have one not listed, please contact us. We'd love to credit your find and add its image to this guide.
NOTE: You may have noticed that because reverse "dies" and coin dies are different in many ways, they are treated differently here at ParkPennies. Guides confirm that unlike coin dies, reverse “dies” often share a single design / artwork "type" pressed onto the reverse of many different elongated coins. When these reverse "dies" are compared to others of the same design "type", often there are slight differences as each is etched or engraved individually. To mix things up even more, it is possible for a set of three nearly identical reverse "dies" engraved on a back shaft and paired with particular coin dies, to be accidentally or intentionally rotated when the penny press mechanism is serviced or repaired. And even more permutations are introduced if a replacement back shaft is installed with facsimiles of the original reverse engravings. Lastly, reverse engravings are also prone to change in appearance over time as they wear, "sink" etc., which can add variations to the same back stamp engravings over time. As you can see, these reverse characteristics could make for a lot of “different” stampbacks of the same design "type". Therefore, our guide attributions give small design variations or changes less weight when observed in reverse "dies" vs. obverse coin dies. A good example would be the many 50th Anniversary stampbacks. There are as many individual reverse "dies" or engravings as there are coins in the 50th set, each with slight variances in placement, depth, and texture. Yet all share the same artwork / design, i.e. without intentional differences in design, and are considered one “generic type” for the purposes of listing in this guide.

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