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Introduction to DN Disneyland Neverlands
Prototype Pressed Coins

Patterns & Prototypes Often Extremely Scarce
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Scarce Disneyland prototype pressed coins are, in my opinion, the most challenging and most fun elongated coins to collect in the world of Disney pressed coins. They offer both cool bits of Disney trivia and interesting behind the scenes history. Not to mention they include some of the most valuable Disney elongated coins on Earth.

There are good reasons why there is an ever growing interest in Disneyland "Prototype" pressed coins and why they have held super-star status for so long. Matter of fact, as many Advanced Collectors of Disneyana elongated coins will attest, Disney prototype pressed coins seem to be getting both more popular and scarcer day by day. All in spite of the fact that they're often not just hard to find, they are even hard to find out about. Needless to say, few of these unusual collectable are ever seen. (Other than here at :-) So, if you are starting a collection, our advice is don't be discouraged or impatient. After all, if collecting these fun treasures was easy, it wouldn't be as much fun... or so I keep telling myself. :-) Cost? Boomer of ParkPennies acquired one of the coins shown in this guide on eBay for less than $5.00! Okay, that's just once in 30 years, but it can happen. :-) And over the past 20+ years, we have seen some prototype coins at Disneyana shows from time to time. Many of the coins you'll see here were shared with us all by fellow collectors who were successful in finding them; so it can be done. Keep in mind trading coins with fellow collectors can be a fun way to help compete two collections. :-)

Do you have an unidentifiable Disneyland elongated coin that you'd like us to attribute? It's a sneaky way we add coins to this guide.... er, ah, <smile> I mean to say... We greatly appreciate web site help from fellow collectors, Disneyana show exhibitors and other hobby associated sources that have shared their knowledge, coins, and images with us for use in this guide since the mid 1990s or so. (Yes, Boomer really is old. :-) We also are very happy to share our knowledge with ParkPennies visitors by way of this web site and via email. We hope you will visit often and please don't be shy about contacting us if you have a question or comment. (Pictured above: The First Known Prototype Disney Pressed Coin The DN0001, Mickey Rays)

Happy Collecting,
Boomer ParkPennies

DN Disneyland Neverland Prototype Pressed Coin Guide Notes

Were you going to ask...

Which pressed coins are included in this guide?
To be included in this "DN", Disneyland Neverland Guide, the elongated coin die designs used to press a coin, planchet, or token must have been authorized, licensed, or otherwise ordered to be engraved for the benefit of the Disneyland Resort. However, unlike elongated coins listed in all other ParkPennies guides, DN Guide prototype / pattern pressed coins must never have been officially released or issued to the public or given to Cast Members other than as prototypes, patterns / samples. Prototype coins, known only by reported intermediate engraver's "progressive proof" or "test rolls", are included in the ParkPennies DNS Disneyland Neverland Prototype Guide Supplement. If / when a completed example of a DNS listed die is found, the qualifying coins / dies will be listed in the appropriate guide, such as the DN Disneyland Neverland Prototype Guide.

Why didn't Disney place these coins onstage? Detective work, ParkPennies visitor emails and interviews with trusted sources by Robert Hoff of support rumors that some coin dies were engraved only for use as prototypes to test a concept or design. Other coin dies were intended for the stage, that is, for pubic issue, but could not be used as intended because of minor artwork or design oversights, incompatible die / machine types, engraving that didn't translate from the original art, die failure during early testing, and on occasion because needed machine placement locations became unavailable or unsuitable. In short, these dies did not find fame onstage at Disneyland. But, they have often found fame here in the world of Disney elongated coin collecting.

Prototype "DN" candidates submitted by collectors for listing in this prototype collection are occasionally coins that qualify for inclusion in our "DW" Disney Themed Elongated Coin Tributes Collection. Coins in the tributes collection and the prototypes collection are alike in that they were not used by The Disneyland Resort and usually are Disney Themed. However, tributes differ from Disney prototype coins because they are not known to have been authorized, licensed, or otherwise ordered for the benefit of The Disneyland Resort or any other Disney venue. Disney themed "tribute pressed coins" lack Disney provenance via copyright, license, or provable authorization. Therefore, "Disney themed tribute" pressed coins do not enjoy the same guide listing status as authentic ©Disney coins do. However, tribute coins are still great fun to collect, they just are not included in this Disneyland Neverland Prototypes collection.

Off-denomination pressed coins or "non-native" pressed coins are often scarce and usually very sought after. However, these guides are "coin" listings are really listings of the individual coin dies that were used to press the coins. There are commonly off-denomination coin variations such as nickels, pressed dimes, pressed quarters, arcade tokens, etc. that were pressed in place of say a "native" penny. This is especially true of prototypes unless. So, it isn't the off-denomination coin that will make a coin a prototype design, it is a prototype because of the prototype coin die that pressed it. Because of number of potential and / or unknown denominational variations, often only an example coin is shown. However, we do hope to add more of these variation over time. Collectors needing guide numbers for "non-native" pressed coins today, need only add a suffix of N, D, Q, T, etc. for Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Token, to the standard guide number, e.g. DN0019P for cataloging / trading purposes. And of course, if possible, please do send a scan of any denominational variations not already listed for inclusion in future guide updates.

Coin submissions and Rumored coins are shared with us anony-mousely now and then. We both appreciate and value these reports. However, we need to have a good scan or see the actual coin, attribute appropriate provenance, and in some cases, secure permission from the image / coin owner before the coins can be verified and fully listed in the guides. Some poor quality eBay etc. scans collected over the years have been used to track hopefully down the actual coins or better images and coin history. We have been unable to determine the image owner of a few images. We hope the current coin owners will contact so we can give them proper credit and maybe a bit more information. If you emailed us an anony-mouse report, and the coin currently has "rumored" status, it's nothing personal. We just that need a bit more information for the coin to be fully vetted and listed correctly.


Are you are considering the acquisition of an unlisted coin believed to be a "DN" prototype?
Please contact us to inquire if your coin is already known by us, if it has a reserved / rumored coin guide number or possibly help us / you to confirm the provenance of your coin for listing in this guide. (See you name in print for your find. :-)

Prototype guide numbering is not yet 100% definitive. (This is my way of saying it's a mess. :-) We're thinking a pencil might be a better choice than a pen when numbering your coin holders with the current guide numbers. After our extensive 9/2015 DN Guide re-write the completeness of the guide from the beginning of time to around 2013 is very good... maybe even definitive. But, please keep in mind prototype coins by nature, even with the help of the many generous contributors, operatives, spies and secrete agents :-) are still often reported / found in a haphazard hit and miss order. They are sometimes discovered long (like decades, not days) after they were first pressed and therefore cannot be added to the guides in as orderly a way as onstage coins are. So, to keep this very exclusive and challenging group of prototype elongated coins in conformity with our other chronologically ordered guides, we may have to add / renumber some coins within the existing DN guide in the future. If / when "reserved spaces" are inadequate, new numbers may be added between existing numbers with a . (dot) extension to maintain chronological order and avoid the inconvenience of reordering collection pages if / when more permanent numbers can be assigned, e.g. DN0001.1. Old timers will recall that this is the way the first Disneyland Guide was initially drafted in the mid 1990s.

Estimates of the number of coins known to be in the hands of collectors are based on coins known by to have been sold, traded, seen or reported by trusted sources. Readers are advised that not all coins are held by "known collectors". Also, some coins may be counted twice as they pass through the hands of different collectors and previously unreported caches of coins can surface. Die status, that is, whether or not the original unmodified die is still "open" or able to press additional coins, is always uncertain until the die is known to have been canceled.

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