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12/26/10 "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"!

First hello to Stan, an avid collector that spotted the new nickel machine at the Penny Arcade and took the time to visit with fellow collectors. Also to Nathan the lifesaver Arcade Tech that was able to get the DCA machine up an running for us in no time... They made our guide updates possible today.

To the delight of many guests and elongated coin collectors, Disneyland placed another excellent set of Seasonal Pressed Nickels onstage. As many readers know, this LONG running series has been a must have for many collectors. Needless to say the arrival of this set late Christmas Eve made for one terrific Christmas present, one well worth the wait.
Right now at Disneyland the 2010 must have souvenir elongated coin set is waiting for you. All three of the elongated coins feature very nicely done stampbacks, all are dated, all are nickels, all have been very nicely engraved, and all are well themed with "fresh" artwork, dot borders. You'll probably want the whole set of three for just 80 cents each, a total of only $2.40!
Two of the nickels, a Happy Holidays and a Season's Greetings, are in Disneyland Park and in Disney California adventure, the first ever DCA Season's Greetings nickel awaits you. (Yes, this year you'll need to buy admission to both parks to get all three Seasonal Nickels. But, I'm told there are other fun things to do while your in the park? :-) You really need to see these coins in person. But, you can get an idea of how nice they are via the images below.
Our hats off the the good folks that made these happen for the 16th year in a row! We know it takes dedication and a commitment to the guest experience to make this happen. In short, the Seasonal Nickel set is truly a great Disney tradition and an excellent example of what makes Disneyland, Disneyland. Don't miss them!

(If you like coverage, please share us with your FaceBook friends.. :-)
2010 Christmas Holiday Pressed Nickels!
Click to open the Holiday Pressed Nickel guide
Happy Holidays Disneyland pressed nickel 2010
DL0486 Minnie Skating
Penny Arcade
Main Street Disneyland
Season's Greetings Disneyland pressed nickel 2010
DL0487 Daisy and Donald
Penny Arcade
Main Street Disneyland

Season's Greetings Disney California Adventure pressed nickel 2010
CA0068 Mickey and Minnie
Engine-Ears Toys
Disney California Adventure!

Happy Holidays Disneyland pressed nickel 2010 stampback Season's Greetings Disneyland pressed nickel 2010 stampback Season's Greetings Disney California Adventure pressed nickel 2010 stampback

12/22/10 No... there are no Seasonal Nickels at Disneyland.... yet. sad penny face
12/21/10 We have gotten word of a 2010 FOS Cast Member elongated token pressed for the Facilities Operations & Services Christmas party held on 12/16/2010 at DCA. We hope to have a scan of this new elongated token added to the DS Disney Shop pressed pennies guide soon probably as guide number DS0021.
We have also added the latest set of five pins to the "WDI Disney Pressed Penny Pins" page. No Seasonal Nickels yet...
12/16/10 We do read visitor emails and needless to say, we feel your pain. Still no Seasonal Nickel set! The traditional set that has been must have for many Disneyland visitors for 15 years now is running very late. However, we have not given up hope... Do check back for updates
12/09/10 The Seasonal Nickel set is running very late this year. I fear many family members and friends, that look forward each year to receiving a set of Christmas nickels inside their Christmas cards, will be disappointed. sad penny However, rumors still are strong that the nickels will arrive and that something special is planned this year. (I hope that means this calendar year.) Do check back often, we'll post news as soon as we have it.
11/24/10 Several visitors have shared reports that the Disneyland Park Seasonal pressed nickel set has not yet arrived. Although the coins are late this year, we believe they will arrive in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for updates. Happy collecting, Boomer.
10/24/10 The 2010 Nightmare Before Christmas Quarters are HERE! Again this year, the Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter set, occupies the coffin quarter press located in New Orleans Square, just above the Pirates of the Caribbean entrance, in Le Bat en Rouge Shop / Port Royal Gift Shop. The NBC pressed quarters guide page has more information.
Be sure to bring lots of quarters with you. For the first time at Disneyland Resort, a pressed quarter price has been increased. They are now $1.25, up from the $1.00 originally charged for all pressed quarters at Disneyland since 1996. Seems like a $1.00 doesn't go as far today as it did ten or fifteen years ago? I know that ESPN is charging $1.00 for a pressed penny in Downtown Disney and pressed quarters at WDW have cost $1.25 for several years now. I guess I can understand... this is a nice limited edition set with fine detail that is very sharp in person, all are "3-D", all are dated, all have stampbacks, dot borders... They are nicer in many ways than the elongated coins offered at the other Disney Resorts. And elongated coins are arguably still one of the best souvenir values at Disneyland... I guess I'll get used to the new price... eventually.

2010 Nightmare Before Christmas,
Haunted Mansion Holiday Pressed Quarter Set

Click to open the NBC guide page
Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter Nighmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday quarter

09/23/10 New Rivers of America pressed penny set is waiting for you across from the Shooting Gallery in Frontierland, Disneyland, USA! This brand new set is heavily based on the set which it replaces. But, offers new dot borders, "D" for Disneyland, and very nice "Disneyland Resort, Frontier Land" stampbacks! All for just 50 cents plus the penny you see pressed before your eyes! (We believe this new set was placed onstage today as the machine was reported still missing on Wednesday, September 22.)

New replacement RIVERS OF AMERICA set!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0480-482.
DL0480 Rivers of America pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0481 Fisherman Mickey pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0482 Mark Twain Riverboat pressed penny. Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
Disneyland "D" in a dot border
and a very neat stampback!

New replacement FINDING NEMO set!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0477-479.
DL0447 Nemo pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0448 Bruce pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0449 Dory pressed penny. Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
with named characters, borders
and a very neat stampback!
08/17/10 A new replacement set of FINDING NEMO elongated coins was placed onstage Saturday at the Main Street Penny Arcade! This new set features similar artwork with a "D" for Disneyland in place of the "e" for Eurolink that was located near the coin grips in the now retired original set of Nemo coins. The new set also has an excellent "FINDING NEMO, Disneyland Resort" stampback! See these coins in our Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides. Happy collecting, Boomer. (Easy to walk past this machine thinking the coins have not changed!)

06/25/10 A cool NEW reverse upgrade was added to the Pirates of the Caribbean pressed penny set at the Pieces of Eight Gift Shop in New Orleans Square, Disneyland USA. Reports need to be reconciled / corrected, however, this new reverse was placed onstage between late 6/22/10 and 6/25/10... We'll update the guides once we have a bit more information, more scans, and can match up all the reports. Update 6/26/10 This set of coins is pressing perfectly. They are well centered, full rolls on copper and near perfectly flat. Our Disneyland pressed penny guide now has images and numbers for the set. Marquee image to follow.

Pirates of the Caribbean pressed penny stampback
New Pirates of the
Caribbean Logo

05/29/10 Here's a first come first served DL0009 DIME, starting bid is just $75.00?! Linked via the visitor auctions... Happy collecting, Boomer.
05/15/10 Recent visitor feedback has given high marks to the new Haunted Mansion pressed quarter set. The traditional "Disneyland" banner lettering, three-dimensional engraving of the three ghost DL0465 and the "D" for Disneyland were all big hits. Matter of fact, a few visitors have asked us to build a page of all "D" marked coins as a specialized Disney elongated coin collection. We'll post a link here when the page is added. Thank you for your feedback and visits! Happy collecting, Boomer.
05/10/10 Looks like the Haiti nickel set is retired. Reports state that it is no longer at Company D and we have no forwarding address. I've updated the Cast Member elongated coin guides with more complete locations, dates, etc. It is possible that the machine will be / has been moved to a new location, but, at this time, I don't think so. If you have information to add / share, please let us know anony-mousely if you wish.
04/29/10 NEW Haunted Mansion pressed quarters! The artwork is almost the same as the last set. But, they are easy to attribute given small detail changes, slightly larger images, and rotated stampbacks. Some will say that these coins do not have the warm, hand-engraved look that made Disneyland elongated coins famous. However, the coins do all feature three dimensional engraving. (The scandalous "CNC" two dimensional computer engraving wasn't used.) Matter of fact, the Phineas Queeg, Gus Gracey, and Ezra Dobbins quarter that suffered from an "outline" image before, is now fully engraved! Oh, and look closely at the coin grip... the "e" for Eurolink used on the older set has been replaced by a "D" for Disneyland! I think you'll find these coins will make a nice addition to your Haunted Mansion pressed quarter collections. And they are waiting for you now... at The New Orleans Square Le Bat en Rouge Shope.

NEW Haunted Mansion quarters are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Now Retired
Now On Stage
Unchanged reverses
(Switched 4/2010)
NEW TINKER BELL! Elongated quarter NEW TINKER BELL! Elongated quarter Looks just like the movie!
NEW Tinker Bell! Elongated quarter NEW Tinker Bell! Elongated quarter Back stamps... only at Disneyland USA!
Peter Pan! Peter Pan! Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!

04/17/10 anony-mouse rumors of a new coin set are building... No report of a new machine on stage yet...
04/12/10 Never mind reading the news page today... just check out the visitor linked eBay auctions! Some really scarce coins are offered "Buy it Now" by eBay auctioneer "alanlyndsay".
04/11/10 Our thanks to some very kind anony-mouse friends for sharing the Haiti VoluntEARS nickel press machine pictures that now grace our Cast Member and Special Events pressed penny guide.
04/10/10 The Haiti nickel set has moved from the DCA Cafe, the employee / Cast Members only restaurant backstage Disney's California Adventure, to Company D, the Disneyland Cast Member store outside the park(!) probably late Thursday. Same coins as were offered at the Eat-Ticket and the DCA Cafe.
04/04/10 While still basking the the glow of the three new coins at issued at Disneyland this year, Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan sent us an email to let us know about the 46 new coins released at Tokyo Disneyland, on the first day of this month alone! I'm not sure a single room will be enough space for the next 10 years of Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies? You know I love the early issues, but, it's getting hard for this old guy to keep up with the hundreds of recent "pressed pennies". I guess you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many pressed pennies? sad penny
I've posted Kuniaki's report on our Tokyo Disneyland news page and encourage readers to visit his web site too.
Boomer has been busy updating the Disneyland pressed penny guides. The format has changed a bit, a bit more information has also been added. Some links are more user friendly. Matter of fact, the first review was from a close friend and longtime reader, he said "that's a mess!". Needless to say, that is one heck of a improvement from where we started! happy penney You may notice we had to change a few page links, hopefully they will all work for you. If not, please let us know. We hope to add a few more upgrades this month. Thank you for visiting and of course, thank you all for sharing our humble site with your friends via links and posts. They really make our day. Happy collecting, Boomer.
03/18/10 (We may have additional updates / corrections and welcome yours) Here are the coins:

The Disney VoluntEARS NICKELS!
These are Cast Member Only "Backstage" coins
Listed in the
Disneyland Cast Member Elongated Coin Guide
Mickey Firemand CM0029 Haiti Relief elongated nickel stampback
Nurse Minnie Haiti Relief elongated nickel Haiti Relief elongated nickel stampback
Fireman Donald Duck Haiti Relief elonaged nickel Haiti Relief elongated nickel stampback
One of the best stampbacks to date and...
nicely hand engraved too.

03/17/10 A new Cast Member only nickel press machine was placed onstage sometime today, backstage near the Team Center, Disneyland. My understanding is that it is a three die machine that presses nickels. It is not available to the general public. If you are a Cast Member at the park, or have a friend who is, the machine can be accessed. These coins are not a part of a typical "onstage" Disneyland pressed penny collection. More to follow.
So that we can post future Cast Member only issues publicly, please do not contact any Cast Members unless they are already good friends and your friendship can bare this sort of thing. :-) The machine should have a long run.
Don't despair... Past CM only issues found their way to collectors via friends, friends of friends, friends of eBay :-), and trading between collectors. Chances are this coin, in time, will be as easy to find as many of the other Cast Member issues. This CM coin is also not part of the typical onstage Disneyland pressed penny collection. Not that it makes me feel much better. sad penny
02/09/10 The link to the DN0001 auction closed this morning at $1,525.00. I think the buyer did well. Some have mentioned that the closing time of the auction, the economy, etc. made for a better buying opportunity. I can't say. But, congratulations to the high bidder and we're glad to see that the coin has found a good home. Do check our main news page often, we do try to mention auctions like these when readers mention them or we spot them.
02/02/10 A DN0001 copper is up for auction on Ebay. It has been listed by a seller using some of the same auction text as he did for a DL0001, the short grip variation of the onstage coin, which sold recently for just over $132.00. Advanced collectors will recognize the coin offered today as The scarce DN0001 prototype coin, a coin that has sold for more than $2,000.00 before. Although the coin for auction is slightly off-center, it is pressed on a very desirable copper cent. Best of all for readers, because of the modest description and low profile of this auction, the coin may be missed by many collectors. If so, this auction could be an excellent opportunity to obtain this very scarce coin, possibly at at bargain price. Here is a link to the DN0001 auction. Now aren't you glad you visited!? smiley penny
01/29/10 Our thanks to Tina who just emailed to report that the Seasonal Nickel set is no longer onstage. The pressed penny location maps and guides have been updated. smiley penny
01/27/10 Thursday at about 9:00PM "Chillybin" reported to A NEW 2010 coin at the Tropicana Hotel! Details in the Disneyland Wannabe Guide.
NEW Disneyland Wannabe Coin!
Disneyland Wannabe Elongated Coin Guide
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 33

01/26/10 Boomer is back from a short break. We're checking out Disneyland pressed penny sightings and reports. We hope to have an update soon.
Recently, a DL0001 sold on eBay recently for $132.00. It was a zinc and wasn't a very pretty looking coin at first glance. But... it was a full roll and... the early short grip variation! A beautiful sight to many advanced collectors! And, a real deal based on past sales. Bargains can still be found if you have a sharp eye and check Ebay often. If you are looking for a really hard to find coin, don't give up hope! Happy penny
01/08/10 THIS IS NEWS! A new pressed penny at DISNEYLAND USA! Per the report, it was probably placed onstage late 01/07/10. (Update: Per advanced collectors, Lou S. and his son, the machine was placed after the Acorn Gift Shop was closed and was first available to guests 01/08/10 at 8:00AM.) Our thanks to the fellow visitors that sent those most welcome messages! Happy penny When you spot a new coin you know we're always as close as your keyboard at the... anony-mouse visitor email page.
This Chip N Dale elongated coin could be confirmation that the very popular dated, yearly Hotel Chip N Dale series has come to an end. So it's a good time to make sure you have them all! The back stamp is unchanged from the long retired DR0118, 2008 Chip N Dale pressed penny. Although we were disappointed that the dated Chip N Dale set has ended, we were very happy to see that the new coin features very nice "Disney Quality" hand engraving, probably by The Master, Jimmy Vargas of Eurolink.

New Disneyland Hotel Pressed Penny!
Will be added to the
Disneyland Hotels Elongated Coin Guide

Guide number DR0126.

Chip N Dale pressed penny Chip N Dale pressed penny
Happy Collecting!

01/03/10 All Tokyo Disneyland guides are now up to date as of 12/31/09.
01/03/10 Rumors of two new Christmas themed Disneyland Cast Member party issues! Share some details / news... we're all ears!
01/01/10 18 more incredibly nice coins were placed on stage at Tokyo Disneyland today! Artwork, engraving... well just take a look for yourself. Here is a link to Kuniaki's excellent web site. We have also added them to top of the last Tokyo Disneyland Monthly update page here at

Example of the excellent
engraving quality found at
Tokyo Disneyland
pressed penny from Tokyo Disneyland
View thousands of
Tokyo Disneyland
"pressed penny"
12/28/09 I'd like to mention a neat elongated coin web site,, that you might like to check out / bookmark. It's by and for collectors and run by a longtime ec collector that shares our hobby in a big way. Enjoy! ( can be found on our Links Page also.)
12/28/09 Several hard-to-find Disneyland pressed coins are up for auction by a well known longtime collector. Do check out these and other Disneyland pressed coins linked to by fellow Parkpennies visitors. Will the Grand Californian Chip N Dale coin return for 2010? We'll post it here. Do bookmark this page for updates. Happy collecting and happy new year from the folks at
12/22/09 It's that time of year again! Boomer and "staff" want to take time to say we are thinking of you and hope you will have a wonderful Christmas too. Thank you for visiting this humble site and sharing this wonderful hobby with friends and... future friends over the past years. smile penny
Next coin rumored to arrive... Chip N Dale at the Acorn Gift Shop in the Grand Californian Hotel early 2010?
12/22/09 Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo again writes us with news of New Tokyo Disney Store "pressed pennies"! There were 12 more released recently. Read the news and see Kuniaki's pictures on the December Japanese Disney pressed pennies page.
11/20/09 Wow! It's almost Thanksgiving day?!
We would like to thank you for all your help in making this humble home-made hobbyist site a success. We have no advertising budget, except for our lowly free penny offer. sad penny But, because of your visits and links to, we have welcomed a record number of visitors this year. It is our goal to return your visits and generous support with even better news and guides for 2010. Thank you! happy penny
11/18/09 Some nice coins are being auctioned by visitors. Among them, a well known collector has a DL0225 and some other hard to find coins up for auction. (A copper DL0002!, a set of DalmatiOns! etc.) Do check them out.
11/13/09 The dated pressed nickels have arrived for the 2009 / 2010 season! Although they do not have borders, this year's nickel set features some nice hand engraving and stampbacks! The new, apparently dedicated seasonal nickel machine, has a well themed cabinet, a solid mechanism, and even plays a sound clip. Very cool! Also, a new set of Tinker Bell pressed quarters arrived!
Both machines were placed on stage late Thursday, possibly after the park closed, at the Main Street Penny Arcade, Disneyland USA. (We're sure, because Boomer has been pacing the Disneyland park most every day this week anxiously awaiting the arrival of this year's seasonal nickels.) The latest reports state that the machines were pressing beautifully.

The NEW 2008-9 Seasonal Nickels are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide, and
The Disneyland Seasonal Nickel Guide
DONALD! Elongated nickel Cool.. cold? Bback stamp.
CHIP N DALE! Elongated nickel Confetti! Party Time!
MICKEY AND MINNIE! Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!
And they're nice! Hand engraved.

The NEW Tinker Bell quarters are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
NEW TINKER BELL! Elongated quarter Looks just like the movie!
NEW Tinker Bell! Elongated quarter Back stamps... only at Disneyland USA!
Peter Pan! Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!
And they're nice! Hand engraved!

11/04/09 Reports from a good friend in Japan confirm Christmas coins are onstage already. No word of any new coins at Disneyland USA yet. However, word is that the highly popular Seasonal pressed nickels will return for the 14th consecutive year. Boomer is already fumbling through his change gathering new nickels and lots of quarters!
11/02/09 Again, and just like clockwork, Tokyo Disneyland has placed the November Coins of the Month onstage. More information and images from Kuniaki in Japan on the Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny News Page.
11/01/09 An advanced Disneyland elongated coin collector friend just brought to my attention the auction of possibly the most beautiful elongated coin I've ever seen! smile penny No, I'm not talking about the Winchester House ec!
I'm told the auctioned coin is a retired blank back coin. Our current, free pressed penny has a stamp back "Happy Collecting". If you missed the blank back version, this auction is a chance to get one.
11/01/09 There are currently more than 200 Disney pressed penny auctions that have linked to this reference site. Many of them are harder to find coins, some are excellent examples of coins that would make nice "upgrades" for advanced collectors. All linked via the visitor auctions page. Do take a look.
10/29/09 The machine offering this coin coin has moved! The machines new location is:Tiffy's Family Restaurant, 1060 W Katella Ave., Anaheim, CA 92802. (Near Katella and Disneyland Way, across from CoCo's.) If you don't have this coin yet, you may want to stop in and press a few. This machine has been moved from the Tropicana Hotel Mini Market , 1540 South Harbor Blvd. Across from the Disneyland main entrance, no telling how long the dies will remain unchanged.

The DW0031 listed in the
DW Disneyland Wannabe
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
DW0031 Disney-related pressed penny. "You are here!"
Tiffy's Family Restaurant
1060 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

09/27/09 On behalf of and the readers that have contacted us, our thanks to the Disneyland Pressed Penny Team. There have been many changes and challenges over the past year or two at the park. However, the NBC machine was right on time and working great. Several collectors have mentioned to ParkPennies how impressed they are with the quality of the coin engravings and the machine's availability on first day of the Halloween celebration. Boomer is very optimistic about this year's anticipated Seasonal Nickel Set!
09/25/09 Another Disneyland set! The Nightmare Before Christmas elongated quarters for 2009 are onstage at Le Bat En Rouge in New Orleans Square! This 2009 dated elongated quarter set is nicely hand engraved with three dimensional details and fine, legible print, complemented by nice theming and artwork! The matching stampbacks are unchanged from last year's NBC's. View the coins and details in the DL Disneyland pressed penny guide or the Nightmare Before Christmas detail page. (Sorry, our scans don't do these coins justice.)
09/23/09 As regular visitors to this site will recall, rumors about the arrival of the traditional Nightmare Before Christmas quarter set have been circulating for some time now. Matter of fact, it has gotten to the point that Boomer is pacing the floor! As you know, that's a sure sign that either something is a brewing... or someone has stolen Boomer's chair? sad penny Do bookmark this page, check back often, the NBC set is usually placed onstage in October. We will be posting updates.
Have some news? Contact
The 2009 Facilities & Operations
Cast Member Appreciation
Bar-B-Que Pressed Token!
CM0027 Disneyland Cast Member
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
Cast Member pressed token! The back side of... Cast Member pressed token!
Images courtesy of a very kind Anony-Mouse Contributor

09/17/09 Late Night Update: NEW Cast Member coin! The 2009 CM0027, is a pressed token very similar to the 2008 CM0026. (View the CM0026 at the bottom of this Cast Member Elongated Coin guide page.) The CM0027, like the CM0026, was available only to attendees of the Cast Member Appreciation Bar-B-Que which was held this year on September 17th. Based on early reports to ParkPennies, the number of distributed tokens that could have been pressed in the machine at the event, was less than 200, "probably around 150". Updates, scans and guide entries to follow on Friday... I hope.
09/17/09 Boomer says there is Bar-B-Que in the air!? We are checking out this rumor... update to follow. If you have some additional information about this event, or a confirmation, please contact
09/16/09 Here are pictures of the cool new nickel variations that we reported on 9/15/09. I was very happy to see this opportunity for collectors to press nickels in this machine before the dies are retired. Not just because elongated nickels are a favorite of many collectors, but, some advanced collectors thought that when this machine left stage last month, it would not return. After all, most "two pin" Eurolink dies have been replaced recently with new, stronger, "four pin" dies. These "two pin" dies are not only survivors, but have a new life!

Nickel Variations for only 80 cents each!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0453-455.
(New die numbers because of added stampbacks.)
DL0453 Tinker Bell pressed nickel Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0454 Mickey Mouse pressed nickel Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0455 Donald Duck pressed nickel. Disney pressed penny back stamp
These coins are nickel variations of the
DL0241-243 penny set with added
"Disneyland ® Resort" stampbacks!

09/15/09 It's true! Our complements to the folks at Disneyland! An older three-play penny press featuring Tinker Bell Fantasy Land, Mickey Mouse Toontown, and Donald Duck Adventure Land, has been upgraded to a nickel press. Reverses have also been added that read "Disneyland ® Resort". This "nickel variation" should put the machine back at the top of many Disney elongated coin collectors want list. You can press a set at the Main Street Penny Arcade for 75 cents each, plus a nickel. I'm thinking this Disneyland first will make lots of nickel collectors and The Mou$e very happy. smile
Here's a link to the updated Disneyland elongated coin guide with pictures.
09/15/09 BREAKING NEWS! Another Disneyland first. A PENNY press is now pressing NICKELS! Location, scans etc. later today. (This report is one that needs scans to be believed.)
09/12/09 Over 140 Disney elongated coins, some that you don't see very often, are currently up for Ebay auction by fellow visitors.
09/11/09 It has been slow at Disneyland, really s l o w. So, why not take a look at James Mayfield's WDW today? His web site is so nice, it's well worth a visit just to see the cool visuals! Of course, Boomer spends all his time there looking at PressCoins fantastic online collection of Walt Disney World elongated coins. smile
08/15/09 Lots of us collect pennies from the places we have visited... Here is a link to where you can get a free* pressed penny to remember your visit to! penny smile All you need do is send a self addressed stamped envelope. Limit one per address.
07/22/09 More than a few people have been asking about the Splash Mountain penny press. Just a quick note to let you know that it's back onstage in the exit to the Splash Mountain attraction. If you missed the coins when they were last onstage and need a set, you now have yet another reason to visit Disneyland. smile penny
06/26/09 MouseEars, a welcome anony-Mouse contributor to the news page writes: "There will be no Chip and Dale pressed penny this year. Due to changes at TDA and other circumstances...this project has fallen off the drawing board. Concentration will now be on new presses in conjunction to DCA rehabs." Hmmm... Looks like Boomer is going to be spending some extra time looking for machine changes at DCA! Do say "Hi" if you spot him.
06/21/09 Those updates we promised are here! They are not much. But, you know, when there are so few new coins at Disneyland over such a long time, even a small change can be big news! sad penny
Investigation of the machines that were taken offstage and returned recently, revealed the World Of Disney Store "Ducks" machine has a new set of stampbacks as does the Stitch quarter press at the Main Street Penny Arcade. Both changes appear to be from replaced back shafts, rather than redesigned stampbacks. So, casual collectors may be happy with the original coins... Yes, I know, if you want every single Disneyland elongated coin that's why you are surfing! penny smile
06/07/09 Thanks for visiting today and especially for mentioning on your favorite blogs and web sites. When we see a link or mention of, it makes our day! Oh, before I forget, do check out the visitor auctions today. There are more than 100 Disney elongated coin auctions just on eBay. A few of the coins people have asked us about recently. Also, has been known to offer Disney elongated coins from time to time too. So, don't miss out, check them out, there may be a coin you're looking for.
Are you about to auction a Disney pressed coin? Why not link your auction and share it with visitors? It's free!
6/04/09 There are a few minor adds waiting to be made to the Disneyland Guide. Once the last of the missing machines are returned, we'll look for any other changes and update the guides.
As of today, Boomer has caught up with the free pressed penny requests. If you mailed in for a pressed penny recently, it should be waiting for you at your mail box soon. And... No, the Chip N Dale 2009 coin has not arrived yet. You know we love to hear from fellow collectors, but, no need to email or write us. We will post the arrival of Chip N Dale 2009 elongated coin in big bold letters as soon as we know it's at the park.Happy penny
05/16/09 The latest official word from Disneyland, on April 10, 2009, was "Coming soon: Chip N Dale 2009". Although the 2009 Chip N Dale coin is still not on stage, collectors have been looking for it and hope to see it soon. As many collectors and even some regular hotel guest know, the Grand Californian dated Chip N Dale coins are favorites, maybe even a tradition. Emails to ParkPennies often, very often, ask when the coin will be onstage. (Not that it's late or anything. sad penny ) We are of course watching for the coin's arrival and will post here as soon as we see it onstage.
Collectors may want to also keep an eye open for arrival of a rumored "Celebration" themed set of pressed pennies. Because this set is based on the celebration theme, throughout the Disneyland Resort, the coins could appear at most any resort location. We hope to see them this summer, in a place that is easy to find. But, as you may know, there has been a lot of reorganization at the Disneyland Resort lately, things are uncertain.
If you have some Disney pressed penny news to share or spot a new coin, be the first to share the news and receive a priceless reward... our thanks! penny smile
04/11/09 DL pressed penny guides and the Disneyland pressed penny machine location guides have been updated with the new Bolt set. Do tell your friends you heard it first at happy penny
04/10/09 As foretold by Aprille C. on 3/22/09, a cool Bolt themed pressed penny set has arrived! Press a set a the Disneyland Main Street Penny Arcade. (DL Guide entries and numbers to follow.)

NEW Bolt Pressed Pennies are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0447-449l.
DL0447 Bolt pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0448 Mittens pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0449 Rhino pressed penny. Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
with named characters and Disneyland Resort logos
front and back! No borders, but nice coins.

03/22/09 Aprille C., The February, 2005 Collector of the Month and longtime elongated coin collector, reported that she heard from "The Mouse" that there are three Bolt elongated coins expected soon. Also, a Celebrate set is planned and eventually a new Chip N Dale coin is expected for the Grand Californian! Our thanks to Aprille!
03/21/09 A big thank you to longtime friend and well known elongated coin collector, Jim T. who emailed with his find of a NEW PENNY PRESS MACHINE at the Disneyland Main Street Penny Arcade!
The new penny set features Disneyland "Mountain" Anniversaries, Matterhorn's 50th, Thunder Mountain's 30th and Splash Mountain's 20th. Engraving quality is... well, better than recently issued WDW coins. sad penny People often ask us why current Tokyo Disneyland issues are so nice and why Disneyland coin quality seems to have gotten weaker. True, the obverses of the coins in this set have some very hard to read inscriptions, the images are primarily shallow line drawings, and there are no borders. But, there are some areas of three-dimensional engraving to help redeem them and they have very nice stampbacks! Each reverse in this set memorializes a Mountain Anniversary, is dated, and easy to read. As you can see, Disneyland stampbacks seem to be getting better and better. Matter of fact, I'll bet some collectors will be tempted to place these coins in their collections with the stampbacks facing up. Of course, Boomer wants to have two sets, one with the images showing and the other showing these cool stampbacks! penny smile

NEW Bolt Pressed Pennies are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Guide numbers are DL0447-449.
DL0447 Bolt pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0448 Mittens pressed penny Disney pressed penny back stamp
DL0449 Rhino pressed penny. Disney pressed penny back stamp
This set features 3-D hand-engraved look
with named characters and Disneyland Resort logos
front and back! No borders, but nice coins.
01/30/09 A new 2009 DW Pressed Penny Collection coin, was placed on site Thursday! This is a replacement for the 2008 coin, with the other two coins unchanged in the $.51 three-play machine located at the Harbor Cove Mini Mart at the Tropicana Hotel, 1540 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, across from the Disneyland Resort main entrance. (Open 7AM to 1AM) The machine is pressing coins beautifully. Do stop in, press a few coins and say hi to the nice folks at the the location. Maybe even walk down to the Castle Gate Gift Shop at the Castle Inn, 1734 S South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, across from the Disneyland Resort main entrance and press the DW0031?
Although this penny press is outside of the Disneyland Resort and not an official Disneyland machine, the coin mentions "Disneyland" and therefore has been given the Disneyland Wannabe collection guide number of DW0032. The DW0029, same style coin dated 2008, is retired.

Three NEW Disneyland Wannabe Coin!
Disneyland Wannabe Elongated Coin Guide
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 32

01/29/09 Still no new coins at Disneyland Anaheim to report. But, it is a great time to check out what David "Darkbeer" Michael has to say today. As many visitors know, the good folks at MiceChat offer lots of insider information, cool pictures, and news about Disneyland, Universal and Knott's from several very knowledgeable authors.
01/25/09 Wow! Boomer took a few days off only to find the Post Office box full of requests for free* pressed pennies! Thank you for your interest, and please forgive a few days delay. We'll have your self-addressed stamped envelopes in the mail ASAP. If you haven't checked the visitor linked auctions, do take a look. Over 120 Disney elongated coins for sale mostly by fellow collectors. Some are buy it nows, so check often. Every once in a while a real neat coin is offered for... a few minutes! Before I forget, I've heard there will be a new coin or two out soon. We'll post the news here as soon as it's official.
01/21/09 Today we received a complaint that the news on this page is not as complete as the news on our MAIN INSIDER NEWS PAGE. We agree and have updated this page with more "filtered" Disneyland Anaheim news for collectors not interested in the other Disneyland parks. However, this still will not have as many posts as our MAIN INSIDER NEWS PAGE so visitors may wish to bookmark that page too so as not miss the occasional freebie offer etc. Additionally, because some visitors might have viewed an older copy of this page previously cached by their browser, we have added "no cache" browser code to this page to insure freshness. smile penny
Collectors visiting are also encouraged to visit the specialized news pages of interest to them e.g. USA, TOKYO, PARIS or HONG KONG as well as the related pressed penny guides for updates. If you know of an event or coin not mentioned, we would welcome your report so that it may also be shared with others as these reports have been shared with you. Please contact us here with your news or gossip. Smiley pressed penny
01/18/09 We felt the 2008 seasonal nickel set (12/02/08 post) was a great example of "Disney Quality" engraving and artwork. And your emails praising the set quality were a welcome change from the 2006-2008 complaints about the drop in pressed coin quality.
Some readers have also asked if we thought the excellent artwork and improved engraving was evidence of the direction the new penny press management has taken. I think it's too early to know for sure. But, we hope so and think the expected 2009 Grand Californian Chip N Dale coin may provide more insight. (Rumors suggest the delay in the arrival of the 2009 Chip N Dale coin could be in part due to a higher quality no compromise standard. -and- We have heard nothing but praises about the new man in charge who has already earned an excellent reputation in the world of Disneyland pins.)
Before you write... If we were not to mention it, many readers would (continue to) remind us that high quality, hand engraved elongated coin dies could be ordered and delivered in a week or two from expert engravers very eager to have Disneyland's business. So why the delay? Let us not forget that with a corporation the size of Disney, there is a lot more to do from start to finish than just cutting a die. So, it's understandable to us if there are some delays especially following a managerial transition. For now, my thoughts are focused on how nice the last seasonal nickel set was and my hopes are that future Disneyland elongated coins will be as nice. I hope to post more 2009 Chip N Dale elongated coin news before long.
01/14/09 STILL no news! sleepy penny
01/07/08 Many collectors have asked about the arrival of the 2009 Chip N Dale elongated coin, a traditional new year coin for several years now. Although the penny press machine has been off-stage since the end of December, it has not returned yet. Stay tuned here for updates.
12/29/08 Looking for a retired penny for your collection? Here is our link to more than 140 older / retired Disneyland pressed penny linked auctions!
12/24/08 Greetings to all our elongated coin collecting friends! Recently, (ok maybe we did procrastinate a bit too much this year) Boomer and family have been busy with Christmas shopping and decorating. Now we look forward to visiting with friends and family... thank you for "visiting" with us today!
Boomer and the folks at wish you all the very best in 2009 and hope to see you often both online and at the park in 2009.
12/03/08 A good time to take a look at the linked visitor auctions on eBay. There are some neat coins offered. Also, if you'd like, here is how to add your auctions.
12/02/08 First reported to by Jamie and Austin. The 2008 Seasonal nickel set is onstage! These nicely engraved coins feature cleaver artwork. As you can see in the coin images below, Donald is about to throw a snowball (first coin) and has just been hit by one thrown by Goofy (second coin). All coins are also dated and feature stampbacks. A change was made for this year from Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year to Season's Greetings, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year. Please forgive the poor scans, we wanted to get these up ASAP. Better scans to follow.
We are told that the penny presses are now under the same leadership as the Disneyland pins. Based on this set, I'd say they know pressed coins too. If this set is an example of what is planned for the future, I'd say we are back to "Disney Quality" pressed coins. Quality engraving, imaginative and creative theme, stampbacks and dated.
The coins still cost only 75 cents each plus the nickel that is pressed, same as in 1995 when the seasonal pressed nickel series started. Guides should be updated soon. The nickel press is waiting for you at the exit to the Main Street Opera House. It's hidden and hard to find unless you visit often. smile!

The NEW 2008-9 Seasonal Nickels are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide, and
The Disneyland Seasonal Nickel Guide
MICKEY! Elongated nickel Cool.. cold? Bback stamp.
MINNIE! Elongated nickel Confetti! Party Time!
Stylin' Santa Mickey Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!
And they're nice! Hand engraved, stampbacks and all are dated!

11/29/08 No seasonal nickels yet. sad penny
11/27/08 HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our friends and fellow collectors!
11/18/08 Good time to check out the visitor linked auctions. There are couple of really neat coins currently offered on eBay. As some readers will recall, 15 years ago it wasn't hard to find most any Disneyland elongated coin. But, nowadays it seems many coins, especially the limited issue and older coins, can be not only hard to find but costly too. Online auctions are a good way to find them. Every once in awhile we get an email from someone that won an auction for a scarce coin and got a fantastic deal.
Many collectors say that when you are looking for retired Disneyland elongated coins, online auctions and collector networking can be excellent ways to find scarce coins. To help visitors find and advertise auctions, offers courtesy auction links. Every now and then an extra neat coin is linked. Sometimes as a "Buy it Now" type auction. So, checking often can make the difference between winning the coin or getting an email from the auction winner about the fantastic deal he got. sad smiley That reminds me, it's time for me to check the auctions links!
11/15/08 If you missed our free pressed nickel offer posted on the free penny page and linked from this page yesterday, hang in there. We plan to have more. Mostly likely, future offers will also last for only a day so. Our hope is that the items offered will be "special" and find homes with avid Disneyland pressed penny collectors for only the cost of a SASE. (Before eBay, if the choice of the new owners. pressed penny smiley)
11/14/08 Today is an especially good day to view and share the free pressed penny offer. pressed penny smiley
11/12/08 Looking for someone you can order current or retired Disneyland pressed pennies from? Here is a link to some sources of pressed pennies listed at our non-reference site, There are links to a couple of fellow collectors that can press coins to order at the park and may have the retired coins you are looking for too. Also, another link or two for web sites that offer non-Disney elongated coins. Of course, if you have a link in mind you'd like to recommend for free listing, please contact the penny collector resources site.
11/11/08 We do our best to provide a web site you will recommend. Needless to say, your mention of this non-commercial reference site to friends and fellow collectors is how new visitors often hear about us. In short, your free courtesy links to are... priceless to us!
Now why mention the obvious? Well, yesterday, Boomer commented that all the big, cool, professional web sites have those really neat logo links for visitors to add to their web sites and blogs. You know, the ones with moving pictures, even videos that when clicked open really cool sites. Then Boomer asked... "Why don't we have one??". And we said because we don't have one of those big, cool, professional web sites, silly! Well, poor Boomer stomped off and cobbled together some HTML link code: The link it makes doesn't have any moving pictures, video or cool stuff like that and it doesn't open a big, cool professional web site. But, what could be better than an incredibly beautiful, pressed penny logo that opens a Disney penny collecting web site?? We hope you'll use the link on your blog, My Space, IRS tax returns, group emails, or web site... to share the wonderful hobby of collecting Disney pressed pennies. Smiley penny Pressed Penny Collections and GuidesOh, please don't forget, Boomer loves mail and we always have the hope that it will keep him out of mischief too. So, if you haven't already, please do send a SASE. We'd like to mail you a real, sorta free* pressed penny for your collection with our thanks for your interest in the hobby and
11/08/08 Disneyland USA penny press machine location pages have been updated. Machines can be taken off-stage for maintenance, moved temporarily... But, it's close and shows the return of the Princess machine in Fantasyland, the new NBC machine in New Orleans Square etc.
Our thanks to Scott who just reported that the Princess quarter press machine is available again at the Small World Gift Shope!
11/03/08 We just received an email that an avid collector we've known from way back. He is auctioning some of his elongated coins via his web site. We're happy to pass the information on to you.
11/02/08 Emails.. we do get emails and we love 'um! A recent, email topic has been Disneyland Seasonal Nickels. You know, it is getting to be that time of year already! Some of your emails have shown a concern that the coins may not show up this year, others worry that the coins might have crudely engraved images like some recent Disneyland and Walt Disney World pressed coins. Here is what the rumors have suggested so far:
Good news. We hear there will be a seasonal nickel set this year! (And I'm stickin' with that story until it happens or New Years day 2009, whichever happens first! Penny Smile )
We don't know if they'll be engraved as nicely as they were in the "good old days", if they will be as incredibly well engraved as recent Tokyo Disneyland Christmas coins, or if they will look like someone engraved them with a gas powered lawn edger. But, you know as collectors we're not all that shallow! We'll love the seasonal nickels no matter what they look like... right? ...right? ?? Well, okay, on the other hand, if other park guests don't like the look of this year's seasonal nickels, not many will be pressed. That could make for a "low mintage" year, also good for collectors! So, yes Virginia, there is reason to look forward to pressing a set of seasonal nickels this year... no matter what! Penny Smile
-PS Don't forget to bookmark this page and check back often for new Disneyland pressed coin updates and contact us when you have pressed penny news to share..
10/24/08 We noticed a couple of long offstage machines have returned to the park. The dies all appear unchanged or "like replacements". However, we did spot a reverse change and will take a closer look at the coins this weekend. We should have a better report, scans, guides etc. shortly after. No seasonal nickel set found.
10/22/08 A few advanced collectors have asked why we didn't point out the reverse change on the DL0415 Main Street USA nickel, now with the new stampback, numbered DL0432. Such small changes are well, a specialty here at So here is the guide entry for DL0432 and a draft page describing the evolution of the Disneyland Main Street USA elongated nickel.
10/13/08 Cell phone calls / Text messages, emails, and anony-Mouse messages all confirmed the arrival of the 2008 15th Anniversary Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter set today! Our thanks to (in order of today's on-stage report) Ebay's GrandHobbies, (who noticed the machine was off-stage Sunday and returned early today), Anony-Mouse reporter MouseEars (who also was the first to predict the arrival of the machine) and advanced collector Lou S. (who reported from the park today). Boomer was also at the park early today and took the picture of the marquee shown below. Our thanks to all for contacting us to share this information with fellow collectors.
Reverses are all "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disneyland "r", Resort.". Engraving appears to be partly hand engraved and many guests would consider it an improvement over some of the recent "CNC" coin dies. I think you'll like the artwork too. All coins are dated "2008" and mention the 15th Anniversary. I think this set is going to be very popular. Disneyland Smashed Penny Guide and Penny Machine Locations updates to follow. Coin numbers will be DL0433, DL0434 and DL0435.

Nightmare Before Christmas 2008 pressed quarter set marquee

Recent add to the DL Pressed Penny Guide, DL0432. I'm going to have to make up a Main Street Nickel page with all the variations... It's on the list! Smile!
09/16/08 Boomer has been busy sending out Free elongated coins. If you have sent in for one recently, it's on the way to you. If you haven't requested one yet... why not drop a SASE in the mail today? smiley pressed penny!
09/14/08 No news from Disneyland USA. However, Tokyo Disneyland has been busy and the quality of their "pressed coins" is, to many collectors, better than the elongated coins offered by Disneyland USA and WDW when high quality hand engraved elongated coins were the Disney standard. TDL collectors are encouraged to bookmark and visit the Tokyo Disneyland pressed penny news page for updates, pictures of these high quality pressed souvenirs, and links to TDL reference sites.
08/03/08 Some nice "collector" coins just added to the linked visitor eBay auctions of Disney elongated coins.
07/31/08 The second new Disneyland Resort Anaheim area machine mentioned some weeks ago is still expected.
07/30/08 Thanks to all for the emails referencing the Southern California earthquake and asking if we're ok. We are fine and even more appreciative for our good fortune.
07/29/08 A Monday night close and no reserves netted some excellent bargains for collectors looking for the hard to find DN, DS and CM coins that closed last night. Also, the seller turned some extra Disneyland elongated coins into some serious cash! Here's a link to current visitor elongated coin auctions.
07/27/08 Most folks look Sunday nights, but, this week, Monday has some cool eBay auctions closing!
07/24/08 Anony-mouse reports to state that a CM0026, the pressed CM token, and a set of DN0065-67 2007 Christmas elongated nickels will be put up for auction tonight. Check our visitor pressed penny auctions link to see them if/when they are listed.
07/20/08 Wow! The DL0225 auction was up for less than 20 seconds! Congratulations to both buyer and seller. If you have an auction you'd like linked at, here's how.
07/20/08 Sometime later today, GrandHobbies will be listing a DL0225 elongated nickel for auction, "Buy It Now" for $225! It's a hard to find pressed coin, especially at that price. We're very happy to be able provide readers with this early head's up. Sorry, we can't give an approximate time for the auction and to be fair to all, the auctioneer has chosen not to offer the coin pre-auction.
07/19/08 NEW PRESSED PENNIES! WALL-e! Nickel press was confirmed up and running by Aprille late 7/18/08 and by Lou late 7/19/08. Just stop in at the Main Street Penny Arcade and press a set or email your favorite Disneyland pressed penny person for a set while they are hot! Do tell your friends "I read it first at!". Here are pictures of the new coins:

The NEW Wall-e Nickels!
Soon to be listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Numbers are provisional. Permanent numbers will be assigned by 7/21/08
Wall-e pressed penny Eve pressed nickel Wall-e elongated nickel
Wall-e elongated nickel set reverse.

07/18/08 MouseEars reported 07/07/08 that a new machine was planned. Recently MouseEars predicted the eminent arrival of the new machine. Last night, two Arcade Techs at the Main Street Penny Arcade said the machine would probably arrive over the next few days... Early today, we received a report by DorMouse that the machine arrived on-stage this morning. confirmation of this anony-mouse report and hopefully details to follow. You heard it first at! Pressed Penny News!
07/17/08 Disneyland turned 53 today! Boomer stopped by to pay his respects, see the evening parade, and check out the penny machines. (Not necessarily in that order.) Although there have been rumors of a new machine or two, no new machines were to be found. Do write us when you know of a new machine on-stage or near the park. Have a great weekend and happy collecting!
07/16/08 ZZZzzzzzZzzz sleepy pressed penny No new machine report so far...
07/14/08 A CM0026 Cast Member elongated coin auction closes tonight. I think this is only the second time one has been offered. The current high bid is ~$162.00. To view this auction or to see how to add your own auctions, open this link to our visitor linked Disney elongated coin auctions.
07/12/08 We greatly value comments like "I read it first at" when you share / post news that broke here first. Those email group posts and web site links to encourage us to seek out and share our often exclusive news stories with you, our friends and fellow collectors. Not to mention they are among the very few forms of advertising that fit our pinch-penny budget... thank you and happy collecting.
07/12/08 GrandHobbies and DorMouse report rumors of two new Disney machines! Themes were unknown. One machine is most likely a confirmation of the 7/7/08 report by MouseEars.) We will be checking the Disneyland Resort area often and post our findings here.
07/07/08 MouseEars reports: "New Press coming soon! I was told by a "Mouse" that it might be related to the new movie that came out???"
07/05/08 The long rumored machine arrived at the Castle Inn, Anaheim, California across Harbor Boulevard from the main entrance to Disneyland! Penny press location pages are updated. Although the machine offers a choice of three different designs, only one features the word "Disneyland" and will be listed in the Disneyland Wannabe pressed penny collection guide as DW0031.

The DW0031 listed in the
DW Disneyland Wannabe
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
DW0031 Disney-related pressed penny. "You are here!"
Image courtesy of GrandHobbies

06/17/08 Rumors of a couple of new machines are circulating and we are certain of at least one. However, no new machine placements have been reported as of this morning. With Monday's mail, we once again caught up with visitor free pressed coin requests and look forward to more. If your SASE was mailed to us over the past week, it's back on the way to you with a "priceless" elongated coin. happy pressed penny If you have friends that might like a DW0028 coin for their collections, please do share a link to the free elongated coin offer with them.
05/22/08 There is a new penny press machine planned for this next week or so and it will be available to the public. penny smile Details will be posted here as soon as the machine is up and running.
05/15/08 NEW PRESSED PENNY! First a disclaimer. This is my take of more than one report which I have merged together. I may revise / change this as I hear more. (Also true of the updated CM Collection Guide.)
Reports state that a Cast Appreciation event was held at Disneyland today for 150 - 200 people. A coin press machine was available. The machine pressed arcade tokens that were given out to attendees. This new coin has guide number CM0026. (CM=Cast Member issues which are generally not available to the public, only Disneyland Employees, often as gifts or awards.) Below is a picture and link to the collection guide.
Update: MouseEars reports that about 300 coins may be issued in total. Also that the die may be used next year. (Assumption: New reverse next year.)
Our thanks for all the reports submitted today!

The First Disneyland Pressed Token!
Listed as CM0026 in the
CM Disneyland Cast Member
Pressed Penny Collection Guide
Cast Member pressed token! The back side of... Cast Member pressed token!
Images courtesy of a very kind Anony-Mouse Contributor

05/15/08 Due to some very kind offers by readers, we should have both details and images of the newest Disneyland Resort coin shortly after the coin is available today.
05/14/08 MouseEars reports: "New Disneyland resort coin scheduled for tomorrow. I have seen it. Beautiful coin. Surely to become one of the most wanted coins by collectors." Hmmm... Our thanks for this anony-Mouse update.
04/07/08 We have updated our Disneyland penny press machine location lists to include recent Disneyland Resort changes. They aren't perfect, but, we are told they are the best on the 'net and offered in PDF, HTML and XLS formats so you can print and edit them as your personal penny press check lists or link to them from your web site. If you have really good eyesight, we even have a single page penny press locations page that is easy to bookmark so you'll always have our most recent list only a click away.
04/06/08 Tomorrow night is the close of the Fantasmic! elongated coin. (Listed on the Visitor Pressed Penny eBay Auctions page.)
Over the past week or so, readers have asked us what we know about the seller etc. He is a well known person in the Disney elongated coin community, the Fantasmic! is from his personal collection, and he has had very few auctions in the past, most of which were hard to find coins. I won an auction of his not long ago and I'm very happy with the transaction. However, we suggest you contact the seller if you have any questions.
One reader, new to Disneyland elongated coins, was amazed to see such high bids for a single elongated coin. It's also unusual to see a Fantasmic! for sale! If there is a successful bidder, our guess, based on past sales, is the winning bid will be two thousand to twenty-five hundred dollars.
Readers just starting collections should not let the sales of prototype coins like this scare them into collecting Old Master paintings or 60s Muscle Cars instead. crazy pressed penny The Fantasmic! is a "key" coin in the DN Prototype Elongated Coin Collection, but, not part of the typical "complete set" of all in-park on-stage coins. So, no need to be concerned about the high price... unless you are an Advanced Disney Penny Collector with an eye on prototype collecting. pressed penny smile
04/06/08 The Disneyland Resort had some serious traffic problems at around 10 o'clock this morning. Maybe they all heard about the new penny press at the ESPN Zone?
Donald and William B., the avid collectors and fellow TEC Members, reported a new four choice hand crank penny press at Downtown Disney's ESPN Zone! Our thanks for their report and pictures of these new pressed pennies! The machine was manufactured by the good folks at CTM / Penny Collector and is pressing well. The new coins will be added to the DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney Elongated Coin Collection Guide soon.
New ESPN Pressed Coins!
The Newest Editions to the
DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney
Pressed Penny Guide
Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team pressed penny Los Angeles Angels of Ananheim pressed penny ESPN elongated penny ESPN Zone, Anaheim pressed penny
03/27/08 Fellow collector Tim just reported the Little Green Men (Astro Blaster) machine is off-stage. Our thanks for the update, rumors have started to circulate that the coins may be retired.
03/24/08 NEW pressed pennies! Readers will remember we reported a rumor by DorMouse on 3/5/08 that a new penny press was planned late March or early April. One that might not even be known by Disney Management yet.
On 03/11/08, MouseEars correctly pointed out that Disney Management does know about all upcoming machines... in the park. Both posts were correct. Happy pressed penny
The new machine, featuring two new DW Pressed Penny Collection coins, was placed on site today! The coins are shown below. They were vended from a new $.51 three-play machine located at the Harbor Cove Mini Mart at the Tropicana Hotel, 1540 South Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, across from the Disneyland Resort main entrance. (Open 7AM to 1AM) The machine has been pressing coins beautifully.
Although this penny press is outside of the Disneyland Resort and not an official Disneyland machine, the first and third coins mention "Disneyland" and therefore will have Disneyland Wannabe collection guide numbers of DW0029 and DW0030.
Here are the coins!

Three NEW Disneyland Wannabe Coins!
Disneyland Wannabe Elongated Coin Guide
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 29
No mention of Disneyland, no guide number!
DW Collection Guide elongated coin number 30

03/24/08 Our thanks to David. He emailed to report the Splash Mountain coin press has been taken off-stage, however, the change machine is still there. This may substantiate past rumors that the machine would be updated (no die change). Could be that the Disney folks are doing their magic on the machine. If so, the machine should return.
03/23/08 HAPPY EASTER!!!! Pressed penny smiley!
03/22/08 Late Friday a very seldom seen Disney elongated coin was offered for sale via this DN0001 "Buy it Now" auction at $1650.00. It is the first DN0001 elongated cent I have ever seen auctioned. This hard to find Disney pressed penny and others are often listed on the Visitors Auctions page, a great page to bookmark.
03/19/08 We have added a few new pages featuring Cast Member framed Magical Milestones pressed penny sets. If you have some information to add to our articles about them, please contact us.
03/18/08 As of this afternoon, we have caught up with the free pressed penny offer mail! If you sent us a SASE recently, your penny is probably on its way! If you haven't already sent in for a free penny, now is a great time! pressed penny smilely
03/13/08 Avid collectors will notice three new coins listed on the "DN" pressed penny collection guide and a 2008 Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins Collection guide has been added also. Happy collecting... Boomer.
03/05/08 welcomes "The DorMouse" with their first anony-mouse report. Now, if Boomer remembers what the DorMouse said...sad pressed penny smiley A new penny press is planned late this month or early April. A machine that even Disneyland management doesn't know about yet? Stay tuned.
03/01/08 Late last night or early this morning (11:00pm PST or 1:00am EST time) the Fantasmic! auction mentioned here 2/22, opened. This eBay 10 day reserve auction is linked via the ParkPennies Visitor Auctions page. Given coins of this status are not often auctioned, night owls could witness or participate in an exciting auction close next Monday night / Tuesday morning.
02/22/08 A well respected member of the hobby has just advised us that he will be auctioning a Fantasmic!, the legendary DN0014 elongated prototype coin . We've seen a scan of the coin. It is a nice, full roll zinc cent. The eBay reserve auction is planned to start next Friday, February 29th, 2008.
02/20/08 Rainy day fun ????land China? sad pressed penny smiley! We are checking to see if... they might have any er ah "Disney" elongated coins.
02/18/08 Readers have asked why we haven't addressed recent changes in Disneyland elongated coin quality. At long last, Boomer's Evil twin has taken on the subject. If you'd like to see image comparisons and his take on the changes, please view our article about Changes in Disneyland pressed coin engraving quality.
02/14/08 No news to report from the park lately. But, there are lots of coins up for auction by visitors, some are aren't seen often. Also, thought I'd mention that "swapped back" coins have been reported, like these Nightmare Before Christmas coins. So, if you have a few duplicates, or spot a set of stamped back elongated coins for sale you might check the stampbacks against the ones you already have. Sorry, I don't know of any that are up for auction, but, I never know what an avid collector might put up for sale or trade. "Swapped back" coins are something most collectors haven't noticed yet. ( readers are of course, an exception to that rule. Smiley )
02/13/08 QUICK click on the "Visitor Auctions" logo at the top of the page and go the eBay auctions. LOTS of Buy it Nows just listed and some will be gone fast.
02/09/08 We have been both flattered and flattened by the number of free pressed penny requests! Smiley We hope to be caught up by Monday. Please bear with us.
02/08/08 Extra happy with a pressed penny related business? Do you offer a penny press related service or product? Why not submit a Free link request at and share? Pressed Penny Smiley
01/28/08 It was brought to our attention that the examples below show an off-center grip slot at the top of the coins. However, the images are well centered. It is possible that the Arcade Techs had to force the coins to the right to maintain a centered image in spite of an off-center grip slot. In my opinion, it is unfortunate that a choice had to be made, but, I think most of us would agree they made the right one.
01/27/08 NEW PRESSED PENNIES! Thanks to visitor text messages, we have news of a new set of elongated quarters! The Princess quarter press machine is back at the It's A Small World Gift Shop! The original DL0158, DL0159 and DL0160 dies have been replaced by the DL0425, DL0426, and DL0427 dies. (All coins are shown below and are now listed in the Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides.)

You may be surprised to see that the new coins are so similar to the coins they replace. Although the dot borders were deleted on the new coins, the subjects and art work are very much the same. Snow White and Cinderella still have their names on the coins and poor Princess Aurora is still called "Sleeping Beauty" as on the original set. The vertical images are still full length etc. One could assume that these dies are more "replacements" than "new" dies.

The good news, in my opinion, is that these coins are engraved in a quality comparable to the coins they replace, something that hasn't always been true recently. The lettering quality isn't as good as the previous coins, but, the images are three-dimensional with the look of hand engraving. Also the new coins feature stampbacks that, based on emails and witnessed guest reactions, have been a big hit with many guests and advanced collectors. So, if you have the "old set" you now have three more retired coins and three new coins to add. pressed penny smiles

The NEW Princess Quarters!
Soon to be listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide
Numbers are provisional. Permanent numbers will be assigned by 1/31/08
Original New Reverse
DL0158 Disneyland pressed or elongated quarter number DL0426 Disneyland pressed quarter reverse for DL0425, DL0426, and DL0427
DL0159 Disneyland pressed quarter DL0425
DL0160 Disneyland pressed coin or elongated quarter number DL0427
Share the news as it breaks! Link to

01/26/08 Late night news... new machine rumored!
01/24/08 Reports are received regularly however, no new coin to report at Disneyland USA. We have added a link to a new free penny page on this page and the main home page. Advanced collectors that spot a link to the free penny page here or elsewhere on the 'net can add a pressed penny to their collection by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to Boomer, here at penny smile
01/10/08 Looks like the 2007-8 Seasonal Nickel machine and the 2007 NBC quarter machine are both gone for good... already! For many, I fear the machines may have come an gone without notice. The one month stay for the nickel press was very short. Historically the seasonal nickel machine has been on-stage for two to three months and often in the high-traffic Penny Arcade. Given this year's off-beat location in the Main Street Opera exit, even collectors that knew the nickel machine was in the park, sometimes found themselves cell-phoning friends to look up the machine location on some web site run by some old "Boomer" guy. smile Chances are a lot of would be collectors missed these coins.
In my humble opinion, if you have a set, don't let go. If you missed them, don't pass up a good trade. This set may be scarcer than most in the future.
01/09/08 Emails received late last night from Tom V. Nightmare Before Christmas Machine, and Donald B. Seasonal Nickel Machine, report the machines are now off-stage. Our thanks to Tom and Donald for sharing this news.
We believe these machines are probably retired. Guides will be updated in a few days.
01/01/08! new pressed penny! A 2008 Chip n Dale coin has arrived at the Acorn Gift Shop, Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland USA! We believe this machine was placed last night as the machine has been off-stage for the past few days. If you anticipated a 2008 coin would take its place on the first of the year, and you are not at the park now... here's a picture of the new coin. We'll update the guides later today.
Anastasia was first to report this new coin. Our thanks to all the readers that email or text us with news to share. Without the valuable reports from fellow collectors, there is no way we could report new on-stage coins so quickly.
Happy collecting and happy new year!

The NEW 2008
Chip N Dale Pressed Penny!
From the
Disneyland Resort Pressed Penny Guide

2008 Chip n Dale pressed penny
2008 Chip n Dale reverse

12/31/07 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!
12/13/07 Here is a fun quiz. For Boomer, it was also a good lesson that you should not bet! sad As penny pressers, we know there are copper, zinc and steel pennies. But, which cent weighs the most? smile The answer is on the penny varieties page.
12/10/07 Our apologies for not updating this page lately. (I just plain forgot, sorry.) Please note we have consolidated news to the main pressed penny news page. (It's a good page to bookmark.) But will exclusively post Disneyland USA news here. (I'll try not to forget.) If you missed the coin offer, details at 11/27/07 below, for you we've extended the end of the offer to 12/17/07. Happy collecting, Boomer.
12/09/07 Advanced collectors will want to take an especially close look at the linked visitor auctions today. ALSO, our free pressed penny offer is ending with Monday's postmarks. (Details below at 11/27/07) We will have other free penny offers, but, not until after the first of the year.

The NEW 2007-8 Seasonal Nickels are Here!
Listed in the Disneyland Elongated Coin Guide, and
The Disneyland Seasonal Nickel Guide
MICKEY! Elongated nickel MINNIE! Elongated nickel Stylin' Santa Mickey
Cool.. cold? Bback stamp. Confetti! Party Time! Yes! It's two, yes TWO coins in one!
And they're nice! Hand engraved, stampbacks and all are dated!

12/06/07New Penny Press! The 2007-8 Seasonal Nickel Machine is up and running beautifully at the exit to the Main Street Opera! The coins are hand engraved, three-dimensional, "Disney Quality" with excellent stampbacks! Report by GrandHobbies. More soon.
Here is how to add your eBay Disney pressed penny auctions to the visitor auctions page.
12/06/07 The seasonal nickel machine was working intermittently at park opening but, down from about 11:00AM. Should have word later today. The Disney Arcade Staff has been outstanding in their efforts to repair this machine. We know what a challenge intermittent glitches can be, but, the Disney Arcade Tech folks are determined. Updates to follow.
12/05/07 Before you head for the park, you may want to wait for Thursday morning's post. Ron K. was at the cast member party after the close of the park last night and found the machine working at 11:00PM. He reported it to just after 10:00AM this morning. MouseEars reported the machine was on stage before the park opened this morning. So, Ron K. found it first, MouseEars reported it first, and Boomer who reported the machine was out of order at about 9:30AM and spent the entire day at the park waiting for the machine, as usual, was the first to complain!
As of Wednesday near park close, the machine is waiting for repair. Completion time is unknown, could be Thursday, could be a few days... We have a reporter that will text us shortly after the park opens Thursday morning and throughout that day and each morning for the next few days. So we should know as soon as the new machine is on-stage and working.
12/04/07 Our offer of a free coin (Details below at 11/27/07) will be ending in one week! Boomer has enjoyed reading your notes and pressing pennies. He just sent out a pile of envelopes today with notes he knows people will spend hours reading. Well, they are only a few words, but, given his handwriting, it will take hours to figure out what he wrote. crazy If you haven't sent in for your free coin, now is the time.
12/04/07 Report as of noon, no new penny press machines found.
12/04/07 operatives are currently standing at the gates of The Original Disneyland Park. Penny press machine report... soon!
12/03/07 Not good news... is currently the target of typo-squatting also called URL hijacking. Here are the details for those interested. Bright side... Hey! We've made the Big Time! sad
Given the likely victims of this ploy would be returning visitors, who like Boomer, type quickly because they can't wait to see the latest pressed penny news... we offer a bookmark for this page. (Talk about high tech security measures!) smile
12/01/07 Over 130 visitor auctions are currently running on eBay! Do check them out, there are some neat coins offered from the latest NBC set to a steel cent "Quality Inn across from Disneyland" from back in the 1980s.
11/30/07 We were really happy to see our 11/27/07 offer had already filled our Post Office box with envelopes! We will send the first coins out this next week and hope to see lots more envelopes every day.
11/29/07 Seasonal Nickels soon. But, not yet.
11/27/07 Reports from MouseEars and at least one other reader anticipate the arrival of the Disneyland Seasonal Nickels within a week. We will break the news of the arrival here as soon as we have confirmation. Boomer is pacing the floor... again!

A Pressed Penny! Pressed Penny picture
DW Disneyland Wannabe Guide Number 28

11/27/07 DW Guide description of the coin pictured above: (Horizontal pressed penny image) PARKPENNIES.COM, FOR COLLECTORS OF, DISNEYLAND ® , ELONGATED COINS, Dot border in a style similar to the DL0001 and DN0001, Initials ABC are between bottom center dots for Anastasia, Bob, and Charlotte. First pressed 11/07 by This coin could be one of my top favorites! smile
Last week, we mentioned we'd have a small 'thank you' this Season in appreciation of your visits and links to Well, two very generous, longtime friends of ours and the hobby presented with the gift of the wonderful die that made the coin pictured above. After an unnecessarily long period of contemplation, an epiphany of both imagination and penny-pinching thrift occurred to Boomer. He thought (drum roll) why not make a gift a ParkPennies pressed penny to our friends!? (Yep! Nothing gets past Boomer! crazy) He reasons that with the die he could personally make a pressed penny as a gift for you. Cuz he cares, has a terrific new penny die to share, and loves to press pennies. (We also need to keep him busy and out of trouble.)
So, although we can't up a specific time, if you happen to spot one of us at the park, we'll have a coin for you. If you are out of the area, we missed you at Disneyland, or if too many gray-haired guys wearing Hawaiian-style shirts and khaki colored pants have sworn to you they weren't Boomer and ran away screaming...
Just mail a self addressed stamped envelope to: B00MER C/0 R0BERT H0FF, Post Office Box 17812, Anaheim CA 92817. Be sure to include your choice of either a bright uncirculated shiny copper cent or a darker patina circulated copper cent. No strings attached. It's okay to put the coin up on eBay or trade it with another collector for something else. (As if there is anything more priceless or beautiful?) But, please only one per person / address. We do hope to offer the coin to visitors every now and then. However, this offer has to end by December 10th, to give Boomer time to carefully make your coin and hopefully get it back to you by December 20th.
Thank you for your gifts of visits, park reports, and links that share our humble site with your friends and web site visitors. And of course, Happy collecting! smile
11/23/07 Wow! The Christmas Season is here already! Even though income and budget are $0.00, we're going to do something special this year! It surely won't be any competition for Oprah's cars and fancy freezers. But, we want to say thank you for visiting and linking to ParkPennies. Even though our budget is "modest", we think it's something you'll like. smile
More details soon.
11/21/07 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/21/07 Seasonal Nickels have been released as late as mid December in the past. Don't give up hope.
11/19/07 Folks, we are working on it, but so far we got nothin'!
If you're surfing the 'net to fill in those lonesome hours at the office or because you'd like to read a bit about Disney Parks, this might be a good day to peruse the MiceAge Web Site. If you haven't visited the site recently, you may be interested in their articles about the future plans for California Adventure. They also have the excellent Mouse Chat discussion board. Tell 'um Boomer sent ya. smile
(Do check back here often. We hope to have some penny press news before long.)
If you have another Disney related discussion board or web site in mind that you'd like us to review for mention here, just let us know.
11/17/07 Many machine reports have been received recently. They are very important and appreciated. Without them, we could not confirm when / if a new machine has arrived. However, recently they have shared the theme "no new seasonal nickel machine found". sad As soon as the next change in machine status is reported / confirmed we will post the news on this page first. Until then, rest assured we are listening, searching, snooping, spying and interrogating every day. smile
Best of the Season and happy collecting.
11/17/07 The last report received by suggested a technical problem with the seasonal nickel machine.
11/14/07 A few visitors, including MouseEars have given arrival dates for the Seasonal Nickels. All arrival times are Sunday or sooner. We have the park covered by friends, fellow collectors and operatives every day though next week and will report back as soon as we know for sure the coins are on-stage. Not that anyone is anxious. sad
11/13/07 No new machine to report... yet. Details Wednesday.
11/12/07 Beautiful day at the park! Christmas decorations most everywhere! The Main Street Christmas Tree is up, snow on the castle roof, good friends and a fun day. But, no new penny machines.
11/10/07 sleepy
11/09/07 Boomer reports no new machines today. However, a couple of older machines that are no longer on-stage have been moved to retired status. (Monsters Inc. and The Beauty and the Beast penny sets.) Before you write us... Agreed, the princess machine in Fantasyland has been off-stage for a long time. However, Cast Members in the area still believe the machine will return. A Cast Member at the Main Street Penny Arcade as well as a cornered, frightened Repair Tech that broke under the stress of guest interrogation, confessed the Monsters Inc. and Beauty and the Beast machines probably would not return. Machine location pages have been updated.
11/08/07 Avid collectors, Jon, Mike and Brent report, as of last night, no Seasonal nickels found. A recent MouseEars anony-mouse report targets machine arrival more than a week away. I hope it's sooner, my pacing is starting to wear a hole in the office carpet!
11/07/07 No new machine to report. sad
11/06/07 Nope. Nada. None. No new machines to report today. Reports from MouseEars, Lou, Boomer and one anony-mouse visitor are all in agreement. Our thanks for all your reports. As noted on the Seasonal Nickel page, the set has been commonly placed on-stage in November, often in the the second week of the month. However, the date has been as late as December 12. Hope it's soon. Folks are gettin' antsy and Boomer is pacing!
11/05/07 Boomer reports that the seasonal nickel machine was not on-stage today, but, he'll check again Tuesday.
11/04/07 Beautiful day at the park! I was able to say hi to advanced collectors Aprille and Chuck, but no sign of the seasonal nickel machine yet. Maybe soon?
11/03/07 Lots of rumors about the release of Seasonal Elongated Nickels at Disneyland, USA. (Here is a page with just the Seasonal Elongated Nickel thumbnail images.) Looks like the tradition will continue on for the 13th year! We hope to have word about their arrival soon. If you spot them first, you can share the news with other readers here.
11/01/07 Over 130 visitor auctions are currently running on eBay! Do check them out, there are some neat coins offered from the latest NBC set to a steel cent "Quality Inn across from Disneyland" from back in the 1980s.
10/31/07 NEW! The 2007 Nightmare Before Christmas quarter set arrives! MouseEars is first to report the new machine! While Boomer was on the way to the park, MouseEars had already sent in his new machine report. Guess Boomer is going to have to get up a little earlier in the morning! Smile Pictures and guides to follow...
UPDATE: We have added the new NBC set to the Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides and the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Quarters Page with pictures and descriptions. The new coins are: DL0419, DL0420 and DL0421 + Reverse (As in our guides, click "Frames Yes" at the top of the page to hold these pictures in frames or CTRL click to open them in a new tab. Default is a new window.)
As you can see, this year, the Nightmare Before Christmas coins feature only line art figures instead of the three dimensional hand engraved (in-graved?) images of the past. However, the coins are all dated 2007 and also have dated stampbacks. I know they will be a big hit with many readers. smile
NOTE: Some of the engraving on these coins, most noticeably the smaller lettering is not legible. However, given close examination, one can assume or divine if you will, that they all are inscribed "Tim Burton's" and "C Disney" ("C Touchstone" was dropped this year). I have read your emails and I agree, the current quality of engraving is not what it has been in the past. I do not know why, the Tokyo Disneyland coins seem better than ever. Personally, I'm going to place one of the coins face down so the cool reverse shows... maybe more. sad
10/25/07 NEW! Ratatouille is at Goofy's Kitchen, in the Disneyland Hotel! (Now, be honest, aren't you glad I didn't make any of those Mouse, Rat, Goofy's Kitchen jokes?) Here they are and reported first by MouseEars, a top anony-mouse contributor to

New Goofy's Kitchen Coins!
On-Stage Late Night 10/24/07
Click on the images to open larger images.

DR Disneyland Park Guide, Section 3
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins

Disneyland elongated coins

Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins

10/25/07 A valued anony-mouse reporter, now code named "MouseEars" here at, wrote to assure readers there are current plans for a Nightmare Before Christmas set, Seasonal nickels set and maybe a Year of a Million Dreams coin too! MouseEars also reported the arrival of a Ratatouille set today! Of course, never posts anony-mouse coin reports without first confirming them. So, you really aren't reading this?! Seriously, Boomer has a unusually high level of confidence in this anonymous report and is on his way to the park. When he returns, he hopes to have Ratatouille coins to scan and a machine location report or a really good story why he left his desk and went to the park! Crazy
Our thanks again to "MouseEars" for sharing their very timely new coin reports with
10/10/07 The Disneyland Pressed Penny Guide has been updated to include the new Pirate Set, Pirate Skeleton at the Helm, pressed penny number DL0416, Pirate Skull and Cross Swords Logo, pressed penny number DL0147, and Pirate Princess Logo, pressed penny number DL0418. This new, well themed penny press is located next to the Haunted Mansion coffin quarter press in the alcove next to the new location of Le Bat en Rouge Shope in New Orleans Square. We will update the penny press machine location pages soon.
10/09/07 NEW! ARrrrrrah! Thar be PIRATES!!!!!!!!
At long last! The Pirates' pressed penny set readers have anxiously anticipated!
Although we can't help but think that these coins would have greatly benefited from the hand engraving skills of Jimmy Vargas, our first impression is very favorable. The dot borders, Disneyland Resort banners, and stampbacks are very nice in this collector's opinion and we think the set will be a big hit. The cabinet is themed very nicely, the coins are rolling full and near perfectly flat! So, do take a look at them in person and let us know your thoughts!
If you press them while they are still on-stage you can have all three coins for a mere $1.53 or on eBay for $1.53 plus a pirate's ransom! (I joke!?)
Our thanks to the anony-mouse mystery messenger that brought this new set to our attention.
Although these are early, small, poor quality pictures, soon we will have much larger, poor quality pictures!. crazy (The Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides will be updated this week with close up images, descriptions, and guide numbers.) So please check back and Happy collecting!

Pirates Pressed Penny Set!
First On-Stage 10/08/07
In New Orleans Square
Disneyland Pirates elongated coin or pressed penny! Disneyland Pirates elongated coin or pressed penny! Disneyland Pirates elongated coin or pressed penny!
There you have it! The back side of PENNY

10/04/07 Sleepy pressed penny collector!
09/26/07 Quote from the Hee Haw TV series... "Now, we're not ones to go 'round spreadin' rumors, Why, really we're just not the gossipy kind, No, you'll never hear one of us repeating gossip, So you'd better be sure and listen close the first time!"
Are you listening close? smile Well... there could be two new sets of pressed pennies on their way to the Disneyland Resort! Now, we need not mention to longtime readers that we normally wait for non anony-mouse confirmations from multiple sources before posting. However, there have been so many of you asking for a Pirates set (!) over the past couple of years, we had to share this rumor. Story goes that a Pirates of the Caribbean set and a Ratatouille set are planned! Based on reports, gossip and research, we're thinking it is more than 50% probable and the machines could be here by the end of October. So do check back if / when / as we hear more we'll post it here. Thanks to all the folks that have kindly emailed us lately and happy collecting.
09/21/07 At 2:15 today, it took us a half hour wait just to exit the Downtown Disney parking lot! Looked like the cars in line were waiting to board a submarine ride or something! crazy It's this reporter's opinion that the park is really short staffed. However, the important stuff was all good. The weather was great and the penny press machines we tried today were adjusted to perfection! It couldn't have been a better day, unless, maybe we had spotted a new coin on stage. smile
If you're the first to find a new coin, here is how to share the find.. the comment form.
09/11/07 Not everyone has had a chance to press one of the new Main Street nickels. Matter of fact, I haven't even seen one on eBay yet. So, thought I'd feature the coin here especially for visitors that are far from the park.
You know we love pressed nickels and the original Main Street USA DL0251 nickel was also the first Disney elongated coin to have a stampback. So, we couldn't overlook the latest Main Street nickel revision.
Generally, my impressions are much like those of some ParkPennies readers. As you can see below, the art work is basically unchanged, Minnie and Mickey, Main Street USA, no border... However, unlike the coin it replaced, the DL0415 has only "line art" engraving. I was surprised to see it. Many collectors thought the older style, two-dimensional "line art" had been phased out some years ago with state of the art professionally hand engraved three dimensional "Disney Quality" dies. Today, collectors take high quality engraving for granted at Disney Resorts like Tokyo Disneyland in Japan and Hong Kong Disneyland in China. Matter of fact, Tokyo Disneyland has already introduced more than a hundred new high-quality, hand engraved, 3-D designs just this year. But, I digress....When the coins below are compared side by side, even my old eyes can identify the coin on the bottom as Jaq, the coin at the top left as Mickey and Minnie. And the new Main Street USA nickel, top right, as... a Picasso? Hey, I'm trying to be positive here! smile

Seriously, we don't know why recently issued Disneyland, USA coins have often lost detail, borders and now engraving quality over the past year or so. However, some Rumors have been heard. One writer suggested borderless elongated coins are in preparation for future penny press conversions to planchets (Metal disks as used in Japan and Hong Kong). They sited possible changes in US coinage, laws, and the increased revenues from planchets. Another rumor suggested that Disneyland is making some of their own dies by machine and that's why some coins like the Main Street nickel are less detailed and borderless?

If you can correct, clarify or confirm these rumors, we're all ears! Thanks to all that have sent emails, we do read them all. Even the one that claimed the new nickel looks like Pooh!? sad Happy collecting...

The New Main Street Nickel
The original engraving.
2004 Engraving
Nicely hand engraved...
The September 2007 engraving.
2007 Engraving
Just placed on-stage
2006 hand engraved medal from Tokyo Disneyland
An example of engraving done for Tokyo Disneyland.
To see more, please view our Tokyo Disneyland Guides.

Currently there are about 125 visitor auctions linked. Do check them out, could be something you're looking for or even something you can't pass up.
Also, it's getting to be that time of year... seasonal nickels and haunted mansion holiday quarters are probably just around the corner. You could be the first to report them! Wow! Instant fame!! sad  Just be the first to let us know via the text message, email or contact form.
We all took the morning off and headed for the park. Lots of fun stuff to do, crowds were moderate, weather good in the morning. But, no new machines or returning machines to report. Some machines have moved about since our Penny Press Machine Location pages were last updated. Probably will update them soon. The TDL News page has a new update or two.
08/29/07 We've been keeping busy with a few touch ups here on the web site. A fish could ride a bicycle better than Boomer can program a web site, but, given you are here, we probably don't need to mention that.sad Stay tuned for some news. We are all ears here and the season is near for Nightmare Before Christmas elongated quarters and the seasonal nickel set!
08/19/07 We didn't post pictures of this set when it first arrived on-stage, but, we are getting caught up with the backlog of new coin entries in the guides, so we have a little time to do some fun stuff. smile
New Main Street Opera Coins
On-Stage 07/14/07
Click on the images to open larger images.

DL Disneyland Park Guide, Section 9
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins
Disneyland elongated coins

Two of the coins, as you may remember, served some time at the Grand Californian and were taken off-stage when the 2007 Chip N Dale coin arrived. Their new home is at the Main Street Penny Arcade in Disneyland and they have similar, but, new stampbacks in their new machine. The gem of this set, in my humble opinion, is the Lucky Penny. I can't remember ever seeing a lucky penny at any Disney park before, so it looks like a first. Given the popularity of Lucky Penny style elongated coins, I'm betting this coin will be very popular with visitors. (Not a hard bet to make if you've had to wait in line to press one.) Here's a close-up of the coin....

Lucy Penny pressed coin number DL0413

08/16/07 15 new coins were added to the Tokyo Disneyland Guides, 12 were added to the latest section of the Tokyo Disneyland Guide and three new medals were added to the latest section of the Tokyo DisneySea Guide. For those readers that have been asking... we have also updated the Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month pages. Have a great weekend. Happy collecting!
08/07/07 Mark B., contacted ParkPennies to report that the three-play machine at the Main Street Penny Arcade which featured three images of Dopey, has moved to the Princess Fantasy Faire area back by the ToonTown Train Station. The penny press machine location pages have been updated.
08/03/07 Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan, our eyes and ears at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, reported the release of three August TDL Medals, Coins of the Month. More information on the Tokyo Disneyland Medals News Page.
08/01/07 Updates to the Disneyland Resort Paris News Page, the DLRP Guide and lots of auctions! Over 130 linked auctions as of today! A lot Tokyo Disneyland coins even a single lot of 38 TDL's, a set of coins from The Disneyland Resort Paris, Disney Village, Rainforest Cafe , a DS0008 nickel some WDW elongated coins plus lots of current and retired Disneyland Resort elongated coins! Several of them, hard to find coins readers have been asking about. Do take a look at them all .
07/30/07 Ok, I just can't control myself any longer.. either! When will Disneyland USA have a coin of the month? Take a look at these cool Tokyo Disneyland coin of the month medals... (Click to enlarge the image.)

The Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month (Medals). A Fun Collection.
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0505.jpg - 24254 Bytes
Guide number TDS0505
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0510.jpg - 24999 Bytes
Guide number TDS0510
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0516.jpg - 24485 Bytes
Guide number TDS0516
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0520.jpg - 28767 Bytes
Guide number TDS0520
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0524.jpg - 23785 Bytes
Guide number TDL0524
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0525.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0525
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0526.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0526
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0527.jpg - 26007 Bytes
Guide number TDL0527
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0527.jpg - 26007 Bytes
Guide number TDL0528
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0533.jpg - 26007 Bytes
Guide number TDL0533
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0525.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0528
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0522.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDL0552
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0529.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0529
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0557.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDL0557
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0531.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0531
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0601.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDL0601
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0602.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDL0602
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0601.jpg - 27224 Bytes
Guide number TDS0601
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0619.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0619
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0620.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0620
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0602.jpg - 24152 Bytes
Guide number TDS0602
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0621.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0621
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0622.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0622
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0604.jpg - 24152 Bytes
Guide number TDS0604
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0623.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0623
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0624.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0624
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0605.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0605
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0630.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0630
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0631.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0631
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0609.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0609
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0632.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0632
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0633.jpg - 24438 Bytes
Guide number TDL0633
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0610.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0610
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0634.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0634
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0635.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0635
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0611.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0611
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0636.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0636
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0637.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0637
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0616.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0616
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0638.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0638
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0639.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0639
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0623.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0623
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0645.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0645
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0646.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0646
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0625.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0625
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0647.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0647
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0648.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0648
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0626.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0626
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0653.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0653
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0654.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0654
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0628.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0628
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl07137.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0713
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0714.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0714
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0701.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0701
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0719.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0719
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0720.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0720
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0704.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0704
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl07217.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0721
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0722.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0722
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0705.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0705
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0729.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0729
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0730.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0730
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0713.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0713
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0734.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0734
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0735.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0735
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0714.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0714
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0737.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0737
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0738.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0738
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0718.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0718
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0741.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0741
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0742.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0742
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0719.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0719
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0749.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0749
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tdl0750.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDL0750
Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal tds0721.jpg - 26409 Bytes
Guide number TDS0721

Above are thumbnail images of the Tokyo Disneyland Coin of the Month souvenir medals. To access larger images, descriptions and detail comparisons of these coins, just click this link to the Tokyo Disneyland Guides. Click this link to view a page with full-sized images of Tokyo Disneyland Coins of the Month.

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