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In 1987, The Original Disneyland was the first Disney park in the world to offer pressed penny machines. Since then, Disney's First Park has made a lot of elongated coin news. News like the first pressed nickels, pressed dimes, pressed quarters, pressed coin backstamps... All from Disneyland Anaheim and all are documented and shared here via ParkPennies guides, articles, and archived news posts. But, for the latest breaking news and rumors filtered for just the DLR Anaheim, no TDL, HKDL, DLRP, this is the page! -For unfiltered news covering all the Disneyland Resort penny press machine news from around the word and more gossip :-) the ParkPennies "Pressed Pennies" The Elongated Coins of Disneyland home page is a good read. As always, please contact us whenever you have a question, news to share or a comment about the home of Disney's first pressed pennies, The Disneyland Resort Anaheim.    Happy Collecting, Boomer
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2017 DCA Holiday Nickel Set Marquee 12/21/1712/21/17 New Pressed Pennies! THE 2017 DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE Holiday Nickels are onstage! I just returned from DLR. I'm told the nickel press was just installed today. It's working great. The Penny Machine Locations should be updated tonight and I'll have the ParkPennies Disney California Adventure Guide pictures and descriptions up soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Boomer.

2017 Disneyland Holiday pressed nickel coin press machine on 12-15-201712/15/17 New Pressed Pennies! THE 2017 DISNEYLAND HOLIDAY NICKEL SET is onstage at the Main Street Penny Arcade! The machine is a beauty... video, sound... pictures to follow. My thanks to Stephen, Ryan and the excellent Disneyland Cast Members at the Penny Arcade who made sure this new three-play nickel press was working great. We think the machine was installed overnight, it was waiting for guests when the park opened today at 8:30. Our thanks and credit for being the first to report this new machine goes to Steve, Stephen M. Based on past years, we anticipate that the Disney California Holiday pressed nickel set will be placed onstage in days. The Penny Machine Locations has been updated and the Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide will be updated soon. Happy collecting! Boomer.

The Pressed Coins at Disneyland Android Phone App image12/05/17 Lots of updates to this cool Android phone app. It's great for locating Disneyland Resort pressed coins and keeping track of them. The reviews have been great too. So please do check out The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app. Now available at the Google Play Store for free and requires only a single permission for map location. We also have a permanent link to the app on the Penny Machine Locations page. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

12/03/17 We are very sad to report the passing of Rob McHargue, Master Candy Maker at the Disneyland Resort, on December 2, 2017. Many of us will remember the excellent candy that Rob made for more than 40 years. You may also recall Rob going out of his way to make memories for fans of all ages. Needless to say, watching The Master's candy magic and enjoying the treats he made, some of which Rob invented himself, became a treasured tradition for many lucky park visitors. I know countless Disneyland guests will think of him for years to come especially when walking by the Main Street Candy Kitchen or sampling one of his trademark confections. We hope you too will keep Rob and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He is missed.

11/27/17 It's been way too long since our last post. But, rest assured that lots of fellow collectors are searching the Disneyland Resort looking for new pressed coin machines and we expect to share news of the 2017 Holiday nickel sets soon. While we're all waiting for a new machine... Do take a look at some of the currently more than 300 cool eBay auctions by fellow ParkPennies visitors. Maybe you'll spot a coin you're looking for? Happy Collecting, Boomer.

11/10/17 Our thanks to Alex D., Stephen M., Randy K., Mike R., Stasi and David S. for reporting that the Bonanza Outfitters penny press machine DL0480, DL0481, and DL0482 is offstage. Based on the time of the first report, the machine has been offstage long enough that we've marked it offstage on the Penny Machine Locations page. We're thinking that the machine might be offstage for new coin designs? Check this page for posts of any news we hear. Do tell Boomer if you spot the machine first. Happy collecting! Boomer.

11/04/17 Because of the latest nickel set released just last Thursday, we've gotten a lot of emails about pressed nickels! Like "Why are pressed nickels only offered by the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim? or "Why can't we find any pressed nickel machines at.. er... a well-known theme park in Fl°o°rida?" Or "Why does that other Southern California theme park Knott have any nickel press machines?". :-) So, I thought the subject worthy of a post here.
A long time Cast Member, now retired for nearly two decades, once told me that the coin press machines were not just for profit or to draw foot traffic, they are meant to be part of "The Show", making fun experiences and memories for Disneyland guests. What he said must be true. As long time collectors will remember, Disney pressed coins were first introduced to the world back in 1987 and pressed nickels in 1995, pressed coin backstamps in 2004... all by the imaginative / innovative Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort. (Some theme parks that use only outside vendors. But, DLR owned machines benefit from on-site Disneyland Cast Members.) The coin presses have indeed made profits, generated foot traffic, and provided fun "shows" for Disneyland Resort guests for more than 30 years now! But of all the Disneyland pressed coin innovations, nickels have been extra-popular. Matter of fact, these silver-colored treasures have become the exclusive collecting focus of some guests. Even some pressed penny jewelry has been made with silver. After all, there are the very popular Yearly Holiday Nickel Sets that have been a Disneyland tradition dating back to 1995, the year-long nickel sets first introduced in 2014, plus sets like the latest Princess pressed nickel set in Downtown Disney... For many families, elongated coins make for a fun Disney collectable, another reason to visit the park on the Holidays. Not just because five cent pieces make a high quality, thick, heavy, "silver-colored" pressed coin souvenir... But because these exceptionally collectable backstamped pressed nickel sets are also examples of the imagination and dedication that the Disneyland Resort Cast Members have demonstrated over and over... Sorry, I digress. :-) Why are Disney pressed nickels only at Disneyland, and no other parks? Maybe because they are special like Disneyland, and no other park. ;-) Happy collecting, Boomer. Edited for readability 11/04/17 p.m. Not that it's that much better. :-)

11/03/17 Often people ask us where / how they can purchase Disneyland pressed coins, especially hard to find ones. As you know, ParkPennies.com is strictly a free hobbyist reference web site with nothing for sale, no ads or pay wall... But, we do offer free links from ParkPennies.com to fellow ParkPennies Visitors' eBay auctions. If you have an eBay auction of a Disneyland pressed coin or if you are looking for a Disneyland pressed coin, ParkPennies courtesy Visitor's eBay links of Disneyland pressed coins may be just what you're looking for. PS: Here is how to add your auctions to the ParkPennies list for free. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Click to open the DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney pressed coin guide11/02/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Mike R. for reporting the return of the DR0192, DR0193, and DR0194 video and sound Princess penny press... as a nickel press today! Yes, Disney did a quick upgrade into a cool nickel press. The elongated nickel coins are heavier, thicker, nickel color and have images and backstamps that fit perfectly. The nickel coin costs 75 cents each plus the nickel to be smashed (The penny press version cost 50 cents plus the penny to be pressed.) I think most guests and collectors will really like these coins. We'll have pictures and descriptions in the DR Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney Guide soon. The Penny Machine Locations page has been updated already. Happy collecting! Boomer. 10/03/17: (Please excuse the poor quality picture. It is the best we could do at the time and wanted to share. If you have a better picture, please send a copy to Boomer.)

10/31/17 HTTPS Encrypted connection for ParkPennies should be up soon. This is a service ParkPennies.com is providing for our visitors which has been used by banking web sites for years and is strongly encouraged by Google, eBay... and Boomer! :-) Old links to https://www.ParkPennies.com will automatically redirect to our new address: HTTPS://www.ParkPennies.com. :-) Safe web surfing and Happy collecting, Boomer.

10/26/17 A new Downtown Disney coin press machine was reported onstage today... a report that was at first doubted by some. :-) However, a consensus of confusion has concluded :-) that a new coin press machine was indeed placed onstage today and then possibly taken offstage for adjustment? Please check back for updates.
From trusted sources: A new machine was jammed today. Soon after, while the guest was still in the park, a Disneyland Arcade Tech cleared the machine and the delighted guest pressed some coins. Then later this afternoon the machine was reportedly taken offstage. Boomer believes the machine is *possibly* temporarily offstage for adjustment and may return soon. The Penny Machine Locations page is already updated. Happy collecting, Boomer.
ADDED 10/28/17: Thank you to the collectors that asked why the hand-crank machine across D Street near Wetzel's Pretzels hasn't been repaired. We know that the hand-crank machine, DR0139-142, has had out of order sign. However, it is a machine that is not serviced by Disneyland Resort. Near by locations are well aware of the situation. I was told by a frustrated Cast Member that the machine is from an "outside vendor" and that she can work no magic with that machine.
ADDED 10/29/17: The coins offered by this new machine are three Princess pressed pennies: Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel all with a new first onstage backstamp"Disney Princess Disneyland Resort". We hope to add images of coins pressed by a guest on 10/26/17 soon. A Cast Member has stated that the machine should return later this week. Please bookmark this page for updates and Happy Collecting! Boomer.

Cars Land penny press machine marquee 10/23/1710/24/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Mike R. for reporting a new penny press machine was placed 10/23/17 in Cars Land, Disney California Adventure at Ramone's House of Body Art on Route 66. The machine offers the same dies that were retired on Buena Vista Street, the CA0147, CA0148, and CA0149 with a new location appropriate backstamp, a Cars Land Logo. Stay tuned to ParkPennies.com we hear rumors of yet another new Disneyland Resort machine soon and will post it here. If you get a chance, please do say thanks to the good folks that keep the DLR coin presses on stage and updated. It was 108 degrees when this machine was placed onstage 10/23/17! I'm told one Cast Member still took the time to tell a collector (Mike R.) that there are plans for another machine possibly later this week. Happy collecting, Boomer.

10/20/17 More proposed legislation to end the penny, nickel... Good reading if you can't sleep or if you are in the penny press business and want something to keep you awake at night. :-( It appears movement in this direction is getting more and more backers and acceptance. I'm starting to think that token and quarter machines may one day save the hobby?

Marvel Heroes machine marquee 10-12-201710/12/17 New Pressed Pennies! A BIG thank you to Mike R. for reporting the return of the Marvel Heroes quarter press machine! AND that the coins now have new backstamps! We've already updated the Penny Machine Locations page. The guides will be updated soon. Looks like Disneyland pressed coin collecting is going to be both busy and fun over the next couple of months! Boomer can't wait for the Seasonal Nickel Sets! Happy collecting, The Folks at ParkPennies.com.

tecnews.com 9/08/17 If you are not already a member of TEC, The Elongated Collectors Club... Maybe now is a great time to check out The Organization for collectors of all types of elongated coins? Regular Memberships are only $15.00 a year. The TEC newspaper offers great ads, helpful information, contacts and more. Boomer has been a member for many years and plans to be for many more. :-) Do check it out... 
Penny PointerThe Elongated Collectors web site   ~or~    The Elongated Collectors Facebook!

8/22/17 Our thanks to Kristin N. for reporting that the Beauty and the Beast pressed quarter machine was missing from the Enchanted Chamber (Castle). The new location is The Royal Reception (Geppetto's Toy Shop) in Fantasyland. The Penny Machine Locations page is already updated. Happy collecting, Boomer. PS Rumors of new pressed coins are circulating... stay tuned. :-)

8/10/17 Our thanks to Sharon for reporting the return of the "Walt's Quotes" quarter press at the Main Street Penny Arcade. The Penny Machine Locations page is already updated. If you missed this machine recently, it's back. :-) Have a great weekend and Happy Collecting! Boomer.

7/31/27 New Pressed Pennies! Wow! Two new machines in Disney California Adventure! A NEW STAR WARS set of pressed quarters, CA0232, CA0233, and CA0234. PLUS a NEW SET OF MARVEL Summer of Heroes pressed quarter set, CA0235, CA0236, and CA0237. The Penny Machine Locations page is already updated and the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide will have coin scans and descriptions soon. Do I really need to say Happy Collecting? What a great week! Boomer.

7/29/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Dan K. for reporting a NEW DCA NICKEL PRESS MACHINE! This new set occupies the location previously held by the Disney California Adventure Trolley Treats penny press machine #2, the Cars Land themed set. The Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide will be updated soon and the Penny Machine Locations page is already updated. Happy collecting! Boomer. Disney California Adventure 2017 pressed nickel set CA0229, CA0230, and CA0231 marquee 7/29/2017

7/25/17 We recently completed the updates for Disneyland Pressed Coin Guide and the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide. They have images of the latest coins and descriptions. No new coins to report, but, you know we'll post news of any new machines here and on Penny Machine Locations page... check often lots of rumors are circulating about another new machine. Happy collecting! Boomer.

6/22/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Mike R. for "Contacting Boomer" today while Boomer was, as Disneyland Security might say, "loitering" at the Corner Cafe, Disneyland. :-) Mike reported that a penny press machine was being installed at the Main Street Penny Arcade, just steps away! Boomer was on the scene in no time pressing coins and taking pictures! These new Main Street Electrical Parade pressed coins are are nice. But, the backstamps make them really nice! What a greatsouvenir of your visit to the park, for only 51 cents! But, wait, there's more! Just on the other side of Main Street is the new 2017 Main Street Treats pressed nickel set. Today, you can get them both... on the same visit! :-)
Boomer has updated The Penny Machine Locations page already and our Disneyland Pressed Coin Guides will be updated soon with the The Main Street Electrical Parade pressed penny machine marquee sign 6-22-2017DL0672, DL0673, and DL0674 coin pictures and descriptions. (There may be some delays while we wait for the ParkPennies scanner to be hooked back up.) What a great summer already! Happy collecting, Boomer.

6/08/17 (Updates 6/09/17) New Pressed Pennies! Boomer spotted a new Disneyland nickel press machine today at the exit to the Main Street Opera (Lincoln Exhibit)! This 2017 dated set features favorite Main Street food treats, Gibson Girl ice cream, Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, and The Little Red Wagon corn dogs all with a nice Disneyland Main Street Backstamp. The Penny Machine Locations page has been updated and our Disneyland Pressed Coin Guides will be updated soon with coin pictures and descriptions. Happy collecting! Boomer.

2017 dated Main Street food and treats pressed nickel set 6-08-176/05/17 Our thanks to The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app author Eric T. for reporting that the very hard to find penny press that was located down the alley beside Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen has moved to a location near Tortilla Jo's and that the Big Top Toys machine in DCA has not yet returned. The Penny Machine Locations page has been updated. Happy collecting, Boomer.

5/27/17 Eddie V. contacted Boomer to let us all know that... The new coin press at the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! gift shop, also known as The Collector's Warehouse Gift Shop, is now open to all guests. (That can fit in.:-) Anastasia and David S. heard that the line for the ride was up to four hours long this morning. (As I write this, the line is down to only three hours!) This is what happens when there is a new coin press at DLR! :-) We hope to have pictures of the machine, marquee and coins added to the guides soon. The Penny Machine Locations page is already up to date. Happy collecting, Boomer. It's going to be a great summer to collect Disneyland Resort pressed coins!
Update: The GOTG:Breakout! attraction line is reportedly a real "Marvel" :-) with waiting times as long as 7+ hours!

Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! CA0226-228 pressed penny machine marquee sign 4/25/20175/25/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Anastasia and Dave S. for reporting that there is a new penny press at the GOTG Breakout! in DCA. However, it may be open only to event ticket purchasers so far. We'll post as soon as we hear the machine is open to all guests at the park.

4/28/17 Today, with great sadness, I received a call from a long time friend and Cast Member, now retired. He shared with me that George Meyer known to Disneyland elongated coin collectors for his work in the Disneyland Arcade Shop, had passed away on April 22, 2017. As long time readers of ParkPennies will recall, George retired from Disneyland in 2007, his retirement included an elongated coin in his likeness and many kind words from fellow Cast Members. The kind words and positive stories of the years George spent with friends at the Disneyland Resort continue today and are a testament to how much he was liked and is missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones.

4/27/17 Our thanks to Kim C. for sending a current image of the Castle Gate Penny Press Marquee and correctly reporting that the ParkPennies Penny Machine Locations page only lists one of the three coins offered at that location. In future updates, to help in collecting Disneyland Resort area pressed coins, we will strive to also include the machine companion coins of guide-listed Disneyland themed coins. (In the past, we limited listings to include only coins that "reference" Disneyland / are included in the ParkPennies pressed coin guides and did not include companion coins in that same machine.)

pressed token 4/26/17 Looks like there is yet another attempt to change our change! ParkPennies believes there is a good chance one of these Bills to replace / modify US coinage will succeed and that passage of such a bill will have a major impact on coin press machines. The latest bill tries once again to replace US coins with a less expensive material. This time replacing pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters with steel lookalikes. Here is a link to a PDF of Bill HR2067 (PDF) which states in part: "To amend title 31, United States Code, to save the American taxpayers money by immediately altering the metallic composition of the one-cent, five-cent, dime, and quarter dollar coins, and for other purposes." "IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the one-cent, five-cent, dime, and quarter dollar coins produced for circulation and issue shall— ‘‘(A) be produced primarily of steel...". Steel coins don't press well.... Could be that token presses will be the future, maybe the not too distant future. Thankfully, Disneyland has had already tested some excellent token press machines that offer both a nice pressed souvenir as well as a collectable "pre-press" token. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

4/26/17 Our thanks to Randy K. for reporting that the DL0502-504 Cowboy Donald, Minnie, and Mickey coin press machine has been moved back from Bonanza Outfitters to its original location at the recently reopened Pioneer Mercantile. The ParkPennies Penny Machine Locations page has been updated.
Rumors of new machines are circulating more and more every day! Boomer is once again anxiously pacing the floor and searching the park in anticipation of offstage machines returning with the rumored new pressed coin sets. If you spy a new machine first, tell Boomer... Unless you prefer to maintain your undercover status, you'll see your find and your name honored here in print! A truly priceless honor! And within the minuscule budget of this free no ads by collectors for collectors hobbyist web site... ParkPennies.com. :-) Thank you again for your visits and "shares". Happy collecting, Boomer.

3/25/17 Our thanks to The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app author Eric T. for being the first to report to ParkPennies that the PennyMen hand-crank penny press machine that was located near the Downtown Disneyland Resort Monorail Station has moved to, of all places, behind a gate in an alley east of the Jazz Kitchen(!) Not likely most DLR guests would find a machine in this location without the help of The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app or the ParkPennies Penny Machine Locations page. But, as you can see, you can't hide a penny press from avid collectors! :-) Happy collecting, Boomer.

3/20/17 We're starting to get caught up here, at last. Sometimes a little break between new machines is a good thing? :-) Boomer made a few edits and additions to the "Where Are The Old Penny Press Machines, Dies, & Marquee Signs?" page including prices paid for recent token die sales and past Disneyland Resort event dies that were auctioned over the years. We also added coin images and guide entries for the latest Star Wars coins in DCA and the new Tomorrowland Vehicles pressed pennies in Disneyland. The Star Wars pressed coins guide has been updated a little with the new DCA coins and will eventually have Star Wars coins from locations outside of The Disneyland Resort, if Boomer ever stops spending so much time at the park! :-) But, you know there are new machines rumored. Boomer is going to be looking! Happy collecting, Boomer. Oh, if you have some time to surf the net a bit, fellow ParkPennies visitors have linked a lot of eBay Disney pressed coins auctions. Do check them out.

3/03/17 Just updated: A cool new Android phone app for locating Disneyland Resort pressed coins and keeping track of them has been recently introduced by Bad Llama Group. The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app is free and available from Google Play. I tried this app out at Disneyland today. Very cool. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

3/03/17 New Pressed Pennies! Our thanks to Chuck and Delores N. for reporting... TWO NEW penny press machines are onstage! A really cool video screen Star Wars quarter press at Gone Hollywood in DCA and a ride vehicle themed penny press machine at Astro Blasters (Buzz Lightyear) exit in Disneyland! The Penny Machine Locations page will be updated soon. The Disneyland Park Pressed Coin Guide and the Disney California Adventure Pressed Coin Guide will follow. Happy collecting, Boomer!

The Pressed Coins at Disneyland Android Phone App image2/20/17 New Pressed Pennies! A cool new Android phone app for locating Disneyland Resort pressed coins and keeping track of them has just been introduced by Bad Llama Group. The Pressed Coins at Disneyland app is available at the Google Play Store for free and requires only a single permission for map location. Using the author's own images and data as well as some ParkPennies data at no cost per our terms of use. The app offers maximum pressed coin information including images of pressed coins, machines, marquees... The cool map feature pinpoints machine locations in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. A very useful collection feature helps keep track of the onstage coins you already have as well as the coins you want to press. So, do check it out. There is also a permanent link to the app on the Penny Machine Locations page. Happy Collecting, Boomer.

2/04/17 Our thanks to Selene for sending a most welcome report that the Disney California Adventure machine at the Los Feliz Five & Dime (Guide numbers CA0171, 173, 210) has returned after its absence while the Holiday Nickel machine was on-stage. Selene also noted that the 2016 nickel machine is off-stage at the Disneyland Main Street Opera exit. We have updated the Guides and Penny Machine Locations page. Happy collecting, Boomer.

1/10/17 The well known Disney pressed coin collector, Randy K. reports that the Holiday pressed nickels sets have been taken offstage in both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Our thanks to Randy for this update. The Guides and Penny Machine Locations have been updated. Happy collecting, Boomer.

1/03/17 Our thanks to Randy K. and Alex D. for reporting that "The Hollywood Tower of Terror" / "Hollywood Tower Hotel" / "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" is now closed. No matter what you call the very popular E-ticket Disney California Adventure attraction, it is now an honored part of Disneyland Resort history. But, there's good news! A new Marvel Studios themed attraction called "Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout!" will take its place this summer. And rumor is it will be well worth the wait! Of course, you know Boomer plans to be at Mission Breakout as soon as it opens... He's thinking there may a new set of Marvel coins to press! :-) By the way, thank you for your Facebook Likes and links to www.ParkPennies.com in your blogs and news articles. We see them and they really make our day! Happy collecting. The folks at ParkPennies.

Note:The past HTH pressed coin set, the CA0174-176, is now listed as "probably retired" in the Penny Machine Locations page. Assuming the machine is not relocated soon, the listing will change to "retired".



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