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In 1987, The Original Disneyland was the first Disney park in the world to offer pressed penny machines. Since then, Disney's First Park has made a lot of elongated coin news. News like the first pressed nickels, pressed dimes, pressed quarters, pressed coin backstamps... All from Disneyland Anaheim and all are documented and shared here via ParkPennies guides, articles, and archived news posts. But, for the latest breaking news and rumors filtered for just the DLR Anaheim, no TDL, HKDL, DLRP, this is the page! -For unfiltered news covering all the Disneyland Resort penny press machine news from around the word and more gossip :-) the ParkPennies "Pressed Pennies" The Elongated Coins of Disneyland home page is a good read. As always, please contact us whenever you have a question, news to share or a comment about the home of Disney's first pressed pennies, The Disneyland Resort Anaheim.    Happy Collecting, Boomer
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2017-2018 News will be placed here when archived. Until then, for current news, please visit the home page: 2017-2018 Disney Pressed Coin News Articles.


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