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December 2009 / January 2010 TDL Pressed Pennies
Pictures Courtesy of Kuniaki Hiraki
© 2009 Kuniaki Hiraki and ParkPennies.com

Here are the latest "pressed penny coins" for December, 2009 and January, 2010 from the Tokyo Disneyland Park and some from the Japanese Disney Stores. If you'd like to see more, do check out our TDL Pressed Penny Guides (ディズニー・スーベニアメダル). You can also view these TDL "Pressed Pennies" at Kuniaki Hiraki's excellent web site. A picture is worth a thousand words... our thanks to Kuniaki for these wonderful images of the latest Tokyo Disneyland Coins!

Several Disney Store coins were also released. The well known Tokyo Disney pressed penny collector, Kuniaki Hiraki wrote to us on December 22, 2009. Here is a recap of his information:

New 12 medals were released at Disney Store Japan
1. Shibuya Kouen douri 6 new medals were released on Dec. 12 2009
     Shibuya is one of  the place names of Tokyo. 
     Kouen means Park.
     Douri means  Avenue.
     Kanji letter in medal means Shibuya (dstsb2009001.004.005) and Tokyo (dstsb2009006)
     Shibuya is famous for the story of Chuken Hachiko. (Faithful dog Hachi)
     Please refer to the following.
2. Ikebukuro Sunshine City ALTA  6 new medals were released on Dec. 18 2009
     Ikebukuro is one place name of Tokyo. 
     Sunshine City ALTA is one name of the compound commercial institution.
     Kanji letters on the medals  mean Tokyo and Ikebukuro
18 new medals were released on Jan 01. 2010
 Penny Arcade               Tigger
 Tomorrowland Terrace  Shere Khan
 Galleria Disney               Chandu
  It is called the sexagenary cycle in Japan. There is an animal representing the age.
   It is a tiger this year.
2010 Series
 Penny Arcade
   Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie, Donald, Chip 'n Dale
 Tomorrowland Terrace  Shere Khan
   Mike, Sully, Lightning McQueen, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Woody
3 design changed
  Steamboat Mickey's
  Mickey, Minnie, Donald
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki at Tokyo Japan

As you can see, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort has gone "pressed penny" crazy! Now that the new issues are in 100s per year, the extensive coverage of all coins we have offered since 1996, isn't practical any longer. However, we will try to continue our guides with a "manageable" number of pages, images, brief descriptions, and guide numbers as shown on our Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny guide for 2010.

We encourage all visitors to also visit Kuniaki Hiraki's excellent web site. He is an avid collector located in Japan and offers wonderful coin reports for both the Tokyo Disneyland Resort and the Disney Stores in Japan.

Happy collecting,
Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com

Editor's note: We are often reminded that the preferred numismatic term is "Souvenir Medals". However, some rebellious ParkPennies.com contributors are known to use more casual, fun terms like: elongated coins, pressed pennies, flattened, crushed, squashed, rolled, mashed, smashed, stamped, squished, smushed, stretched, memory, keepsake, and souvenir coin medallions to describe these fun penny souvenirs.

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