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The PennyCollector.Com
Really is.....

The World's Largest Elongated Coin Store!

A very cool site about pressed pennies, run by some cool people. The site offers lots of information about all types of elongated coins and collecting. Collector books, supplies, pressed pennies and more.

TEC The Elongated Collectors Club

It’s a great organization for collectors of any elongated coins.
Many members buy, sell, and trade pressed coins with fellow members.
Well worth joining!

WDW & Disneyland Elongated Coins
Lou's Pressed Pennies

Email Lou, TEC# 2369, a longtime collector who
has Disneyland elongated coins for sale / trade.

Disneyland Elongated Coins
Boomer at

Boomer may have or know who has that really hard to find Disney coin!
Contact Boomer at for help in finding scarce Disney coins.

Disneyland Elongated Coins
Bob at

Bob at, Robert Hoff TEC# 2033, is a longtime collector who
likes to trade or buy Scarce Disney Coins! (AKA Boomer)

On-Line Auctions

Some often interesting pressed penny on-line auctions are linked on this Visitor Pressed Penny Auctions Page

Where to Buy
Pressed Penny Supplies,
Holders, 2x2's, Books?

Oded Paz
Paz Coins & Collectibles


Oded Paz, a fellow TEC Member, offers 2x2 holders - 2x2's,
Plastic Pocket Pages, Staplers, and more.
Contact Oded
( for availability and pricing

The PennyCollector.Com

Pressed Penny Collection Books and Supplies
Click this link for more information

Pressed Coin Memories

Custom Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Books.
Space for up to 240 pressed coins.
Including a checklist to each Walt Disney World Park.
The only way to have a complete collection in one place.

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