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TEC The Elongated Collectors
It’s a great organization for collectors
of all elongated coins.
Well worth joining!

elongated coin yahoo groups
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and not necessarily those of or

174 Members, Archives: Public

Hello fellow Disney elongated coin collectors. This club is a friendly place to discuss, buy/sell and trade Walt Disney World and Disneyland elongated pennies, quarters and nickels. Feel free to post your wish list of Disney coins or a sell/trade list for other club members.

1010 Members, Archives: Public

The Elongated Coin Discussion Group is open to all elongated collectors. This is the place to post new location reports, trades list and questions about elongated coins. Elongated coins have been also been referred as pressed pennies, squashed coins, squished coin, rolled and smashed penny. Lurkers are obviously more then welcome, but feel free to jump into any ongoing topic or create one of your own. Since 1997, this group has been family friendly and flame free.

374 Members, Archives: Membership required

Elongated Coins mailing list is free and open to all elongated collectors. Most members of this list are quite active in trading. This is the place to post new location reports, trades lists and questions about elongated coins. Elongated coins have been also been referred as pressed, squashed, stretched, squished, rolled and smashed coins. Sometimes we deal with off-topic messages when appropriate. You'll also find coins pressed on pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

118 Members, Archives: Membership required

For all collectors of Elongated Coins. Will include updates of what is happening in the Mid West and hopefully submissions of what is happening elsewhere in the EC World. Hope to have weekly discussions on some area of elongated coins. All questions welcome,from beginner to advanced collector, all answers welcome also

Michelle Harker's Disney Parks Blog
Do check it out! A great spot for Disney News.
She writes about penny press machines sometimes! :-)
Visit Michelle Harker's Blog
A terrific Disney information source with extensive chat forums!
Disneyland News -
Started By A Mouse
Run by folks that love Disneyland elongated coins!

Pressed Penny Related Web Sites

Kuniaki Hiraki’s Tokyo Disneyland Home page

Kuniaki Hiraki has been very kind to share Tokyo Disneyland Resort updates with ParkPennies. His Tokyo Disneyland Resort web site is a must see for Tokyo souvenir collectors. On line language translating services like Google's open this site to the world. Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Pennies:

Visit Kuniaki's Web Site

Penny Press Land
Future site of "Vintage Disneyland" coins.
Disneyland Pressed Pennies, Vintage 1970 - Magical Milestones.!

Pressed Penny Collections ParkPennies Pressed Pennies
Disneyland Pressed Coin News, Guides
& Disney Elongated Coin History.

The CTM Group, The Penny Men
Penny press manufacturers and owners of The

References and Research Web Sites

Disneyland Pressed Pennies at
(Also known as our "Mother Ship" :-)
Pressed Penny Guides &
Disneyland Penny Press Machine News

Piece of Eight Doubloon Stamper Medallion  Disneyland Token   Typer Medal Disneyland
Guides to Disneyland Tokens

Vintage Disneyland Penny Press Machine Guides
Vintage Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides at

The Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia
Lots of articles and references about elongated coins,
penny press machines and related information.
Visit Wikipedia

DMOZ Is No Longer Operating
The Open Directory Project
Find other elongated coin web sites in The Open Directory Project.
The largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web.
Visit DMOZ
Yahoo Directory Is No Longer Operating
Lots of reference links for the Disneyland Resort Area
Yahoo Directory for Disneyland Resort

The Encyclopedia of the Modern Elongated

Mr. Rosato’s excellent reference, offers history about famous names in elongated coin history and extensive history about elongated coins and how they are made. ParkPennies readers are encouraged to refer to this 1700+ page corner stone book for in depth coverage of the hobby and profession. One can truly call this a coffee table book. It’s nearly the size of a coffee table! But, I can’t think of a thing I’d want omitted from it. Available from the publisher and occasionally offered on eBay. Available at some selected libraries too. (ISBN 0-9626996-2-4)

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