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A Tribute to Disneyland's
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1987 - 2021

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Sadly, Disneyland Resort Cast Member coin press machine support and innovation appears to have come to an end. A third-party company has taken over around the time of the park's post-COVID-19 reopening. With this change, the traditional "press your own coin" coin press machines are now being converted to vending-style coin presses. This page is an acknowledgment and thank you to the Disneyland Resort Management and the "Arcade Shop" for their support of this wonderful hobby for more than 30 years. -Boomer

Honored supporters of Disneyland Resort's coin press program, in alphabetical order:

Disneyland Management:

Alex R.    Dave B.     Jack S.     Joel    Mike W.    Wayne R.       

The Onstage, Front Line Electro Mechanical Technicians:

Armando,    Bill,   Boyd,   Danny,   David W.,   Everett,   George,   Glenn,   Jeff G.,   Jesse,   Jimmy V. Engraver,   Jorge,   Ken,   Kathie,   Laura,   Mike,   Nathan,    Rob,   Rodel,   Rodrigo,   Rogelio,   Roger,   Steph G.,   Steve
(This draft page would welcome additional names.)

Disneyland Resort was the first Disney Resort in the world to have a coin press machine. Their coin press machines benefited from the imagination and support of real on-property Disneyland Cast Members. Dedicated Managers of Specialized Businesses Merchandise and others oversaw coin presses. But most guests will remember the friendly onstage "Arcade Shop" people that you might see installing a new machine or adjusting a machine... Sometimes they'd offer a sample pressed coin to an awestruck child. Making a wonderful memory that both parent and child could keep for a lifetime. And I have! :-) We must credit these amazing, innovative and enthusiastic Cast Members for making pressed coin magic from 1987 to 2021.

From 1987 through 2021, the Disneyland Resort was the "Center of the Universe" for many pressed coin collectors. Classic coin-operated press-your-own-coin penny press souvenir machines were Disneyland destinations, family traditions... Not to mention, a wonderful life-long hobby for guests and collectors from around the world. Longtime Disneyland pressed coin collectors often have fond memories of Disneyland whenever they see a pressed coin. Especially if the coin is a family keepsake that has been kept for years in a treasured scrapbook. Over more than 30 years, these nostalgic penny press machines greeted millions of visitors to the Disneyland Resort. Both young and old could enjoy a "show" when they watched their own coin (or one given to them by mom, dad, grandma or grandpa :-) being pressed into a life long memento before their very own eyes. These little treasures only cost two or three quarters plus the coin you'd make into a souvenir. But, the memory and marvel of pressing the penny, nickel, dime or quarter were priceless. All thanks to the Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort who introduced Disney pressed coin machines to the world and provided their support and innovation for the next 34 wonderful years.

How dedicated and enthusiastic were these "Arcade Shop" technicians? If you had a chance to ask a question or two while they were tuning-up a penny press, chances are you'd see the pride in their expression and hear it in their voice. They'd talk about the latest coin press machines, themes... You'd soon know that they were often as enthusiastic about coin press machines as most any Disney guest or advanced elongated coin collector. After all, look at some of the Holiday Pressed Nickels and Retirement Coins that these amazing people introduced, exchanged and awarded. Especially look at the "Disneyland Shop Guide" coins. They're extra special, made on property at the Disneyland Resort by fellow elongated coin enthusiasts, The Disneyland Arcade Shop Cast Members. :-)

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Happy Collecting,

These were my thoughts documented here for future generations as a new Disneyland Resort pressed coin business model is implemented.

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