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2017 Hong Kong Toy Festival Pressed Coins 2017 Hong Kong Toy Festival pressed penny machine
This set of four Tsum Tsum themed pressed coins was offered at the Hong Kong Toy Festival during its three day event held from May 20th to May 22nd 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong, China. A four choice or "play" hand-crank penny press machine pressed the coins to order (pictured above). ParkPennies coin guide numbers are in order as presented on a card near the penny press coin acceptor (pictured above). Images courtesy of Michelle in Hong Kong.

Please use this link for an Introduction to the Hong Kong Disneyland ResortMagical Coin Pressed Penny Collection.
Editor's note: We are often reminded that the preferred numismatic term is "Magical Coins". However, as the rebellious, risk taking, devil may care contributors that we are, temptation often gets the better of us. As a result, you may see the more casual, terms like: stamped coins, pressed coins, flattened pennies, crushed pennies, squashed pennies, rolled pennies, mashed pennies, smashed pennies, stamped pennies, squished pennies, smushed pennies, stretched pennies, memory pennies, keepsake pennies, flat pennies, and souvenir coin medallions to describe these fun elongated souvenirs.
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