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Mickey Mouse Birthday Card
with "Pressed Penny"

Birthday Card with Penny
Birthday Card with pressed penny medal.
This Tokyo Disneyland Mickey Mouse birthday card
set is made up of stationary, envelopes, stickers etc.
to make your own birthday cards. Yada Yada Yada...
AND has an exclusive pressed penny!


Birthday Card Set

Pressed penny birthday card set

Birthday Cards Set w/ Penny
# TDR190 / DSJ0939
Tokyo Disneyland Resort Disney Store

Click to zoom this Tokyo Disneyland picture of a Duffy Pressed Penny or medal

Tokyo Disneyland Resort
Pressed Penny Guide No.

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This Birthday Card / Stationary set was released store wide at the Disney Stores in Japan late in 2009 for 1,000 Yen. The set contains stationery × 16 sheets (2 pattern × 8 sheets), envelopes × 8 sheets (1 pattern), sticker sheets × 1, × 1 Medals... a "pressed penny"! To our knowledge, the purchase of this birthday card set is the only way to obtain this Puppet Mickey Mouse medal. Given this is an actual souvenir medal, unlike the simulated pressed medals offered in the early Tokyo Disneyland penny collecting books, the coin qualifies as part of the complete Tokyo Disneyland collection and has the guide number TDR190 and Disney Stores guide number DSJ0939.

2009 Birthday Cards & Stationary Featuring Exclusive Tokyo Disneyland "Pressed Pennies"(Vertical souvenir medal "pressed penny" image pictured above right) MICKEY MOUSE 2009 THE ONE & ONLY, Sad Puppet Mickey Mouse, © DISNEY, dot border, poorly machine engraved image. This souvenir "pressed penny" was only available inside a Disney Store Birthday Card / Stationary set sold store wide by Disney Stores. Listed in both TDR and DSJ guides.
Birthday Card pressed penny medal
Birthday Card Set
Marionette Mickey Mouse
Pressed Penny Medal

Birthday penny DL0003

Mickey's 60th Birthday Coin

Birthday Cards bring smiles to many faces every year. So why does marionette Mickey look so sad? Heck, I think he looks really good, especially given he's 80+ years old! Walt has him looking as good as he did at 20... But, looks like there are a few strings attached. :-)

Mickey's Birthdays have inspired a few pressed pennies featuring Mickey's birthday. Like the 60th pressed penny above or the PNC "envelope" with a Mickey Mouse's 60th Birthday pressed penny pictured right. But, I think the Birthday Card below is the first Disney Birthday Card that features a Mickey Mouse pressed penny. Here is a link to other penny books, calendars, etc.
Birthday PNC Mickey Mouse 60th

Mickey's 60th Birthday
Philatelic Numismatic
Combinations or "PNC"

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