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 The "Building Our Future" Variations
A close up for Advanced Collectors’ Comparisons
The lint is for realism and scale. Pressed Penny Smiley
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CM0004 and CM0004a elongated nickel comparison

The CM0004 and CM0004a Cast Member Nickels

The CM0004 and the CM0004a Cast Member nickel variations got past Disneyland elongated coin collectors for years. Then, advanced collector, Dee Drell reported the CM0004a to ParkPennies. An interesting find. Given that the "penny" press machine that vended these coins at Team Disney Anaheim was only available for a sort time, this grip variation was a surprise.

Variations seem to be equally available at the time of this report. If you'd like a closer look at these two coins, please view this extreme close up of the CM0004 and CM0004a. For more information about these two coins, we recommend the CM Cast Member and Special Event elongated coin guide.

An unofficial interview with a retired member of the Arcade Shop reviled that the original grip was not holding the coin properly. A quick modification of the grip solved the problem. And made for a neat variation for Advanced Collectors of Disneyland elongated coins. Elongated coin smiley

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