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Page 16
01/01- 12/31

Pressed Penny News Archive 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012
Disneyland Penny Press Discoveries, News and Rumors
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Page 16
01/01- 12/31

12/20/2012 2012 Disney California Adventure Seasonal Nickel Sets are onstage! Details, location etc. on the Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist. We'll update the guides soon. Our thanks to John and Nancy W. for reporting this very welcome find!
12/18/2012 We are working with Twitter to secure the release of our trademark name, "ParkPennies" for our use. It was registered and is currently being held by a lowly name squatter. (An all too common problem) Their intent is of concern to us. Please be aware that tweeting "@ParkPennies" or "#ParkPennies" or "#Parkpenny" or "@ParkPenny" will be directed to them, not ParkPennies. If this person's reputation is such that he doesn't feel comfortable using his own name, we feel he and our hobby would be better served if he were to improve his reputation rather than misleading people by using our trademark, name, or look-alikes of them. Or... maybe he could just use the name Cok"a"-Cola instead of ours? :-)
We often receive welcome emails from readers. The most common inquiries are about new machines and their locations. Also, we are often asked if a particular machine, currently offstage, will return. To help answer these questions we have a vintage Magic Eight Ball Fortune Teller :-) and a very current Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist. The List is a one page PDF file so you can view it online, via SmartPhone at the park, (See also SmartPhone Apps) or you can print The List and take it along with you to the park. The List includes every machine onstage at the Disneyland Resort and additional Disney themed machines located near the resort. The List is also noted with "Missing" tags for coins that were placed onstage and then were possibly taken offstage for seasonal rotation, refurbishment, or new theming over extended periods of time and may return some day. (Usually no changes are made to The List for machines that are expected to return in less than one week.)
When evidence shows, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that a coin die has been retired, it is removed from the Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist and noted as "retired" in the Disneyland Pressed Penny Guides.
The List is free for all and supported by fellow readers and ParkPennies.com operatives who kindly report new penny presses.
12/16/2012 Late evening update... The Seasonal nickel set is onstage and working great! Our thanks to Ron K. who was the first to spot this new machine. Details are on the Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist. We should also have coin images, descriptions, and guide numbers added to the Disneyland Pressed Penny Guide soon.

2012 Disneyland pressed nickel set
2012 Seasonal Nickel Press Set Marquee 12/14/2012

12/16/2012 The Disneyland Seasonal Nickel machine is not currently onstage. Although reported as being briefly onstage, it is currently being serviced offstage. We hope that it will return Monday or Tuesday? Stay tuned for updates. No reports of a possible Disney California Adventure machine as of today.
12/11/2012 The ParkPennies.com Disneyland Pressed Penny Coin Guide has been updated with the latest Wreck It Ralph pressed penny set.
12/10/12 Our thanks to The Peck family of Anaheim for reporting.... A NEW PENNY PRESS SET! It's a Wreck It Ralph themed three play penny press located near the Wreck It Ralph Event inside the Starcade, TomorrowLand, Disneyland USA. This set has great back stamps and the machine is rolling perfectly. Boomer spent the day at the park and he met some really nice pressed penny collectors at the new machine. But, he is really tired now, you can tell because he is talking about himself in third person... %-) So the scans and guide numbers will most likely be done by late Tuesday. For now, our Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist is already updated with the guide numbers, machine location, and brief descriptions. More wonderful souvenirs and at only 50 cents each plus the penny you watch being pressed. Happy collecting!
12/04/12 NEW WDI Pressed Penny Pin Set! This makes a total of 25 Disneyland pins made in the style of pressed pennies. Yes, people collect pins too. :-)
12/03/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported these new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...
December Monthly medals for 2012:
TDL12101 TDL Penny Arcade---Tramp
TDL12102 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace---Lady
TDS1244 TDS Galleria Disney---Marie
Monthly medal and the medal of Christmas of TDL are located in the Penny Arcade.
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
You can view all the coins currently onstage including traditional guide numbers, on Kuniaki's Current medals list.
11/29/12 If you regularly read ParkPennies.com, and we hope you do :-), you'll remember our various posts about "The Future of the US Cent" (Center frame with related links near the bottom of that page.) The long running battle to change the composition of "pocket change" and / or ultimately put an end to it, is continuing with the current hearings entitled “The Future of Money: Dollars and Sense”. We'll post some highlights after this round of hearings have completed. However, based on the direction of past hearings, it seems probable that we will see a major change in the composition of at least pennies and nickels before too long. When we add the motivation from current budget challenges and fiat currency issues, it may be only a matter of time until "pressable" circulating coins become scarce, even without the enactment of another law against destruction of our current US coinage.
But, no worries. Planchets are already used in place of pennies by "penny press" machines in Japan, "Magical Coin" machines in Hong Kong, and often US Cents are fed as planchets from hoppers inside Canadian penny presses. So, "token presses" and ways to convert older penny presses to "token presses" are already available. These machines and conversion kits are even made by some US manufacturers. And pressing planchets can provide a higher profit to the machine owner without an increase in the cost to the customer. So, collecting our treasured souvenirs need not come to an end. :-)
Are you currently sorting copper cents from circulation? If so, you are not alone. Old copper cents, last minted in 1982, are being taken out of circulation at a noticeable pace by lots of people. Folks are speculating on the future price of copper and I hear tell a few pressed penny collectors are setting them aside for future use. ;-) Fellow old timers may be reminded when we could even sort silver dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars from our pocket change... Now, what was I thinking all those years when I spent a *silver* quarter (Current value $6.08) for a single gallon of gas!??
11/25/12 Are you checking to see if news of a 2012 Seasonal Nickel Set has been posted? Yep. We can read minds! :-) But, we still can't say when the nickels might arrive this year. The Seasonal Pressed Nickel Sets over the past 17 years have been placed onstage every year and over a wide range of times. So, we will hold out hope for a 2012 set at least until the end of the year. Do check back often we will post any updates as soon as they are available.
11/21/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported these new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...
By November 18, all souvenir medallions that were unavailable November 2, were available with the exception of Tomorrowland Terrace.
Monthly medals and the medal of Christmas of TDL are gathered by the penny arcade.
TDS Romeo watch & jewelry closed on November 18, The medal of Christmas 2012 was moved to Nautilus gift.
Christmas new medals were released at Hotel Miracosta on Nov. 18, 2012 which are originally planned release on Nov.07
TDR300 Mickey & Minnie
TDR301 Donald & Daisy
Thank you,
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
You can view all the coins currently onstage including traditional guide numbers,\ on Kuniaki's Current medals list.
11/21/12 The Hong Kong Disneyland pressed penny guide has been updated with the latest Halloween coin scans. Our thanks to Mike, Thelma, Michelle, and Dee for their help in reporting the new coins, sending a marquee image, and making the coin scans possible.
We are now only need a HKDL HKDL1222, HKDL1223, HKDL1224 Stitch marquee picture to finalize the guide numbers. If you have one, please contact Boomer.
11/15/12 A well known elongated cent, The Pike from Mr. Ray Dillard's legendary collection, sold today via the Stacks and Bowers Auction for $3,750.00 ($4.406.00 including buyer's premium of 17.5%). Although we know of Disney themed elongated coins which have individually sold for more than $3,000.00, we believe this sale has set a new record price for the public sale of a single elongated coin. If you have additional information, please let us know.

Elongated coin The Pike from the Ray Dillard Elongated Coin Collection
The Pike Elongated Coin
Recently auctioned for $4.406.00 including buyer's premium.

Note from www.scoins.com of a previous sale of "The Pike". Buyer premiums were not mentioned in this Numismatic News article. However, Nina, a ParkPennies.com visitor, recently emailed us quoting an auction selling price of $4,025.00 which might include a 15% buyer's premium?
November 5, 2002 Numismatic News
Scotsman realizes $1.6 million during show debut
A three-session sale by Scotsman Auction Co. of St. Louis, Mo., realized $1,655,532 hammer during the debut of the New Silver Dollar Coin & Currency Show Oct. 17-19 in St. Louis. (See story Page 1.)
The first two sessions comprised hundreds of lots of U.S. coins and related material.
Highlights included a 1799 Draped Bust large cent graded Very Fine-30 by Professional Coin Grading Service. It went above the expectation with a total of $23,000.
An 1857-O quarter eagle gold coin determined by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be MS-64 condition brought $17,500. According to NGC, this is the finest known.
Lot 2102 amassed $10,250. An About Uncirculated-55 grade given by catalogers helped the 1855-O double eagle stay at the top end of its predicted sale range.
A featured medallion was Lot 367. The 1787 Immunis Columbia Colonial pattern piece listed as Mint State-63 Brown by catalogers sold for $23,750. Scotsman describes it as "one of the finest known, if not the finest."
The third session exclusively contained Robert L. Hendershott's collection of 1904 World's Fair memorabilia. A key piece in this section earned $3,500. The elongated dubbed "The Pike Souvenir," is one of an estimated 15 known, said the auction house.
Scotsman Auction Company is a division of Scotsman Coin and Currency of St. Louis.
Find complete auction results by contacting Scotsman at 11262 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141; toll-free (800) 642-4305; fax (314) 692-0410; e-mail johnjr@scoins.com or visit the Scotsman Web site which can be located at www.scoins.com.
11/08/12 Where would we be without Kuniaki Hiraki in Japan?
Kuniaki writes...
Still all Souvenir medallions of TDR cannot be made. Some machines are removed.
But, we can buy the medals of Christmas and Monthly at the cash register of the machine setting shop.
Monthly medals:
TDL1293 TDL Penny Arcade---Three Little Pigs
TDL1295 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace---Wolf
TDS1241 TDS Galleria Disney---Mickey
Christmas medals are released on NOV. 07, 2012:
TDL1296-1297 TDL Penny Arcade---Mickey&Minnie,Daisy&Donald
TDL1298-12100 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace---Mickey,Minnie,Snowman Donald
TDS1242-1243 TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry---Mickey,Minnie
TDL1294 is Pluto which is new medal at TDL Penny Arcade from NOV 01 I know the design but I can not make it.
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
Do visit his excellent TDR pressed penny web site.
You can also view the coins currently onstage including traditional guide numbers,\ on Kuniaki's Current medals list.
11/3/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported these new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...
I regret that I must tell you about some bad news.
All Souvenir medallion machines at TDR cannot be made now.
The cast has said that there is a problem with the machines.
According to information from reliable sources, the machines must be checked one by one.
Because one of the machines caught fire on Nov. 01, 2012.
I did not make the medals of this month yet.
But, designs are as follows.
TDL Penny Arcade ------ Three Little Pigs
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ---Wolf
TDS Galleria Disney ----- Mickey
and new medal at Penny Arcade ---- Pluto
Please wait for my next update.
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
10/31/12 Hmmm... So now that Disney bought Lucas Films, Star Wars, Indiana Jones... You are probably wondering when will we see Disneyland Star Wars and Indiana Jones pressed pennies at the park? Talk about cool pressed penny sets! Boomer is already pacing the floor! :-)
10/16/12 Update: Ray Dillard's historic elongated coin collection is on track to be auctioned by Stacks and Bowers at the Whitman Show in Baltimore (November 15-18, 2012). Due to the size of the collection, the coins may be offered over three sales. I'll post additional updates and catalog information as received.
10/14/12 Our thanks to Shawn P. for his report that the Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas quarter press is still offstage and that he was told by a Cast Member that it would be offstage until at least November 2, 2012. Shawn also noted that the coin press machines (Tron and the Space Mountain 35th) are missing at the Starcade. A Cast Member at that location said it was to make room for other equipment. Now, seriously, in absence of a medical emergency, what could possibly make better use of store space than a penny press?! :-)
10/14/12 Our thanks to Thelma C. for sharing news of a 2012 Halloween pressed penny set at Hong Kong Disneyland! We'll update the HKDL pressed penny guides as soon as we have scans and machine order / picture of the machine marquee for these new coins.
10/13/12 Halloween is just around the corner... Boomer is on the lookout for a possible 2012 Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter set. Nothing to report yet. NBC quarter sets are a long tradition at The Disneyland Resort. Often appearing onstage from early October to late November.
10/08/12 Our thanks to James H. for his Disneyland machine status update. The Haunted Mansion quarter press is still offstage. There is a Pirate event in it's place. We had hoped that the quarter press would be placed back onstage or at least relocated by now. The time for the Seasonal Nightmare Before Christmas quarter set is nearing... maybe the Haunted Mansion quarter press will return with a new NBC quarter set?
10/06/12 Looking for Disneyland penny press machines? How about a free penny press machine locations app or two for your smartphone or PC? Maybe one that you can use while you're at the park? (Who sez we're not physic? :-) So.... We've listed two neat, new Disneyland pressed penny apps, plus Boomer's printable page for the rest of us. We've posted them here and also permanently linked them on the Pressed Pennies Location apps and Maps page.
Some of the neat features offered by these free apps are coin images, sorting, searching, recording keeping, location maps... well check them out. (ParkPennies.com has agreed to share our data for use by these free apps at no cost, to support and promote this wonderful hobby. Please let us know your thoughts about them.)

PDF Disneyland pressed penny machine locations print or surf
The ParkPennies
Penny Press Machine List

The list of all Disneyland Resort Penny Press Locations including nearby independently owned "Disney Themed" machines. A condensed single page listing of the latest ParkPennies.com data, updated often. May be viewed via any device with internet access and printed on a single page by most any printer. Free and worth twice as much! :-)
No images, sorting, just the facts in "Old School" formats...
Available in easy to printout PDF, easy to view Web page, and easy to customize EXCEL.

Win 8 Disneyland pressed penny machine locations app
Mouse Penny Guide additional picture
The Mouse Penny Guide
Win 8 App
An excellent, free Disneyland penny press locations Win 8 app for all devices running the new Win 8 operating system. Based on the latest ParkPennies.com data base with images, sorting, search, locations map, collection listing options and many additional handy features designed for elongated coin collectors. A professional app free from the Windows App Store. Read more about this free app at the Windows App Store or FaceBook.

10/04/12 Kuniaki Hiraki Just launched chronological guide pages on his web site in a format much like the 1996-2011 ParkPennies guides. These new guide pages will make it very easy for collectors to view new coins and match them with their guide numbers. You can see these new guides by opening this page and clicking on the links in the lower left corner. Again, our thanks to Kuniaki for his most welcome contributions to this wonderful hobby.
10/04/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki has reported new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort.
Kuniaki writes...
2012 October monthly medals were released on Oct. 01, 2012
TDL1291 Penny Arcade ---- Snow White
TDL1292 Tomorrowland Terrace ---- Witch
TDS1240 Galleria Disney ---- Minnie

Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
09/23/12 Thank you for visiting today! :-) We have a few recent updates that might be of interest. Boomer [Finally!] updated the Complete Excel Pressed Penny Guide spreadsheet. This file has brief descriptions of every Disneyland elongated coin ever onstage with guide numbers, a column for notes, checkboxes for have / need... You may download it to your desktop, easily customized and/or converted it to many other formats including Word etc., and make labels, pocket lists, trade lists, reference pages... (For your personal use per the ParkPennies.com Terms of Use.) We also have a web page style version of this brief, but complete listing of all Disneyland elongated coins. Permanent links to these files are located on the Pressed Penny Machine Locations page. Enjoy and please let us what you'd like us to add like features, format... or if you spot any errors(!)
Happy Collecting from Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com
More new Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins reported! We hope to have coin scans of a new Grizzly Gulch set soon. Our thanks to Mike P. and Hui Michelle for their report.
09/20/12 I noticed a new Tokyo Disneyland Duffy Pressed Penny Calendar for 2013 on eBay. The Duffy pressed penny collection page has been updated with this latest Duffy addition. Just after I posted this update, I received an email from Kuniaki Hiraki who reports:
New medallion collection book was released on Sep. 15, 2012 at TDR.
Guide no. TCB0T
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
You may view this new penny collection book and others at his very informative web site .
09/19/12 New Hong Kong Disneyland Magical Coins reported! We hope to have coin scans soon. Also reported is an anticipated Princess Set. Our thanks to Mike P., Hui Michelle, and Thelma C. for their reports.

Hong Kong Disneyland penny press marquee HKDL1225-27
Guide Numbers HKDL1225, 1226, and 1227
Penny press machine marquee picture
Picture courtesy of Mike P. , Hui Michelle, & Thelma C.

09/19/12 If you haven't visited our courtesy Pressed Pennies links / resources web site, why not take a look today? PressedPennies.com doesn't offer anything for sale, but, it does offer links to penny press manufacturers, cool pressed penny web sites, pressed penny supplies... and you can submit additional links that you feel would be of interest to fellow elongated coin collectors, for free. Just click collectors' resources @ www.PressedPennies.com. We are especially hoping to add your recommendations to the list of custom elongated coin die engravers.
09/18/12 Looks like there may be a bit of a lull in the storm of new pressed penny sets while we anticipate the traditional Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarter sets and Seasonal Nickels sets. They are some of my personal favorites; I can't wait to see what the next few months will bring. Long time readers [and the ParkPennies staff ] know that sometimes waiting only a week to press a new set of coins is waiting too long. Sad pressed penny face Best to check this page often for updates... Like you really need another reason to visit the "Happiest Place On Earth"? Happy pressed penny face
09/12/12 It appears the last of the replacement penny press machines for the New Disney California Adventure arrived today! If you'd like to see all the new machines / elongated coins that have been placed onstage since the rededication of DCA, this link will take you to the New DCA pressed pennies guide page... Now, where was I...? Oh, yes! The new penny press machine is themed for the very popular Soarin' Over California attraction which is just across the pathway from the Fly N Buy Gift Shop, home to this new set of pressed pennies. Boomer thought you might like to see the new coins, he even remembered to take a picture of the machine marquee today! You can see the marquee and the new pressed pennies in the DCA pressed penny guide. But, for now, I just have to show you the really cool backstamp that is on each of these new coins!

Condor Flats pressed penny backstamp
And this is only the back of the coin!
See all the pressed penny coins in this set.

09/12/12 Kuniaki Hiraki has reported new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort
Kuniaki writes in part...
New medal of the Minnie at Penny Arcade
and two pieces of medals appeared in Hotel Miracosta.
TDL1290---Penny Arcade Minnie
TDR298----Hotel Miracosta Mickey & Minnie
TDR299----Hotel Miracosta Chip & Dale
In addition, three pieces of designs were changed in Disney Ambassador Hotel.
Not a new design, the medal which appeared in 2009 revived.
The number is TDR144 - - TDR146.
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
09/11/12 Collectors that follow this site or our ParkPennies FaceBook page often, had a brief window of time to press the CA0180, CA0181, and CA0182 Toy Story (Midway Mania) coins before the coin grips were modified. This modification is a small change to most casual collectors. However, advanced collectors will remember the DL0329/DL0329a Nightmare Before Christmas quarter and probably want to snap up a set of the early small grip Toy Story elongated coins while they are still available in the secondary markets. You can read a bit more about the CA0180a, CA0181a, CA0182a set in our DCA pressed penny guide.

Comparison CA0180 and CA0180a
Example of small grip vs. large/thick grip CA0180/a, 181/a, 182/a set.
An easy way to identify old / new gripper bars is that the new gripper bars (bottom)
are often touching the top of the "D" or the dots in the border where the old
gripper bars (top) do not.

09/08/12 Our thanks to both Brittany and Cathy for each reporting a NEW Buzz Lightyear / Toy Story / Midway Mania themed penny press machine at Side Show Shirts... within minutes of each other! This new-est pressed penny set features the extra cool Paradise Pier backstamps too! You can check them out here: DCA pressed penny guides: Toy Story penny press set.
Is it just my imagination or have there been LOTS of new penny presses placed in DCA lately? :-) Our Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist has the latest machines and locations. Don't be shy about checking it often as new machines are placed throughout the park. If you spot a pressed penny not yet listed, please report it, anony-mousely if you wish.
09/07/12 Kuniaki Hiraki has reported new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort
Kuniaki writes...

Halloween 2012 medals were released on Sep. 07, 2012
TDL Penny Arcade
Mickey (tdl1286)
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
For images, locations, and guide numbers for these new coins, please visit Kuniaki Hiraki's excellent web site.
09/04/12 Our thanks to a long time visitor and occasional anony-mouse super spy tipster for this most welcome report.
Yes. There is ANOTHER NEW PENNY PRESS in Disney California Adventure! These new elongated coins feature Duffy and Mickey (picture) . [9/6/12 edit: With really cool Paradise Pier backstamps! :-)]

Paradise Pier pressed penny back stamp 9/4/12

Can you believe it? Finally, Duffy the Disney Bear pressed pennies for the Disneyland Resort! Boomer is trying to keep up with all the new coins... we'll be a bit late. But, we hope to have guides updated with pictures soon. For now, please refer to our Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist. It already has the locations, a brief description, and guide numbers; all you need to find and press this really nice elongated coin set. We think there are still a few more penny press machines on the way. So, please do check back often for updates. Happy collecting from Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com.
09/04/12 Kuniaki Hiraki has reported new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort including a neat 11th Anniversary Coin:
Kuniaki writes...

2012 Sep. monthly medals were released on Sep. 01, 2012.
TDL1284 TDL Penny Arcade -----------Pongo
TDL1285 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ----Perdita
TDS1237 TDS Galleria Disney ---------- Jafar
TDS 11th Anniversary medal was released on Sep. 04, 2012
TDS1238 TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry
Halloween 2012 medals will release Sep. 07, 2012
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
Kuniaki's web site also has a current medals list to match images of current coins with guide numbers.
09/02/12 The Disneyland Resort is really rolling out the penny press machines! The Disney California Adventure Hollywood Tower Hotel set was placed onstage today. Thought you'd want to know ASAP if you're headed to the park for the latest sets. The ParkPennies.com Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist includes the Hollywood Tower set, guide numbers, descriptions and location. We'll have the guides updated, including pictures, soon.
09/02/12 Our thanks to Cari W. and Tom V. for spotting a description error.
09/01/12 Our thanks for the reports from Lou S. and Ricky K. about the NEW Cars themed penny press at the Los Feliz Five & Dime, Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure. There is also a NEW Space Mountain 35th Anniversary nickel press at the Starcade in Tomorrowland... The free ParkPennies Disneyland penny press machine locations & checklist is also up to date with locations and guide numbers. Do print a copy of the locations & checklist to take along to the park with you or use it online via your internet enabled phone while you are at the park.
09/01/12 Our sincere thanks for your links, Likes, and recommendations of ParkPennies.com! Your very welcome efforts brought more than 1,500,000 hits... yes, more than one million five hundred thousand hits (!) from more than 35,000 visitors to ParkPennies.com in July alone. That is an increase of more than 50% over just the past few years! As you know, ParkPennies is a free, non-commercial web site. But to us, visits by fellow collectors like that are the best pay in the world and just plain priceless! Thank you for visiting and referring your friends to ParkPennies. Happy Collecting from Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies!
08/30/12 Given our 8/29/12 post, we should have guessed that today's post would be... NEW MACHINE IN DCA! Yes, the penny press machine at The Studio Store (previously known as Rizzo's Gift Shop) near the Muppets' attraction in Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure, is back with a new set of coins. They are Animal, Kermit, and Fozzie. The images are good and the coins have the excellent "Disney California Adventure Hollywood Land" logo. Although the images do not appear to be unique to DCA and do not feature a DCA banner, the borders do have a Disney California Adventure "D". Our thanks to Mike R. for his lighting fast discovery and report!
It may take a day or two for Boomer to get the guide updated with pictures etc. But, we have already updated our Disneyland penny press machine map with the presser locations, coin guide numbers etc. Happy collecting, and thank you for "like-ing" our page on Facebook.
08/29/12 We haven't posted recently because there just hasn't been any new machines onstage this last week. However, we do expect to see more of the missing DCA machines return before too long and the Nightmare Before Christmas pressed quarters and the Seasonal Nickel set machines should be onstage by year end. So stay tuned! :-) While you're here, why not try a picture search? Just follow this pressed penny picture search link and when the picture page opens, click on the picture of your choice to open the related page. -Lots of fun penny related items to explore.
08/23/12 The well known collector, Chuck N., just alerted us to a new Duffy pressed penny calendar he spotted on Kuniaki Hiraki's Tokyo Disneyland web site.
08/16/12 Our thanks again to Ricky K. who just reported two more new machines in DCA! And again, these are very impressive penny press machines offering elongated coins worthy of the new Disney California Adventure. Matter of fact, I think many readers, once they see these elongated coins and the penny press machines that vend them in person, will say DCA has set a new quality standard. The "new era" penny press machine cabinets feature heavy solid woods and veneers styled to match their elaborate surroundings. The coins feature fresh, non-generic three dimensional images, fine detailing, over the top location-specific backstamps... And still only 51 cents. In my humble opinion, the Disneyland Resort has its penny press magic back.
Our best on the net Disneyland penny press machine map is already updated with the new numbers, locations, and descriptions. We've also updated the Disney California Adventure pressed penny guides with images. But wait, there's more! You can click the FaceBook "like" button above for our FB notifications of new machines too. :-) Happy collecting!
08/09/12 With the help of Mike P., we added three more HKDL coins. Not sure of the machine order, but, thought you'd all want to know the coins are in the park. Do let us know if you have a marquee picture or can confirm the machine order for HKDL1222, HKDL1223 and HKDL1224 just contact Boomer at ParkPennies.com. Visit or bookmark our Hong Kong Disneyland coin news page.
08/09/12 Bet you're here to get the latest Disneyland penny press news? :-) Here it is... Another new penny press machine set was placed onstage at the Off The Page Gift Shop in Disney California Adventure's Hollywood Land! As with other recently placed pressed pennies, these are excellent! You may view pictures of these coins with guide numbers in the ParkPennies Disney California Adventure pressed penny guides.
08/04/12 TWO MORE new machines at Disney California Adventure! Reported by Nancy and John W. and Boomer. See these new coins with locations in the Disney California Adventure pressed penny guide. By the way, the penny press machines are again, top of the line as are these new coins.

As featured in the ParkPennies Disney California Adventure Pressed Penny Guide

Penny Press Machine Marquee, CA0140-143
The Kingswell Camera Shop
Penny Press Machine Marquee

Penny Press Machine Marquee, CA0140-143
The Big Top Toys
Penny Press Machine Marquee
Buena Vista pressed penny backstamp

08/03/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported these new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...
2012 August monthly medals were released.
TDL1282 TDL Penny Arcade -----------Simba
TDL1283 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ----Pumbaa
TDS1235 TDS Galleria Disney ---------- Buzz Lightyear
I made the English version of the page that printed a list of current medals.
Please click the Link of "Print of current medals list" at top page.
Note from Boomer: This Print List has all coins currently onstage at Tokyo Disneyland Resort, with guide numbers. An excellent reference for identifying and numbering your newest Tokyo Disneyland coin acquisions!
Sorry too late report because I went for a business trip from the end of last month,
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
8/02/12 NEW pressed quarter set at Rushin' River Outfitters inside Disney California Adventure! This elongated quarter set is themed based on the movie "UP". These large image quarters have high relief 3-D engraving plus a park and land specific backstamp. See these new "UP" pressed quarters in our DCA pressed coin guide.
7/28/12 TWO NEW PENNY PRESS MACHINES AT DCA! The penny press cabinets are over the top high quality hardwoods themed to the style and period of their locations. The elongated coins are also truly Disney Quality... they could possibly be some of the best designed pressed pennies Disney has ever offered. The coins feature park and location specific designs, 3-D engraving, classic dot borders and park banners on the obverse of most coins. PLUS all coins feature excellent, location specific backstamps "Disney's California Adventure, Buena Vista Street"! We're told the artwork was done by Maria Clapsis of Disney Vinylmation fame. See the coins and details in our DCA Pressed Penny Guides.

As featured in the ParkPennies Disney California Adventure Pressed Penny Guide

Penny Press Machine Marquee, CA0140-143
The Trolley Treats Candy Shop Set #1
Penny Press Machine Marquee

Penny Press Machine Marquee, CA0140-143
The Trolley Treats Candy Shop Set #2
I think I recognize the two people in the reflection. :-)
Buena Vista pressed penny backstamp

Our Disneyland penny press machine map has been updated too. So, be sure to print a copy before you go to the park or download a PDF for your smartphone when you are there... Happy Collecting!
EXTRA: Buena Vista Cast Members tell Boomer that they expect to see several more machines in DCA... soon!
7/18/12 We know many visitors have been waiting for news of new penny presses at DCA. We are waiting too! sad penny Keep checking back, we'll post locations and coin descriptions as soon as we have a confirmed "sighting".
7/17/12 It's official. The Ray Dillard collection of elongated coins will be auctioned by Stacks & Bowers Galleries. As many advanced collectors will tell you, this is The Collection of Elongated Coins. TEC NEWS made the news public in the July-September Issue. The latest word is that the collection will be auctioned at the Baltimore Whitman Show in November of 2012. Ray tells us that coins will be auctioned in lots and there may be an illustrated catalog. The auction items will also be available for viewing at Ray's "Dillard Enterprises" booth at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia, August 8-9-10, 2012. We'll post updates here and provide a link to the auction as soon as available. Both Ray and his collection of 1893-1978 pre-vended era elongated coins are legendary in the world of elongated coin collecting. This will be an excellent opportunity to own a bit of elongated coin history.
7/12/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported 13 more new coins (~44 in total over the past two weeks.) at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...

I sent the information of new medal on July 01 and July 05.
Newer medals were released on July 05 and July 09.

Two medal designs were changed at four of disney resort line stations on July 05, 2012 and event linkage medals were released on July 09, 2012.
Summer Festival
TDL Penny Arcade x1 Mickey
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace x3 Minnie, Pluto, Mickey & Minnie
Summer Oasis Splash 2012
TDS Abu's Bazaar x1 Mickey

Unfortunately the medal of the 4th anniversary of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel does not seem to appear currently.
Thank You
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
7/10/12 The Fly N Buy penny press is definitely off-stage from DCA, reportedly removed 7/9/12. The Mad T Party penny press, the only press currently in DCA, was moved from Off The Page to Gone Hollywood probably on the same day. Other than the Mad T Party, the expected, anticipated, new DCA penny presses have not arrived. Still, Boomer found the new DCA attractions really neat!
When at the park, the ParkPennies penny press locations list is the one to check for the most resent updates.
7/09/12 With welcome help from Aaron G. the ParkPennies.com Excel Disneyland pressed penny guide has been updated. This light-weight single handy file offers very brief descriptions of the Disneyland elongated coins from all ParkPennies guides. The file can be modified by the user, notes about coins can be added, sections highlighted, new coins manually added and saved in other file formats all for private use. A web page version has also been uploaded. Please refer to the generous ParkPennies Terms of Use for other permitted uses of these files. Permanent links to the file can be found on the Disneyland penny files and locations page.
7/08/12 Boomer reports that when the Haunted Mansion Quarter Press recently returned to stage after a short absence, the ghost backstamps mysteriously switched coins! Details and images just added to the Disneyland elongated coin guide.
7/07/12 Our thanks again to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported these new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...

Toy Story Mania medals were released at:

TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry on July 05, 2012
TDS1232 Woody
TDS1233 Mr. Potato Head

Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
7/04/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki who has reported 29 new coins at The Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
Kuniaki writes...
Many Medals were changed on July 01, 2012.

Monthly medal were released:
TDL Penny Arcade
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
TDS Galleria Disney

Additional new medals were released:
TDL Penny Arcade
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
TDL Pirates Treasure
TDL Chiba Traders-Arts and Crafts
TDL Western Wear
TDL Home Store
Disney Ambassador Hotel

Medal design change (Easter & Spring Voyage finished)
TDS Aunt Peg's Village Store
TDS Abu's Bazaar
TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry
Tokyo DisneySEA Hotel miracosta
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

New coin guide numbers added:

Thank You
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
For images, locations, and guide numbers for these new coins, please visit Kuniaki Hiraki's excellent web site.
7/02/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the arrival of 29 new Tokyo Disneyland Resort coins as of July 1! Details to follow. Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny Medal Collectors should bookmark our Tokyo Disneyland "pressed penny" news page.
7/01/12 The DCA pressed penny guides have been updated to include the latest pressed penny set from Disney California Adventure's Hollywood Land, the new Mad T Party elongated coins.
6/30/12 Ronald W. and Jennifer separately reported a new Mad T Party pressed penny machine to ParkPennies.com today! Ronald's report was submitted on 6/30/12 at about 10:00 AM, probably within an hour or two of when the machine was placed onstage, and way before Boomer even got back from the park to the ParkPennies.com news desk for the day's update! The new machine is located at Off The Page Gift Shop in Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure. Thank you Ronald and Jennifer for your reports!
Based on this new elongated coin set, it looks like The Disneyland Resort is well on their way to getting their 1900s pressed penny magic back. The new DCA pressed penny machine set has what many people have been asking for! UNIQUE WELL THEMED ART in this case, based on the Mad T Party which is definitely a DCA theme found only on DCA pressed pennies. GOOD IMAGES AND LAYOUT, these well placed images do lack the legendary Disneyland 3-D hand engraving of the 1990s, but, are nicely detailed and include dot borders featuring a DCA style "D" at the top of each coin. GREAT BACKSTAMPS on this set of coins proclaim the origin of this elongated coin set, "Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure"! If future coins from DCA are like these, we feel they are going to make for happy guests, busy penny presses, and some really nice framed pressed penny collections.
Yes, Boomer forgot his camera... again today! As you can see, his phone pics of the Machine, Marquee, and Coins aren't that good, not that any of Boomer's pictures are very good. But, we should have the DCA pressed penny guides updated with "better" pictures by around Sunday afternoon, if Boomer remembers his camera this time. :-)
6/25/12 I just spotted the Ron Dominguez two zinc coins and Disneyland Line eBay auction. It's about to close, I hope a reader will grab it if their in the market. [This item was sold by the well known Disney eBay auctioneer, Dizfunfair. ]
6/22/12 Boomer asked "Are the new DCA pressed pennies there yet?" -No. "So, are they there yet?" -NO. "Now?" -NO! "Ahhh..." -NO! At least that's what most all the poor soles who have fallen victim to Boomer's phone calls have said. Matter of fact, a few DCA Cast Members unable or too polite to run and hide from Boomer have said the same thing. Our most resent covert searches of DCA and reports to ParkPennies by fellow collectors are also in agreement. There are reports of lots of new fun attractions, over a billion dollars of plused up really cool stuff... but, alas, no new penny presses... so far.
Off-Topic Tip: If you are an Annual Passholder, don't forget to check out the AP Early Morning Events for both DCA and DL. Here is a link to the special sign up page. Or, if you have a friend that is an Annual Passholder, and you share this information with them, maybe they'll have some extra time at the park to press some pennies for you? :-) Happy collecting, Boomer and the folks at ParkPennies.com
6/19/12 There are no new DCA pressed pennies onstage, yet. But, we do have over 300 eBay auctions of Disney pressed pennies which were linked here by fellow ParkPennies visitors. Lots of Tokyo Disneyland coin auctions, and a few really hard to find Disneyland coins too... Okay, I know it's not news of a new DCA penny press. But, maybe you'll find that needed coin for your collection, while we're all waiting for news of a new DCA penny press! :-)
6/19/12 If you've visited the new Disney California Adventure looking for new Disney California Adventure elongated coins and were disappointed, you're not alone. More than a few ParkPennies visitors, personal friends, and Disneyland Resort guests have shared with us their recent adventures of looking for penny presses in DCA. Bottom line, as of today, there aren't any penny presses in DCA at all. Even the old penny presses have gone missing! As you may have noticed, there are no current penny press machines shown on the ParkPennies penny press locations list, (A PDF file you can download onto your smartphone and use in the park). Now to be fair, we've heard that the Fly N Buy machine in Condor Flats is still onstage, and we've also heard that it is gone, so maybe there is *one* penny press in DCA as of this post, but, even it is not a new penny press.
On the positive side, multiple emails and text messages have assured us that new DCA penny press machines are really, really, really, on the way. So, hang in there! Needless to say, Boomer is going to be lurking around the park just in case a machine does appear and we hope you'll report any new penny press machines you find too. Do be sure to check this page often for updates. ;-)
6/17/12 Douglas O. just sent us a message and shared what a DCA Chamber of Commerce (City Hall) Cast Member told him about DCA pressed penny machines. According to the Cast Member, the penny machines are running late. However, the Cast Member believes the first machine is scheduled to be placed on stage next week with one additional machine placed each following week until all the penny presses are back onstage. Our thanks to Douglas for sharing this excellent update.
6/14/12 Mass communication: "No new DCA penny press machines have been reported... yet." But, you know we'll post the news here as soon as we have a confirmed "sighting". Boomer says "Even if you do not find a new penny press at Cars Land, I hear there are some neat consolation attractions". :-)
As always, if you find a penny press machine not listed on the ParkPennies penny press locations map, claim credit for your find when your name is posted here as the first person to report a new penny press machine at Cars Land .
6/11/12 Our thanks to Jeremy, Lesley, Ella, Wyatt, & Sophie who sent a most welcome message that the new Cars Land attractions are great. But, no new penny press machines to be found as of Monday, June 11th, 2012.
6/10/12 Based on rumors, reports, and yes, Boomer's irrational physic visions, we believe upcoming Disney California Adventure penny press offerings will match the park's impressive expansion. As you'd expect, excitement over the potential of several new DCA penny press machines has generated a lot of very welcome inquiries and reports to ParkPennies. The most recent reports state that probable penny press locations inside shops on Buena Vista Street are nearing the time they will be ready for the placement of penny press machines. And, there are reasons to expect several new elongated coin sets. The recent name change from Disney's California Adventure to Disney California Adventure, changes in the park theme, shop names, and lands all suggest new elongated coins. Plus, several machines have been taken offstage. As you've read here and noticed on the penny press locations map, all machines located in what will be Buena Vista Street, two machines from the Hollywood Back Lot area, and the quarter press at Rushin' River have gone missing... often a sign of upcoming new coins! So, we think there will be ample reason for penny collectors to visit DCA often this month as the penny presses roll out. :-)
Please bookmark and visit this page for updates as they are posted. As always, if you find a penny press machine not listed on the ParkPennies penny press locations map, claim credit for your find when your name is posted here as the first person to report a new penny press machine.
6/05/12 Yes, this news page is now the ParkPennies.com "Main Page", the previous landing page is now part of the Disneyland Elongated Coin History page. Most visitors asked for a faster way to find what they often referred to as "the main page" (Insider News) so, we made it the "main page"! :-) All your links, bookmarks etc. should still work. But, when you type "www.ParkPennies.com" as an internet address, you'll open this page instead of having to click a second link.
6/01/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for sharing the latest TDL coins, images and news the same day the coins were placed onstage in Japan!:
2012 June monthly medals were released.
TDL1250 -- TDL Penny Arcade----------- White Rabbit
TDL1251 -- TDL Tomorrowland Terrace --- Tweedledum & Tweedledee
TDS1230 -- TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry-------- Abu
For strictly TDR news, please visit our Tokyo Disneyland Pressed Penny News page.
05/30/12 Our thanks to Jennifer L. in Hong Kong for sharing some missing pictures of pressed penny machine marquees and current machine locations. We have added some of them to the guides already.
05/26/12 Looking for elongated coins, machines and supplies? Check our PressedPennies.com web site for links submitted by fellow collectors including pressed penny online groups, pressed pennies for sale, and lots more. By the way, do you have a club, group, or seller you'd like to recommend that isn't already listed? Why not suggest a link to www.PressedPennies.com? All links are free.
05/25/12 [typosquating again] This is a fun hobby made up of almost 100% great people and ParkPennies.com is 100% safe. But, the internet does have a dark side. It was brought to our attention again sad penny that intentional misspellings of our established trademark name, ParkPennies.com, (such as ParkPennys.com etc.) are again being used to redirect potential ParkPennies.com visitors to the hijacker's web site. Our need to post this warning is made clear by online comments from fellow collectors concerning the hijacker's web site, www.pressedpenny.com, as well as our own experience. It's bad enough that this happens to ParkPennies. But, think about your bank, credit card company, pay pal... Luckily, bookmaking important web pages like this one :-) is a great way to help keep safe on the 'net.
05/24/12 Our thanks to Jennifer L. for sharing news and a picture of a new pressed penny machine at HKDL! Jennifer's report also included a HKDL pressed penny map and images of the other current penny press machine marquees! The 2012 HKDL pressed penny guide includes Jennifer's picture of the latest penny press marquee already. We hopefully will have scans and descriptions up soon too.
05/20/12 As you may have read, today Disneyland admission prices "edged up" to $125.00 for a one day park hopper pass for guests 10 and older. Premium annual passports, including parking, are now $649.00 and parking is currently $15.00 per day for a standard passenger car. Only time will tell if Disneyland elongated coin prices and availability on eBay etc. will change due to these price increases. Boomer is thinking Disneyland admission prices are now about the same all the other amusement parks in Southern California... combined! So, why are there so many people at the park nearly every day? It's the penny presses! :-)
05/14/12 [updated, expanded and revised 5/16/12] Missing Arcade Penny Presses: Warning: Boomer's rants follow. In reply to the many very welcome ParkPennies.com visitor comments and inquires about the fate of the penny presses that were located at the Disneyland USA Main Street Penny-Less Arcade...
As readers will recall, about 17 three-play penny press machines were located in the Main Street Penny Arcade area before it was closed for remodeling. Around that time, three of those machines were moved to the Main Street Opera (Lincoln) exit near two existing penny press machines, leaving 14 machines still missing. On about 5/2/12 the Main Street Penny Arcade reopened without a single penny press machine present. Most recently, the Tron penny press, a former Main Street Penny Arcade machine, was found at the Starcade in Tomorrowland, leaving 13 machines still missing as of 5/10/12. For future updates, please check this page. For a list of penny press machine as they return and those that are still missing, please see ParkPennies.com machine locations map (PDF) and the penny press locations web page.

Many readers have shared with us their concerns over arcade "downsizing". Personally, as an old kid, who has aged with the park and enjoyed countless fun visits since 1956, I must agree. Most changes have been very positive. However, I too lament the disappearance of Disneyland arcades and penny presses. Some readers may remember when the Main Street Penny Arcade was an... arcade... with a shooting gallery. Some of us may even remember the Disney themed pin ball machines and the piece of eight coin stamper... at the Pirates ARCADE Museum (Now the Pieces of Eight Shop). I fondly remember many fun hours spent with my daughter at the Starcade when it had two wondrous floors of assorted coin operated machines, two cashiers just to make change...
For many Disneyland guests, arcades with coin-operated games enhance the nostalgia, the feel, and fun of Disneyland. Many people enjoy the the coin-operated electro-mechanical entertainment and fun souvenirs arcade machines like penny presses offer. Such diversions from rides, food, and merchandise can be a part of what makes Disneyland, Disneyland and a big part of what Walt called the "show". I'm sad to see them slowly disappearing... especially the penny presses. (There are still many Disneyland penny presses, but, the trend at the park and at the mint worries me.)
When upset over changes at Disneyland, I try to keep in mind that many of us enjoyed The Pike, Pacific Ocean Park, Marineland, Bush Gardens, and other amusement parks that had to close over the years while Disneyland has endured. I think it is because Disney has provided a premium experience that guests are willing to pay a premium to enjoy. Often Disney makes changes guests want. With that in mind, I hope the sprit that brought about the positive changes to DCA ( Flynn's Arcade, the upcoming Mad [T Party] Arcade and I hear some other attractions too. :-) will also bring back the premium Disneyland Park arcade experience... with penny presses! :-)
These are my opinions. However, because they are also representative of many comments received by ParkPennies.com, I felt it important that they be voiced here. As always, your thoughts, corrections, and additions are welcome just contact ParkPennies.com.
05/11/12 [EDITED 5/12/12] The Tron penny press, previously located at the Main Street Penny Arcade, has returned to stage at the Starcade in Tomorrowland! So far, this is the only penny press of the original 14 to return after the extensive Main Street Penny Arcade remodel. (Three of the 14 were relocated across the street at the Main Street Opera exit and are still there. The Nemo machine was converted to hand crank, placed in the Starcade for a short time and then taken back offstage.) Our thanks to the ParkPennies.com visitor that offered this anony-mouse report. The ParkPennies.com machine locations map (PDF file will open in a new window) has also been updated.
05/07/12 Our thanks to Shawn P. who beat us to a report on the... New Disneyland pressed pennies! These are neat! "Adventureland, Disneyland Park" backstamps and highly detailed images of Mickey, Minnie, and a Jungle Cruise boat obverse images. Plus they have classic dot borders, and Disneyland Park banners! Before I get to 1,000 words, here is a link to the pressed penny guide numbers and pictures. :-)
Many readers of this page own penny press machines and know how difficult it is to keep privately and especially heavily used public penny press machines running at their best. We have often heard from ParkPennies.com visitors how much better the Disneyland pennies press nowadays. -Our hats are off to the Disneyland Arcade Techs.
The ParkPennies.com machine locations map (PDF file will open in a new window) has also been updated. Now, about all those penny press machines that were missing when the newly remodeled Main Street Pennyless Arcade, I mean Main Street Penny Arcade reopened... They are still missing. We have not listed them as retired... yet. But, right now, it's looking like they may be gone for good. Maybe they will return with new coins? Stay tuned for updates.
05/05/12 Where did the Main Street Penny Arcade penny press machines go? Our thanks to Shawn, Chuck, Lou, and even Boomer for their reports of the reopening of the Main Street Penny Arcade at Disneyland USA. As avid collectors might expect, the reports have centered on several penny press machines that seemingly disappeared during the remodel. ParkPennies.com "grayed out" the machines that were not relocated when the Penny Arcade closed and baring official word we are waiting to see if the missing machines return, return with new dies, or... So, please check back for updates and please contact ParkPennies.com to share your machine discoveries with fellow collectors.
5/04/12 ParkPennies.com visitors have over 200 eBay auctions of Disney elongated coins currently listed. You can see them all or even add your own auction.
5/01/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for sharing the latest TDL coins:
2012 May monthly medals were released.
TDL1248 TDL Penny Arcade, Soldier of Cards
TDL1249 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace, The Queen of Hearts
TDS1229 TDS Romeo's Watches & Jewelry, Chip 'n Dale
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
04/30/12 Avid collectors, Mike P. and Hui Michelle, just reported a new penny press machine at Hong Kong Disneyland! They have shared a marquee picture from the machine. We hope to have images of the actual coins soon. The marquee image is already listed in the 2012 Hong Kong Disneyland pressed penny guide.
04/29/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for sharing an image of the latest TDL coin
Tokyo Disneyland Penny Arcade:
, Tokyo Disneyland Resort 29th Anniversary pressed penny medal.
04/24/12 "2012 Disneyland, Anaheim" pressed penny has been reported at the Tropicana Hotel across from Disneyland! This non-Disney elongated coin is guide number DW0037. Also, the updated Brother Bear quarter set numbers CA0138-140 offers a new backstamp. The 10th Anniversary backstamps are now all retired. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates... By the way, we have noticed some new links to www.ParkPennies.com on both blogs and a web site! We appreciate them very much, thank you. :-)
04/23/12 Our special thanks to the avid Disney elongated coin collectors in the Jeremy H. family for helping us correctly attribute a Disney quote in our 4/05/12 post.
04/20/12 Okay, so do you manufacture, own, or use penny presses? I thought so! :-) Well, if you haven't already, you might want to view Congressman Ron Paul's April 2012 hearing on the subject of the future of the penny (Video will open in new window.) or review the recent House of Representatives bills (PDF files will open in a new window): HR3693 US Cent & HR3694 US Nickel. These and other penny / nickel information tidbits are now linked from our ever growing Types of Pennies page. This is serious stuff this time around, "change" is a changing!
04/19/12 Here's a neat preview of Disney California Adventure's new attractions. Boomer has been studying it... looking for new penny press locations. :-) It's a fun watch on YouTube. Just click this link to view the DCA and Cars Land preview in a new window.
04/18/12 [edited] We've made a few updates to the Duffy The Disney Bear collection page. You ask, "So why not a Duffy or ShellieMay pressed penny at DCA?" I just don't know. But, we do get that question often, very often. [readers have asked] Wouldn't it be neat to see them on a coin in the next DCA Seasonal Nickel Set? Maybe a Duffy penny book for Disneyland USA? [Duffy penny books and pressed souvenirs are already available at Tokyo Disneyland, the original home of Duffy The Disney Bear. Sometimes these Duffy items are offered for sale on eBay etc.]
04/17/12 A long time contributor to ParkPennies.com, advanced collector Ron K., reported that the Muppets machine is still offstage and as of Monday, the Rushin' River quarter press is gone as well. We're thinking that the quarter press will be updated with at least new backstamps. You know Boomer will be checking for the machines' return whenever he can and we hope you'll let us know when you see any penny press changes... Happy collecting from the folks at ParkPennies.com.
04/14/12 Our thanks to the avid Disney elongated coin collector, Ricky K., who emailed us this afternoon to report the Rushin' River quarter machine is onstage, still with 10th Anniversary backstamps... if you don't have this set, right now would be a good time to press some. :-)
04/12/12 The Tron dime press machine has returned. Still the same images, still dimes, but, new backstamps. Please see our penny press locations page (PDF Format) and DCA guides for more information and pictures. Also, we received a report from our good buddy Mike R. that the Rushin' River Gift shop quarter machine has been taken off-stage. Could be that the last of the 10th Anniversary backstamps are now retired. We're all looking forward to the opening of Buena Vista Street, the entrance to DCA... we're thinking the missing penny presses will return with new coins to replace the 10th Anniversary versions that were inside the machines when the expansion started. Please bookmark this page for updates and / or "like" ParkPennies on FaceBook for automatic postings of major news / new machines.
04/12/12 Of interest to owners of penny press machines and those of us that use them... On 4/07/12 we posted that Canada was discontinuing their "penny", as have several other countries and as has been proposed by the United States (PDF). Now, Canada has gone one step further and began talking about "MintChip" digital money! Yep, no coins at all, just binary bits! And to think just last week, I was complaining about zinc cents! sad penny Well, the penny press machines at Tokyo Disneyland make nice looking souvenirs, maybe it's not all that bad.
04/07/12 As long time readers are well aware, ParkPennies.com has often talked about the shaky future of the good old US Cent. Most recently in the 3/10/12 post on this page. Yes, the poor penny that we often turn into a thing of beauty, could turn into a thing of history, past history. As you may have read, The US Mint and more than a few members of Congress have thought it best to do away with the cent and the nickel as well. (Please see the facts and future of the US penny and recent discussions by the current administration regarding the future of the US Cent (PDF). Late last month, Canada joined in the current trend by putting an end to the Canadian cent. Could it be the US pressed penny will become a nostalgic bit of history? Will tokens and planchets soon be the standard in all Disney parks? Well, Eurolink Design Inc. is ready. They have long manufactured internal planchet dispensing machines as used in the Hong Kong and Japan Disney parks as have some other manufactures. In the US, Disneyland has used tokens to create Cast Member pressed token souvenirs for some years now. Fellow collectors, the future nears. Are you prepared?
List of countries that have already discontinued "cents".
-Note: Much like the current US cent, Canadian pennies were made mostly of zinc (98.4 percent zinc and 1.6 percent copper plate) from 1997-1999. Since 2000, they have been made of 94 percent steel and 4.5 percent copper plate, with a trace of nickel.
-Note: Private rollers report that copper cents are currently selling on eBay for ~$150.00 - $250.00 per $50.00 bag of 5,000 (!)
04/05/12 YEP! Your eyes do not deceive! ParkPennies.com has catapulted into the future! We've added a newfangled (circa 1990, but new to us. sad penny) thing-a-ma-Bob that says "Quick Links to All Guides and News" up there in the top left corner. Now, you can "Jump" from one page to another all over the web site and probably even find another thing-a-ma-Bob on the landing page too! And all for the same low price... FREE! are you kidding me?   But, wait, there's more! Several pages have been revised or updated and links from one page to another make... well... okay, they still don't make much sense. But, they are better. penny smile   As RX-24 once said "I'm still getting used to my programming". So, if you spot a page or entry that needs attention, please let us know. Happy collecting from the ParkPennies.com folks.
04/05/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki again for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies. Here is his report:
New event "Easter Wonderland 2012(TDL)" and "Spring voyage(TDS)" were started on April 03, 2012 at TDR and eleven new medals were released on April 02, 2012.

Easter Wonderland 2012
TDL Penny Arcade
TDL1243 Chip 'n Dale and Clarice
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
TDL1244 Mickey
TDL1245 Minnie
TDL1246 Daisy
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
TDR286 Mickey & Minnie
TDR287 Donald & Daisy

Spring Voyage (TDS)
TDS Galleria Disney
TDS1226 Mickey & Duffy
TDS Aunt Peg's Village Store
TDS1227 Minnie & ShellieMay
TDS Abu's Bazaar
TDS1228 Genie & Duffy & ShellieMay
Tokyo DisneySEA Hotel Miracosta
TDR284 Mickey & Duffy
TDR285 Minnie & ShellieMay
TCB0Q Spring Voyage Collection Book was released at TDS
In addition, the monthly medal was moved to Romeo watch & jewelry.

Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in tokyo Japan
04/02/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies. Here is his report:

2012 April monthly medals were released.
TDL1232 TDL Penny Arcade ----------- Alice
TDL1233 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace --- Cheshire Cat
TDS1225 TDS Galleria Disney -------- Goofy

Medal design changed (Three stores & one hotel)
TDL Golden Galleon
TDL1234 Skull Mickey
TDL1235 Skull Minnie
TDL1236 Captain Hock & Mr. Smee
TDL Gag Factory/ Toontown Five & Dime
TDL1237 Donald
TDL1238 Daisy
TDL1239 Chip & Dale
TDL Poor Corner
TDL1240 Pooh & Piglet
TDL1241 Eeyore & Tigger
TDL1242 Kanga & Roo
Disney Ambassador Hotel
TDR282 Easter Egg Mickey & Minnie
TDR283 Easter Egg Donald & Daisy

New Events will start on April 03, 2012.
TDL--Disney's Easter Wonderland 2012
TDS--Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2012 It is expected that a new medal appears.
But I cannot go by work on 3rd, I report the changes after the 4th.

Unfortunately the medal machine of the cast shop seemed to disappear in the end of March.

Thank You
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
03/28/12 A long time, well known collector is parting with is Frank Brazzell hand crank penny press! It isn't often that we see one for sale. Here is a link to pictures, price... the ebay penny press auction. (The eBay auction will open in a new window.)
03/27/12 Our thanks to Mike R. for spotting a picture error. Recent additions to the DCA Pressed Penny Guide, the CA0120 and CA0122 images, were swapped. Descriptions, numbers etc. were correct. Thanks to the help of visitors, (with better eyes and memories than Boomer. :-), the typo was caught and corrected soon after posting. If you spot a typo, please contact ParkPennies.com.
03/26/12 The Disney California Adventure 10th Anniversary dimes have been changing back to pressed pennies with new "Disney California Adventure™ backstamps. To keep up with the changes, do visit our DCA pressed penny guides or even better, especially if you are at the park and just "want the facts", visit our Disneyland penny press machine locations page. We often update the locations page even before we have pictures of the coins to add to the guides. Currently, there only the Tron dime set and the Rushin' River quarter sets are still onstage with the special 10th Anniversary backstamps. If you want these coins and have procrastinated, now is a good time to visit the park. ;-) Thank you for "like-ing" us on FaceBook and happy collecting.
03/21/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies.
TDS 10th Anniversary was finished on March 19, 2012. Medal of the 10th anniversary memory were gone and 28 new medals were released on March 20, 2012.

TDS Figaro's Clothiers three designs
Pinocchio :TDS1207
Figaro & Clio :TDS1208
Jiminy Cricket :TDS1209

TDS Aunt Peg's Village Store three designs
Mickey & Duffy :TDS1210
Duffy :TDS1211
ShellieMay :TDS1212

TDS Nautilus Gifts three designs
Mickey :TDS1213
Minnie :TDS1214
Donald :TDS1215

TDS Expedition Photo Archives three designs
Mickey :TDS1216
Stitch :TDS1217
Max :TDS1218

TDS Abu's Bazaar three designs
Genie :TDS1219
Aladdin & Jasmine :TDS1220
Chandu :TDS1221

TDS Mermaid Treasure three designs
Ariel :TDS1222
Flounder & Sebastian :TDS1223
Crush & Nemo :TDS1224

Tokyo DisneySEA Hotel Miracosta two designs
Mickey :TDR272
Minnie :TDR273

Disney Resort Line
Resort gateway Station
Donald & Daisy :TDR274
Mickey :TDR275

Tokyo DisneyLand Station
Mickey & Minnie :TDR276
Minnie :TDR277

Bayside Station
Goofy & Pluto :TDR278
Mickey :TDR279

Tokyo DisneySea Station
Mickey & Minnie :TDR280
Minnie :TDR281

Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
03/13/12 Our thanks to fellow collector Mike P. and his friend in China, Hui Michelle, (Ebay ID: mic92065) for sharing the latest Hong Kong Disneyland marquee pictures so that the 2012 HKDL pressed penny guide could be finalized to date.
03/10/12 There is much talk about steel nickels and steel pennies in the upcoming Federal budget lately. For more information, click the link to the COIN MODERNIZATION, OVERSIGHT, AND CONTINUITY ACT OF 2010, at the bottom of our Types and Weight of Pennies page. We're thinking steel cents, especially the type they are talking about in the coin magazines may not make for good elongated coins. Since this talk of ending production of the cent or changing the material used to make them started some years back, people have suggested maybe nickel presses would be the answer. Now the US Mint is considering steel nickels too? Maybe we'll see more token machines like those used in Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland? Nostalgia=A copper pressed penny? We'll post updates to this proposal for you here. Let us know what you hear.
03/10/12 Our thanks to Brian and Chuck N. on 3/11 for reporting that the Off The Page and Muppets 10th Anniversary dime machines returned as pressed pennies, as they were before the 10th Anniversary. However, they have the new Disney California Adventure backstamps. We've updated the DCA Pressed Penny guides and the Penny Press Locations page. Happy collecting!
03/03/12 The Disney California Adventure Fly N Buy, Condor Flats machine is back... It is pressing cents again, but, with new Disney California Adventure backstamps.
03/02/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies.
2012 March monthly medals were released.
TDL1230 TDL Penny Arcade ----------- Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse (Mickey's nephews)
TDL1231 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ---- Huey, Dewey, and Louie
TDS1206 TDS Galleria Disney ---------- Scrooge McDuck
Thank you,
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
02/28/12 The 2012 Hong Kong Disneyland guide has been updated. Our thanks to Mike P. and Hui Michelle for their help. 12 coins have been reported onstage so far this year and all are listed with pictures. Given how difficult these coins can be to obtain, we have listed them without delay, absent confirmed "ABC" button coin orders. (The "ABC" button order for HKDL guide numbers HKDL1201-1209 will be provisional pending our success in obtaining pictures of the penny press machine marquees. If you have or can obtain pictures of the current Hong Kong Disneyland penny press machine marquees, please contact Boomer.) If you are a collector of HKDL Magical Coins, we suggest you do not delay in obtaining the latest arrivals. We believe the Valentine's coins in particular will be onstage for only a short time.
02/27/12 The Disney California Adventure Lilo and Stitch machine is back... It is pressing cents again, but, with new Disney California Adventure backstamps.
02/27/12 The Sam Boyd retirement elongated coin has qualified for listing in the DS guide. This very scarce coin was brought to the attention of ParkPennies.com last week and and placed in the Cast Member guide. Today we received conformation that both the obverse and reverse dies used to make this coin were made by the Disneyland Arcade Shop qualifying the coin for listing in the exclusive DS, Disneyland Shop elongated coin guide.
02/27/12 We are adding the latest Hong Kong Disneyland pressed pennies to the 2012 HKDL guide. If you have current images of the HKDL penny press marquees, or know the order of the first 9 coins, please contact us so we can confirm and add the latest coins / numbers.
02/26/12 We are constantly making refinements, updates, and additions to our guides. (Fixing typos too! :-) As long time visitors have noticed, usually, only new onstage coins are mentioned on this news page. So, if you have a special collection, checking the respective guide now and then is worth while; sometimes a coin's information is expanded or an image added.
Visitors new to ParkPennies.com will find helpful direct links to the main Disney elongated coin guides are listed to at the top left of this page. You may also click on the related elongated coins and banners at the top of this page for specific park guide links and of course, the Disney pressed penny collection page, for an overview of the thousands of coins listed in our various guides. Happy Collecting from the folks at ParkPennies.com.
02/21/12 The Sam Boyd retirement elongated coin was just added to the CM guide! (On 2/27 this coin was moved to the DS guide after several readers confirmed the that both the coin's obverse and reverse dies were made at the Disneyland Resort.) We know very little about this coin and look forward to additions from fellow ParkPennies.com readers when they contact ParkPennies.com with news. :-)
02/20/12 The Disney California Adventure 10th Anniversary officially ended on February 8, 2012. The celebration brought some new pressed coin designs, lots of pressed penny machines were changed from pressed pennies to pressed dimes, and even more elongated coins were given special 10th Anniversary backstamps. We're looking forward to penny press machine updates as these machines are given their post-10th makeovers. Maybe backstamp changes? Maybe a coin change from dimes back to cents... nickels? If you're like the folks here at ParkPennies, I'll bet you are also looking forward to new DCA elongated coins when Buena Vista Street and the new DCA attractions opening this summer? Looks like lots of new pressed pennies may be on the way, so stay tuned! And when you have additional information to share, please contact ParkPennies.
Got some extra time to see some cool coins? Looking for a fun, small, set of coins to collect? There is a fun set that started in 1995 and has added three new coins each year since... Today, it is one of our favorite "sets" from the original Disneyland Park, The Seasonal Pressed Nickel Set. Looking for an even smaller set? The Seasonal Nickels from DCA started offering three pressed nickels annually in 2010. Today, you need only 6 coins to have a complete set of DCA Seasonal nickels! Over the years, the Seasonal Nickels have become not only a fun collection, but, a fun tradition for many Disney fans and families. If you haven't already started collecting them, now is a great time. :-)
02/15/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies, with guide numbers.
The Fantasmic Medal designs were changed on February 15, 2012 at the TDS il Postino Stationery Shop. Mickey, Dragon, Ursula
and a new Collection Book were released on February 15, 2012. These changes accompany the beginning of new Fantasmic themed products.

TDS1203 ----- Mickey
TDS1204 ----- Dragon
TDS1205 ----- Ursula
TCB0P -------- Collection Penny Book
In addition, there is information that another new collection book will release on April 3, related to event of Mickey & Duffy Spring Voyage.
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
02/13/12 We have received samples of the latest VoluntEars pressed penny set. Given the new backstamp / coin combination, elongated coins from these dies were given Cast Member / Special Events coin numbers CM0042, CM0043 and CM0044. This elongated coin set is very similar to the CM0032-34 with the obvious change of native coin from nickel to cent and very slight changes in the backstamp image. Here is a guide link to the 2012 VoluntEars pressed penny set. The machine is not accessible, at least at this time, by park guests. If we hear that the machine has been moved from backstage, we will post the news here. If you have additional information, please contact ParkPennies.
02/11/12 A hard to find "1993 B.A. CONFERENCE DISNEY WORLD" post '82 pressed penny is on eBay and linked to the ParkPennies.com visitor auctions page. It is unusual for us to mention a single linked auction, especially a WDW elongated coin. However, visitors have asked us if we knew of one of these coins for sale or trade in the past, and today we spotted one up for auction! Boomer's hoping that a ParkPennies.com visitor will win this auction. :-)
02/09/12 A long time friend of the elongated coin hobby and author of the Americana Covers that many of us collect, mentioned that he has one Snow White/7 Dwarf elongated 1c coin (DW0005) and is offering it for sale to help fund textbooks for his College Sunday School class. Price is $25.00, first come first served. He may be reached at: The coin has been purchased. Please check the news page and linked visitor auctions often for hard to find coins.
02/08/12 Our thanks for the Anony-mouse report that the Disney Voluntears coin press has returned to the Harbor point Team Center (a backstage location accessible only by Disneyland Cast Members), possibly on Monday, January 6th. At this time, we believe that the machine is pressing cents and that the previous, traditional elongated coin obverses have been retained. The reverse backstamp(s) may have changed. We hope to obtain some samples for scanning and attribution. If you have additional information, please contact ParkPennies.
02/07/12 Disneyland's first hand crank penny machine is onstage! Yes, it's "green" uses no electricity and after our thorough workout, (the machine also got a workout) we found that every coin pressed perfectly! Long time "Advanced Collectors" will also be delighted to find this machine will "stack" cents to save time and energy when pressing multiple sets of coins. Although the machine does not offer a new set of coins, it is interesting to note that this three die penny press appears to be using the same size / type die as the Eurolink electric machines. Matter of fact, it is currently pressing DL0477-479 Finding Nemo pennies exactly as the electric machine was not long ago. See and try this first Disneyland hand crank penny press for yourself at the Starcade in Tomorrowland. Happy collecting, Boomer.

Disneyland's first handcrank penny press

This new machine holds the unchanged Finding Nemo
pressed penny die set, the DL0477, DL0478 and DL0479.

02/05/12 Well known Disney elongated coin collector, Chuck N., reported the arrival of a new pressed penny book at the Disneyland Resort. The pressed penny book price has increased to $7.95. But, it is very colorful and offers temporary storage for 48 elongated cents and 6 elongated nickels / quarters. Here is a link to a picture of the new pressed penny book. For WDW collectors, Chuck N. reports that a very similar book, inscribed "Walt Disney World", is available at WDW for our friends on the East Coast.
02/04/12 Our thanks to the two well known Disney elongated coin collectors, Dee D. and Mike P. Each of them recently contacted ParkPennies.com to share news of a new Valentines pressed penny set at Hong Kong Disneyland! We'll update the Hong Kong Disneyland guides as soon as we have machine order and scans. Lots of new coins have been recently released at HKDL! When you have news to share, please contact ParkPennies. if you'd like updates via FaceBook, please "Like" the ParkPennies.com FaceBook page.

02/04/12 Edited with updates-4/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site for the latest new Tokyo Disneyland pressed pennies.
2012 February monthly medals were released.
TDL1220 TDL Penny Arcade -----------Peter Pan
TDL1221 TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ----Wendy
TDS1202 TDS Galleria Disney ---------- Donald & Daisy

Four designs were changed at the Plaza Restaurant and Pan Galactic Pizza:
TDL1222 Plaza Restaurant ----- Little Green Men
TDL1223 Plaza Restaurant ----- Emperor Zurg
TDL1224 Plaza Restaurant ----- Boo & Rocky
TDL1225 Plaza Restaurant ----- Roz & Randall Boggs
TDL1226 Pan Galactic Pizza ----- Ham
TDL1227 Pan Galactic Pizza ----- Rex
TDL1228 Pan Galactic Pizza ----- Nemo & Dory
TDL1229 Pan Galactic Pizza ----- Crush

Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan
02/04/12 The Disneyland 2012 coin of the year is onstage! Very cool design, an homage to the very first Disney pressed coin design, as seen with the DN0001, DL0001... Now the original, very popular design is back onstage waiting for you... and still at the original 1987 price of 50 cents plus the penny to be pressed. Happy collecting! Boomer.

2012 Disneyland
Coin of the Year
Mickey Rays!

For penny press location and details
Please visit the Disneyland Pressed Penny Coin Guide
Our Printable Penny Machine Locations Page

2012 Disneyland Mickey Rays Coin of the Year
DL0521 2012 Mickey Rays
2012 Disneyland Coin of the Year backstamp
DL0521 Mickey Rays Backstamp
Is this a perfect looking Disney elongated coin or what?!
Dated, Disneyland banner, 3-D Mickey Mouse, Disneyland backstamp...

01/25/12 The Haunted Mansion set has arrived and it's a home run! There are highly detailed three dimensional images on both front and back of each coin! The elongated coins are also some of the largest I've ever seen at the park. As you'll see by the guide pictures, these coins feature images that make use of all the space available on quarters that have been pressed to maximum size. Before you take off for the park... please keep in mind that this machine will lighten your pockets at the rate of $1.25 per. The closest change machine is in Frontierland and most cashiers will tell you "I can only give you one dollar in change", which isn't even enough to press a single quarter!! So, be sure to bring some change with you or stop at one of the machines near the Frontierland Shooting Gallery to pick up some quarters. That said, even at $1.25, I think you'll find this set of Haunted Mansion Quarters extra nice and a great addition to your Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas Disneyland pressed quarter set! Happy collecting, Boomer.
01/22/12 We've updated the 2011 Hong Kong Disneyland pressed penny guide to the end of December 2011 this morning. This afternoon I hear there are three more coins for Chinese New Year at the park now. Well, we were up to date for an hour or so. sad penny Happy collecting, the folks at ParkPennies.com
01/10/12 Our Disneyland Penny Press Machine Locations page has been updated to reflect the retirement of the Nightmare Before Christmas and Disneyland Seasonal Nickel sets. The guides will also be updated today. Happy collecting, Boomer and the gang at ParkPennies.com.
01/05/12 Well known elongated coin collector, Jamie B., contacted ParkPennies.com 1/4/12 to share news of the eminent closing of the Main Street Penny Arcade at Disneyland. Indeed, today Lisa D. reported the arcade was closed and some machines moved. When we visited the park around noon today, we too found the arcade locked up for extensive remodeling as was the entire "400 Block" of Main Street. Only four of the many penny presses previously kept at the Penny Arcade were located; The Seasonal Nickel machine, and the three penny presses that offer the lands set of pressed pennies were placed at the exit to the Main Street Opera House (Lincoln Exhibit) for a total of five machines currently at that location. (The penny press that offered the 2011 pressed penny was taken off-stage possibly for placement of a 2012 pressed penny?) Please refer to the current Disneyland Penny Press Machine Locations page for these changes and a listing of the Penny Arcade machines that are still unaccounted for.
01/06/12 Edited with updates-4/12 Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site.
Minnie TDL1215
Daisy TDL1216
Mickey TDL1217
Minnie TDL1218
Heart TDL1219

01/01/12 Edited with updates-4/12 Happy New Year! Our thanks to Kuniaki Hiraki for reporting the following Tokyo Disneyland Resort pressed penny update! Do visit his excellent, newly updated English Language TDR Medals web site.
Sixteen medals were released on January 01, 2012 at TDL & TDS.
2012 January monthly medals were released.
TDL Penny Arcade -----------Mushu
TDL Tomorrowland Terrace ----Dharma
TDS Galleria Disney ---------- Mushu
The dragon is one of the zodiac, this year will be year of the dragon.
Dharma is the name of God controlling law and order of the space, justice in Buddhism.
Also, 2012 series coins were released. 12 new coins:
Seven each from TDL Penny Arcade
lpa2012001- Mickey TDL1201
lpa2012002- Donald TDL1202
lpa2012003- Pluto TDL1203
lpa2012004- Minnie TDL1204
lpa2012005- Chip & Dale TDL1205
lpa2012006- Goofy TDL1206
lpa2012007- Monthly Mushu TDL1207
Six each from TDL Tomorrowland Terrace
ltt2012001- Buzz TDL1208
ltt2012002- Woody TDL1209
ltt2012003- Jessie TDL1210
ltt2012004- Mike TDL1211
ltt2012005- Sully TDL1212
ltt2012006- McQueen TDL1213
ltt2012007- Monthly Dharma TDL1214
sga2012001- Monthly Mushu(TDS) TDS1201
Thank you
Kuniaki Hiraki in Tokyo Japan

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