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Custom Made Pressed Pennies & Dies
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Custom pressed penny or elongated coin die

Custom pressed pennies, like the custom pressed coin die made for ParkPennies pictured above, can be made to order. Custom engraved pressed penny plates, officially called "custom engraved elongated coin dies", make it possible for people and businesses to offer custom pressed pennies or other elongated coins for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, family reunions, political statements, business advertisements / cards even Halloween give a way "treats". (My favorite is offering them as a free web site souvenir. :-) Yes, pressed pennies engraved with your own art work, picture, message... inexpensively (at least by wedding standards inexpensive. :-).

Often custom engraved pressed coins are distributed to customers, potential customers, and event guests. People usually don't want to part with their "Pressed Pennies" and keep them for many years. Matter of fact, we often see wedding pressed coins and business card pressed pennies from decades ago.

There are many "pressed penny people" listed here that will engrave custom elongated coin dies. We hope to add a few more to this www.ParkPennies.com directory over the next years. Some will press the coins for you if you do not have a penny press machine of your own. Some will rent or sell a machine that you can place at your event or place of business. We also have a few links to sources where you can buy custom pressed pennies from elongated coin die engravers. Don't be shy about contacting them to see which engraver or "roller" is best suited to your project. Delivery times, quality and price vary. But, all make fun pressed pennies and elongated coin dies for most any occasion.

Custom Pressed Coin Die Engravers
Listed Alphabetically

(Contact Boomer to request a free listing or update here)


Cindy's Cents
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

Cindy is a Fellow TEC Member Great Web site!
Contact Cindy's Cents for their very reasonable pricing.

John E. Gusmano TEC#4513
C&J Engraving

An Engraver Well Known to ParkPennies
Specializing in Elongated Coin Die Engraving.



Oded's Elongated Coins
Custom Pressed Pennies and Supplies

Oded's web site offers
custom made "pressed Pennies" and elongated coin supplies
Offered by a fellow TEC Member
Visit his custom made pressed penny page at:

The PennyCollector.Com
Pressed Pennies, Custom Dies, Machines

This service might still be available?
Custom elongated coins rolled to order
Click this link for more information


Custom Dies

Chemical Engravers of your penny, nickel and quarter dies for over 20 years.
Send us your artwork and we’ll create you a masterpiece.

The Elongated Collectors Organization
Listed Pressed Coin Engravers

Alphabetically Listed, From https://tecnews.org

Don Berry 
Designer & Roller

10133 Tujunga Canyon Boulevard Apt #9
Tujunga, CA 91042

Lee Bowser 
Engraver, Roller, Designer
Acid Etching

13898 Masters Drive
Alexander, AR 72002
(501) 258-6974

Bob Budrich 
Hand Engraved Engraver


Cindy Calhoun TEC#3467 
Designer, Roller

PO Box 3452
Shepherdstown, WV 35443-3452

Paul Conner TEC #3951

Paul Conner Studios, LLC

12500 White Oak Street
Peculiar, MO 64078

PCS Design your own pressed coins

PCS Elongated Coin Design Gallery

James Kilcoyne TEC#1887
Engraver, Roller, Designer
Acid Etch, Rotary Engraved, Hand Engraved



5274 Linton Rd
Cadiz, KY 42211

Dwayne Padon 

PO Box 1375
Lexington, NC 27293

Oded Paz TEC#3047 
Designer, Roller


PO Box 0633
Arco, ID 83213-0633

Ray Rockholt TEC#3128 
Designer, Roller


The Penny Smasher

17760 Icon Trail
Lakeville MN  55044

Smashing Pennies 
Engraver, Roller, Designer
Rotary Engraver

1121 Buckeye Rd
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Adele & Norm Vogel
TEC#1966 & 1997
Rollers and Engravers


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